Radium Rods Are Dangerous

I’ve been back and forth on Rod Rosenstein.  I’m not the only one.  Our favorite anon Q has also been very subtle about how he treats Rosenstein.  The SUBTLETY of that mixture of trust and distrust is not only shared by me and Q, but also a certain SUNDANCE of our acquantance.

If Rosenstein has been some kind of informant, or half-trusted individual, then he is likely to be slippery as HELL.  Much less obvious than Peter Strzok, Jim Comey, or John Brennan.  But Rosenstein could be just as deadly to President Trump and MAGA.  And I think he may very well be.

Remember the WIVES.  Q has warned us REPEATEDLY about the WIVES.

Lisa Barsoomian.  Who has a happy habit of obstructing freedom of information.

Just like her husband, RADIUM ROD.

I did not nickname Rosenstein “Radium Rod” for no reason.  Yes, it’s a play on the character “Ruby Rhod” in “The Fifth Element” (which name is already a play on laser history), but there is more.  Radium is highly radioactive, and toxic because of it.  It is USEFUL, but it is DANGEROUS.  One of its victims was its discoverer, Nobel Prize-winner Marie Curie.  You don’t mess around with this stuff.  If you do, you end up DEAD – just like the infamously sacrificed Radium Girls.

Marie Curie, discoverer of Radium and Polonium, and one of the critical thinkers in the theory of radioactivity (a term she invented)

Until now, I’ve never seen a good explanation for why Mueller showed up with Rosenstein to visit POTUS, the day before being appointed Special Counsel by – of all people – Rod Rosenstein.

Well, THIS seems like a good one.

The Sundance theory of MEET THE TARGET.

I urge people to read the thread, and look at who is arguing with Sundance.  OH, MY, does that bring back memories of the more slippery Obama trolls on Breitbart, just a few years ago.

Interesting that they’re back in play.

No – Sundance has it nailed, in my opinion.  This is an old LAWYER’S intimidation trick.  They LOVE to do this stuff.  This is just like SO many of the white-collar street-fighting tricks I’ve seen over my life – ever since that very first day I got sucked into a Deep State conspiracy, back in my formerly innocent youth.

“Surprise confrontation scenario tricks” – often RECORDED – are surprisingly common in the legal and spy worlds.  Or in that spicy mixture of both, garnished with crime and abuse of the legal system, known as “Lawfare”.  Trust me – these folks were up to NO GOOD.

Imagine Rosenstein putting Trump on the spot in different ways – saying certain things – just BEGGING Trump to say the wrong things.  THAT is what I think that meeting was about.

This one-two punch of (1) sneaky meet-and-greet with sketchy, deadly provocative things said on the down-low to Trump – just WAITING for him to say the wrong thing – followed IMMEDIATELY by (2) a related psychological event such as – OH – hitting him with a special counsel – was designed to set Trump back on his heels.  To make COOPERATION more likely.  To make “go along with THEIR plan” the “right choice”, if Trump wanted the special counsel to “go away”. 

Or, if not, to get what was needed to take him out.

Yes.  I think this meeting was the first opportunity for Mueller and Rosenstein to TAKE OUT Trump, and THAT is why it is being advertised as the complete opposite by “sugar shills” in the MAGA world.  Most well-intentioned.  A few not.

I suspect that the MAGA world is being stressed by a combination of diametric pulls – sources feeding the sugar shills, and sources feeding the doom-and-gloomers.  BAD STUFF.  The reality is hard, but somewhere in between.

I am almost certain that Radium Rod hoped to create an opportunity for President Trump to OBSTRUCT the creation of the Special Counsel.  All Trump would have had to do was say the wrong thing.  This is much more dangerous than the PERJURY TRAP that Mueller appears to be such a specialist in.  An OBSTRUCTION TRAP – like they never even THOUGHT of springing on Hillary “Cankles” Clinton.

You see what I’m saying?

Say the wrong thing?  Too bad.  IMPEACHMENT.

What Sundance is suggesting sounds beyond plausible to me.

And then consider how CYNICAL it is to send out people saying they were ALL meeting together to plot against decades-long friend and coworker Hillary Clinton!

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Robert Mueller (L) laughs alongside Attorney General Eric Holder (R) and Deputy Attorney General James Cole (C) during a farewell ceremony in Mueller’s honor at the Department of Justice on August 1, 2013. Mueller is retiring from the FBI after 12-years as Director. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)



COME ON, people!  You know that is patently RIDICULOUS.  Mueller spent LITERALLY his entire career crawling up the ladders in Clintonworld, then defended that crap in Bushworld and Obamaworld.  His buddy and protege Comey went to the MAT for Hillary Clinton.  Give me a BREAK! 🙄

LISTEN, my friends.  This is a FIGHT.

Now – does this mean that “Trump is finished” or some NONSENSE like that?


No.  What it DOES mean is that the other side is chock full of SHARKS – that this is a REAL-LIFE SHARK POOL. 

Just like EVERY single big challenge that President Trump has dealt with his WHOLE life.

We cannot expect instant assured victory.  We can expect a SLOG – a BATTLE – a FIGHT.

Now – there are people selling us STORIES.   Q is not one of them.

It’s all good – it’s all easy – it’s all gonna be OK – we’ve already won.  RELAX.”

No.  Contrast with Q.  “This is not a game.”

This is not a game.

“Nothing can stop what’s coming.” doesn’t mean we’re getting a free ride on Easy Street, folks.  This is WAR.  People will get fired, demoted, set up, jailed, and – let’s be blunt – some of us are gonna get killed or wounded.  False flags are THEM.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have the absolute highest morale on this site – but every once in a while, we need to give OURSELVES a “Patton slap” and deal with reality.

Things may be worse for some of us, which is not unexpected in my case, given that I’m the ONE person who shuts down this site if taken out of business.  I expect that the other side is going to use every tool at their disposal to shut me down.

I have some great stories in that regard.  ERIC HOLDER has his forces hard at work going after me.  When he said he was going to KICK us, he meant it.  That guy is ON ME BIG-TIME for all those tweets I did, connecting him to Parkland.  And he is using .gov assets – THAT I can assure you.

I mean, c’mon!  You think Whitaker is actually running DOJ?  Not in these parts.  Not according to MY personal data.

Q is not lying when he says this is NOT a game.  And I think Sundance has spotted the KEY PROBLEM. 

Sally Q. Yates’ back-up.  Who is still in control of WAY too much.

They PLANNED this stuff to begin around and after the mid-terms.  Think about THAT.

Move and counter-move.  It is ON, people.  At least, it is for me.  I am DRAWING FIRE.

And now I know why.


This is not a game.  It was NEVER a game.

281 thoughts on “Radium Rods Are Dangerous

    1. Thanks! I know it’s not a super-cheery message, but I refuse to be a liberal and pretend I don’t know things. Especially when I’m seeing something that seems like Eric Holder is still running things. Can’t lie to myself.

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      1. It’s the truth. Thank you for expressing it so well.

        I’ve believed all this from the beginning: 2017. Couldn’t say so elsewhere, though, without being told I did not support the President. What codswallop.

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        1. I think this backs a theory that they’re dividing by a new strategy that divides not on the old division lines, but on POTUS himself – the optimists versus the pessimists. BOTH are essential – a HEALTHY DEBATE in the center is what is needed. So what do they do? Work hard against FREE SPEECH – which is a GOAL anyway. AND a weakness of the old Treehouse that they spotted – the fact that people had to dance around certain things in certain ways. It was very cunning.

          I resist very hard censoring things here, because we really need to avoid excluding essential outlier thinking.

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          1. Thank you very much for recognising and giving considered thought about this type of splitter strategy.

            CTH will come a cropper, that is for sure.

            All credit to you, wolfmoon, this has got to be THE best MAGA site ever — AND better than The_Donald, which also underwent a Q-purge a year ago at this time (IIRC).

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      2. Then Holder should be eliminated, physically. We keep tip-toeing around what will eventually be necessary to save the Republic! The corruption is too entrenched—the lack of justice (the rule of law) being thrown in our face—they are mocking the little people. Reason and common sense is no longer useful—it has been discarded like an old garment.

        We will either save the Republic for another generation— or prepare the way for the One World Leader (the a— C). Whatever the case, it will not be resolved through the politicians or the political process (and apparently not the judicial process either)!!!

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          1. Unfortunately (and fortunately) the 2A is in the Constitution to protect the people from a wayward and corrupt government!!!! We seem to be there!

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          2. I believe the war started some time ago. It’s just that this isn’t like our daddy’s kind of war where it is nation state against nation state, formal, organized, clearly defined enemies.

            This is essentially a cold civil war except for a few “hot” fronts like antifa taking over Portland. But even without big pitched battles with tanks and tracer fire, this is a war.

            It’s being fought online to a large degree and almost entirely behind the scenes so that people who choose to keep their eyes closed and sleep through it can pretend that it isn’t happening.

            Like a lot of civil wars, other countries stick their oars in to interfere and influence the outcome. China has been fighting us for a long time economically, sending us drugs to enslave and kill us, owning our major cultural/media outlets so they can dictate the messages we receive and shape public opinion.

            They have been so effective at it.

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            1. Well said, Sylvia, especially ‘essentially a cold civil war except for a few “hot” fronts like Antifa taking over Portland’.

              It’s a strange one this, as it takes place either on the streets for staged marches/events or online every day.

              There is a f*scist element to it as well, since corporations are deciding what people can and cannot say.

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        1. @PeteC: “We will either save the Republic…”
          I am 100% behind Pres. Trump and trust that he believes and does what he says. I am also seeing the level of corruption and lies we are battling, and I am mentally prepared for things to go bad after his presidency. In other words, I’m not sure the Republid will be turned around to the extent it needs to be for lasting results. I’m not saying this as a pessimist. At this time I have optimism as long as Pres. Trump is in office, but I don’t know of anyone else with his combination of abilities who could and would take on the task. The enemy is entrenched in the media, education system, and the judiciary. They are wolves (sorry, Wolf!) nipping at his heels constantly, truth be dam_ed.

          So I literally love Pres. Trump as a man of courage and strength who is sacrificing for us, but I’m seeing that he has to balance so many considerations just to stay in office that I’m not sure we’ll see the convictions and clean-out we need to rid ourselves of the evil.

          What will wake up the masses? I was with a group recently and someone mentioned Antarctica. One liberal woman said something about “if it lasts that long.” She thinks it’s melting. She also wears a t-shirt that says “Supremes,” with pics of the four women who have been Justices. People like her are not going to vote Republican, and there are so many of them. I am coming to believe we need drastic changes, convictions and prison time for major players, etc. We need a show of power and strength that will make the Dems shake in their boots. It’s a war. The winner uses “shock and awe,” and there is no question who has won. That’s what a clean-out would look like.

          I hope I’m wrong about things reverting back, and I am sincerely optimistic that things are happening.

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          1. I have to admit that the situation is bad, and the fact that they have used violence so casually against us (Antifa, BLM, Trump rally protesters, etc.) shows just how bad the situation is. We can’t be blind to that.

            My position is that we will have to take licks from them, but we can make it very difficult. The sophistication of the weapons they are using against the people, and the depths of their deceptions – turning our own government, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies against us – means that a good number of us will not see the promised land of peace and freedom.

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            1. Somewhere I read of the freedom of assembly. Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech. Somewhere I read of the freedom of press. Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for rights. And so just as I said, we aren’t going to let dogs or water hoses turn us around. We aren’t going to let any injunction turn us around. We are going on.


              Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn’t matter with me now, because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live – a long life; longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land. So I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.

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            2. I believe the war started some time ago. It’s just that this isn’t like our daddy’s kind of war where it is nation state against nation state, formal, organized, clearly defined enemies.

              This is essentially a cold civil war except for a few “hot” fronts like antifa taking over Portland. But even without big pitched battles with tanks and tracer fire, this is a war.

              It’s being fought online to a large degree and almost entirely behind the scenes so that people who choose to keep their eyes closed and sleep through it can pretend that it isn’t happening.

              Like a lot of civil wars, other countries stick their oars in to interfere and influence the outcome. China has been fighting us for a long time economically, sending us drugs to enslave and kill us, owning our major cultural/media outlets so they can dictate the messages we receive and shape public opinion.

              They have been so effective at it.

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          2. Sarah Palin has what it takes to keep the Trump Train running. DJT should pick her as his VP in 2020. That way, she can be tutored for four years about the parts of his plan that nobody sees yet.


        2. If by that you mean PRISON, then all I can say is AMEN. I am 100% behind you on that.

          If you mean the death penalty ruled under SCOTUS, for capital crimes, then I’m still with you.

          But if you mean murder, then please say so with CLARITY, so I can report you to the FBI, and they can actually do something useful, rather than investigating ME.

          Now – if you’re saying armed conflict is inevitable – well, that is a REASONABLE position, although I personally disagree. I’m a strong believer in Martin Luther King. Jr., and believe that peaceful people will win in the end. But if you want to argue a reasonable position on this site, have at it.

