Semaj Yemoc, Redactor of FBI (Inverse Bureau of Forgetting)

Sholy Hucking Fit!

In classic white-collar criminal style, even out-performing Ma Cankles herself, former Director of the FBI James Comey just demonstrated for ALL TO SEE, a mixtape performance of every single type of legal evasion known to man.

Sholy Hucking Fit!

The Twitter Analysis Sector is going absolutely nuts over the Comey testimony, and there is no question why – it’s a field-day of easy pickin’s.  Observe….

Brian Cates (@drawandstrike) has an amazing thread starting here:

And then, after he reads John Solomon…..

Now watch what Sundance does to it!


Sundance figures out how Comey’s lawyers SABOTAGED the hearings!

And Nick Short weighs in…..


Sundance CONFIRMS why I have Feds all over me, as I theorized in my post about “Radium Rod”!  Hilarious!  (Bad link, don’t bother.)

And then SD catches the utter hypocrisy of Comey.  I mean Yemoc.  Good grief, this is infuriating.  The man is a SCOUNDREL.

Comey was a bloody Democrat stooge and partisan from word go.  Clear as a bell now.

Please feel free to post your own examples.  Your FAVORITE examples of Semaj Yemoc’s LIES, HALF-TRUTHS, and EVASIONS.


“Say cheese?  Did somebody say cheese?  I like cheese.  Hillary gives me cheese.”

48 thoughts on “Semaj Yemoc, Redactor of FBI (Inverse Bureau of Forgetting)

  1. When are they going to stop playing Reindeer Games* in DC

    *Reindeer Games™ = DC insider games such as congressional investigations, hearings, reports, special counsels, posturing and prattling on camera and behind closed doors that never amount to anything, never get to the truth and no one is ever held accountable!

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        1. Mr gil says he is so sick of it hes ready to storm the castle. He really believes we are at the peak time to fix this. Pussyfoot legal procedures arent solving a dang thing.

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  2. Yemoc should’ve recused his sorry ass self from anything to do with Hillary.

    The Dems just luuve to yell “recuse” for conservatives.

    But there is a long list of Dem operatives who should have recused themselves.

    Kagan should’ve recused herself for anything that has to do with ObamaCare.
    Sotomayor should’ve recused herself for anything that has to do with Immigration.
    Loretta Lynch should’ve recused herself for anything to do with the Clintons.

    Eric Holder should’ve recused himself…from everything really…but especially anything that had to do with Islamic terrorists, since he defended Gitmo prisoners.

    I could go on.

    But Yemoc was clearly compromised.
    He engaged in flagrant Obstruction of Justice on behalf of the Hildebeast…and other Dems who were implicated in HRC emails.

    All those pukeworthy tweets and statements from Yemoc about ‘rule of law’ and ‘transparency’!
    The man has no shame.

    But then, that seems to be a basic requirement for being a Dem.
    No shame.

    The Dems must use that as a way of screening their operatives and politicians:

    “You don’t have any shame, do you?”
    “Because shame is not allowed, not even a little bit.”

    — “Oh no, I have no shame. Never have.

    “Good, because that would be a deal breaker.”
    “Can you lie convincingly and accuse others of what you’re doing?”

    — “Oh yes. I already have a lot of experience with doing that.

    “You’re perfect!”

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  3. Wow, what a totally ridiculous and frustrating interview. According to Yemoc, he didn’t know anything about anything. I was waiting for him to say he didn’t know who Hillary Clinton was. I’m afraid if I’d been there, I would have borrowed Sylvia’s shovel and smacked him a few times upside the head. If he’s that dim and stupid, he needs to be locked up to keep him from hurting himself.

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  4. I seriously cannot believe that No ONE has commented on the Upside down Pic of Comey with Wolfie basically kicking him in the Nads!! Anyone! Bueller!! Wolfie!! Cracking me up!!!!

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    1. Software has a mind of its own!

      Seriously, it’s a function of two human minds – the arbitrary photographer and the designer of the picture-cropping and avatar-placing algorithms. I have made a conscious decision NOT to censor the arbitrary placement of the avatar. I just let it do its thing! No matter how CRINGEWORTHY!

      My digital pet that misbehaves! 😉

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    2. Haaaa.

      I typed up a comment about how it “Looks like the wolves are chewing up Yemoc’s dangly bits.”

      But I deleted it.

