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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 94d00f No.4197470 
Dec 7 2018 11:21:52 (EST)
Interesting music for Fox News?
Sound familiar?
Why ‘all of a sudden’ are people talking about the CLINTON FOUNDATION (including whistleblowers and hidden company established to investigate covertly (ex_ABCs))?
Would you ‘go public’ if the investigation was still ongoing?
What happens when you have enough evidence to PROCEED?
What is the benefit of educating the public PRIOR TO proceeding?

Q Post 2562

Interesting.  [Y] ???  Is Sally Q. Yates going to get thrown under the bus?  Or is Jim Comey’s testimony part of the WHY in answering Q’s questions above?

You decide.

It’s very interesting to see how the press is handling this.

On one end of the reality spectrum, Muh Russia Insider, whoops I mean Soviet MSM Insider, oh, what the heck, let’s go with their Mu Sigma Mu secret name Business Insider makes it look like Trump’s time is up:


But let’s see what a better source has to say about this (and you are seeing that Q is right – we ARE the media now)….

Look how the frigging SOVIET MEDIA – tool of the Deep State – uses their time delay for narrative setting.  Comey.  WHAT A SPUD.  Wish they would have been smart enough to get a 24 hour delay on Black Hatspell’s testimony on Khashoggi, rather than permanent burial alongside Lindsey Graham’s red pill! 😉

Now compare to NPR, which actually does a decent job this time!  WTF is up with THAT???!!!



The next post appeared on “pub” and then disappeared – not sure what’s up with that.  But we’re the media now, so we report, you decide.

Fun times!


*looks up at flight path and salutes*

OH wait, U can’t C the emoji!  Here it is, Evergreen Everest Sir Edmund! 😉

And me with only one bag of popcorn left!  Time for MOAR!


Some would rather be right than believed.

145 thoughts on “X-Files Special Screening

      1. Wow! What would we do without POTUS45 and Q? This is all so important, amazing, and hilarious, all rolled into one event! What a time to be alive and living in the U.S.A.! Enjoying the show! WWG1WGA

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  1. I am so “not good” at double meanings but all the Q references sure reminded me of a Physics class I took in college!

    Q0 = Q0 (mathematical logic) Q 0 is Peter Andrews ‘ formulation of the simply-typed lambda calculus and provides a foundation for mathematics comparable to first-order logic plus set theory. “It is a form of higher-order logic” and closely related to the logic of the HOL theorem prover family.


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    1. I’ll bet you’re onto something here. NSA unleashed. Even if subconscious. What would the Q group be? Ultimate “gamers”? Even when people (term used rather broadly) say new things, they say them with what they know.

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      1. Hey man thanks for letting me join your little show here. Smart audience. More accepting and interactive. I learn a lot from people like this. Good job.

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        1. So sad, I’m so dumb, I need a translator. Especially since I’m playing beat the clock with a project, no, 4 projects that have tobe completed on time and below budget.

          Glad I am reading here even though I’m not getting all of it. I enjoy the fun.

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          1. Wolfmoon, I just discovered that your comment didn’t post to the Bell icon. Wonder if it was just taking a sabbatical or if this happens for others or often. ??

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            1. You will only see a notification if it is directly in response to YOUR post and not the level above it. In the LAST level of indentation, you can’t tell whether a post is a response to the level above, or INSIDE that level

              In this case, i was responding to NYGuy!

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              1. Knew that, but missed the level of response. Sorry and thanks for setting my head back on straight. ( She said smiling sheepishly.)

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        1. man wouldn’t you love to see Whitaker stroll into the hearing–before it finishes up and tell Comey’s rented suits, the DOJ gives it permission for Curtains there to sing like a canary…LOL

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  2. Wolfie!! The GIANT human Shadowban X with your avatar on his chest!! Hysterical!!!! Great write up!!! I have a verrrry sneaky feeling -based on Q drops- that things are continuing to follow the Plan for PAIN..It’s HERE!

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    1. The software behind the “featured image” selects the location of the avatar automatically – so I let that just do its thing, and hope for the best, although sometimes that means cringing at cringeworthy results!

      But this time, it gave Comey the WM emblem like some giant 60’s “far out” medallion – hilarious!

      Fun times! 😎

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        1. Not from me! My info-gun is deadlier and gives new life, rather than taking it away! 😉

          That would be the other proper interpretation. Wolf’s green dot on target! Speak the Truth! What is in your heart!

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  3. So Q0 = Q+ means they are one and the same! How interesting! Sorry, Wolfmoon! I did not see the other posted references before I posted! lol!!

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    1. Well, the post with the equal sign (=) SEEMS to have been deleted – and that tells me it may have been viewed as “strictly” incorrect. But if it IS strictly correct, deletion recovers uncertainty, and the post may have been judged as being too revealing (i.e., let’s troll them some more).

