Zero’s Paradox

You can do a lot with zero – and yet it’s nothing.

“Mueller Time” is likely going to turn out a whole lot different than anybody expected.

Watching the comments on this Twitter thread was fascinating.  All of those liberals saying that Flynn had “flipped” on Trump.

And yet, there was a certain hesitation in their tone.  Less certainty than usual.

Yeah.  Now they have a value for Flynn.  Zero.  But they don’t have a number for Trump.

I do.

The zero property.  0 + 0 = 0.

Flynn’s ZERO and Trump’s ZERO add up to a BIG, FAT ZERO.

Now – I’m not so sure that Mueller won’t try to say that the FIRST zero and the SECOND zero are different.  His JOB – his Comey-to-Rosenstein hand-off JOB was to say that TRUMP’S number isn’t zero.  That it’s something else.  To FIND something or CREATE something.

Unfortunately for Mueller, there is a problem.   THE STORM KNOWS.


Come to think of it, chaos is a good way to hide the calm before the storm.

Do you think for a second that Trump actually stepped into it, KNOWING what Obama was up to?

Of course not.

The MEDIA can say whatever it wants – and THAT was the plan.  But if people are listening to what comes out of a courtroom, and not just the media, then the MUH RUSSIA sub-plan of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy just falls apart.

0 + 0 = 0

They’re gonna have to live with it.  “Grab ’em by the pussy” is NOT a crime.  And even if it was, it’s not nearly as much of a crime as the conspiracy to get Trump to say it on tape for the purposes of political blackmail.

Sadly, one of the prime witnesses to THAT one just died.

NOW – let’s talk about something that may have come out in the Flynn testimony – the URANIUM ONE SCANDAL.

You see, I’ve found something interesting about it.


But not the USUAL marked money.

If you’re Russia, and you need to OWN Hillary Clinton in a bribe, how do you do it?

Marked money.

But what if there is no CASH – no CREDIT CARDS – nothing but NUMBERS flowing through banks?


Let me explain.

You see, I just noticed something now, when I wanted to symbolize that Hillary does NOT get:

0 + 0 = 0.

I wanted to use a number for URANIUM, as in URANIUM ONE.  So perhaps I could say:

0 + 1 = 1

for Uranium One.  In other words, fake innocence + Uranium One = NOT INNOCENT.

Or I could use a commonly known number for uranium isotopes, like:

0 + 235 = 235


0 + 238 = 238

because 235 and 238 are ATOMIC WEIGHTS (actually ATOMIC MASSES, to be exact) of two very important ISOTOPES of uranium.

This doesn’t have any REAL meaning.  I’m just being cute with numbers.  I love math – even the simple stuff.  What can I say?  In some programming constructs, ZERO means Yes or No and ANY other number means the opposite.  It seems weird, but after a while, it really seems beautiful.  You can say that ANY and NONE represent YES and NO.

But then I decided that maybe I would use the amount of MONEY that Hillary Clinton GOT for all that uranium she gave to Russia in the Uranium One Scandal: 146 Million Dollars.

This rather odd even number (146 M) has been bandied about for a long time now.  People on Twitter are intimately familiar with it.

But then I noticed something even more ODD.

238 = 92 + 146

In other words, if I subtract 146 from 238, I’m left with 92.


So uranium 238 has 92 protons and 146 neutrons.


Marked with the identity of what it bought.  Putin quite literally paid by the neutron!

The uncommon number 146 is the difference – the weird, exact difference between the ATOMIC NUMBER of uranium, and the ATOMIC MASS of its most common isotope.

In this picture showing fission of uranium 235, where you see 235 over 92, like a subtraction problem, just subtract 92 from the 235 above it.  The result?  143.  But for the more common isotope of uranium, that number would have been 146.

Now – it doesn’t matter whose bright idea that number was, but my guess is that it was Russia’s way of OWNING Hillary.  I know that Q says that “their symbols will be their downfall”, and that sure seems like a possibility here.  It IS a symbol, but that symbol was, in my opinion, a hidden way of potentially reminding Hillary who was in charge, if she ever got cocky and said she could DENY the Uranium One payoff.  No WAY old brilliant Vladimir Putin is going to let THAT happen.


I imagine there was some negotiation that landed on Russia’s final offer they knew all along – the scary give-away number – 146 – that could always be used by Russia to psychologically prove what the money was for, if Hillary tried to deny it.  And if there was no negotiation – just a promise of “near 150 million – enough less not to look dangerous”, then 146 million is perfect.