          But PLEASE DO NOT use language that looks like you’re advocating crime – especially toward individuals. No more instances will be tolerated. Period.

          Are you OK with that final request? Please say YES or NO. If the answer is NO or no comment, I suggest you leave honorably and find another site so I don’t have to ban you. Walk out with your head held high, for whatever you believe.

          Even Eric Holder – even the WORST CRIMINAL – deserves the protection of our laws. It is PRECISELY because Holder corrodes the law that PROTECTS him AND us that he is deserving of having it applied to him. His corrosion of DUE PROCESS is straight out of Stalinism. He’s one sneaky communist, but he is STILL a communist. And THEY are the disrespecters of law – NOT US.

          People like HOLDER are the ones who sneak violence into the equation. And they desperately try to make it look like us. It’s a trick – it’s SATANIC – don’t fall for it.

          I’m going to ask that people report posts like this to me. Such posts are used to shut down our free speech. It’s a pain in the ass, but I have to protect this site from trouble, and advocating criminal behavior is trouble.

          Thank you.

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          1. @wolfmoon: I don’t think you are addressing my post, but I want to clarify that my position is that things be done under the color of law, only.

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            1. No, I was talking to Pete, not you. I appreciate your efforts to redirect discussion gracefully, but I have to be more direct, because I KNOW THINGS you all do not. The situation for free speech is quite dire. The forces aligned against it are MASSIVE. They’ve already spent thousands of dollars in wages to shut this puny little site down. I kid you not. Probably HUNDREDS of times as much on CTH, counting both federal and private monies.

              I value Pete as a poster. I feel the exact same frustration. They want our speech, they want our guns, they want our Bibles, and they will stop at nothing to take them. No lie or infinite series of small lies is beyond them. We will not give these things up. Conflict is inevitable, but that conflict MAY TAKE FORMS WE CANNOT EVEN ENVISION.

              I believe in the power of peaceful revolution over violent revolution. That is my personal belief. I have the same faith in MLKJ as I do in Christ, Moses (read Exodus with fresh eyes), and others who chose peaceful rebellion under the shadows of slavery and violence. Faith in God is our primary weapon!

              The other side is abusing law enforcement and intelligence – tricking it – to use it against me in real life. Imagine what they will do online to this site. They are VERY stealthy and manipulative, and use some absolutely amazing technology both online and in real life to “make things happen”.

              No threats of violence against Eric Holder or any other one of these criminals, or all of them together, will be tolerated. NONE. How can I accuse Eric Holder of what he has done without the CLEANEST OF HANDS?

              Anyway, this is all a distraction, and I want to get back to useful discussion. Pete is welcome to accept my terms, and then we can all get back to winning! 😉

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          2. Well said, Wolf.
            I had an immediate reaction to “physically eliminated” and tried to decipher if Pete meant that literally.
            Pete? Pete?

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          3. Oh, I agree with you. I fully want them processed by the laws of our Republic which they seemingly have little regard for. I am not a murderer— the Lord can bring about that demise. My point is We the People, with absolute corruption clearly staring us in the face, seemingly have no justice system willing to bring bad actors to account. At some point the People will not tolerant such blatant disregard for wrong doing by a special class of people—the ruling elite! Whether it be Eric Holder, the Clinton’s, FBI and DOJ officials—at some point in time there will be a breaking point that patriots will not tolerate any further. And they seem to be leading us to that point in time.

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            1. If their crimes are against the laws of the Republic and We the People in their positions as government officials (whether it be sedition or treason), they need to be physically dealt with according to the full extent of the law (if found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt), and eliminated from their role in free society!

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            2. And I apologize for leaving this I unclear and unclarified post out here for so long! Busy trying to run my business during a hectic Christmas season. I’m just thankful I decided toy go back to the top of the posts to read all the infills! Again, my apologies for an ambiguous post!

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              1. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Pete. I have been watching this same story play out over multiple Presidents, remember the whole Plame debacle? I am no fan of Karl Rove or Scooter Libby, but the whole thing played out exactly the same with Fitzgerald (another Mueller/Comey crony) running roughshod over everybody when the Whole Country knew is was Armitage. No need for any investigation! It is always basically One Way Justice, except for Clinton getting a minor slap. We sat though 8 years of Hussein and now we have to watch this slow moving train wreck, when the Whole Country knows it’s bunk, but 33% just want to believe it because they hate PDT! SD coined the term “Cold Anger”, I hate to say it, but that anger is going to go Hot if they mess with PDT or try to put us back on the rotting trail of Globalism. We are already watching it start to play out in Europe. As they try to grab more freedoms, a very large armed percentage of the US isn’t going to take it much longer. PDT slowed the walk to Globalism, but they are pushing hard, they were well on their way if The Hag got elected, but the thing that scares them the most is the number of Americans that are armed to the teeth, so they constantly try to chip at the 2nd Amendment!

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              2. COLD anger is the key. Keep it ICE COLD.

                It is important for EVERYBODY to understand how the leftists have heated things up. So we have to explain that, as you did. But we have to keep our cool, too.

                Don’t let the left ignite us – let them BURN THEIR OWN FINGERS. God will help us do that – trust me. FAITH IN GOD will be our winning edge. Faith in God will temper our cold anger and make it unbreakably hard. All their lies will shatter upon us.

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            3. Call me a cock-eyed optimist (and at this point you’d just about have to) but I am not yet willing to give up on our system of justice.

              I am encouraged by the number of judges PDJT has been able to appoint and I pray that brings the kind of long term change needed.

              Our system is limping along on its last legs. I doubt any of us realized how dire things are or would have without the hideous spectacle of bone deep corruption in the DOJ/FBI and federal judiciary that has been on ample display for the last two years.

              But I haven’t given up. I believe we will win this.

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              1. Unfortunately what brought out the worst in our Justice System was the American people giving up Freedom after 9/11 all in a bid supposedly to keep us safer. Now we have FISA being abused, we have idiots at airports searching us and I can’t think of any one instance where they actually caught anyone. When the Patriot Act passed – I thought to myself, no problem, I am not doing anything wrong, so why do I care? Upon further review it is all Police State stuff. Obamacare was the biggest fraud ever hoisted upon the US People! I hope most reading here are covered in some other way because I would have to ask for space to write an article on the horrors I’ve been through! The worst confirmation that Ocare was more control came to me in early 2018, I was audited in 2016, between accountants sending documents to the IRS and waiting months for answers, the whole thing was not resolved until Sept 2018. For Ocare you have to fill out the documentation in Nov/Dec of the previous year. When 2018 started we get a letter from Healthcare.gov telling us our insurance is cancelled and we will not be allowed to purchase through the exchange because our 2016 taxes are not finalized. At that point in time it was not possible to buy a Policy anywhere but through the exchange (Luckily this year PDT has added Short Term Policies), basically had to go 9 months with no insurance. Everybody knows, if you have insurance you probably won’t use it or use it little, but if don’t have insurance, you will wish you had it! Remember they use taxes to control your healthcare if you are unlucky to be an individual buyer, the way the exchange handled everything sent the message that you aren’t allowed to fight an audit – just pay and shut up! That isn’t even a small bit they have put me through since they forced me on it back in 2014!

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              2. I agree about the Patriot Act. I was uneasy about it, but I thought at the time, “well, I trust W with this but what happens if Cankles or someone awful like that succeeds him” and of course that is exactly what happened.

                And I was an idiot for trusting W. The truth is we are fools to trust government. We were all scared and were willing to accept that as bringing us some measure of safety.

                I hope we don’t do that again. Every mass shooter reinforces among the weak minded and the gun haters that they must be confiscated “for the children.” It is a winning argument, every time.

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              3. We will not do it again. NEVER AGAIN.

                The cubicle-burning, jumper-torturing treasonous FREAKS who pulled 9/11 on us so that James Comey could LIE to us about a FISA warrant he got because they MURDERED AMERICANS are going to PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES.

                After reading Jim Comey’s LIES about FISA, I’m just sick.

                Justice is coming.

                Shutting down this blog is not going to stop that, either.

                The “Patriot Act” (oh, the galling hypocrisy) was the GOAL. 9/11 was the MEANS. COMMUNIST CONTROL was the MOTIVE. WORLD SOVIET (a.k.a. globalist) CONTROL was the GOAL.

                HALPER IS THE KEY THAT UNLOCKS THE PUZZLE. They know – and they’re scared.

                Keep walking them back until these TRAITOROUS SPIES are as RED as the blood their SOVIET MASTERS spilled every inch of the way from STALIN to PUTIN.

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            4. History agrees with you, I am forced to admit.

              The Stalinists DEPEND upon the fact that people can be pushed into revolution too fast. The communists know that they can START, TAKE CONTROL of, and HIJACK a revolution for their own purposes – and they ironically DEEPEN tyranny in seeking their own godless utopia.

              We must be very careful. We are up against an enemy with NO HONOR – something far worse and far more dangerous than the British in 1776. And this enemy has ALREADY subdued Britain.

              They now send their Halpers and Steeles to subdue us.

              We MAY have to resort to war, like the founders. But I am certain that, at that time, a legitimate, patriotic, honorable force will arise – a true army of the People – an army with HONOR, led by patriots of the highest values and experience, who have served America for their whole lives. Wait for that moment – when such men and women call for us to come to their aid and defend America, not rebel against it.

              This is why the Founders won. This is why WE will win. Until that moment, I implore people to choose peace. GOD will be our strength. Trust in God.

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              1. Yes, but Wolfie, the path they are taking seems to be leading to a climatic shot that is heard around the Republic. We will hold our ground and remain civil and hopeful on the system of the founders’, but they too anticipated a possible time when the patriots of the nation would have to arise against an abusive, unresponsive, and corrupt leadership (government) that no longer served We the People. The President cannot do it alone bless his heart, although he is taking arrows for us daily from all sides! And sometimes the Lord must gird up the faithful to go against the evil and corruption of a nation. This is certainly not my wish (I have a 10 year old natural daughter and I’m 64!!!), but I will not spare my life for the righteous good of our country if need be! At some point, the good (the right-minded) have no other cheek to turn in order to save what is good in the eyes of the Lord. If good people do nothing, evil will be victorious.

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          4. They actually used to hide everything and we wouldn’t find out until years later. Now they do it right in front of us and pop us the bird while saying “What are you going to do about it”! I’m 10 years behind Pete, have always been informed on politics and have watched these clowns for far to long. I would never be the type to start something illegal, I agree we work within the law, but at the rate things are progressing the law is getting mighty blurry. I just don’t think we even know just how deep this corruption is, we are going off what we know or have gleaned from clues. We could be looking at only the top of the iceberg and we all know most is under water! I am not adverse to thinking it blows into a complete Constitutional Crisis and as Q has stated it might take Military Tribunals to straighten things out. I think the Judiciary is complicit (not all) in what we are seeing!

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  1. I purely HATE Eric Holder.

    I can’t see any way forward for PDJT but to declassify documents. And Whitaker needs to go all medieval on the DOJ and destroy it, utterly completely destroy it, and start over. I don’t know how else you would get rid of the bad seeds, bad vibes, bad juju.

    I have never trusted RR or Mueller. I know there are theories about them being white hats. I’d love to be wrong. I hope I am wrong. But my instincts say these are bad guys.

    PDJT has to know these are bad guys, too, of course. So that makes watching how he handles this fascinating and maddening.

    I’m a bit dejected about him picking Barr. I can’t figure why he’d pick a solid swamp creature like that. Maybe to rebuild the DOJ after Whitaker blows it up. Maybe Barr is a red herring. He is 68 years old. Forty years ago he was bound to be drinking scotch and soda and the bar in the Hay Adams and pinched a cocktail waitress on the tush, or called his secretary honey and asked her to bring him a cup of coffee. Chuck and Nancy were elbowing each other out of the way in their eagerness to get in front of a camera so they could denigrate Barr. I figure Kavanaugh was a warm up. Maybe Barr is a sacrificial lamb for the Senate to torture while Whitaker is back at the shop cleaning house.

    Obviously I know nothing. But I think some things are going to start becoming clear soon.

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      1. Yep, me three…right there with you, Sylvia and Wolfie.

        I gave Barr the Clint & Suspicious Eyeball Crew.

        But Joe diGenova was on Hannity last night extolling the virtues of Barr.
        Joe was proclaiming Barr an “excellent choice”!

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              1. Wolf, thanks for this. It has crossed my mind but I haven’t spent much time considering it, but not everyone, surely?, in the Deep State is happy with it. Surely there are some who have seen what goes on because they have been in the thick of it, but it has revolted them and made them determined to do something about it. I hope.

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      2. I did hear Joe DiGenova say last night that he hopes Barr gets confirmed and he thinks he will be great.

        That’s good, and provides me with some comfort. Except I can’t forget everyone EVERY ONE said the same thing about Comey and Mueller.

        We will watch this guy like a hawk.

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          1. Andy McCarthy said the same thing on Twitter about Barr being an excellent choice and I just had to tweet back the big question: Is he good at Cleaning things up or Covering things up?

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    1. “Maybe Barr is a sacrificial lamb for the Senate to torture while Whitaker is back at the shop cleaning house.”