      Smoke and mirrors!

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        1. Back in the days when the media had only begun to shut down all discussion of communism as “McCarthyism” (use that as a pure parallel of the 4AM narrative now – yes – it was THAT BAD in the 60’s and we didn’t know it), people still referred to the idea of “card-carrying communists”. This meant one was actually signed up as a member. Frank Marshall Davis is an example of a “secret” card-carrier. Angela Davis was an OPEN card-carrier.

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          1. Yes, of course…
            surprising what age does to the brain! I used to KNOW what card-carrying meant.. 😉
            I’ll go back to sleep now… 😉

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            1. Ha, it has just been awhile since we heard those expressions. Heck, there was a long period of time when I never heard “communist” any more, even while being aware that there was this Soviet-style force out there aching to control everything, but all the language we had to talk about it was gone.

              Wolfie gave me the courage to reclaim the language of the Cold War. Commie. Commie. Commie. Call a Commie a Commie. They can call themselves by whatever silly name they choose, but I know a commie when I see one. Whether they are card carrying Commies or not.

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              1. LOL I can top that, although I shouldn’t. I read a book once where some old timer who was young when the railroad was being built always referred to the Chinese as “the heathen Chi-nee.”

                I resurrected that little nugget somewhere towards the end of the Clinton Administration when I became really exasperated at the liberties they were being given and allowed to take in with our system.

                Now, when speaking of China, I always called them the heathen Chinee. But, I only do this in certain private circles lest it be judged as racist/nativist/homophobic/xenophobic/phobophobic/intersectional/or something.

                My brother, he just started calling them the ChiComs again about 10 years ago.

                I hope people are waking up to what China has been doing.

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    1. I thought this was one of the areas Huber was assigned to look into…
      Shutting down the House investigation won’t impact that, will it?

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      1. The enemies of Truth will use any method they can to hurt Huber and investigation into Hillary Clinton. If the wicked, sneaky, lying communist Jerry Nadler is in charge of House Judiciary, he will abuse it in all ways possible to protect the communist infiltration. It’s worse than shutting it down – he will HARASS the legitimate investigations, while CREATING and PROTECTING illegitimate ones.

        We have to be prepared to push back on this guy in a big way.

        Red flags all over him. Read his bio.

        Read WHERE and WHEN he was in charge – look for the ground zero of that district.

        Prepare for charges of antisemitism as a defense.


        It’s quite interesting that he seems to see any attack on Democrats as partisan, but he is utterly blind to any examination of Democrats. CLASSIC Mamet Principle. PRETENDS not to know things.

        He was right on Iraq – I will say that.

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        1. I heard/read rumors about House investigations now under Trump supporters being turned over to Senate Committees…

          Is that at all possible? Would that push back on Nadler?

          Then there’s the possibility the hammer will come down before Jan 3rd… (a gal can dream, right?)

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  4. I don’t really understand this—surely Comey knew ahead of time that the lawyers wouldn’t allow him to answer tough probing questions—so what the heck was all the posturing about with the subpoena? theater?

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      1. okay I can see that but then why did “our side” push for the closed door hearing? they must have known the DOJ attorneys would instruct Comey not to answer as well—wouldn’t it be better to SHOW that in an open meeting?

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        1. No… Comey would have answered/labeled everything classified if open hearing, right?
          And the Congress critters would have been playng up for the cameras…
          counterproductive, really…

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    1. Stall, run out clock, antagonism, and the guy manifests a great propensity for passive aggressive behavior. Kind of describes most DS. They must be trained that way.

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  5. omg..this is flat out amazing…

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    1. Just saw this, NY. Pretty amazing, but Trump’s held fire till now. Then when T-Rex (remember [that other site] where he got this name?) goes on the record basically saying that PDJT wanted to violate the law, he get the hammer.

      Question: why would Rex do that? Why now? [rhetorical question] 🙂

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        1. Think you’re right, and we didn’t really see it earlier. Remember – Rex backed “climate change”. He also was friendly enough with Russia to reinforce the Muh Russia narrative. Seemed to have one foot in Russia proper and one foot in dupe globalism.

          I thought the guy was smart, but I was very worried about him being able to deal with State Department, or to handle the sneakery of the Nork-ChiCom situation. Apparently, Pompeo is pleasing both Trump and the people there. But I’ll bet some of Hillary’s top people had to be forced out or fired, or just over-ruled, and Rex wasn’t up to the task.

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        1. Agree with hard worker, Wolf. Mr. Tillerson was the energy man who knew everyone and everything about oil, gas, and coal. He did a remarkable job securing energy contracts on behalf of the USA.
          The duties of State were not his thing. Enter Mr. Pompeo.
          Don’t understand his out of nowhere comments.
          Certainly looks like has sided against the President.