Save 4 million and own Hillary!  What a deal! 😉

Who knows?  This could just be more “Q numerology” – much of which is highly questionable (particularly what originates with the less logical followers).  Nevertheless, I think I MAY have a somewhat plausible theory here. Vlad is a tricky one!

We may never, ever, truly know.

146 is an octahedral number – shown with ball bearings.

Numbers are beautiful.  But they never forget.

People come, people go.  Worlds come, worlds go.  Universes come, universes go.

But numbers.  Eternal numbers.  Only G_d could create such beauty.  And such truth.


And SOMETIMES, they REALLY don’t know things.

138 thoughts on “Zero’s Paradox

    1. Also very good is Billy Preston’s “Nothin’ From Nothin’ (Leaves Nothin’!)” – if the YT link works, this is a full-band live version, from the show “Midnight Special”:

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    2. Sorry, don’t know how to post unless relplying. What I want to know is what gwb gave Michael Obama at the funeral. Prob a flash drive but what’s on it?

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      1. I don’t know. Supposedly it was a cough drop or a breath mint because they shared a similar moment at Barbara Bush’s or John McCain’s funeral and they bonded over it so now it is “their thing.”

        Sounds a little thin to me, to be perfectly frank.

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      1. I haven’t watched that bit of video since the day it happened. It was such a striking, deliberate, and mysterious statement. But I didn’t notice the air Q at the time, but of course I didn’t know about Q at the time (there might not even have been a Q, I don’t know) and I sure wouldn’t have been looking for things like air Q’s.

        But watching that video now, wow! The set up: you know what this represents? He draws the Q, and then he says the calm before the storm. Wow. Holy cats. I should have rewatched this video a long time ago.

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        1. The “calm before the storm” statement was on Oct. 5, 2017. Q started posting on 4chan on Oct. 28, 2017. So it happened before. I never noticed the air Q either, so that definitely brings chills.

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          1. Nothing like a little steganography and some, erm, covfefe to start the day 🙂

            Large Hadron Collider over here getting a rest – wonder what’s up with that…
            (maybe they could bake Davos…)…

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            1. I saw a posited theory over on the 8-chans.

              Check THIS out –

              The world-wide “wave”, which occurred on 11/11/18, was actually a demonstration of the power of the tech that OUR Republic has – and it SHUT DOWN the LHC at CERN.

              Before it happened, CERN was scheduled to be shut down for a bit, beginning on 11/18/18. But, they went dark a li’l early!

              The idea was, that the LHC was used to ALTER the magnetic resonance frequency of the Earth itself, toward a nefarious end … and that the as-yet inexplicable “wave” RESET the Earth’s natural frequency, and took CERN out.

              How can we prove, or disprove, this idea?

              IMO, by faith – that the future will prove the past. Q said that 11/11/18 would engender (global) unity; perhaps the mysterious-to-us “wave” was just that (a scalar wave, ’tis said).

              I can seriously allow for that possibility. Besides, it’s a WINNING attitude!

              Yikes! The tech we don’t know about …


        1. Perhaps. And perhaps both.
          But he’s not directing it at the group.
          He’s drawing it in the air in front of him.

          “What storm Mr. President? ”

          “You’ll find out.”

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  1. I listened to Dan Bongino’s podcast on Monday. He spent most of the time reviewing why Clinton Foundation is important (and something seems to have been on the verge of breaking regarding the CF for a couple weeks now) and it is because of Uranium One. He reviewed Uranium One and the many ways in which it was shocking horrible and treasonous and then he talked about the money laundering that went on in support of that. It was interesting, but I felt like I needed a nap afterwards. I was exhausted.

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        1. I didn’t know the all details, but I knew she was evil. I would vote for anyone before I would vote for the Hildabeast. I told friends before the election I would have voted for Charles Manson before I would vote for her (I still would, even though Manson is now dead).

          I remember the despair of thinking “What if our system doesn’t work and she cannot be stopped?” I’ve got some skills, but am not enmeshed in a group with sufficient critical mass to resist and I live deep in enemy territory. I re-read 1984, thinking maybe something about how Winston Smith survived would be helpful (that too was depressing). I could go on, but you get the idea.

          I’m sorry, but I am with Sylvia on this one. Make America Great Again rings hollow if Her Hillaryness is not punished.

