Return Fire!

On a day that will live in legal infamy, as former FIB Director James “X-Files” Comey (otherwise known as “The Non-Smoking Man”) refuses to answer questions, protected by a coven of Obama DOJ lawyers, our Lion RETURNS FIRE at the scoundrels…..

AND there is more!

AND then, the greatest WTF of all!

YIKES!!!  What are we seeing here?  LOL!!!

Stay tuned for MOAR!!!


133 thoughts on “Return Fire!

  1. Love this one right here. BOOM!

    “And bye the way, wasn’t the woman in charge of prosecuting Jerome Corsi (who I do not know) in charge of “legal” at the corrupt Clinton Foundation?

    “bye” is clearly intentional. Is she going to get nailed for trying to get Corsi to lie? Or is she about to be indicted by the Huber process?

    Only OUR LION could bring us this kind of entertainment! 😀

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    1. Wolf, this whole thread of yours was masterful. Comey as Non Smoking Man. Ha, ha, ha!

      And I love this meme of PDJT as the MGM lion. Perfect.

      And holy cats the impact of seeing all those tweets together! Wow!

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  2. The corruption we all see so clearly, implicating a double standard favoring the seemingly protected communists, needs to have at least one person perp walked and sent to prison.

    All’s well that ends well. For those who do not know how it will all end, there is legitimate anxiety.

    Not everyone is strong.

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    1. YES. Gotta start having the WRAP PLOTTERS going to prison. The provocateurs. The FRAME-JOB specialists. The entrapping establishment abusers of justice. Need a few of them perp-walked. That breaks open the minds that justice is possible!

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  3. And that my friends is why I absolutely, unequivocally, 100% support, respect and love OUR President, Donald J. Trump!!


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  4. Our Always Entertaining POTUS has been busy today. He also signed into law the “Amy, Vicky, and Andy Child Pornography Victim Assistance Act of 2018,” which requires Federal courts to order mandatory restitution against a defendant who is convicted for trafficking in child pornography. His Administration has really gone to town against the traffickers and pedophiles, and you don’t hear a whisper of it on the news. I wonder why!

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    1. AND – President Trump gave a great talk at this group of law and order professionals. At 19 minutes he talks about all the progress – arrests and crime reduction records set.

      Matt ‘The Mountain’ Whitaker introduced the President.

      Whittaker is one tough looking (and good looking) guy.

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  5. They have to go. They have to! Next door slamming us in the homey post and comments, again. Insecure much? What kind of a character flaw must there be to intentionally continue to wedge and berate? Like a switch…

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    1. I refuse to even look. Why should I worry what other people think?

      – if it’s Sundance, I forgive him, and wish him well

      – if it’s people “feeling sorry” for us, then I invite them to lurk here until they get it

      – if it’s the demoralization trolls who chased all the QUALITY people to come here, then….


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      1. I just wanted to read his homey post. Its pretty much autopilot type of corruption. And commentary is sd, some regulars slamming or liking the derogatory comment and continuing demoralizing trolls.

        We are so lucky you grew another tree in the forest Wolf!

        I was trying to give cth benefit of time, but theres no point.
        This is my home now(even if the way I view the site on mobile is a pain which i hope i can fix eventually!)

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          1. All these responses went to spam, except one that went to moderation and WOULD NOT LEAVE – so I’m replying to it to see if THAT makes it leave! WordPress can be STRANGE.


      2. Right on with your attitude, WMoon

        Why retread a place we’ve left behind? Some baggage just ain’t worth hauling around.

        SD will have some decent posts, and I will read those. And I am grateful for his service.

        The commenters? Not so much. Not anymore. Most of the best are already here.

        #MAGA is all about moving forward & cutting our losses. Go Wolfie 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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        1. Thanks! 😀

          I will strive to get more articles up, but quite frankly, it’s the COMMENTS here that are most worth watching. It’s a true smorgasbord. A BANQUET.