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        2. PDJT says…”dumb as a rock”.

          Q says…”These people are stupid.”

          Is Potus putting Tillerson in the same group of “These people”?

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    1. Eight Counts…

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        1. 2481 is the first place holder Q posted.

          Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.455 📁
          Nov 11 2018 14:39:14 (EST)
          [Placeholder – Indictments Tracking > Civ]

          Would this fit the bill at least partially?


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    1. And of course, those who get their news from Network TV will never know this.

      One thing that makes me struggle not to say “needs to” is the fact that Trump has never given a televised-from-the-Oval-Office speech that would, of course, be carried on the networks. His tweeting reaches a lot of people, but there’s a large group who watch broadcast TV still, and there’s no way to reach them except by doing that.

      I do wonder why he hasn’t done this. (I’m sure he has good reasons…but what are they?)

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        1. If he doesn’t do it for the big one, half of this country will remain convinced it was some sort of political revenge or worse, imminent establishment of a dictatorship by jailing the opposition. The Left has been warning of that since Trump was inaugurated.

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      1. He hasn’t done so because they would not cover it.
        Have they covered ANYTHING he did?
        The Asian trip last year? NOT COVERED…

        North Korea… NOT COVERED.

        Fox covers once in a while, but no one else.

        It’s not your father’s media where every breath the POTUS takes is covered…
        Same with FLOTUS…

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        1. Uh, but generally the oval office speeches are carried live. He may even have authority to demand that they be carried live.

          You’re right, anything ELSE he does for the media gets buried.

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          1. All he needs to do is tell the networks that he has an announcement about stepping down. That will get them to show it. Then he just drops some truth bombs.

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      2. An ‘Oval Office Speech’ is something that traditionally, Presidents have done that to announce something major…like going to war or giving the official US-position on something that’s happened.

        So using an Oval-Office-Speech to talk about the ‘witch hunt’ or the political persecution that the Dems have done to him, would give the Dems the opportunity to claim:

        “He’s using the Oval Office for political purposes!!!11!!eleventy!!!”

        Never mind that HusseinO did that, repeatedly.
        It’s okay when the Dems do it, dontcha know.

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  7. Stupid question that I’m sure I’ve seen an answer to, but need to ask again, are there any ideas as to what [Y] is? Yates, a vertical axis, a variable. Anything? Ditching Occam’s Razor and trying to be creative about it?

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    1. Not sure Y you ask.

      Sorry, just being a Ys guy.

      (OK, seriously…I don’t know. I get the impression [something] is done as a correction a lot of the time, but that doesn’t seem to apply in this case.)

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    2. Linda’s response is correct… however,
      Q messages often have double meaning…

      one or two researchers interpret this COME[Y] as Y standing for Yates… perhaps now come Y(ates)
      Several people are responsible for Flynn being charged, and Sally Yates is among those at the top of the list.

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      1. Exactly. And here is yet another one. Way back when Q first started posting, he mentioned that 3 families form a triangle that basically controls the world. Two of those sides were the Rothschilds and the Sauds. And then he asked who the “Y” family was replaced with. Soros seems to be the correct answer. And I think the Y family was the Rockefellers. David Rockefeller died not long ago, so they may now be out of the picture? But I do think the Bushes and Clintons are somehow tied to the Rockefellers. I’ve even read that Bill Clinton is an illegitimate son of David Rockefeller. With those people, who knows?

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  10. In Q-drop no. 2562:


    Interesting music for Fox News?
    Sound familiar?

    Well, yes…it did sound familiar.

    For some reason, I flashed on that tune that Q had posted a while back, a composition from ‘Magic Sword’:

    But this one, “In The Face of Evil”, was not the music in the Fox News video.

    So I started searching through other stuff from Magic Sword.

    And this one has a part that sounds a lot like the music that Fox used for that Mark Meadows/CF video.

    That part starts at about the 3:25 mark…see what you think:

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        1. I don’t think you can embed Fox video. I just listened to both and they are very similar, but not the same. The Fox video doesn’t have the horn in it at the end of the Magic Sword video. But I would bet it is one of their pieces.

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          1. “But I would bet it is one of their pieces.”

            Yes, I think so too.
            It sounds like Magic Sword’s music.

            And the all-seeing Q team noticed it.

            I could be wrong.
            It might be a reference to something else, I dunno.

            Been looking through Qresearch board to see if any of the Anons have figured that out.
            But so far, haven’t seen anything.

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            1. I read somewhere wheatie… Joe M’s twitter stream?
              that it is as you suggest… Magic Sword’s music…
              going to sleep now, or I would search for you 😉

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