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            1. That PV Acorn sting netted all kinds of voter names registered including Mickey Mouse, IIRC. Manson would be no surprise.
              “But here is no evidence of voter fraud.”

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  2. wow! thanks Wolfmoon! I admit to being a neophyte with all the q stuff…i don’t pick up on this stuff like everyone here does, so i need someone to explain things–and you guys just seem to SEE it…
    but i do believe there are no coincidences. everything happens for a reason.

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  3. Another Zeros paradox . –

    When O’zero was POTUS, he was 44. 4+4 = 8

    8 is written with one 0 above another – 2 harmless little zero’s, or so it seems

    Now, you would think that O’zero in office, in power, would be harmless, because he is, well, Zero.

    But zero, raised to the power of zero, is NOT zero – it is something.

    And that is the paradox of O’zero – which can also can be written O’0 – 2 miserable zero’s next to each other, are normally worth exactly zero – BUT…

    if you take one zero and raise it to the power of itself – Zero’s Paradox

    Because, 0 raised to the power of 0 = 1

    And that is the problem, the paradox

    Out of power, an evil zero is nothing – it remains O’zero.

    But, O’zero, raised into power, becomes a BIG problem

    It works likes this …

    A man with an empty soul is worthless – nothingness itself …

    However, raise him into power …

    And then you find that the empty soul has found a tool that can be used to fill the emptiness

    That soul will wield its power to fill the emptiness. The problem is, the emptiness is insatiable, so more power is sought, required, demanded, taken – which is exactly what transpired …

    And that is why you do raise put O’zero into power – because then O’zero becomes something – to be contended with …

    PS – That did not work out as well as I hoped – the creative juices failed me …

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        1. “zero raised to zero is 1”

          Some mathematicians SAY that. I’d learned, years ago, that the expression “zero raised to zero” is “indeterminate”.

          Mathematicians live in a bubble-world, whereby waving their “magic wand” of definition, they make what they want to be so, actually so. In their own bubble, of course!

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          1. Yup. I think in algebra it is accepted as 1, and in math analysis it is left indeterminate.

            As the author of nothing, I had no hesitation in denoting the expression as it best suited the expression of O’Zero 🙂

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      1. Hmm, I see I got hit with the “foibles” tonight – both above, and below – SORRY!

        Above shoulda been “And that is why you do not raise O’Zero into power …”

        Below replace “through” with “threw”

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  4. Something is going on! I can’t put my finger on it but there have been signs over the past few days.

    From the article linked above:

    More than 400 former employees of the Justice Department have signed a statement released Tuesday opposing President Donald Trump’s appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general.

    Because Whitaker hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate, his qualifications have not been publicly reviewed and there’s been no vetting for potential conflicts of interest, they say.

    “Because of our respect for our oaths of office and our personal experiences carrying out the Department’s mission, we are disturbed by the President’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker to serve as Acting Attorney General,” the statement says.

    Also Senator Grassley scared those within the FBI today by sending the BUFFOON Wray a letter about the FBI raid of Nate Cain.

    From the article linked above:

    In the wake of a bombshell Daily Caller News Foundation investigative report late last week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley demanded answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray about a Nov. 19 bureau raid on the home of a recognized whistleblower.

    Grassley further asked Wray if the FBI was “aware at the time of the raid that Mr. Cain had made what appeared to be lawful disclosures to the Inspector General? If so, was the FBI aware that these disclosures were passed to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, per the [act]?”

    Grassley also asked Wray of “the basis” for there raid and to provide a copy of the original warrant and all supporting documents.


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  5. So, Wolf, to your thesis. Yup, I bet you had fun chasing that rabbit down!

    Not sure its a Monty Python rabbit – as in a vicious killer that will take down the Klintoons with one bite – but it will make a nice little punch line in court, which will make Crooked blush bright red, cause it is a little factoid that she would not see coming.

    All right, I know, I know – Crooked can’t ACTUALLY blush – but there will be SOME kind of tell 🙂

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    1. I’m sure the espionage world has cute name for this idea, and if they don’t, then let me propose one now.

      price tag (n) – any manner of tainting a bribe or other payoff which allows continued leverage by the giver.

      And in this case, a price tag that Hillary could not cut off, once the money was delivered – the BEST kind!

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  6. In re the paradox of zero:

    When one begins with a number, and then adds zero to it … Is one really “adding”? Or, is one NOT adding!