      Wow, I hadn’t thought of that, Syl…what a brilliant thought!

      As we’ve seen before, the Dems don’t need any ‘real’ evidence.
      They can make it up!

      Barr may have said “Honey, get me some coffee” to some secretary, sometime.
      Oh, the horror!

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      1. I feel like I am turning into a paranoid nut, but jeepers how is anyone supposed to take ANYTHING at face value any more? Every statement I hear I immediately wonder what the real story is.

        This Barr sailed through confirmation back in the day with almost all if not all YES votes. That will of course not happen now. They will be scouring his background hunting for #metoo material. They will be demanding he never speak to PDJT, that he not perform any supervisory functions on Mueller, whatever, I can hear it all now.

        Frankly, if I were Barr I’d run for the hills. WTH is he thinking? Why would he want to go through this?

        You have to wonder, “What’s the play here?” I don’t know, but it did make some sense to me that they’d toss Barr into the Senate confirmation process and let everyone have their fun pretending to confirm an AG while the real work goes on.

        I guess we’ll see what happens.

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        1. when I read that about Barr sailing through his past confirmation process, I read it as a throw-down to the Dems from POTUS–not so much to confirm him quickly–but reverse psychology to lure them in to wasting a lot of time trying to find dirt on him–your “keep them busy” theory from above…well done!

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    2. “I’m a bit dejected about him picking Barr. I can’t figure why he’d pick a solid swamp creature like that.”

      President Trump has not yet submitted a formal nomination for William Barr as Attorney General. It may never happen. Is POTUS buying time until newly elected Senators are sworn in to make a formal nomination for AG, and possibly someone else? I’ve read (can’t remember where it was posted) where someone speculated to that effect.

      Moves and countermoves. “The Art of War” (Sun Tzu)

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          1. Well he already said he would last year…so I believe he told POTUS that before he was nominated. I’m not going down the sundance road until I see more.

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              1. the Barr stuff strikes me as another way of suggesting the Deep State has won. I’m not ready to go there. You guys can and I respect that. I am going to wait and see. Not going to prejudge this.

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              1. Thanks for the link.

                Worse than I’d imagined.

                From the article:

                ‘The President announced today that William Barr former Attorney General under Bush would be his pick for Attorney General. Barr may be considered a “Shellback.” He was then-Vice President George HW Bush’s right hand man.’

                If true, then, does that mean all roads lead to Mena, AR?

                He seems to have been to quite a few places in Latin America in the 1980s representing Bush I.

                Oh, look (also from the article): Costa Rica, 1985 — who else appears on the scene but Bill C, governor of AR:

                ‘Mr. Barr then made another call. He asked for Governor Clinton. He must have had a direct number because he didn’t have to wait. He began immediately. He explained that a substantial amount of “Enterprise” monies had disappeared. He further explained to Governor Clinton that it was suspected to be in excess of $100 million dollars and that it was definitely disappearing along the Panama to Arkansas connection. He suggested that Governor Clinton investigate on that end, and that he and Mr. North would continue investigating on the Panama side and that it must be resolved or it could lead to problems. “Big problems,” he reiterated. He then asked Clinton to put his best man on it and stated that this was priority one. Then he terminated the call.’

                I do hope the article’s conclusion is correct:

                ‘I believe President Trump is trolling the DEEP STATE.’

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      1. PDJT’s nomination of Barr is imminent:

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    3. Yeah, I’m thinking the Barr thing is some sort of bone or distraction. This is who Trump wanted all along? He didn’t say why, exactly. Maybe things will be exposed in his confirmation hearings? Congressional hearings seem to be the most direct way of getting information to the public since they seem to serve no other real purpose.

      We’re watching a movie. I keep reminding myself of that.

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      1. Deplorable P. If you think about all of the documents they demanded for the Kavanaugh hearings and all of the questions that had to be answered, that set the precedent for doing the same thing to Barr. It makes documents accessible that would not be available any other way.

        What I think is happening is that many of the old crimes are past their Statute of Limitations date because no one was formally charged at the time and they cannot be brought up for trial any other way. Bringing them up again in the hearings, brings them back to the present for examination and possible charges.

        Comey did not charge HRC with a crime in order to let the Statute of Limitations run out.

        Barr has a treasure trove of documents. Opening them up for hearings will be interesting. Wonder where Kavanaugh’s documents are now?


        1. There’s no statute of limitations on treason, which is what Hillary did with that server. Neither is there on murder to which she is most likely an accessory if not outright guilty of at some point. Nor is there for federal terrorism. Whatever HIllary Clinton or any of the rest of them did is still on the table unless somebody flips and makes a deal.

          All that evidence wasn’t going to be investigated or prosecuted until McCabe, Lynch, Yates and their people were gone, either. Don’t kid yourself. Comey is a convenient scapegoat, but there were A LOT more people around him who would have submarined any investigation in a hearbeat.

          And like I said on other thread, some of the double agents have played their parts so well, seeing the bigger picture is not all that easy.


  2. Wow, yes this is messy, the game being played? We cannot know all, we have Q, we have tweets, we have news drops and we have speculation. Did Rosy and Mueller flip to save themselves? Was something revealed at seniors funeral? Does Huber really have it all? It’s a guessing game with few facts given and great expectations…(I’m always hoping for it all to be exposed) seems like all will be revealed and then we are left wondering what exactly was? I dont even watch TV anymore, this is riveting. The world is watching (I’m here in oz) and looking for direction in fixing what went wrong.
    I think SD has been overwhelmed, or had to pull back because WE can’t expose the full plan – smart people here. Don’t want to give too much away :;

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  3. “No – Sundance has it nailed, in my opinion. This is an old LAWYER’S intimidation trick. They LOVE to do this stuff. This is just like SO many of the white-collar street-fighting tricks I’ve seen over my life – ever since that very first day I got sucked into a Deep State conspiracy, back in my formerly innocent youth.

    “Surprise confrontation scenario tricks” – often RECORDED – are surprisingly common in the legal and spy worlds.”


    But DJT must have seen a gazillion of these tactics. DJT has probably been the TARGET of more of these tactics than Mueller and Rosie have ever tried to perpetrate — combined.

    Trump must have more experience with slimy lawyers and lawsuits (and counter-suits) than most human beings in the world.

    So the chance that DJT could be surprised or caught off guard by this tactic must be minuscule.


    “This one-two punch of (1) sneaky meet-and-greet with sketchy, deadly provocative things said on the down-low to Trump – just WAITING for him to say the wrong thing – followed IMMEDIATELY by (2) a related psychological event such as – OH – hitting him with a special counsel – was designed to set Trump back on his heels. To make COOPERATION more likely. To make “go along with THEIR plan” the “right choice”, if Trump wanted the special counsel to “go away”.”


    Okay… but here’s another thought.

    The DOJ / FIB people do psychological profiles on everybody, don’t they?

    Certainly they have a thorough one on DJT before they set up this meeting.

    So they had to know:

    A) they weren’t going to rattle him, if anything, he was going to rattle them; neither of these two clowns could accomplish what DJT has accomplished in a thousand lifetimes. In that shark tank, DJT was the shark, not dopey and mopey


    B) they had to know he wasn’t going to cooperate; his entire campaign was about defeating the corrupt political-class

    C) DJT knows better than anyone that ‘cooperating’, ‘giving in’ to what is essentially blackmail, only encourages more of it

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    1. Yeah, he’s too good. They underestimate him always. They are stupid. His history and commentary is there for all to see unlike zero’s. His old interviews stand true. You know who he is.
      Oz saying, he kicks ass and writes a note home about it, Q is that note. Sorry if I offended. We are still pretty liberal here with these terms.

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    2. I agree that it did them no good.

      But why do it anyway?

      They still have to bounce stuff off him to (1) get data, (2) hope for a lucky break, and (3) force Trump into a known position where they want him.

      It’s a game.

      Yes, they prepare and know the answer, and that most of it won’t work. But the “law” (using that term with incredible looseness) largely works by a combination of FORCING people to do the expected thing, successfully defending themselves, but THAT position is then used to further some sneaky scheme.

      Nasty stuff.

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      1. But all of that ‘stuff’ only works on ‘us’ (We the People) because we have no ‘legitimate’ recourse to the corrupt system.

        ‘We’ don’t have the funds or the team of legal experts to defend ourselves individually — who can withstand the unlimited resources of the Federal Government? Not many!

        But DJT can.

        He could do it individually, because he is a billionaire.

        But the fact that he’s president means he is the Captain of the very same ship they are trying to use to sink him.

        President has direct authority over the DOJ, and the FIB is under the DOJ. They are not independent of the Executive Branch, they are part OF it, and the departments of the Executive Branch are under the direct Authority of the President of the United States.

        So it’s like a Captain at sea, with a mutiny on his own ship.

        Except the Captain has the United States Marine Corps hiding in his cabin.

        And the Captain is the Law when the ship is at sea.

        And the penalty for mutiny at sea is death.

        Walk the plank.

        The president may not be able to execute them without due process on land, but he can sure as &^%$ fire every last one of them for cause, and then prosecute them.

        Stuff that ‘We the People’ could never do, because ‘We’ don’t have the resources AND/OR because ‘We’ are not the Commanding Officer of the DOJ.

        But Trump is.

        So this whole thing that ‘We’ rightly fear — because if it was happening to us, we’d be screwed — can’t happen to DJT.

        He’s the Captain.

        And he’s not the Captain of the S.S. Minow.

        He’s the Captain of all ten Nimitz-class aircraft carriers!

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        1. if you listen to Dems though, they talk about the DOJ and FBI like they are their own separate branches of government — droning on about it to convince the uneducated voters that he should not be leading those departments. we had civics in high school—is that class gone now?

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          1. That’s just it, I don’t listen to dems.

            And I suggest and advise others to do the same.

            None of their propaganda works if we ignore it or refuse to go along with it.

            Just because they say something, that don’t make it so.

            If the subject is something we care enough about, we contest it.

            We take them to court.

            And we follow that process all the way to the Supreme Court — which is a misnomer, as they prove regularly. They are eminently and manifestly fallible human beings, more so than most people in many ways.

            And if the (not) Supreme Court is corrupt, then We the People should ignore their lawless rulings. The Constitution is our ‘secular’ highest Authority, NOT the (not) Supreme Court.

            In the same way God’s Word is the highest Authority for a Christian, not some human clown trying to impose his will on the members of the church. If some clown in the church takes it upon himself to ‘ordain’ homosexual bishops (for example), the membership of the church has a duty and obligation to put that errant individual OUT of the church, to ‘withdraw’ from him (see 1st Corinthians), to put that corrupt person AWAY from them, until or unless he repents.

            If the congregation is so corrupted that not enough members are willing or able to get the rest of the membership to do what God’s Word requires, then that congregation is APOSTATE, it is a false body, and the faithful Christians ought to leave and find a faithful congregation to be joined with.

            Back to government, We the People are the ultimate arbiters of Justice and every other thing, because if we are united, there is no ‘power’ which can withstand us, and because if our cause is just and righteous, the Law (Constitution) guarantees our Right to make whatever correction to a corrupt government that may be necessary.

            In a court of Law, We the People, as the jury, can choose to engage in ‘jury nullification’. That means we can ignore the Law, the statute, the code, the instructions from the judge and every other thing, and declare the defendant “not guilty” if we choose to.

            And nobody can do squat about it.

            It’s a perfect mechanism to find Patriots ‘not guilty’ for watering the Tree of Liberty with the blood of Tyrants.

            That’s just one tiny example of the power We the People possess.

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            1. Amen! And yes, those churches you mention are apostate (lit., fallen away from the Lord) as mentioned by Paul in 2Thes. 2:3 as a sign of the arrival of the son of perdition and the soon coming (Parousia) of Jesus Christ in power and great glory!!! The institutional churches fall away from the teachings of Scripture and are influenced by secular humanism!

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          2. What we think of as history and civics are largely gone now in education. History is simply unrecognizable it has been so highly revised. Part of the problem is everything is relative. There is not good vs. evil, truth vs. lies. There’s my truth, there’s your truth, blah blah blah. Without standards, how can we judge anything ever?

            It is maddening to hear the Dims, and a good number of the GOP, talking about the DOJ and FBI as being (and MUST BE!) independent. What? It wasn’t that long ago that Eric Holder was proudly BOs wingman. But it is as if that never happened. Now these are independent, always have been and forever may it be so. What a crock.

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      2. I’m going to agree with Scott here. I’ve been thinking about this for days. What we are being shown is a cover, a distraction, and some of the players/actors have done such a good job playing their roles it’s hard to tell who is really on which side. I keep thinking of Snape in the Harry Potter series. He turned out to be a double agent in the end. If this is a military operation, it stands to reason that there will be a number of those.

        Rosenstein I figured would be thrown aside when Trump was done with him, sort of like McMaster. Mueller I always thought was given the task of keeping all those lawyers on a hamster wheel to nowhere just to keep them away from any lawsuits that would gum up the works. Did the two of them honestly think they were going to take down an apex predator? If so, they have more hubris and stupidity than I thought, and for those two to have survived as long as they did in the swamp, they can’t be dumb.