          I could put up two Daily Threads at 6 and 6 and be done with it. But it IS fun to meme and initiate the conversation, so I do my best to imitate Sundance in my own way.

          However, I do need to caution – there is an increasing chance that somebody will have to create a new site. Since they can’t really sneak in here like they did CTH, they will have to try a different way to take down the site. Based on the MASSIVE surveillance I’m under, I’m thinking it will be “from the top”. Not sure how it will be done, but they will try.

          It’s something of a race against time for the black hats. Stay frosty! I am, for sure! 😉

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    2. Oof. Well, I went over and read the Cohen piece but skipped the Comey presser piece. I avoided the comments and I’m glad I did. Thanks for the report, Gil.

      I grow more selective every day with which of SDs pieces I’ll even read. I’ve pretty well decided to avoid anything related to The Coup. I’ve really thought about it because I want to expose myself to different points of view so I don’t get stuck, intellectually. But SD seems to have the power to induce depression in me, and I just need to avoid that.

      I used to depend on SD for the details and analysis about The Coup, but it isn’t worth it. There’s a lot of fine reporting being done on the DOJ/FBI plot so I don’t need to read SD on that and get brought down low.

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      1. I’m with you, Sylvia, as far as not getting intellectually stuck and filled with confirmation bias.But I differ in how it affects me. Not depressed, just bored, frankly. And saddened. Very slow with actual news over there, now. Details and analysis have been excellent and informative, mind expanding. “Have been.”

        We have the best, most up to date real news, at Q’s board and the POTUS tweets (no offense intended to those who remain uninterested in Q).

        By the way, when is the next ringing of the Earth due?

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        1. Earth ringing.
          Kind of poetic isn’t it?

          I got a message from a friend with a link to the news article, asking me if EHS people would feel that. I had no idea, but did suggest they look up “geopathic stress” if they were curious.

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        1. I’m just trying to find my way. After turning to the TH first thing every morning to see what’s up it’s a hard habit to break.

          But I look there less and less and avoid the comments almost entirely. Still, it is interesting to me to hear others report on what’s going on over there. Somehow, keeping it at arms’ length by reading what someone else read or saw or experienced makes it easier for me! I don’t know if that makes any sense, but….

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      2. The other day I recommended setting up a page over there so we could list all the people who need to be put on suicide watch. Safer to read the article and skip the comments. Although I do enjoy thowing out a jab here and there. 👊👊👊 😁😁😁

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      3. Sylvia, you just have to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff. Sundance throws a lot of chaff out there. Smart guy but even smart guys can be wrong. Sometimes it’s best just to step back and observe.

        Just one simple question. Why would POTUS risk his entire presidency on provocative tweets? This guy’s IQ is too high for that.

        And hang in there…we’re here.

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        1. I have a lot of confidence in President Trump. And my admiration and confidence grows daily. I may get discouraged briefly here and there, but I always bounce back because I believe so fiercely in MAGA and PDJT’s ability to take us there.

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      4. I still believe there is a chance that SD is playing a role in a MAGnificent Sting .
        It’s hard to accept that he could just simply be close minded and pessimistic.

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  6. Just a quick thought

    Re “Optics do not matter” – the supposed delay of Huber testimony – D5 delay etc

    If Wolf is right re the Bushes getting served on D5, then the Storm was unleashed on D5.

    Obviously justice cannot be delayed by timing of testimony to congress. Huber can wait till next year to report to Congress – that is just OPTICS. If warrants are ready to be served, they will be served, regardless of when Huber has a cup of tea and a chin-wag with the Congress critters.

    So my take – If the Bushes got served at the funeral – that is the biggest statement that OPTICS don’t matter!

    That being the case – IT IS STORMY OUTSIDE!!. (No, not the skank)

    Sadly my duties call, so I will be doing very limited posting for the next 2 months or so. I will be reading, that is for sure!!

    I think it is going to be awesome – so enjoy the show!!