      So thank you, Marica, for bringing that up!

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    1. And that is one of the many things I absolutely LOVE about this den! No-one is going to jump down my throat if I happen to drop a cuss word or tell an off-color joke! What a relief!

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          1. I kinda like Church Lady, although my version of her would be a bit more self-aware, and a bit more subtle in her humor. She would have no problem posting here! Although she might COUGH occasionally! 😀

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  5. I didn’t see a General thread so will post this here. Just look what happens when Common Core gets dumped!!! From 2017:

    “There is a reason that people have learned reading, writing and arithmetic in generally the same way over the years, and that’s because the tried-and-true traditional methods work. That’s why many people wondered what the real agenda of the Common Core national standards were when the Obama administration started pushing for it so relentlessly. This ridiculous set of educational standards has left many students and parents baffled and frustrated, and it’s believed to be a key reason that American kids are lagging behind other nations in academic performance. What would happen if we got rid of it entirely? If the results gained by one Florida school are any indication, we would likely all be much better off.”

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  6. Welp, I know it’s late, but just finished reading the hearing testimony. One thing I found infuriating about the “Rat” was the questioning about information from the interviews of HC & Flynn. He seems to be able to recall quite a bit about Flynn’s interview, but with HC’s interview, I don’t recall, I don’t know, blah, blah, blah.
    Here’s a sample with regards to questioning of Flynn.
    Mr. Gowdy. Who would you have gotten that from if you were not present for the interview?
    Mr. Comey. From someone at the FBI, who either spoke to — I don’t think I spoke to the interviewing agents but got the report from the interviewing agents.
    Mr. Gowdy. All right. So you would have, what, read the 302 or had a conversation with someone who read the 302?
    Mr. Comey. I don’t remember for sure. I think I may have done both, that is, read the 302 and then spoke to people who had spoken to the investigators themselves. It’s possible I spoke to the investigators directly. I just don’t remember that.

    Now here’s how he answered Ratcliffe when asked about if the FBI questioned Hillary about the LL tarmac meeting.
    Mr. Comey. I don’t know whether they asked that. I would expect if it was asked, it would likely be reflected in the 302.
    Come on, man! As if he didn’t read the 302s on Hillary. Give me a frickin’ break dude!

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  7. just got through the first majority session and gees…Yemoc hedges over the smallest of details…clearly they greased this pig so he could slide through unscathed…
    But we’re to believe Yemoc doesn’t know what the word “insidious” means yet throws around words like “gravamen:? lol
    and Ratcliffe forced him to make the following comment: “The FBI doesn’t investigate people to FIND (emphasis mine) crimes.” I think several people (Carter, Papa, Flynn, and others) would disagree.
    and later Ratcliffe states “…But false statements made in public can be evidence of knowledge or INTENT (emphasis mine) …” to which Yemoc agrees–“potentially, correct.” Ratcliffe then started on Hillary’s statements about there being no classified emails sent or received…and got cut short with the time restraint.
    Dems up now in my reading–gonna need more coffee!

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  8. I made a deliberate decision to avoid the Dems questioning–who needs to see them stroking the ego of the Giant Marshmallow anyway.

    Gowdy did make Comey admit that Obama did commit obstruction (in his mind) when he publicly said Hillary made a mistake with the emails but there was no intent on her part so it’s all good. (He was comparing the situation with POTUS and Flynn)…and then made the comment about disparate treatment between Obama and POTUS.

    Comey made the statement that the FBI doesn’t prosecute for “accidents–slips of memory, things like that…I bet Corsi would disagree…

    anyone have a clue about the redactions on page 132–Meadows is discussing an interaction between Steele, Simpson, and Ohr and that info was then given to 2 individuals at the FBI…names redacted

    then there was another recess and when they came back there were “clarifying Q & A’s ” I’m guessing Comey’s attorneys were allowed to ask and have Comey answer–but clearly in a way not intended by the original questioners–but to make it seem like Comey would answer…

    skipped the Dems session again…

    lastly Gowdy got Comey to admit that destruction of evidence can be considered evidence of (according to Comey) “a separate offense or evidence of consciousness of guilt.”

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  9. Paul has a lot of comments… should be a THREAD, but not

    If you don’t intend reading Comey’s testimony, skimming through Paul Sperry’s twitter stream will give you a ton of insight… *

    Be sure to remove the asterisk before you cut and paste

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