Now Landing in Guantanamo Bay

Required viewing.

The content creator behind this video (you really need to see more of them) is creating some of the absolute best WAKE THE FXXX UP  psychological propaganda I have ever seen.

It IS propaganda – heavy, emotion-laden, driving, cultural Marxist music – and it is pointed straight back with STUNNING precision at the very same people who have advanced cultural Marxism into and against our society.

Watch it, and you’re AWAKE AGAIN.

There is no way Deep State survives this.  These creeps could drop NUKES on us under any guise, and it will be blamed on them, making socialism the next cannibalism for the next 100,000 years.

Just go to your jail cells.  There is no point.  The Orwellian “#Resistance” is useless.  International socialism and all its fake, puppet, front, and deceiver forms are DOA.

But they won’t stop, so just keep their fingers off their false flag triggers, lock ’em up, get ’em into court, find the truth, pass the sentences, and GIT ‘EM INTO GITMO.

Bon voyage, Deep State.  Your flights are being booked.


Everybody needs a holiday.  Some more than others.

118 thoughts on “Now Landing in Guantanamo Bay

      1. Scot Free Productions. They produced the movie The White Squall. It’s a great movie and there is a line that is repeated which is “Where we go one, we go all! They also talk about “The calm before the storm.” Scott Free Productions also produced Black Hawk Down.

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        1. Yes…but the ‘Scott’ in Scott Free Productions is Ridley Scott.

          Not “Scott Mccloskey”, which is who BraveandFree mentioned in their comment.

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            1. i dont think you did anything wrong shannynae.

              wheatie is this same uservwho posted about the “”07” in the tweet and you asked them the meaning?


    1. I have a general question to anyone on the forum. Has there been any comment from the FISA Court about any of these allegations of corruption and misconduct. I cannot remember reading anything attributed to any judge of that court. It seems peculiar that there has been no public comment. This court has been at the center of this firestorm for over a year.

      I rely on someone in this group to point me in the right direction. I will thank you in advance.

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        1. SOlomon is reporting that they knew that thedossier was unreliable, the it was paid for by the Dems, before they went to court and certified it anyway, iir.

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          1. Correction: Solomon is reporting that they knew that thedossier was unreliable, and that Steele was talking to the press, before going to court. Source says Comey in emails.

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            1. Mary Morse,

              Circular intelligence reporting

              “If the FBI knew Steele had that media contact before it submitted the article, it likely would be guilty of circular intelligence reporting, a forbidden tactic in which two pieces of evidence are portrayed as independent corroboration when, in fact, they originated from the same source.”

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      1. No. And there must be a reason for this. I have a wild theory that PDJT is letting the perps get comfortable so that he can collect information on them. My theory includes the possibility that Rosenstein is a white hat and signed the fourth FISA in order to let it the black hats continue to expose themselves. I believe at least one of the FISA judges (probably Strozk’s buddy) is dirty.

        RR was in the Mueller FBI director interview meeting with PDJT, which ran more than three hours. Mueller was not eligible for the job, so what the heck did they spend all this time talking about. And how do you square PDJT taking RR on that plane trip on AF1? That is a huge honor, why do that with a snake? I think PDJT turned them both, and that they will not be visiting club Gitmo.

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      2. “It seems peculiar that there has been no public comment.”

        FISA warrants work both ways.

        I take the lack of any public comment as a strong indication that the whole mess is under CURRENT investigation.

        Without any leaks …

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      3. Spab, Q addressed this is drop #2525:

        “Goodbye” Mr. Rosenstein.
        >>>Removal > SC oversight
        Did [RR] feel safe post AF1 30-min meeting w/ POTUS?
        Did [RR] communicate meeting back to handlers?
        When your ‘enemy’ feels in control….
        PANIC re: WHITAKER?
        PANIC re: HUBER?
        When an OPERATION is ACTIVE….
        These people are stupid.

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      4. I’ve wondered about this, too.

        It might have been touched on briefly in Dan Bongino’s podcast from Monday. I’ve been reading to so much and listening to so much it all starts to run together. Anyway, IIRC Bongino mentioned the FISA court and the apparent lack of any action on the abuses against them and I think he was speculating that there is stuff going on there but it is all pretty stealthy because of investigations, AND that our side probably has wires up on half of Washington DC which is why Maggie Haberman is tweeting about “OH on the Q train” or whatever that was.