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    1. You’ll be missed, Jason.
      Hope everything goes well…and you will be able to leave a comment from time to time, to let us know you’re okay.

      And I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

      Take care, my friend.

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      1. Thanks Wheatie, and to everyone, for all the kind words and well wishes – it is very much appreciated.

        Sorry I could not reply individually – am already late departing.

        Prayers for all of you – WWG1WGA!! 🙂

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  7. Bringing up old skeletons, protesting a lot, going on and on about pet peeves. Don’t get into a domestic squabble with this man. 😉

    This is cover flak for something else, IMO. Taking it all at face value is bound to lead to disappointment when the real truth comes out. Emotional investment in any of it may result in heartbreak later on. Just sayin’.

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  8. I want to throw things. I’m furious. I could take that giant peapod, Comey, with one hand behind my back. How in the HELL do we teach our kids not to lie/evade/skirt the issues, when the Dems are such horrible role models — and they win.

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  9. I have a husband who is a Boston trial lawyer. There are 11 attorneys on his side of the family. As always, I rant, I rave, I want action. He sits, he rolls his eyes, and tells me lawsuits, if properly done, take time. I should be patient.
    My red hair is on fire.
    Time for action.
    Our President needs us now, more than ever.

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    1. Lawsuits take time, but that time is nothing compared to the greatest crime in the history of mankind – the organized, willful, international conspiracy against the United States of America.

      Sometimes lawsuits get SETTLED in order to protect that conspiracy. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND.

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  10. So… Comey dragged along a couple of lawyers and refused to answer questions (we knew he would do that) and, presumably, the soon-to-be-released transcript will tell us exactly what those questions were. If he feels smug about it now, he won’t look so good when the world knows in what areas he needs to protect himself.

    What happens next? It’s all delay tactics, I know. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes the tunnel seems very long and very dark. All these delays are adding up. Does anyone have an idea how this all might be successfully navigated?

    LOVE President Trump’s tweets. POTUS has a way with words that make me extremely thankful that I am not in line of fire. 🙂

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    1. Actually sounds like they were DOJ lawyers that essentially provided him cover for not having to answer questions. Transcript will be interesting.

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    2. Honestly, I just viewed the Comey testimony as a side show. I expected nothing from it. Nunes has said Congress has pretty much completed there work and it is over to PDJT to declassify information if he chooses to do that.

      The Huber appearance before Congress might be more interesting. But I suppose that will all be done behind closed doors, so how much we will hear is debatable.

      I’m not sure what to expect. I have to admit I have been hoping for, longing for, some kind of big dramatic movie type finish like the christening scene in The Godfather.

      However, in real life…I don’t know. I expect things will continue to grow and percolate up from here. There’s the CF legal action in Arkansas. It seems to me to speak of investigations going on under wraps for some time and the gradual rolling up of suspects. Arrests, court dates. More testimony and evidence. Moving slowly up the chain as one implicates another. Maybe.

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        1. Yep, which is why my theory on the envelopes is that they contained hand written notes on White House stationary telling of the counter move to the neutralization of D5. The envelopes are right for a 5×7 correspondence card. They are not #10s which would have been used for anything on legal or standard paper.

          Pretty crafty using mafia techniques and hand delivering messaging at a big funeral.

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    1. Lol, i think he ruffles their feathers with a chain saw sometimes!

      This excellent MOAB of tweets lays it all out there and if lame stream wants to get all huffypuffy after they receive their mockingbird talking points..yes let’s hear a rebuttal about any of the named players.
      He chips away at their teflon with these tweets.

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  11. Kind of off topic but I saw where this is the first Pearl Harbor Day remembrance ceremony that none of the survivors will be attending. Out of the five left (just five!) none of them were physically up to attending.

    Feeling a bit of melancholy.

