The Q Tablet

This is just a GREAT perspective on Q – very similar to my own – and I recommend that everybody check it out.  Big fan of the quality journalism on Tablet “Magazine” – this is no exception.  The mystery of Q articulated very nicely.


Link here:

What this amounts to, is just a very smart, reasoned, skeptical yet honest opinion about Q.  Our resident Q skeptics AND Q believers are both going to LOVE this.

You will not find the answers here, but you will know what some of the best questions should be.

Let this show y’all why I have always respected Tablet Mag.  A still-great corner of old journalism, inexplicably still hanging around. 😀



122 thoughts on “The Q Tablet

        1. It IS an excellent read!! I believe I read this on your twitter feed? it sums up what REX has been posting and ties in with Wictor and Brain Cates–who are Q skeptics at best…It’s why I give Q the benefit of the doubt–cuz everyone seems united (with the notable exception of you know who)–Praying Medic and Lisa Mei—Just too many super smart people KNOW Donald J Trump would Never have agreed to run for POTUS–without a PLAN! A, B C etc…Art of WAR ;Art of the DEAL…
          Flynn’s NO JAIL recommendation today feels like a GREAT BIG WIN TODAY!!! WOOHOO!!

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        1. Not knowing where you’re at with it, forgive me for spelling out what I have …

          The reference is to the Ridley Scott movie White Squall, which references the “Calm before the Storm” quote of POTUS (relatively minor), but tellingly the Q catch cry WWG1WGA

          So my take away is that POTUS is signalling full endorsement of Q – hence me clambering on board at this late stage … 🙂

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          1. That seems a thin reed to me, because PDJT may have liked the movie simply because of the Calm Before The Storm quote.

            The whole thing that Q is either closely tied to the administration OR he would have been crushed by Trump is in my humble opinion, a false dichotomy. It’s possible Trump thinks it’s harmless or a useful troll of the Yellow Stream Media and Leftists (but I repeat myself) and tolerates it.

            There are a lot of putative “proofs” that are suggestive (not ironclad), and there are a lot that seem to be real “reaches.” The one thing that is certain is Trump is certainly aware of Q and hasn’t spoken out against him/them yet.

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            1. To purposefully tweet the source of WWG1WGA by POTUS is a slam dunk for me – Forget the Calm before the Storm, its the Q tagline that matters.

              This tweet was done to shore up disappointed troops – This was supposed to be the beginning of justice being delivered, only to be delayed by GHWB.

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              1. (And on a side note, people have posted rumors that Mueller is wrapping up AND there’s going to be a break in the Klinton Foundation stuff…If so even the Old Bush can’t stop it…

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              2. Well, every successful delay by them gives them a chance to fight on. These vipers are dangerous. So I am not very sanguine about the delay, but one cannot expect zero resistance when you accept what you are up against. These snakes are many, well funded and dug in …

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              3. Sure, and the wheels of justice grind on. I can see furious last minute plea deals, bargaining for clemency, whatever. Or none of it – who the hell knows?


              4. Sure, the true sceptic position – I hear you. But Scott Free shifted me to the other side of the line. Does not mean I put my scepticism away ..


              5. Ah, actually that’s a different question than the one I had been addressing, which was the number of people who imagine they know more about the situation than PDJT does. Wasn’t an attempt to talk about Q-proofs at all.

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            2. Steve! !000% Agree!! I am a pragmatic and HOPEFUL Q follower..there ARE lots of proofs–and lots of “reaches” like you said.. My First Q proofs that made ME look… Potus 45 got 2 Jerseys with #17 instead of #45.. silly– but made me take note…The honk from the motorcade, the Q shirts at the rallies–and then the people I met at Ohio rally SO many Q people… \

              Again—I am fine if Q is only a rally cry of Patriots–CUZ IT IS!!! and there is NOTHING wrong with a Rally of Patriots!!

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              1. The proof that got me, really really really made me stop in my tracks and think for real, “I think there is something to this.” was the one with the water.

                I can’t remember what it was about but it was tied to water, and right after Q posted about it there was a video released of PDJT and Pence and some others in a meeting and they were talking and then suddenly right out of nowhere PDJT picks up his water bottle off the table where it was placed next to his glass and he set it on the floor next to his chair. It wasn’t in the way, he wasn’t making room for papers or arm movements. It was deliberately done and with slightly exaggerated motions.

                And half a beat after PDJT did that, so did Mike Pence. Same deal. Not making room for something, not getting it out of the way, just out of left field he sets his bottle on the floor, and again with the slightly exaggerated motions. It was quite overtly done.