        All of this, we all admit, is speculation. It’s also gossipy to an extent, and I do believe a lot of it was meant to set up the Washington media club for an easier take down. There’s nothing those people like more than gossip.

        Nothing is as it seems and we are watching a movie. I don’t think we’ve seen any of the really big targets yet. Just the front people.

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        1. Trump winning seems very much like a determined solution from much larger and longer system rules we don’t fully understand (a.k.a. the will of G_d). Everything else moves and adjusts to match it, as conditions change, and we stand in awe.

          It’s a story. Enjoy the show! 😉 <—— (64D glasses, fretting over pricey 256D upgrade)

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        2. “Mueller I always thought was given the task of keeping all those lawyers on a hamster wheel to nowhere just to keep them away from any lawsuits that would gum up the works.”


          Another distinct benefit (by design or not) is that by hiring all these Leftist high-profile lawyers to work on Muelly’s team, in the future they cannot represent any of the criminals once DJT drops the hammer, because they will all have a demonstrable and undeniable conflict of interest.

          All of them may as well be ‘recused’ from service as part of the legal defense team to any member of the Treason Cabal.

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    3. I keep this in mind:


      It takes a LOT of self-discipline and SKILL to not trust anyone. Most of us are lucky that we do not need to refrain from trusting everyone.

      But a guy like VSG must have known early on that he could not accomplish his goals if he trusted anyone.

      Trump has been very generous in his remarks about RR, and RR in turn has been all brightness and light. I have no idea what the sunny relationship means, and it could mean the exact opposite of what we would normally think. Or it could mean what we normally would think.

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      1. trusting souls are the victims of their own virtue.

        they make the danger to our freedom possible by dulling their own instinct and denying their own human intellect and intuition.

        trusting souls are the npc meme.

        trusting souls are bought and sold and think they are free.

        trusting souls are the currency of the elite secret society.

        trusting souls never existed until our minds were bought and paid for with mind controlling mass media fully implemented in the 1950’s.

        trusting souls did not exist in the the early days of mankind because they were eaten by predatory animals, killed and eaten. only the surviva of the fittest – and fit means brain power not cross fit yoga green soy and kale smoothie bull crap.

        it took a long time for the powerz that be to get to a point where they could reverse 1000’s of years of natural selection evolution of survival and create a massive army of non thinkers who believe instint and paranoia are undesireable therefore bad.

        trusting souls take the injured snake into their homes and nurse it back to health until one day they are given their just reccompence. the reward for their trust and virtue…

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        1. Well said — every point.

          Your comment reminded me of our Lord’s words to the Apostles, one of my favourite verses:

          ‘Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.’ – Matthew 10:16

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      2. NEVER trust others if you can help it. NEVER. I have been stabbed in the back, betrayed, double crossed, etc., so many times it’s not even funny. At this point, I just figure that the majority of the people out there are in it, whatever it is, for themselves, and so I don’t bother fostering hope that it will be different this time.

        Just stake out your spot in life and do what you need to do to keep the bills paid.

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    4. Just sayin’, a psychological profile of PT would have to be done and evaluated by people who are further to the right on that bell than PT for them to have an accurate assessment of his moves.

      Not too many out there. Nor are there very many who can really evaluate ALL his life learning experiences. In other words, he’s too damn smart for them. (If he’s getting all pertinent info, that is. That’s the big variable.)

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      1. “Just sayin’, a psychological profile of PT would have to be done and evaluated by people who are further to the right on that bell than PT for them to have an accurate assessment of his moves. ”


        I understand exactly what you mean, and I frequently wonder about that.

        The Chinese are a perfect example.

        They have the resources, the experience and the expertise to know exactly what SD on CTH knows — and even if they didn’t, all they had to do was find and read CTH.

        And yet they keep making missteps as if their intelligence gathering capabilities are based on getting all of their information from MSM.

        At some point in the process, serious entities (which would certainly include governments, not just large corporations) must employ analysts who are paid to gather facts and crunch data without regard to ideology… or all their efforts are in vain, and they are operating outside the constructs of reality.

        While it is true that gigantic corporations (e.g., General Motors) and governments — due to sheer mass, momentum and resources (money) — can continue to operate for quite some time outside the constructs of reality-based policy, objectives, etc., unless course correction is made and reality is reintegrated, eventually there WILL be a collision between fantasy and reality.

        If that happens with a large corporation, the result is stock sell-off followed by bankruptcy.

        If that happens with a government, the result is revolution.

        Since that result (failure) is the last thing either entity consciously wants or desires, it is in their own self-interest to acquire reality-based data and projections.

        So it is always hard (for me) to believe that such wildly successful people as the CEOs of major corporations and government leaders — people who are smart enough and capable enough to get to the positions of power and prosperity they occupy — were either able to accomplish that feat WITHOUT decisions made on reality-based data, or — if they used reality-based decisions to get there, how can they (seemingly unanimously, en masse) reject the very reality-based principles and objective reality which enabled them to succeed?

        Or is it truly random, that most of the people in positions of power are there because they were in the right place, at the right time, and took advantage of an opportunity, which led to other opportunities, and so on?

        With a ‘marketplace’ of a hundred million or more workforce participants, even most of the successful people will ‘stall out’ at some level and find it difficult to go higher, but a very small percentage will inevitably continue to get ‘lucky’, being in the right place at the right time, and keep advancing — maybe even in spite of themselves. Never doubting that every advance and success is 100% of their own making.

        I know that concept may sound fantastically improbable to those of us (myself certainly included) raised to believe that all that is required for success is hard work and perseverance. Hard work and perseverance are certainly necessary for success, but according to someone in a position to know, without chance — without being in the right place, at the right time — no matter how hard we work, our potential is limited.

        “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.” (Ecclesiastes 9:11, KJV)


        And it is always a dicey proposition to question the wisdom of Solomon. Especially considering that the words of Solomon which are recorded in Scripture are, by definition, given by inspiration of God (cf. 2 Timothy 3:16, ‘All Scripture is given by inspiration of God…’).


        “And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing. [11] And God said unto him, Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life; neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor hast asked the life of thine enemies; but hast asked for thyself understanding to discern judgment; [12] Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee.” (1 Kings 3:10-12, boldface emphasis mine)

        “And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore. [30] And Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt. [31] For he was wiser than all men; than Ethan the Ezrahite, and Heman, and Chalcol, and Darda, the sons of Mahol: and his fame was in all nations round about.” (1 Kings 4:29-31, boldface emphasis mine)


        All of which is to say, I do frequently wonder in amazement, how the governments of great nations and leadership of mega-corporations can be so blind, that they miss so many things ‘we’ can all see plainly.

        Is it simply because they are not actually looking?

        Or have they been given a strong delusion, with neither ears to hear nor eyes to see?

        “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: [12] That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12)


        I wonder about many things…

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    1. I’m wonderful. Optimal, even. That said, I have been putting up with an amazing amount of horseshit from Deep State this year. I don’t get specific. Their not knowing EXACTLY what I’ve busted tends to be helpful to me.

      Nobody but me is putting me in danger. I could STFU at any time and they would be happy again.

      You know what really scares them?

      STEFAN HALPER ACROSS TIME. Very scary for them. Only one reason makes sense. But it goes back a LONG ways. They know I see it, and they feel like that is controllable. But they really don’t want other people seeing it.

      Here is the main goal. It’s the SHOWSTOPPER.

      Our guns.

      They want the guns. THAT is the thing they have to have. They are DESPERATE, and I think they will ratchet it up to 9/11 levels to get the guns banned.

      Guns put too much power in the hands of the people. They cannot control us if we still have the guns.

      They KNOW IT LIKE MAO knew it.

      2A was genius. The poison pill for ALL tyrants.

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      1. “They want the guns. THAT is the thing they have to have. They are DESPERATE, and I think they will ratchet it up to 9/11 levels to get the guns banned.”


        But how can they DO that without a Constitutional Amendment?

        And who is going to BACK such an Amendment?

        Not the president.

        Not any Republican who hopes to escape with his life.

        And even if an Amendment to the Constitution was somehow passed, it would still need to be ratified by the States.

        We will definitely have a Civil War before that ever happens, and the military will be on OUR side, NOT on the side of the International Treason Cabal.

        The further the insane Left pushes the gun issue, the closer we get to the Supreme Court finally having just cause to ‘clarify’ the 2nd Amendment with such concrete certainty that it can never be challenged again.

        And with each new SC Justice DJT appoints, the confidence that happens only grows stronger.

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        1. On top of that, how could you even pass an Amendment that abridged a God-given, unalienable RIGHT?

          Rights which are given by God cannot be taken away by government — there is NO ‘due process’, no lawful mechanism whereby human government can overrule God or take away that which God has given.

          That is the whole point behind natural law and recognition of God-given rights.

          Unlike ‘civil rights’, which are just privileges and benefits by a purposely deceptive name — our ACTUAL rights which are recognized by (not granted by, but recognized and guaranteed by) the Constitution were not ‘given’ by government.

          Civil Rights are created by government, they are benefits and privileges, and they can likewise be taken away by government, because they aren’t really ‘rights’ at all.

          God-given rights are entirely different, a whole different class and category of creature.

          The only thing they share in common is the word ‘rights’ — but one of them is a faker.

          The ‘fakers’ are the ones that are NOT recognized in the Constitution, but made up by men in the 1960s and 1970s.

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          1. but isn’t that what they’ve done with abortion?? Life seems to be the most basic inalienable right given to us by God and they managed to legislate that into freedom to choose…
            I do agree on 2A–there will be war over that one if they attempt to take them…

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            1. “but isn’t that what they’ve done with abortion??”



              And the only reason that happened is because unborn babies cannot defend themselves.

              And not enough people outside the womb stood up to defend them.

              The ‘decision’ in Roe v. Wade it is a direct violation of the Constitution. People trained in the dark art called ‘law’ call it ‘bad law’, but that’s just a polite way of saying that it is wholly unlawful.

              And that is why it will eventually be overturned, when we once again have Men instead of craven cowards on the Bench.

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              1. “Plenty of people have stood up for the unborn over the years, including almost all of the people that fostered that horrible law, but they were shoved aside during the aftermath.”


                Yes, plenty have, but the time to stop something so grievous is before it is implemented.

                Hussein-care is another example of blatant lawlessness.

                And if it is not stopped before it is implemented, then the best chance to stop it is immediately thereafter, for the People to unite and simply refuse to go along with such reckless lawlessness.

                That didn’t happen in 1973.

                45 years later we are still paying the price.

                Worse, more than 55+ million babies have paid the ultimate price.

                That’s FIVE times the number of human beings Hitler is said to have murdered in the concentration camps.

                55 million is 88 times the number of Americans killed in the Civil war.

                Or 136 times the number of Americans killed in WWII.

                Or a thousand times the number of Americans killed in Vietnam.

                Or 1,507 times the number of Americans killed in the Korean War.

                Or 2,200 times the number of Americans killed in the Revolutionary War.

                Or 44 times the number of Americans killed in every war America has ever fought, combined.

                That is the magnitude of death caused by a majority of Judges on the (not) Supreme Court. That’s what happens when a terrible wrong is committed, and We the People do not stand up and demand immediate correction.

                Once the ‘moment’ is passed, it may be decades, centuries even, before the opportunity for correction presents itself.

                And the number of babies murdered in America goes up by an average of 3,562 every single day.

                It’s so horrific that most people can barely even grasp it.

                And if it turns out that the entire decision to promote and codify ‘abortion’ into law back in 1973 was entirely a scheme to serve the interests of the Deep State — eugenics, sale and acquisition of baby parts for medical research for Big Pharma, and whatever else the Satanists use abortion for — it will surprise me not at all.

                Maybe the entire foundation for the promotion of abortion was to create a never-ending daily child-sacrifice to Moloch.

                Because that’s what it amounts to.

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          2. Problem with that is the US no longer functions under “natural law.” The US was incorporated in 1871, thereby turning ALL of us into nothing but collateral against the CORPORATION’S international debt. We now function under CORPORATE law!!!! We also lost the original 13th Amendment, which would have prevented lawyers from serving in Congress.

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        2. “But how can they DO that without a Constitutional Amendment?”

          Through ‘registration’…that is how they could destroy the 2A without a Constitutional Amendment.

          They tried it in 2009, when the Dems controlled both houses of Congress.
          But Pelosi tabled the bill.

          She knew that they would face angry voters in the next election if they passed it.
          So they planned to table it…until Hussein’s second term.

          Now, you might ask…”How could Registration destroy the 2nd Am?”

          It was diabolical.

          The Bill would make it illegal to not register-your-guns.

          Under the guise of ‘Registration’, all gun owners would be required to fill out a ‘Registration Application’.

          On your Registration Application, you are required to list all your firearms.
          Then send in your Reg-Application to the DOJ.

          So you do this.
          And you wait patiently for your Application to be ‘approved’.