    Or is it both – or neither? lol

    Welcome to the paradox!

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    1. Well, if you begin with zero an then add a non-zero number to it – it is adding.

      Since the order of the terms in addition expression does not alter the value of the expression, I would say that switching the terms means it is still adding. Zero is a term in this expression.

      Hope that clears up that particular granular construct. 🙂

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        1. Obviously, since you covered the entire spectrum of theoretical possibilities, from zero to infinity. So we’ve got the beast cornered in there somewhere.

          Reminds me of the time my folks took us for a drive to the game reserve, we got lost and pulled up next to a car parked alongside the dead straight highway to ask for directions.

          The lady furrowed her brow, and told us not to worry, she knew the way – and then she proceeded to tell us it was either straight ahead, or back from whence we came. She said this with a dead straight face and seemed quite proud of her feat.

          Well, we had the decency to thank her, drive off and then we all let rip simultaneously. That has become part of our family lore. I was about 7 at the time, and I got it instantly – I am sure to this day she is blissfully ignorant.

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          1. Thanks, Emeraldstar. I know my mathematical skills are lower than sub par. (I aced my stats course just by sheer rote memory of necessary equations, but without understanding. Hee, hee.)

            So I went along with the ride for fun.

            DH is a numbers fan, and an electrical engineer so I asked him to read this thread. He said Wolf is having fun with numbers. I expected him to get out pencil and paper to try to explain it all to me, like he usually does. Not. LOL.

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              1. You did. I didn’t see your post until after Dh Read the thread though. It gave him a little chuckle, but I think he was laughing at me. LOL.
                The guys Christmas table conversations here get pretty far out with 5 engineers in 4 different disciplines, two pre college level budding engineers and a 4 year old train officianado. The women here, non engineers, just look at each other and crack up. We are acquiring, through marriage, a female engineer this coming year. I need to go back to school.

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              2. (to Jane)

                “I need to go back to school.”

                Guess what.

                You already ARE back in school.

                Credits earned are self-honorary, though. Bonus? No tuition fees.

                Pretty great deal, IMO. 🙂

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  7. That is brilliant, Wolfie! Just brilliant ! Your concept was written in a way that even someone like me gets the gist of what you say. You do yourself proud!

    I don’t see my world in mathematical terms, but I have become a student of fractal-centered art. It has opened my eyes to the abundance of patterns we find in nature, and how they have been utilized in our manmade world.

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    1. Thanks!

      Fractals are very cool, and you probably understand them better than I do! They’re one of those areas of potential study where I looked at it, took a big gulp and said “OMG – this could be a huge time-suck – no WAY am I going to get deep into these things!” 😉

      Seriously, as a born rabbit-hole follower, I have to be picky to stay out of trouble!

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    2. Can’t remember the TV special on fractals that went into how they solved the problem of fitting powerful antennas into small forms (such as cell phones). Very interesting!


  8. This is an interesting analysis

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    1. Excellent.
      I believe this is exactly what happened.
      Absolute deception.
      Absolute Art of War/Art of the Deal.
      Massive reverberating sonic {{{BOOM}}} about to hit.

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      1. seems like it. I was on a scope with Michael Flynn Jr and he was very confident. All in on the President. That doesn’t strike me as a defeated family.

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    1. Thanks for the link, Mary. I did not know the word ‘fractal’ until my nephew told me how much he loved my fractal artwork (which I used to post online). I only knew it as patterns or ‘tangles’. Now I know the scientific word is fractals.

      The zentangle or tangle patterning is all the rage in meditative art right now (followed by the ubiquitous adult coloring books)

      Working from and have been lifesavers for me during the past 4 years. Well, that and reading the Bible 😊

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      1. “fractal”

        It’s a fancy word for partial – or fractional – dimensions.

        It helps a lot with modeling nature – coastlines, clouds, etc. – when strict reliance on integer dimensions fails to find / express the (recursive) patterning.

        See the “Mandelbrot” set – lotta cool pictures, graphing fractal growth.

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        1. Yes, I followed a blogger for awhile who opened my eyes to Mandelbrot.

          I don’t know ‘why’ I wasted so much of my 20’s & 30’s stressing about daily grist when I could have been learning about such tantalizing topics…

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  9. Fractals. Remember the “Spirograph” pen drawing sets when we were kids? They were perfect fractals.
    My son had to do a project for honors Geometry class on tessellations. Instead of doing the posterboard thing, I introduced him to my stained glass guy—- and ended up with a rockin’ transom for the bar. Perfect.
    The math is all around us and hopefully, will bring down Hillary.