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      5. this goes all the way up to justice roberts at the “supreme” court who is ultimately in charge if oversight. thus predictable why he lashed out like a twitter pro last week after trump said a thing.

        i am always on the deep spiritual unseen battle (real) going on and i consider these people just players in the game, but i am in the here and now so i will guess this is just as many imagined this is all at a level from local government all the way to supreme court, intelligence and even some military it stands to reason. all rotten to the core with evil they call good that tastes like candy to the masses.

        how much CAN be cleared out – well, tell people first and let the orders of importance of fixing it be determined. you cannot truly fix something whenn you do not knnow the extent of the damage which is basic common sense. you can keep throwing parts at the symptoms but you must cure the root of the issue and those symptoms become self healing (well, in magic wand terms i gues)

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      1. Mary, at this site, you can click on “POTUS Off” or “POTUS On” at the top of the page. If on, it shows PDJT’s Tweets in the thread. The last showing right now was from 8:44 this morning – scroll down a bit to see it.

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    1. That’s a good mom! I dare anyone to challenge her right and responsibility to drag her son outa there Was beautiful. That young man crossed my mind the other day and I wondered what he’s doing now. And how he’s doing.

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  1. A little light on the Flynn case:

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    1. The reason I ask – this thread by Felice Lepore – which includes this:

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        1. I wonder for how long they have been “former”? It would be interesting if many have left since Nov 8 ’16.

          That would indicate a self draining feature …

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    2. Gitmo is not US soil. DOJ only has jurisdiction on over detention facilities on US soil.

      More importantly, neither the Congress nor the Judicial Branch has jurisdiction at Gitmo (despite Hussein’s attempt to obfuscate this particular issue). Military tribunals are the sole purview of the commander in chief. Gitmo is a military operation.

      And if a military tribunal finds you have committed treason, you are classified as an enemy combatant. This classification entails the loss of your habeas corpus rights as a citizen under the U.S. constitution. Enemy combatants then fall into two categories. Enemy combatants who wear uniforms and follow the rules of war are subject to the Geneva Convention. Those who do not have no such protections. For centuries, the laws of war have allowed the summary execution of enemy combatants who seek to conceal their activities and do not follow the rules.

      Once in a while, we need to remind people of certain things. Your motivation, upbringing, thought process, feelings and circumstances are not relevant; you will be hanged for treason.

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  2. One of our local animal shelters lets people sponsor units for new dogs coming in. They are kind of like cells in that they are rooms with access to a small outdoor area and they have a cot on the floor. Actually, they are better than this sounds. But anyway, as a donor you can have your name on on the unit as a sponsor.

    The feds could do that for Gitmo accommodations. I’d donate some money for a cell for Eric Holder. Funds could be applied to Building That Wall.

    Also, think what a fabulous fundraising opportunity it could be if we developed tourism to Gitmo! I’d pay for a trip down there to walk down the hall and peer in at Holder, Clinton, Comey, Brennan, etc., wearing orange jumpsuits. Again, the feds could raise money to fund the wall construction. I bet I’m not the only one, either. I’d happily stand outside the fence and watch Hillary kick a soccer ball to Clapper…

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    1. Hillarious! (see what I did there?). Oh yes, that is a vision to behold and we do need to see it with our own eyes. Once locked up, I think when the pics come out and memes run rampant and MSM won’t be able to ignore it, it would be equivalent to modern days head on a spike. Everyone will get the picture.

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      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        You could make bank on little excursions to Gitmo to see the facilities and stare at the inmates. It would be the most awesome thing. Who WOULDN’T want to go see these horrible people behind bars with our own eyes?

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      1. After you say your piece, turn your back and kick/scratch the dust behind you and walk off.

        That is what like cats did when they didn’t like the smell or taste of the food they were offered. In fact, the cats were implying that the proffered food was sh-+ by replicating the burial of excrement ceremony they performed in the litter box. In doing this, you wouldn’t have to say a word.

        I think this is also Biblical – “But they shook off the dust from their feet against them and went to Iconium.”

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        1. Oh, there are a lot of non verbal gestures that can be used, of course. Everything from “You’re number one!” but with a finger that isn’t the index finger on up, though if these guys don’t own cats, they might not get the one you’re suggesting.

          And in any case…they’d be supplements to the verbal component, at least if it were me.