          Oh, did you think that you would be automatically ‘approved’?
          There was nothing in the new Bill that said that.

          Then you hear a loud “Knock knock knock knock!” at your door.

          The BATF has come to search your house for “unregistered firearms”.

          You can let your imagination take it from there.

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            1. It was diabolical.

              The Bill was introduced by Bobby Rush from Chicago.

              A lot of us read that Bill and got the word out…started raising hell about it.
              We weren’t going to let it happen, without a fight.

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            2. A number of years ago the VA sent a letter to me explaining the value and safety of ‘gun locks’.
              Then asked how many ‘gun locks’ I needed. (how many guns do you have, Tom?)
              Not a chance.

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          1. They passed an anti-2DAM law here in NY which worked as you described. The leftist bureaucracy plays games with your registration, and next thing you know State Troopers or County Sheriffs spend a few hours tossing your home before you get charged with a felony.

            In NY, it is exactly the otherwise law-abiding, reliable and trustworthy citizen who is persecuted.

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            1. It almost sounds like soon only the “Illegal” guns will be owned by both responsible and criminal individuals… is that what they want?

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              1. Responsible citizens will eventually find that the paperwork, fees and inspections are too much bother. So, they will give up their permits.

                Those NRA bumperstickers from the 1970s and 1980s were right:


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        3. But Scott, the thing is they know they can’t wholesale repeal the 2nd. People wouldn’t stand for that. Instead, they employ all of these sneaky strategies instead.

          Washington State just passed a voter initiative that makes gun owners felons if there weapons are stolen from their homes and used in a crime. Some northeastern state, I think, just enacted a bullet tax. I think Michigan just passed some kind of gun law that’s quite restrictive. It is believed by some that the whole drama in Florida over the election was to ensure that the Agriculture Secretary or whatever it’s called went to the wild eyed Dim candidate, and in fact when all the recounts were done the victor was no longer the Republican, it was the crazy azz Dim. In Florida, that position controls CCW permitting.

          Corporate America has gotten into the act with banks refusing to loan money to companies that deal in firearms, Dick’s refusing to sell semi automatic weapons and now looking to purge itself from all weapons including cross bows.

          There is a sense of this stuff accelerating after it felt like years of 2nd Amendment adherents holding back the tide. I don’t like this.

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      2. I will die to the Lord with my guns (rifles) blaring if the government tries to take them. There is no other option! It is game, set, and match if we relinquish our 2A rights, period!!!!

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        1. I agree completely.

          Once they get the guns, humanity goes down like Germany to the Nazis or Russia to the Stalinists. Murder on the most massive of scales. We have to stand our ground. But HOW we do that is critical, and THAT is where we need to be SMART like our VSGPOTUS.

          “See something. Say something.”

          Q knows exactly what he’s saying. Do you see what he did there?

          I’m listening. This post. 5:5.


          Trust the plan. It’s SMART.

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  4. “Or, if not, to get what was needed to take him out.

    Yes. I think this meeting was the first opportunity for Mueller and Rosenstein to TAKE OUT Trump, and THAT is why it is being advertised as the complete opposite by “sugar shills” in the MAGA world. Most well-intentioned. A few not.”


    This is the part I never understand.

    What could DJT possibly say that would be a ‘gotcha’ resulting in the end of his presidency in the first week — or ever?

    I mean, look at Occasional-Cortex, she is already grossly abusing her office before even being sworn in, threatening Don Jr. with a Congressional subpoena because he sent a meme to her on Twitter — and nothing will happen to her.

    What could they say to DJT?

    Rosey: “Mr. President, if you would like to commit Treason by selling the country out to Russia, just say the word.”

    DJT: ” ‘Word’. Let’s do it!”

    Where’s the CRIME?

    He hasn’t actually done anything. You can’t prove whether he was kidding or not kidding, and even if he wasn’t, the proposed ‘crime’ hasn’t taken place yet.

    And if something as blatant as THAT is a complete nothingburger, how much LESS of a nothingburger (than coming right out and asking the president to commit Treason) must the actual conversation been?

    I don’t ‘get’ how exercising his right to SPEAK can get him impeached his first week on the job. He can say whatever he wants, but until he actually DOES something, or gives an order to DO something, where is the crime?

    And how stupid would DJT have to be, to actually order someone to commit a crime?

    And if it was something so legally complex and/or subtle that it would take a lawyer to know it even WAS a crime, then it would be an obvious case of entrapment.

    And even if Rosey and Muelly succeeded in getting the president to say or agree to something illegal, his own advisors (and WH lawyer Doug McGahn) would explain and stop it before it ever got started.

    DJT is a not a lawyer and not a politician, and you don’t HAVE to be either one to be president. Worst case scenario, to legal sharks (Muelly and Rosie) ambush non-lawyer, non-politician Trump and entrap him into saying something ‘wrong’, if that’s even possible.

    WHO is going to not see through exactly what happened? It’s like two MS-13 gang members stealing a kid’s lunch, and when confronted by the teacher, claiming the kid GAVE it to them willingly.

    Nobody on this planet is gonna believe that, not even Nancy Pelosi.

    You can’t just impeach the president because you don’t like him!

    He has to actually give some kind of CAUSE, and that has to require more than a misspoken word at an entrapment meeting set up by two law sharks — or NO president would ever last a day in the WH.

    What am I missing?

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    1. “You can’t just impeach the president because you don’t like him!”

      Well yes, actually…they can.
      The Dems can make up something and proceed with an impeachment trial.

      They may be stupid enough to try it, too.

      If they do…then we may have to all descend on DC en masse, a sea of pissed off Deplorables, the likes of which they have never seen.

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      1. “Well yes, actually…they can.
        The Dems can make up something and proceed with an impeachment trial.”


        But We the People are not sitting in straitjackets watching a play. At any time, we can hop up on the stage en masse and KILL EVERYBODY.

        It is our RIGHT.

        “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”

        Abraham Lincoln, inaugural address, March 4, 1861


        Declaration of Independence:

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

        That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

        That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”


        So let them TRY it.

        DARE them.

        BEG them.

        Let these criminals remove any doubt whatsoever about their criminality, let them show the whole country and the whole world that they are NOT Representatives of the People but representatives of THEMSELVES.

        Give us the EXCUSE, the REASON, the CAUSE to kill ALL of them.

        The only way to stop the insanity is if they believe we mean to do it.

        Because if they don’t, THIS — what we have right now, this insanity — is the guaranteed result.

        Every single time.

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        1. ” …let them show the whole country and the whole world that they are NOT Representatives of the People but representatives of THEMSELVES.”

          It’s like we’ve come around in a circle from the days of our founding.

          “Taxation without representation is tyranny”
          – James Otis Jr.

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      2. Words have meaning.

        Without them, without words, there is no meaning — to anything.

        What do THESE words mean?

        Tench Coxe said: “Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American. …The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”


        George Mason settled the question of militia by asking and answering: “Who are the militia? They consist of the whole people, except a few public officers.”

        Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition:

        Definition of EXCEPT
        Not including. In reKelly’s Estate, 153 Misc. 445, 274 N.Y.S. 488.

        Other than, In re Nelson’s Estate, 152 Misc. 245, 273 N.Y.S. 268; Ingram v. Stat~, 241 Ala. 166,3 So.2d 431, 432;

        To exclude from an enumeration, the scope of statement or enactment, a privilege, etc.;

        to leave out of account or consideration. In re Garvin’s Estate, 335 Pa. 542, 6 A.2d 796, 800; Rickman v. Commonwealth, 195 Ky. 715, 243 S.W. 929.


        Noah Webster said, “The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops.”


        “And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. … The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” — Thomas Jefferson


        Writing in the Federalist Paper No.46, James Madison said, “The Constitution preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.”


        In Federalist Paper No. 28, Alexander Hamilton said, “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all forms of positive government.”


        Richard Henry Lee said, “To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.


        Joseph Story (Supreme Court Justice) said: “The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of a Republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers…” – excerpt from ‘Commentaries on the Constitution’ (1833).

        These words all meant something very important when they were written.

        Do they not mean the exact same things today?

        If they DO, then we are NOT helpless.

        All we have to do is WAKE UP.

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      3. “Well yes, actually…they can.
        The Dems can make up something and proceed with an impeachment trial.”


        Hi Wheatie,

        I was just reading a link in today’s new Q posts to Mark Levin’s article about the possibility of impeachment, and I remembered our discussion here (and, amazingly, was able to find it again!).

        Here is the link: https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/mark-levin-a-time-for-truth

        5. As for impeachment, NDAs involving wholly private matters occurring before the president was even a candidate and completely unrelated to his office cannot legitimately trigger the Constitution’s impeachment clause. Indeed, they could not be more irrelevant. The history of the clause and its “high crimes and misdemeanors” language make it crystal clear that the office and the president’s duties are not affected in any conceivable way by these earlier private contracts. Of course, Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, another NYC radical, could not care less. He’s more than thrilled to be an executioner in this French Revolution redux. The Constitution be damned. Meanwhile, he and the others wave around the Constitution as if they’re defending it against a tyrant. It is they who are the tyrants.

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    2. You’re missing the fact that the rules are different for VSGPDT, they can’t possibly hold them/others to the same standard. If he is even a little corrupt it’s because he has had to play by there own extreme corrupt rules. His growing up in Queens, developing property in difficult areas, playing hard ball on the obstructors In saying that he has been audited forever so there is nothing there.
      MSM has laid the gauntlet which is why he is not playing by their rules and Why the general public don’t know. It’s jp to us to educate, I’m teaching Aussies about your constitution because I think it’s important to all of us to understand our basic rights. We are watching.

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    3. Have you ever actually known – and I mean really known – as in living with, working with, or being friends with, either intelligent criminals or spies? Pathological liars work for this, too.

      Communists are basically such people. Deceiving people is their LIFE. They’re CUNNING. They realize that telling you 10 lies won’t work, but 1000 micro-lies over time WILL WORK.

      These people are criminals. Very smart criminals.

      It takes *experience* to spot these people. And even then, you will miss some.

      My guess is that they tested Trump, found out that he was “impossible”, and fired up the SC the very next day. There was no stopping it. I’m sure they were very impressed by Trump, and knew they could not fool him.

      Q says they’re stupid to insult them. They may be stupid relative to Q, but NOT relative to US.

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      1. I have known a pathological liar–married him. First husband would lie to me, his employer, my parents as smoothly as I’ve ever seen someone lie–no tells whatsoever. He was a prince in public and a bastard in private. He almost had my family believing that i was undergoing psychotic episodes and hurting myself until one evening my son and I were brought to my parent’s house by a police officer. I had a black eye, a split lip and the policeman told my parents about the witnesses who saw the beating occur.

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        1. There are many men and women who are supremely gifted liars and gas-lighters, very evil people.

          Just like gifted witty people can come up with a sparkling hilarious observation in an instant, gifted liars can come up with completely plausible lies in an instant, as if they had some special muse whispering in their ear, and they can do it as you say without a single tell, and often with the most convincing signs of sincerity.

          Very few people are immune from the traps of a gifted liar, and although there are many of them thank goodness their absolute number if relatively few.

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          1. thank you…it was 30 years ago…but unlike Chrissy Ford, I remember all the details.
            I think what hurt the most was the loss of innocence–and trust. I used to be a Pollyanna–everyone had redeeming qualities if you cared enough to look for them. I no longer believe that. I know there is real evil in the world and I am on guard against it.

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            1. It’s a lot easier to forgive that stuff after escaping, but it can take so much time, it exceeds this lifetime. God understands, I am sure of this! Evil is real, and the victims start with the one made evil. We are called to forgiveness, yet we must oppose evil.

              Rough duty! Again, you have my sympathy and prayers!

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              1. thank you. I believe justice was served to him–he died of an overdose 6 months after that incident. my son doesn’t remember him thankfully–and because I had my son, I met my second husband—the love of my life. everything happens for a reason. i know good because i lived through evil…

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            1. Long long story. But yes, I do see it.

              After my divorce, I took a year of psychology and social work at a university and also did a lot of recovery resources. Divorce Care, Celebrate Recovery (child of alcoholics/abuse), several CR 12 step studies and a lot of therapy. I eventually faced myself and my choices and learned why I chose the person/s I did. I’ve been called a dry alcoholic, a co-dependent, etc. If you want to chat further, Flep has my email.

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        1. I’m STILL not sure what in the heck was going on with Possum, and Joe D. is a prosecutor as well. It is next to impossible to tell when a prosecutor has “gone bad” – it’s a minefield. So even though I’m somewhat onto the other side, nobody is ever really sure. That’s what makes it such a game.

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          1. District Attorneys and prosecutors are driven by politics.

            There are many, many great prosecutors, honorable, ethical, and sometimes noble.

            But above all prosecutors (and judges) are motivated by what the community demands.

            Just as an example, across America the “community” demands abolition of the 4th Amendment. So prosecutors and judges have gamed 4th Amendment issues into near extinction.

            The 4th Amendment does not count to most Americans, unless they are personally affected, in which case they are outraged (as they should be if there is a violation).