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    1. Hey, Sylvia. Just keep in mind that there is an absolutely grand history in the making going on right now. President Trump is rocking the WORLD and we’re seeing it all unfold. He’s doing stuff that will be talked about, and learned from, for generations to come. 🙂

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    2. Did you know they still have the option to be buried there?

      When I visited, it was the most beautiful experience. A guide told us what a Navy Seal, who has had the duty of returning sailors to the ship after death, told him. The Seal said that when he dives down, to place the sailor’s ashes into the ship, he can feel the ship take the box from his hands. I had the chills.

      There have been many who chose to return to the ship after death. Maybe some of the five remaining will, as well.

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  12. Short comment, something just occurred to me.

    Huber, Horowitz, Rosie, Mueller et all were all Ozero appointees – dealing with Ozero’s DS

    Barr was a GHWB AG – looks like the Bushes may be in some strife re the OPTICS at the funeral.

    Is the VSG using the same play – use their “own man” to prosecute them???

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    1. Woke this morn thinking that the funeral optics was President Trump gGrabbing deep state by the B ushies?

      Lol. Been chuckling today. Normally I whistle while I work 🙂

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  13. That’s not all the President had to say today…..Rex Tillerson was the target of a scathing tweet.

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  14. I watched President Trump speak to Law Enforcement in Kansas City. He said the death penalty for Cop Killers and for Drug Dealers is going into effect.

    It is a very good speech.

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        1. I’m wondering if these envelopes were just donation envelopes, you know the “in lieu of flowers” send a donation to such & such in memory of Bush type thingy. Just spit balling here but I think we might be getting a bit too out there on the edge with regards to these envelopes. I say this as a “truther” through & through. Just not sure on the idea of papers being served, etc.

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          1. Yeah. Believe me, I have been loving the heck out of speculating. It has been a lot of fun and it would be FABULOUS if true, but I suspect it was something unimportant. But I still pore over the pics and vids and wonder and wish!

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          2. I agree. I think whatever the black hat couples were seeing was likely something personal and touching, and THAT is why the reactions from Laura, W and Jeb. Look at the pictures again, thinking that – they were just trying to keep from crying. It’s super-obvious.

            The ideas that they were seeing anything else were DISINFORMATION.

            Which means that “assurance trolls” were spreading the “this is the end of Deep State” BS, because it is NOWHERE NEAR the end of Deep State.

            Wait for Huber. THAT is when we see start to see some reality here.

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          3. If you look at the envelopes themselves, and what Hillary pulled out, they are the right size for a correspondence card. I thought 5×7, but they might be 4×6. Whatever the case is, they are not number tens which is the standard used for legal and regular paper.

            And, yes, the messages were personal. Very personal.

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  15. This upcoming week is the perfect week for the Storm to arrive. The Left and all the left trolls are freaking out with joy over the Michael Cohen thing. What better time to pull the rug out from underneath them?

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  16. Wolfie – do we need some kind of buddy system in case your site gets taken out?

    You know, like “I can find Marica who can find … who can find … a chain so none of us lose contact?

    Sometimes I think we should all be renting PO boxes to get in touch by snail mail 😊

    I’m only half serious. Smarter, far more seasoned warriors than I will lead the charge if/when the SHTF.

    Stay safe. And frosty ! #WWG1WGA

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    1. Not a chain. If one person craps out everyone downstream from him is gone.

      There should be a system where everyone contacts two people–and is contacted by two people. And no two people contact (or are contacted by) the same pair of people. Redundancy.

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        1. Yes, the threat is actually quite real. I am under a heck of a lot of surveillance, and I just found out about MORE.

          The plan is simply independent coalescence. Don’t work it out ahead of time – work it out then.

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    1. Because the obvious answer has not been considered because its never been done before. That and it’s forbidden to consider. So don’t ask.

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          1. Fits all.
            Doesn’t necessarily negate anything.
            3 Dates in the last two weeks of May 2017 are the genesis. (17,21,30)
            But seriously, we can’t talk about this.


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