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    1. Such delicious words – tesselations, mandelbrot, fractals – and that is before we get to the actual artwork or Gid’s work in nature! Lovely stained glass piece 💖

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    2. Err… almost.

      Spirograph was not fractal. Fractals are things that, when you zoom in on them, show the same pattern, and continue to do so the more you zoom in. Spirograph doesn’t do that. You can’t zoom in on it and see a similar pattern at the smaller scale.

      Here’s one example of something that is a fractal, being generated:

      The technical terms for the curves a spirograph makes are: hypotrochoids and epitrochoids (I cheerfully admit I had to look that up). A hypotrochoid is the curve from putting the little circle inside the big one, the epitrochoid comes from running one circle around the outer edge of another.

      A tessellation is a repeating pattern of a shape (or a limited inventory of shapes) used to fill a plane, like tiling a floor. That’s another thing that’s fun to take a deep dive on.

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    3. Daughterinworks you just jogged my memory back to HS geometry class. One of the first projects I did actually was integrate some of the things you and Alison are talking about into the borders of each page of a booklet demonstrating geometric theorums.

      Didn’t know until now, that I was doing something that had a real name. Huh! Cool. That booklet was the only thing I saved from HS.

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    4. i had several experiences in the past where i was forced by very, very bad people to ingest what looked like very moldy mushrooms and other times small pieces of paper… very bad people…

      in any case, when in those situations you of course make the best of it.

      i can tell you with all certainty that there is a pathway in our minds that can lead us to some amazing truths. and along that pathway are some fractals without compare! 🙂

      you can also try closing your eye and if you can see close enough you might be able to view some right there (might have to put some pressure on your eye a little, i don’t really recommend this method but if there are no bad people forcing you with other means, it’s a start)

      in any case – these are more than mathematical or geometric patterns, they are possible a visual of something even more cosmic that we are not 100% tuned into on a daily basis…

      * not all people will have such a favorable or enlightening experience using these methods, luckily some of us do and made it out the other side actually feeling better about things 😉

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      1. Oft quoted as it oft applies, “Life will find a way.”

        Have you ever read the book, “My Stroke of Insight”? Book is biographical account of what it’s like to have a stroke by an MD that teaches Neurology at Harvard Medcal School (IIRC). She writes of moving between unitive consciousness and the present reality that she needed to figure out how to use her phone to call for help. Obviously, she lived and found her path to recovery.


  10. This is my understanding of Q.
    This is not a game. Learn the comms. Learn to play the game.
    When President Trump ran for office and became President, he was and is under constant surveillance. Every where he goes, everything he says in public and in private, everything in his past must be transparent. As I have followed President Trump from the time he came down the escalator and said he would run, I see this in everything he says and does.
    When Jeff Sessions recused himself, President Trump was not allowed to talk to him. The only way he could contact him was through the media.
    President Trump has no venue to talk to anyone at all in private. He knew this going in and those close to him also know it. They pay attention to the media for guidance but not in the way others do. It is how they communicate with each other. Even Melania is never really alone with him. Everything is being spied on.
    IMO President Trump’s Tweets are a way of communicating with his supporters here and with military intelligence and other sympathetic leaders worldwide.
    Q was set up before President Trump announced he would run for office. It is a top clearance military operation worldwide. There are codes, signals and intelligence information that we will never recognize.
    Part of what the Qanons do is provide locations, dates and background information worldwide.
    President Trump says something on Q and it goes out all over the world in real-time.
    That is why Q keeps telling us we have no idea how big this movement is. That is why the Q movement has had to be moved, hardened, expanded and improved many times already.
    Q has said that when the social media and the news goes down, the Q board is the only place we will be able to gather and get real time news.
    8 chan is also archiving history and we have each been asked to do the same. We do not know what will be destroyed as all of this blows apart. Today is pretty much the last day before it blows.
    Keep the faith, do your part, trust the plan, trust yourselves and trust God.
    It is important that we remember this and stand firm.

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  11. Note: re: GHWB coffin pic:

    The perspective is that of an upside-down American flag.

    The upside-down American flag is recognized as a distress signal/ SOS, although it is unofficial; especially concerning watercraft/vessels.

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