            In an environment free of popular Constitutional sentiment, who wins?

            Sessions in my opinion was the very rare prosecutor who is noble, as well as everything else a prosecutor should be. I could be completely wrong.

            I say on occasion something which is not well received: conservatives especially cheer for their own destruction in their cheering for the criminalization of average America, in so many areas of the law.

            Like every other area of American life, law enforcement has been taken over by communist agents and goals.

            “Conservatives” delude themselves when thinking that law enforcement is exempt. It is not.

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    4. We are living in a nightmarish hell it seems. this is so evil I cant quite comprehend it all. my head hurts from it. so I guess I will get another cup of coffee and try once again to understand how the world has seemingly tilted completely off its axis.

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      1. This is what I have been saying all along – the vast majority of people, good at heart, simply cannot understand it. It is entirely foreign to their/our way of life.

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  5. “I am almost certain that Radium Rod hoped to create an opportunity for President Trump to OBSTRUCT the creation of the Special Counsel. All Trump would have had to do was say the wrong thing. This is much more dangerous than the PERJURY TRAP that Mueller appears to be such a specialist in. An OBSTRUCTION TRAP – like they never even THOUGHT of springing on Hillary “Cankles” Clinton.

    You see what I’m saying?”


    Yes, I see what you’re saying, but doesn’t this train of thought always presume that an actual crime was committed — when it wasn’t?

    IF there was no crime committed by DJT — and DJT knows better than anyone that he didn’t collude with Russia to influence the election — then there can be no ‘obstruction of Justice’ because “Justice” has no cause to exist where no crime has taken place.

    Make it cartoonish for sake of argument.

    Suppose Rosie and Muelly were accusing Trump of making wings out of palm leaves, flying to Mars, colluding with Jupitarians (who were visiting Mars, because everybody knows there’s no Martians) to turn humanity into pod people.

    Trump knows he didn’t do any of that… it’s not even possible.

    So if Trump tells Muelly and Rosie that he will tell the Attorney General to not waste taxpayer dollars appointing a ‘special counsel’ to investigate whether he flew to Mars on handmade wings to collude with Jupitarians to make mankind into pod people, how can that POSSIBLY be ‘obstruction of Justice’?

    There has to be an UNDERLYING CRIME in order for ‘JUSTICE’ to even be ‘in play’.

    If there is no underlying CRIME, then there is no ‘JUSTICE’ to ‘obstruct’.

    If you accuse me of something I didn’t do… something I can prove I didn’t do… and even if I had, it wasn’t a crime — and I refuse to cooperate with your investigation into a non-existent crime — you can’t tack on ‘obstruction of justice’ to “nothing”.

    If no CRIME was committed, there is nothing to ‘obstruct’.

    This WHOLE thing is a dog chasing its own tail.

    It’s stupid.

    And even if it had succeeded in getting to an impeachment trial, once the facts came out on public television during the impeachment hearings, the real criminals would be exposed for what they had done and any Congressman who tried to convict the president would have to run for his life.

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      1. “Impeachment fodder.

        I’ll answer this more fully later, but that’s where this all goes.”


        That’s fine, but skip ahead to the last chapter, where that story path necessarily ends.

        It only works out the way the Deep State envisions if we’re all helpless and passive — which we aren’t.

        The whole reason they CANNOT DO what they are trying to do is NOT because of some statute or code or arcane legal maneuver.

        The reason, ultimately, that they cannot successfully impeach President Trump is because WE the PEOPLE will not stand for it.

        Plain and simple.

        We’re not watching a play.

        It may seem like it a lot of the time, but in actuality, we’re not. We’re living, breathing PEOPLE, and this is OUR country, the Constitution was FOR us, for OUR protection against the exact criminal political-class we face today.

        The Constitution is a ‘Trust’ established by our Founding Fathers.

        We the People, their descendants, are the Beneficiaries of that Trust.

        The people from among ourselves whom we elect to Represent us are the Trustees.

        Trustees have obligations and duties, fiduciary and otherwise, which if they violate, they are removed from the position of Trustee — and if their activity is criminal, they are prosecuted.

        We are active participants in this, not passive audience members who are helpless to affect our own fate.

        So no matter how insane our civil miscreants get, no matter how outlandish their conduct, there comes a point where We the People CAN and WILL put an end to it.

        With EXTREME prejudice, if required.

        Because this is OUR country, not theirs.

        They work for us, no matter how backwards they might have the relationship in their corrupt minds.

        And our Declaration of Independence, and the words of our Founding Fathers elsewhere, recognize our absolute RIGHT to overthrow a corrupt government — and everything that entails.

        And it is not simply a Right.

        It is an OBLIGATION and a DUTY.

        Not according to me.

        According to our Founding Fathers, and our Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution.

        So no matter how the ‘story’ ends — or any time along the way — the We the People are the ultimate Authors of our Destiny and the Epilogue to set matters right.

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        1. Oh, they have no chance of impeaching AND convicting this President. And PROBABLY not to even stop a re-election. They MAY be working for 2024, would be my guess. Limit Trump as much as possible.

          Containment. And that includes going after his online supporters.

          They REALLY don’t want 9/11 to come out. Nor the real story on Watergate. Fun times.

          COME OUT IT WILL.

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          1. Are you saying steel and concrete skyscrapers don’t turn into dust particles (dustification) all the time from burning kerosene that can’t burn hot enough to melt steel? When most the kerosene was consumed in flames upon impact? When a 110 story structure (X 2) fell within their own footprint in 10 seconds at the speed of free fall without resistance? And WTC 7 just happened to fall in its own footprint from an office fire? Wolfie, you talking about that 9-11 directed by that meany in a cave in Afghanistan carried out by comrades who couldn’t even fly single engine Cessna’s? That 9-11?

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  6. Lisa Barsoomian.

    Whenever I see her name…I think of Mars…which is called “Barsoom” in the Edgar Rice Burroughs tales about John Carter.

    The people of Barsoom are called Barsoomians.

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  7. I’ll be praying for you Wolf. One thought on Barr, could PDJT be setting him so he has to recuse himself? Whitaker becomes AAG by default and he takes a play out of their play book just like they used Jeff.
    Whatever the case this is definitely not a game their playing and everyone is playing for keeps. There will be winners and losers. Sure glad we have PDJT on ourside!

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    1. If he has to recuse himself, that would put Rosenstein back in charge. But there is absolutely NO reason for him to recuse. He wasn’t part of the campaign or anything else that has been going on. This is just the democrat fog machine belching out more lies.

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  8. Wolfie is right. There is danger and it’s going to get ugly.

    We have learned through the years reading, watching, and interacting with leftists on the blogs and in person that they are frequently vulgar, vile, vexatious, vituperative, vehement, vindictive, virose, voceriferous, villifying, vicious, venomous, verminous, vandals, violent – all while they pretend to be Victims™.

    We have seen this in their behavior leading up to the recent election.

    List of 639 documented Democrat media and politician approved/incited acts of violence and harassment against Trump/family/staff/supporters and other conservatives:


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    1. “We have learned through the years reading, watching, and interacting with leftists on the blogs and in person that they are frequently vulgar, vile, vexatious, vituperative, vehement, vindictive, virose, voceriferous, villifying, vicious, venomous, verminous, vandals, violent – all while they pretend to be Victims™.”

      I can see why that was trademarked. It can surely be defended as intellectual property.

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  9. Wolfmoon is right.

    There is danger and it’s likely to get ugly.

    We have learned through the years reading, watching, and interacting with leftists on the blogs and in person that they are frequently vulgar, vile, vexatious, vituperative, vehement, vindictive, virose, voceriferous, villifying, vicious, venomous, verminous, vandals, violent – all while they pretend to be Victims™.

    We have seen this in their behavior leading up to the recent election.

    List of 639 documented Democrat media and politician approved/incited acts of violence and harassment against Trump/family/staff/supporters and other conservatives:


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  10. President Trump is a very intelligent man with a great deal of experience dealing with criminal types. “They” in this comment is being used to mean the criminals that we have allowed to take over our government.

    What I have believed from the beginning is that the people who set up the SC were just buying time and attention to turn President Trump’s supporters against him.

    They have tried every tactic they can think up and there are still 62 million plus Trump supporters who have not budged.

    By keeping up a constant attack on President Trump, his family and friends, they were hoping that President Trump would give in and do things their way or give up and go away.

    If both of the above failed, his opposition hoped they could assassinate him and move someone they could control into the Presidency.

    Previously, they have had a lot of success with those tactics. President Trump knew what he was getting into and has not flinched. Many people have accused him of not getting things done or giving up, but I have not seen that happening at all.

    The first thing President Trump did is get the military, police and volunteer organizations on his side. His actions have convinced them that he is not like the leaders before him who say one thing and change as soon as they are elected.

    President Trump has consistently abided by the law and allowed the opposition to “out” themselves. Many have resigned. Some have committed suicide.

    Whatever is going on, the President’s message has remained consistent. Between his tweets, rallies and Q followers, he has kept us from breaking up and scattering. They have not been able to divide us.

    They have no understanding of the people who support President Trump.

    They really do believe everyone has a price and are just like them. They have no morals, no values other than money and literally worship Satan/Lucifer/Baal/ Baphomet or whatever name they decide to call him today.

    As they have exposed themselves and President Trump has stood firm, more and more “common people” who believe in America have also become supporters.

    We the People are winning. MAGA.

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  11. Look Mueller reported to Barr in his previous iteration. I think he has been tasked to clean the DOJ swamp, end the Mueller gig and go after the CF. That is what I think he will do.

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  12. Got a shock yesterday, then I come here this morning and there is LaVoy! Get this – Ryan Bundy is separating himself from the Militias and not supporting PDJT because of the illegals trying to enter our country being called “invaders.” He and his family were COMPLETELY supported in ALL ways, including financially, by these people and many, many others and now, due to his Mormonism, he is turning on them!!! So deeply shameful on his part! There are people STILL sitting in prison because they went to help HIM and his family!!!! He doesn’t want to support “warmongers!” Ah, the hypocrisy! THIS is where I draw the line on religion, people! We CANNOT govern based on religion!!!!

    “For more than six years Ammon Bundy and his family amassed hundreds of followers and supporters willing to pick up their guns at a moment’s notice and rally to their side for a confrontation with the federal government.

    Bundy led two armed standoffs against the feds in Nevada and Oregon, and his family quickly became the face of a growing militia movement, bringing a national spotlight to armed groups eager for an armed conflict with what they believed to be an overreaching government.

    The militia groups, with members carrying a mix of right-wing, anti-government, and conspiratorial views, had been growing since 2008 thanks to their heavy use of social media and binding opposition to then-president Barack Obama. The standoffs in 2014 and 2016 made the Bundy family, including Ammon, leading figures in the movement.

    Bundy knew most of his supporters stemmed from the political right, so when he logged on to Facebook last week to talk to his supporters in defense of the Central American caravan marching to the southern border, he knew he’d face some criticism.”


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    1. “Editor Note: I was contacted by the Buzzfeed author of this article earlier this week. We chose not to respond. I chose this because I did not see the confusion between the definitions of refugees and illegal immigrants to be enough to personally be concerned about. I did, however, make a public comment after it was brought to my personal attention that Ammon Bundy was actively soliciting financial support for Refugee families from his supporters via an online Google document.

      I am a devoted supporter and friend of the Bundy Families and the Patriot Political Prisoners that came to their call for help as well as their families. The leaders and many of the followers are now free and trying to get their lives and finances back to some kind of normal.

      Ammon Bundy as a leader has come out more than once and stated that his financial needs from his incarceration and trial expenses have been met and has asked folks to donate to others that still had needs instead of him and his family.

      There are currently three followers of Ammon Bundy that answered the families call for help in April 2014. Todd Engel, Greg Burelson and Jerry Delimas, who were all sentenced prior to the blowup of the prosecution’s case late last year causing all charges to be dismissed with prejudice.

      When I saw that the funding for support of refugees was being solicited by Ammon Bundy, with no consideration to any issues illegal or legal by myself, I spoke out about my concerns for these three men still fighting for funds and attorneys to appeal their cases. I voiced my concerns and questions that I had as I have first-hand knowledge and have personally been supporting and helping with the ongoing fight and appeals still in progress for these remaining men.

      I feel strongly, that Ammon and his family, having claimed publicly that their needs of financial support have been met should be dedicated to resolving the financial needs and legal support of the remaining followers that answered their call to action and for help before even considering any other endeavor for funds to support other causes.

      Knowing the sacrifices still being made and the costs involved, in my mind, it seems to be the only appropriate thing to do.

      As leaders, if we take the challenge, we have obligation to our followers and not just our cause.