                I’ve spent 30 years of my life sitting in meetings just like that. I have never seen anyone do something like that much less two people one right after the other. It was quite noticeable.

                I wish I could remember what it was in regards to!!!! It sounds crazy when I try to explain it.

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            3. @SteveInCO: “The whole thing that Q is either closely tied to the administration OR he would have been crushed by Trump is in my humble opinion, a false dichotomy.”

              I have not seen that argument, but a different one: SD and others have said that Q is HARMING Pres. Trump. If that were the case, all Trump would have to do is denounce Q. Very simple. There is no way he would allow a movement detrimental to his agenda to continue invoking his name.

              My opinion is that Q is not harming Trump or MAGA, and is helping in a number of ways.

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  1. It is good you can’t hear me because I am literally squealing with delight. I’m not that familiar with The Tablet, except to say that every single one of the few things I have read from The Tablet have been incredibly thoughtful and thought provoking pieces and just a joy to read.

    So the prospects of reading about Q being treated in such a way is tremendously exciting. I have to run out for awhile but I will be impatient to get back here and read this. I can’t wait, I just bet it will be a pleasure. Thanks for finding it and posting it for us. What a treat!

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      1. I’ve been missing your rapier wit! Welcome to the City of the Banned.

        Please know that a bunch of people have been banned just because they posted here. Nothing controversial, just banned. So coming here is a bit like sneaking out to smoke behind the gym when you were in HS. Who is watching and reporting and WHY is all one big mystery.

        This is a great place to hang out, so if you too end up banned from Over There, you can come here. You don’t have to be a Q adherent, just tolerant of those who are.

        If you are bored, you can read a bunch of threads from around Veteran’s Day when so many of us got banned and can find out what happened. Not that any of us really knows what happened or why, it just did. Strange days indeed!

        Good to see you, my friend.

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        1. The Treehouse is not feeling as friendly of late and I have been missing some of the regulars.

          Q is sort of like PT, shook the tree a little so some fell out on different sides. Nice to be amongst friends.

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    1. Yep – the Tablet and Ted Mann are going on my links list.

      This is the quality writing I love from Daniel Greenfield @ Sultan Knish and love his posts @ Front Page too.

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  2. I came across the anon almost at the beginning. I remember the autists digging deep and all the flights in December a year ago that were just weird. And finding out that there are people out there who watch aviation like my mother watches Blue Bloods. All those people who died in plane crashes about a year ago that was starting to resemble the bankers “committing suicide” world wide a few years back. The anon held steady. He/she/it was an anchor during all that.

    The idea that this entity, this anon, wasn’t giving info out, but asking autists to dig for readily available but suppressed information is foreign to a media that gets its power and influence from being “experts.” The anon undermines their authority in many ways. The interpretation of the data is different when applied at 30K feet rather than on the ground.

    It’s been one hell of a ride – and, yes, once upon a time, roller coasters were a steady amusement here.

    Given my specific background, this was easy to fall into and enjoy. The rest of my circle, not so much. BUT, that does not make it not true, and it does not change the fact that we are at war, information fog is involved, and there is an emotional barrier humans put up when deeply held convictions are challenged. IMO, that is the hardest thing to break through, and will be the biggest challenge for the anon in the end.

    In the meantime, theater and the movies can be a guilty pleasure. There is no reason not to enjoy the show.

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    1. I agree!! and One of my favorite aspects of Q is the autists!! THey are AHMAZING and it’s like GOD is using their unique Abilities to make the world a better place!!! Smiling from ear to ear!!

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    2. I started with 4chan and the autists! I loved their twisted play on “capture the flag” with Shia LaBeouf and his “He will not divide us” (a hit on POTUS45) flag! Those guys found that flag in a remote TN field using just a picture Shia posted online! From a photo they gauged wind direction, weather, grass types and a host of other little tidbits and found the flag in less than 24 hours! Every time Shia moved the flag they were on it! It was so much fun…until the FBI came in and asked them to help them find someone. The autists were silent for some time after that. I moved to 8chan with Q but the shills are creating a hostile environment over there so I just use the Qmap now.

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  3. Thanks Wolf,
    “The same way an autist can’t stand something like magazines left in disorder on a coffee table, they can’t stand living with obvious contradictions and lies. So, they are highly motivated truth-seekers. I think most of us are, to the degree that we have time; but where do you find it? The truth is a needle and out there are a thousand haystacks.”
    That’s how I feel about this whole DS behavior. I keep looking for that truth out there in the haystack! It lead me to CTH and now here. Keep up the great work!