  3. Something is going on! I can’t put my finger on it but there have been signs over the past few days.

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        1. From the article linked above:

          More than 400 former employees of the Justice Department have signed a statement released Tuesday opposing President Donald Trump’s appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general.

          Because Whitaker hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate, his qualifications have not been publicly reviewed and there’s been no vetting for potential conflicts of interest, they say.

          “Because of our respect for our oaths of office and our personal experiences carrying out the Department’s mission, we are disturbed by the President’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker to serve as Acting Attorney General,” the statement says.

          Also Senator Grassley scared those within the FBI today by sending the BUFFOON Wray a letter about the FBI raid of Nate Cain.

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          1. From the article linked above:

            In the wake of a bombshell Daily Caller News Foundation investigative report late last week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley demanded answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray about a Nov. 19 bureau raid on the home of a recognized whistleblower.

            Grassley further asked Wray if the FBI was “aware at the time of the raid that Mr. Cain had made what appeared to be lawful disclosures to the Inspector General? If so, was the FBI aware that these disclosures were passed to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, per the [act]?”

            Grassley also asked Wray of “the basis” for there raid and to provide a copy of the original warrant and all supporting documents.


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            1. I’m sure Cain told the FBI raiders he was a protected whistle blower when they knocked on his door…at that point wouldn’t true blue FBI agents (if they had not known he was was at the time) contacted superiors BEFORE they then proceeded to ransack his house for 6 hours? this is what troubles me…we hear about the really good and honest rank and file out there, but it seems they never get the call do conduct the raids…

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          1. The US media is not under US control. I don’t know whose control it is under, but these people HATE America.

            They ALLOW certain information, and we mistake it for approval. No. They ALLOW enough of the information they DON’T LIKE to appear neutral to a deceived populace.

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            1. That’s a good point.

              I consider it All under Globalist Control…since the same propaganda shows up in the media around the globe.

              The same False Narratives.
              The same phrases and sound bites, translated for the various audiences around the world.

              When Pelosi rambled on about “The Wrap-up Smear”, she was blabbing about a part of the process.

              It was dismissed and quickly regarded as ‘nothing to see here, move along’.
              She wasn’t supposed to talk about that.

              That’s why Q posted it.
              It was confirmation of what ‘They’ do.

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              1. since the Saudi “assassination” of Khashoggi is back in the news, thank you Lindsay Graham, yahoo commenters are back to screaming that a US CITIZEN was murdered and POTUS doesn’t care. as many times as they are corrected, the same people repeat it over and over–it’s like they’re …oh I don’t know…bots or something…lol…

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  4. March them in fast and furious. John Solomon emails, ok. wish list, ok.
    Deep state funeral today, got it. A few more hours to a new day. Can we have a very MAGA Christmas….now?

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  5. Ok, now I KNOW for sure that SD has been taken over by pod-creatures!

    There is a whole post over there, debunking the theories around the other redacted investigations that General Flynn is involved in as being related to anything positive for our side. His source for this? The NEW YORK TIMES!

    Yep, ole SD has decided that the Deep State organ of choice is a reliable source of what documents coming out of the Mueller investigation REALLY mean. It’s all about Turkish lobbying. Nothing to see here. Nothing is happening.

    Good grief! I want to be able to post over there SO BAD! All those people hanging on every word of this negativity and Eeyore-ism. It’s just wrong, and there’s nobody left to combat it (even if they were allowed to).

    I am so disappointed.

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    1. I read the article. It’s vintage sundance IMO. While his choice of a source is stunningly obtuse, he wraps up the whole thing and dyes it black. We’re not still entertaining speculation that MuleDeer is one of the good guys are we?

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      1. I rebel against taking a side re: Mueller and being stubborn enough to ignore any evidence that MIGHT point to the contrary. I also am completely turned off by those who ridicule people of their same ideological bent who have different ideas about some topics. The focus is on who is right (so they can say “I told you so”) instead of on being a unified movement of people striving for the same goals.

        It looks as if Mueller is a bad guy, and Pres. Trump occasionally tweets about the “witch hunt”; but everything is not always as it seems. My mind is open about it, and I resent “experts” who insist they are right. They might be, but their correctness isn’t what’s important to me; it’s only important to them or to sheeplike followers. (But we’re not the sheep in this fight.) If they are correct, it means nothing. It doesn’t make them smarter, it doesn’t make them some kind of insider, and it doesn’t make them someone I should follow without question.