      Doug Knowles – Editor, ItMattersHowYouStand.com”


      1. i wish i could type the F word here about this guy if this is true.

        like someone posted up thread one of the huge issues to be taken care of is 2nd Amendment.

        this punk is a snake and a liar.

        religion is also a big issue here because we are getting close i feelvto finding out that ALL religion is wrong. none of them hve it completely right. blind followers of such are the trusting souls i mentioned earlier.

        please take no offense – many conservative patriots love the bible too – what i ask is to step back and consider how many people post here every day saying “if you told me 2 years ago what i know now i would have laughed in your face” and then consider that EveryThing we “know” needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb.

        guys we are in a battle here. this is big and f’ing mind boggling – but you cannot trust anything. not a nice baptist preacher, not a loving mormon choir, not the multitude of false prophets that are legion.

        i am not trying to atart a religion war i am just begging people to do a serious inner view and askvyourself the question. organized religion is a “comfort” to numb some of the pain. we need to feel qnd see the pain not numb it before we can know truly how to fight it.

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        1. This is why I stepped away from “organized” religion quite some time ago. They have ALL been perverted and diverted, IMO; all they care about now are butts in the pews and $$$’s in the plates. Period!

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          1. Nebr., I stay away from denominations, and there are only a few very tiny churches that remain faithful and steadfast, many places there are none, but one can look for likeminded believers and start a Bible study or small home worship group. Or find something online, but I stay away from the big ministry sites, too. Just don’t give up, stay in prayer and in His Word.

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          2. Another extreme complication is where some (possibly quite a lot) of the $$$ is coming from. The coffers are being supplemented with money from sources who fully support the NWO, No Borders, One Govt For all.
            Right now in the USA, thousands of illegals are released to them. The caravan seems to be the shiny ball while throughout the country (there are many published articles proving this) they’re being handled, helped and settled by churches.
            Prior to this invasion, the churches were often the cheerleaders for “tolerance” and “inclusion” for muslims with no mention of the many thousands of Christians slaughtered by them.
            No highlighting that churches all over Europe are defaced by muslims. No outrage that women and children are being raped daily by them. Shhh don’t make them mad…and preach obedience to Govts that tolerate and actually allow it by literally enforcing sharia.

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            1. Oh, no doubt! Much of the $$$ comes from the US taxpayer, no less!!!! And yes, that is EXACTLY what the Methodist church here in my small town preaches! Can’t say for the other churches but, considering that the US Catholic Bishops group and the Lutheran group rake in millions every year, no doubt they are preaching the same. The following is JUST HHS:

              “The (b)(4) exemption permits agencies to withhold trade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person which is privileged or confidential. Depending on the government agency and the mood of the taxpayer-funded lawyers handling public records requests, that information is exempt from disclosure. In these cases, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) disclosed a VOLAG contract to resettle tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) that entered the U.S. through Mexico under the Obama administration while the State Department withheld large portions of a one-year, $22.8 million deal to resettle refugees from Muslim countries. Most of the UACs came from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and the Obama administration blamed the sudden surge on violence in the three central American nations. The agency responsible for resettling the minors and issuing contracts for the costly services is HHS.

              As a result of Judicial Watch’s work HHS furnished records with virtually nothing redacted. Disclosed were employee salaries of VOLAGs contracted by the agency to provide services for the illegal immigrant minors, the cost of laptops, big screen TVs, food, pregnancy tests, “multicultural crayons” and shower stalls for the new arrivals. The general contract was to provide “basic shelter care” for 2,400 minors for a period of four months in 2014. This cost American taxpayers an astounding $182,129,786 and the VOLAG contracted to do it was government regular called Baptist Children and Family Services (BCFS). The breakdown includes charges of $104,215,608 for UACs at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and an additional $77,914,178 for UACs at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.”



        2. The question on “religion” is do you put faith in men or God? Doesn’t matter who the shepherd is, he (or she) is still human with all potential human faults and temptations. One has to believe in God, like a child as Christ said. As for organization, some are more organized than others. Mine looks organized from top to bottom, but really it isn’t. It’s a confederation. And, believe me, the leaders are all too human which is why we put faith in Christ, not them.

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      2. and another thing about this guy:

        somehow his religious parents get pregnant and had a boy.

        they chose to name him after the name of the child conceived by Lot and his Youngest Daughter.

        wow these people must have been true bible scholars.

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    1. Is Mike Lee also Mormon? Yepper – from Wiki – oh, look – a connection to Harry Reid! SMH

      “Lee was born in Mesa, Arizona on June 4, 1971, the son of Janet (née Griffin) and Rex E. Lee. His family moved to Provo, Utah one year later, when his father became the founding dean of Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark Law School. While Lee spent about half of his childhood years in Utah, he spent the other half in McLean, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. His father served first as an Assistant U.S. Attorney General (overseeing the Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice during the Ford Administration) from 1975 until 1976, and then as the Solicitor General of the United States (charged with representing the United States government before the Supreme Court during the first term of the Reagan Administration) from 1981 until 1985. Lee is of English, Swiss, and Danish descent on his father’s side.[1][2]

      Growing up, Lee went to school with Senator Strom Thurmond’s daughter, Nancy Moore Thurmond, and lived three doors down from Senator Robert Byrd. He was friends with Harry Reid’s son Josh. Senator Reid was the Lees’ home teacher. Lee recalls as a child how Senator Reid once locked him and Josh in their garage as a practical joke.[1] According to Lee, the Reid family were the first Democrats he knew well and it was dealing with them that showed him the importance of being able to defend his political views in discussion with those who held other views.[2]

      After graduating from Timpview High School (Provo, Utah) in 1989, Lee attended Brigham Young University as an undergraduate student, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in political science in 1994. He served as the president of BYUSA, a prominent student service organization,[citation needed] and as student body president, during the 1993–1994 school year,[3] serving together with his father, Rex E. Lee, who was president of BYU at the time. Lee received his Juris Doctor from the J. Reuben Clark Law School in 1997.[3]”

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  13. A couple of things… not necessarily worth your time reading as I am a little under the weather and not too many synapses firing at the moment.

    I am flummoxed by this article, which at first glance appears to be about Rosie, but then focuses on Sundance’s take on what is going on. I must really be out of step here on this thread, as Sundance in my opinion is even more negative than yesterday or the day before.

    Most pundits see 1) Mueller NEVER had anything on POTUS 2); with recommendations for sentencing of Gen Flynn, Cohen and Manafort – Mueller is writing his report and closing up shop. I repeat, Mueller is DONE.

    Whence cometh this Mueller is going to charge POTUS with obstruction of justice, blah, blah, ???????
    Sounds like chicken little and the sky is fallin’ (a continuance of SD for some time now)… Actually, it is what the Dims and DS MSM are hoping for. The fact that James Comey did NOT answer a lot of questions Friday tells you his grandstanding for a public hearing was BS!

    The business about the corrupt DoJ lawyers – mu understanding is Comey went in w/ two lawyers: HIS lawyer, an ex FBI attorney, and the lawyer from the DoJ who was there to be sure Comey didn’t destroy the department’s ongoing investigation (which with Huber scheduled to testify is pretty much wrapped up)… this is the same situation that existed when Lisa Page testified, when Peter Strzok testified. If I recall correctly, nothing stated at those hearings had any impact on the fate of Page or Strzok… they were both fired.

    Congressional hearings are BS PERIOD.

    Whitaker will be Acting AG for some time. Barr may even be a head fake to distract from constant opposition to Whitaker, who is going to be the hammer.

    I trust POTUS… I trust the Plan, I KNOW a plan exists. A VSG like Donald J. Trump would have a plan. To think otherwise would be illogical. [Sundance does not believe in a plan, except the one the Dims have; not even sure he believes in the DS… a shadow gov’t perhaps, but not a global deep state.]

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    1. PR, I agree. I see no reason that a man of President Trumps age would risk his life, his family’s life, his money, his reputation and our lives for a LARP. He is not the kind of a man that would take a chance like that if he did not expect to win.

      Hope you feel better soon.

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    2. Thank you phoenix! Your post is my understanding at this point–IS RR bad? I think we still don’t know…”.I trust POTUS… I trust the Plan, I KNOW a plan exists. A VSG like Donald J. Trump would have a plan. To think otherwise would be illogical”…

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      1. NYGuy…

        I said “…Barr may even be a head fake to distract from constant opposition to Whitaker, who is going to be the hammer.”

        may even be…

        I have difficulty talking about the future… perhaps because I don’t watch TV, so I don’t hear the garbage they spew. However, that doesn’t explain the fact that I still cannot hold two opposing ideas in my head at the same time, call it what you please.

        From my pov, there will be a short period of Martial Law before January 3rd. If there are going to be any arrests they will have to come before the new Congress is seated. The voter fraud report can come any time before December 22, but we will have it then. Some critters think they can fraudentally be sworn into office. I don’t agree with them. Besides fraud this time virtually supports the charge that there was fraud in 2016.

        If all this is going on, how will an Attorney General be sworn in? If Whitaker is the hammer, the temp who will do what NO other appointee can do (because of loyalty to members of DS), then he has to do something, right? Those actions will mean the postponement of swearing in an Attorney General. (Whitaker can serve for 210 days from date Sessions resigned.)

        It’s schizoid for me to entertain the idea of the hammer being rendered, Martial Law, etc. and simultaneously a new Congress being seated on January 3rd and hearings held for Barr as AG.

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        1. All right well let’s see how this plays out. I agree it would be a hard thing for the Senate to hold hearings while major players are being arrested. I am coming at it simply from the POV that, if reports are correct, he has wanted Barr for a while. There has to be a reason for that.


    3. I agree on Congressional hearings when it comes to criminal matters. It’s red meat for the people. Nothing come of it because Congress is not a law enforcement body. Hearings on “where did all the trillions go that were sent to the Pentagon” are another matter. That should be more like being sent to the principal’s office.


  14. I know it’s a very hot topic, understandingly so, but it’s hard to conceive the destruction of the the Deep State being delivered through normal American law institutions. It’s all corrupt, or comprised, at the least. I see no way, other than militarily. Military Tribunals!! January!!

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        1. that explanation makes more and more sense to me—having the password seems to eliminate tripping security systems…and there would be no breaches–just accessing the system with a valid password.

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              1. What is VPN (virtual private network)? – Definition from WhatIs.com
                A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the internet. VPN technology was developed as a way to allow remote users and branch offices to securely access corporate applications and other resources.

                Pat, internet will answer any question you have 😉

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              2. main reason to use a vpn is to mask your location. in other words, think about all those movies and NCIS episodes where the computer geek is connection “hopping” from here to there and over there, before they access the “target” this allows back tracking to be much more difficult if they are “on to you” and also does not leave your “footprints” because it appears a computer located in TimBuckTwo with an ip address of conneted to the “target” and not from a computer in Hoboken NJ with ip address of


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    1. I have a hard time believing Gen. Kelly isn’t trustworthy. I think he is probably just exhausted. That’s a very high stress position. And who knows – maybe POTUS is moving him somewhere else. After all, he has been confirmed by the Senate when he was Homeland Security head.

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      1. doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t trustworthy…
        definitely means he doesn’t support POTUS’ agenda…

        perhaps his being a general is the problem?
        military understand the chain of command… those who were once at the top or pretty dang near, may have a problem…

        the first complaints I heard about Kelly were 1)his rigidity about schedule, wrt family needing to see the president, specifically Melania and Ivanka. Now, I don’t care who you are, if you can’t get a minute of your husband’s time when you say it is needed, there is a problem. We had enough of that with Nixon and his “Berlin Wall” for cabinet members reaching Nixon, not to mention family. Melania nor Ivanka strike me as women asking something that is trivial… I can see Kelly as being ‘controlling’ …

        2) the situation with FLOTUS and the firing of John Bolton’s # 2 (or #1, if you count from Bolton’s pov)
        Melania went through protocol to be heard. Nothing happened. She then went to POTUS. POTUS told Kelly to handle it. He didn’t and FLOTUS did, which garnered MUCH CRITICISM of FLOTUS. She gets enough 24/7…

        I knew after two strikes with FLOTUS, Kelly was out.

        This is my take only…. it may not be at all the reason Kelly is out. After all COS positions historically only last about 16 months. (Research shows)

        Q seems to suggest Kelly not good for the transitory situation at DoJ… That’s good enough for me. The hammer doesn’t need any problems when it’s coming down.

        What is the negative of Kelly leaving? None that I can see.

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    1. wow reading the comments on that thread–some are stating–perhaps with tongue-in-cheek it’s JFK Jr…I must have slept through that discussion where John John is not dead???? how long was I gone?

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      1. That’s been part of the discussion boards for months, the idea that JFK, Jr., faked his own death and is one of the ringleaders of all of this. Considering that ZERO PHOTOS of the plane crash and the bodies ever leaked, and all we ever saw were media reports and documents, which can be faked, as well as reports I saw today that his previous plane that was supposedly sold has been flying in and out of Quantico for years, the rumor is alive and well. The burial of ashes at sea, and a Memorial Mass…it’s intriguing, that’s for sure.

        Maybe someday we’ll know if it’s true, disinformation, or wishful thinking. I mean, the guy was smart and a master troll. If no one was looking for him, he really might be able to pull it off.

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        1. Except that both his wife and her sister were on the plane…
          I could see his decision to disappear, but the two women? for 20 years???

          If he were the sole survivor of the crash… disappearing would actually be sensible, as he would know DS would not rest until he was dead.

          As far as being Q, I don’t buy it. Q is a team, not one person. It matters not one wit to me who Q is…

          Q drops are tantalizing… riddles to be solved, or not. The drops are encouraging for the base… to remind us that POTUS serves the people, is intent on saving the Republic. Brings us back to rah, rah when we are down. Constantly reminds us there is a plan, there is hope. It is a brilliant concept and totally necessary considering the media is DS. I don’t believe in Q… I believe in A PLAN. And for the first time in my life I actually believe that the sitting president cares about us, the American people. All of us, not just the GOP or conservatives, all of us… those awake and those still asleep. The Republic will not survive with only ‘the chosen’ – even if there were a way to discern who those are, and there isn’t.

          RIP John F. Kennedy Jr.

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          2. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, please. I’m just reporting what’s out there. There have been other big name “fake their own death” stories out there. James Dean, the Romanovs, just to name a couple. The stories are plausible, but without images it’s never going to be proven.

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            1. No, DP…
              I wasn’t aiming at you… I should have been clearer.
              I was speaking to the rumors circulating that he is alive and is Q

              My apologies if I “shot you” 😉

              ohhh gosh… Wolfmoon…
              you know DP and I neither one are speaking recklessly, right?

              [btw… I totally get your rule about violent speech, totally respect you for it.]

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    2. btw… I posted this late last night … look at our Scott !!!

      and Scott reminds

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  17. Gregg Jarrett —– “Trump did not use campaign funds. A candidate may make unlimited contributions to his own campaign. Yet, Robert Khuzami convinced Cohen, a liar and tax cheat, to plead guilty to a non-crime. Khuzami wants to be the guy who brings down the President.

    Look at the four attorneys who signed the Cohen sentencing memo under Robert Khuzami’s name. Griswold, Maimin, McKay and Roos. They’re all kids. No real experience. They don’t know anything about the law. They don’t understand the Federal Campaign Election Act”.


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  18. Brian has a THREAD – click the tweet

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  19. Wolfmoon I appreciate this post but don’t ever forget we have an APEX PREDATOR that has been preparing for this fight for the past 30+ years! For everything they prepared for, there is so much they couldn’t and can’t stop 🛑 going forward.

    President Trump may not have friends in D.C but he has US! The Republicans in the SENATE saw it in all its glory during the midterms. Whoever our President backed came out of the primary. The best example had to be Ron DeSantis. He shouldn’t have won the Primary. Rick Scott took out an old guard in Bill Nelson. Florida is far more MAGA today than ever. Hispanics, especially Cubans are carrying the MAGA candidates in statewide elections. Blacks are beginning to wake up based on the fact they doubled their numbers in Florida for DeSantis compared to our President two years earlier.

    Susan Collins, Mitch McConnell, Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham are all up for reelection in 2020. They understand the power our President has on the MAGA Party. He and he alone can destroy their political careers. He is also building a MAGA coalition in the Senate with newbies that are MAGA Republicans: Josh Hawley, Marsha Blackburn, Rick Scott, Mike Braun, Kevin Kramer to name a few. I also would say Ted Cruz learned a valuable lesson in Texas. If it wasn’t for our President, he would have lost.

    Democrats have serious problems ahead. Joe Manchin is next in line to be the minority chair for the Eneregy Committee. The Environmentalists are going crazy 😜. They are begging Chuck Schumer to not appoint him. He has made it known if they were to do that, he WILL change to a Republican. If that were to happen, the RINOs are screwed. This would cause them to have to come up with five Senators to kill a judicial or cabinet nomination.

    They also are screwed when it comes to trade. Our President is killing them with the NAFTA termination which is within his power. They can either agree to the USMCA or go back to life prior to NAFTA. We ran a major surplus on Mexico 🇲🇽 and Canada 🇨🇦 before NAFTA. He didn’t need them in the new KORUS. He has the power of the 301 to completely destroy China 🇨🇳. China 🇨🇳 is the holy grail. If they are destroyed, you can literally kiss it all goodbye.

    He is also screwing them when it comes to Iran 🇮🇷. That is their ultimate nightmare. After the 90 day extension is up for those countries that got a waiver to continue to purchase fuel, the Mullahs are going to be left naked for the world to see. The people of Iran 🇮🇷 are seeing in France 🇫🇷 what they can do in their own country. Once the Mullahs can’t afford to pay the police and military personnel, they will be hung in the middle of Tehran for the world to see.

    Once that occurs, you can kiss the ME and Northern Africa goodbye. There will finally be peace and prosperity between Israel 🇮🇱 and the GCC countries. North Korea 🇰🇵 is moving closer and closer with each passing day to realize they can prosper just like Vietnam 🇻🇳, Singapore 🇸🇬 etc. They don’t need those nuclear weapons because South Korea 🇰🇷 is ready to embrace them with open arms.

    Obamacare is completely vulnerable to being taken out later this month by a Judge in Texas that was told to wait on the decision until the open enrollment ends on December 15th. DACA is no longer protected from the SC since the 9th Circuit ruled about a month ago. The Supreme Court will announce in early January they will hear the case. It will be thrown in the trash 🗑 bin because it was never constitutional from the beginning.

    The RESISTANCE that includes the Democrats and RINOs will be completely screwed because our President showed Americans he was willing to compromise on DACA but the Democrats walked away from the table when they got a judge to side with them.

    Their worst nightmare is that RBG is not only 85 but is frail and could literally move onto greener pastures as soon as tomorrow. When that happens, you will have a 6-3 SC with five hard core constitutionalists. The Democrats and the Uniparty will be screwed for decades to come because they will no longer be able to use the Courts to pass their radical ideas.

    WE the DEPLORABLES with our LION 🦁 are WINNING and don’t ever forget it!

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    1. WINNING and their is SHIT they can do to stop it! Don’t EVER forget!

      From the article linked above:

      Fifteen years ago in California, a tall technology geek named Steve Mushero started writing a book that predicted the American dream might soon “be found only in China.” Before long, Mr. Mushero moved himself to Shanghai and launched a firm that Amazon.com Inc. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. certified as a partner to serve the world’s biggest internet market.

      These days, the tech pioneer has hit a wall. He’s heading back to Silicon Valley where he sees deeper demand for his know-how in cloud computing.

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    2. AMEN! AMEN!

      Your post Felice is better than a Q drop…
      I know in my gut that POTUS is more popular than 50%…
      Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that. Just look at the rallies, before and after mid-terms. Look at his reception in Kansas yesterday… the roaring crowds at Army-Navy game today.

      The DS Media is just a megaphone, the curtain around the DS…
      The DS cannot be uprooted… Their plan – Globalism – is DOA. Look at France, then look at Italy juxtaposition.

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      1. God gave us PDJT and never ever forget it. Satan used everything in his power to have HRC elected and our country and the entire world succumb to Evil.

        Enough with all this damn nonsense. WE and our President are killing it and there is nothing Mueller, the Uniparty or CoC can do to stop it because he has not only awaken our country but the entire world!

        France 🇫🇷 and Italy 🇮🇹 are perfect examples. This picture says it all!

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      2. Our President told this POS in France 🇫🇷 that he is a DEAD 💀 MAN walking!

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        1. It breaks my heart to see the Globalists kill their own citizens and allow the illegals to run wild. The world is upside down. The good news is that is finally changing in favor of the Nationalists. We came so close to losing and now we are winning. It will take work, but we are used to work.
          Thank you for your comments.

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          1. agreed. sadly, bringing in a new population to destroy/pacify an existing population is a tyrant’s tactic dating back ages. There is a reddit thread on this called Globalists: “How do we remove a nation’s identity, so they won’t resist a One World Government?” Solution: “Let’s flood them with millions of migrants!”

            Just a few examples: ancient Greece — Aristotle wrote about how the Tyrants would use aliens to enforce their laws, it was a common Roman provincial pacification technique; the Soviets deployed ethnics groups against other ethnic groups.

            Part of the point is to create so much chaos, misery and war that we all BEG to have a world government that will SAVE us.

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        2. I can’t even begin to express how much I feel like a cat eating cream when I read about the French chanting “We Want Trump!” Oh, how sweet it is! Take that Macron, you preening peacock insulting PDJT (and thereby us) over his nationalism.

          I feel like sending Macron a yellow vest.

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          1. Meanwhile in Italy 🇮🇹, the European Union 🇪🇺 is watching their grand experiment start to go down in flames 🔥! Back in June I wrote the following:


            From the article linked above:

            President Trump has awaken a few European Countries with his stance on Immigration! One just woke up that in my mind will take down the European Union 🇪🇺! It isn’t the UK 🇬🇧.

            Look at this incredible gathering in Rome to listen to Matteo Salvini (the Italian Trump).

            The Globalist CANNOT stop 🛑 this Populist/Nationalist Movement. The percentage of Populist/Nationalist members of governments around Europe continues to grow with each passing election.

            Poland 🇵🇱 is having a peaceful night celebrating Jesus Christ and Christmas 🎄

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  21. Wolf, this post is directly to you but others may have additional insights.

    Would you comment on the President’s apparent tweet concerning his first Sec of State, Rex Tillerson? If what I read was accurate, I can only describe that tweet as vulgar and exceedingly classless. I say that even if every word was true. What do you make of that tweet? What does it signal, if anything about the greater battle raging among the elites? It does seem substantially outside the norm of the President’s public behavior.

    If you could take some of your mental energy and post a response I would greatly appreciate your analysis.


    1. You do know that POTUS’ tweet is in response to Tillerson’s recent interview wherein Tillerson said some horrid things about the president of the US?

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      1. I did not know that. Thanks for supplying that important fact. It does seem more like a return fire incident when that fact is included.


        1. Spab,
          I’ve been trying to find the most recent interview Tillerson had, saw it this a.m., but brain is too tired now 😉
          if I find I will post so you can see what he had to say about the president…. and it’s not the first time he has insulted POTUS. I guess he didn’t like being fired!!!

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        2. Yes, we all know about his counterpunching. He hits back twice as hard.

          It was crude, over the top even. Vulgar. Mean. I was a bit shocked by the tone, and wondered what on earth Rex had done to tick off the President? I knew there had to be something. These things never come out of nowhere.

          So I looked, and found, what Rex said in his interview. His tone was more urbane and his words were more refined, but he essentially called our President a dumb ass thug. Knowing that, I now say, “Fabulous counter punch, Mr. President! So glad you don’t take insults lying down.”

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  24. sigh… i came for a quick — LOL — scan on what we all thought about Barr being nominated for AG.

    As usual, thanks WM for hosting the site. Be safe. Again, I make the suggestion that, if you have another website where we can find you if this one goes down, let us know — put it on a sidebar or whatever.

    A bunch of things and thoughts — too many to write out …. I’ll do a couple …

    the big thought/question: what do I do? I am prepared to ACT, but what do I DO? I have asked this question before and seen a few replies. …. there is a 1,000 words to write on the suggestions and results.

    As an aside, one of my bigger problems with “the PLAN” is that the Plan doesn’t seem to have an action for me (other than voting … but I did that and look what happened; how many elections were stolen? how many did the dimms try and steal? will they steal the 2020? yes ! … anyway … ). The PLAN as it relates to me is “sit and read along…” sigh

    Other thoughts —

    On the VERY GIANT plus side: Hillary is not POTUS
    DJT broke the death spiral we were in
    Good things are happening with the economy, taxes and more
    NAFTA replaced
    DJT has at least said “no” to illegal immigration rather than saying “welcome”
    DJT and MAGA has, it seems, inspired folks in Europe
    Lots more

    On the negative side: a long list including Barr being nominated for AG

    enough for now. everyone be well.

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  25. Useless unrelated factoids:


    Radium only exists on earth because of uranium and thorium.. Uranium-238 (half life 4 and a half billion years, meaning half that was around when the earth formed is still around) decays to Radium-226 (on its way to Lead-206), Thorium-232 decays to Radium-228 (on its way to Lead-208), and Uranium-235 decays to Radium-223 on its way to Lead-207. The chemical symbol for radium is Ra. Ra-226 lasts much longer than the other two, its half life is about 1600 years.

    Because its half life is 1600 years (or less for the other two isotopes), the ONLY reason any exists on earth is it is continuously being created by the decay of uranium 238 (and U-235 and Th-232). Even if the entire earth had originally been made of radium, NONE of it would still be radium today (Earth would be a big ball of lead).

    Radium actually reacts with the nitrogen in the air to turn into black radium nitride. It’s in the same column of the periodic table as beryllium, magnesium and calcium, so its chemical behavior is much like them (only more extreme).

    It was once used to make luminescent paint, but we’ve learned its much too hazardous for such a use.

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  26. One small point in FAVOR of the Patriot Act is that it established FISC (IIRC). Without FISC, they would/could still do the spying but there would be no record of what they did. With FISC there is at least a record.

    It’s nightmarish but imagine if we couldn’t know that they were spying on DJT campaign. By giving them a legal path to do spying, we made it infinitely easier to see the misuse of their power.

    Just a thought.


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