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    2. I read it. Nyt jumped at me too. I thought sarcasm at first but the end of the post wss eeyore. Someone said she thought eeyores werent allowed but his reply said hes being realistic.

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    3. I had the same reaction: He is quoting the NYTimes?!? Of note to me is that Flynn is said to have been cooperating in investigations, plural, but SD accepts what the Times says about ONE other investigation — Turkish lobbying — and says that’s it; nothing else to see.

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    4. Not only is he quoting the Slimes, he is SELECTIVELY MISQUOTING – He is clearly and, possibly deliberately, lying.

      The article references Flynn’s help in “…. several unspecified but continuing investigations.” (see middle of 3’rd para of referenced NYT art). The article then speculates about what ONE of these SEVERAL investigations may be …..

      SD then STRAWMAN’S his entire post by PRETENDING that there is ONLY ONE other investigation and that is has been debunked.

      The very source he cites, reproduced in his own post, proves him wrong. That entire post is worthless …

      My children did better than this in primary school ….

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      1. Paul Sperry is saying the same – lots more at his tweeter feed

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          1. Maybe in the 9 PM tweet he was implying that he had more information, than he had in the 11 AM tweet?

            Since, you know…he used the word “Breaking”.

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      2. He is clearly and, possibly deliberately, lying.

        A lie by definition must be deliberate. So he’s either lying, or being seriously sloppy in his logic. Given some of the past things and his recent irrational behavior, I can’t exclude the latter possibility.

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            1. Actually, a good question. The more irrational SD appears, the less important it should be that I got banned.

              To be banned by someone you respect hurts like hell – if there is diminishing respect – then, “meh” is the appropriate response.

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              1. The problem is, knowing something does not immediately re-wire you brain. I takes time for that knowledge to change you.

                Hence the emotional reaction to something you have already decided to let go of – the old wiring persists, and will only wither if truly not stimulated.

                So best course of action is to ignore the TH – and then they won’t matter, initially due to the ignoring, and eventually due to the lost wiring.

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              2. As did we all, Aubergine. It is painful when human beings let us down after we trust them, but I guess it reminds me to depend only on the Lord with whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” The verse is Janes 1;17.

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              3. After 4 years of CTH being my #1 site I seldom go back now, but did briefly yesterday and it felt so foreign and strange there. Left quickly. So true about the rewiring JasonD. I am happy in my new home here. 🙂

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        1. “A lie by definition must be deliberate.”

          I would correct this to say “A lie by ONE definition must be deliberate.”

          Did Patriot General Flynn “lie” to the Fibbies? The word “sanctions” did come up in the brief conversation he had with the Russian official, but nothing substantive about them were discussed. IIRC, it was merely that the topic of discussing them later was raised.

          Mule-head called this a lie … though many others disagreed.

          I learned back in high school that – assorting to one analysis – that 90% of arguments between people are specious, in that one person may use a definition (sense) of a particular word one way, but the other person may take that particular word in another way.

          The fallacy here is called “equivocation” … and the sense of this word, as it’s used in logic, is somewhat different than the usual sense (say, “talking out of both sides of ones mouth”).

          So – is a “lie” an “untruth”? A “falsehood”? An “error”? And, there are errors of commission … and errors of omission. Must one have a perfect memory of all that one has said or done, under penalty of being branded a “liar” for misremembering, or of taking another’s word to mean something different than was intended by them?

          It gets very complex. I’ve known people – who lie to themselves – who’ve said things that (to my perception) they BELIEVE are true. And yet, I’ve found them to be lying – even without consciousness of those statements being lies.

          From Kung Fu (paraphrase, but almost exact):

          [Character “Master Kahn”]: “All words are both part-false, and part-true, limited by our imperfect understanding”

          Also consider the US Judiciary witness oath, wherein one swears to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” The middle phrase guards against lies of omission … but consider that NO ONE is able to fully recreate from memory what happened (both text, and context) in the past.

          I could go on … but I think it’s enough!

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    1. if i can give some advice – twitter is a disease. television news any kind even hometown peppy jan down at channel 4. facebook you should get off or be on under a pseudonym if you have to log in for ultra important cant live without.

      hate to be pessimistic. they are all fake. at this point lets just wait for the president or other reliable sources such as the theme to this site.

      not one person on twitter is goimg to know anything i guarntee. they will tell you when it happens. with all their clappy handa emojis and what not. all fake and late.

      all. of them.


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