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  4. IMO…The guy sounds like he’s trying to delegitimize and diminish Q and its impact. I’m wondering if it was a planted story.


      1. His characterization of the anons is pretty skewed. He looks at them as a static entity and they are evolving. Doesn’t address the energy behind the Q phenomenon.

        There are other things which I can convey directly to you.

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        1. Well, yeah…sort of…but Mann is writing with both feet planted in the Writers Guild.

          He’s throwing down a marker, though.

          He is basically saying, “Hey guys, I think this Q thing might be for real.”

          Hollywood stood up and took notice of the Autists after they completely made a fool of Shia LeBoef.
          Remember that?

          So Mann is saying, if these super-sleuth puzzle-solvers have accepted Q…then there is something here.

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  5. I respect NYGuy and his analysis very much, having had the pleasure of his insightful conversation.

    But IMO this article is a breakthrough to objectivity.

    The factual rendering underlying the opinion is so balanced, it has a shocking effect: OMG, it CAN be done!

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    1. “There’s a lot more to the Q anon story, but you’d never believe me if I told you now.” Hmmmm….ya think? Yet another great source – had not heard of this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Wolfie!

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  6. Great article and I have always had the belief that Autists are here for a very important reason. They know humanity needs to change. They see what you and I don’t and may very well be those Indigo children we speak of or the new “old souls”. I take them very serious. Therefore Q is good. Q is real.

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      1. I appreciate your life. My grandson is an old soul with the attributes of an Indigo. At 16 He is in the International Baccalaureate program and also a gifted musician who is a member of Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music’s Youth symphony. He says his greatest accomplishment so far is his compassion for others and “we are all humans so there is no need for bickering over differences”. When I first started following Q last year I ask him what he thought. He encouraged me to always be accepting of everyone’s equation to life. So here I am. I thank God for this child every day.

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    1. I had never heard of Indigo children – that being a New Age concept.

      As a Christian, I believe GOD is sovereign and gifts each human with time, talent and guidance, resources, influences, and of course His Spirit and Word, which if they are born of the Spirit, they will recognize, want to follow….

      Some are given great talents and abilities in writing, art, music, perception of people, truth/lies, discernment of spiritual matters, ability to teach, lead, convey truth. Sometimes we call it ‘genius’.

      For example – In our President, we are seeing a genius of sorts (in business, leadership, strategy) in action, but one with compassion, collegiality and sociability (not a brilliant person who withdraws and hides like Bobby Fischer, for example) and one with courage/guts/balls!

      Man O Man!

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  7. About an hour before reading this, I was talking to my son about the Scott Free tweet, and everything Trump / Q related that I was aware of. I was discussing Kashoggi, the Suadi’s, the CIA and the TTowers collapse and then it hit me – the theory that I had heard re demolition was true – there was no way it was not.

    As I was talking, I accepted what I had hitherto refused to hear – there is no way the first floor to collapse could have done so in a horizontal orientation – no way. Forget about the temp’s required and all that – that is true, but not required for what I realised. I know I am late to this and embarrassed I am.

    If the fuel / heat source is in one corner of the structure, the point of first failure will necessarily be close to the source, where the heat is most intense. All footage shows the fire to be asymmetrical, as it obviously had to be.

    So a lopsided failure is the only possibility result – you don’t need to know anything else. That a pancake failure was achieved proves precision detonation of demolition charges – nothing else is required to be known.

    A non symmetrically located failure initiator could not have done what was witnessed. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. Work it out the details from there.

    Sorry it took me so long, but my mind is now a bit closer to Scott Free than is was yesterday.

    So first state visit to Saudi, the animus of between POTUS and the CIA – all makes sense.

    This is way bigger than I realised. I know many of you here are tut tutting me for my slowness. Give me time, I’m learning …

    Great article, learnt much that I had heard referenced here but that I was not interested in before …

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    1. PS, I now understand why this site will not survive – Take Wolf’s words seriously – prepare to meet elsewhere …

      Gitmo, treason, Military justice – IT ALL ADDS UP NOW. THIS IS GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN TEXAS …

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      1. I dunno, Jason.

        This article on Tablet Mag today gives me hope that this site *will* survive.

        Here’s a Hollywood writer, Ted Mann, writing about the Q Phenomenon as something other than a ‘conspiracy theory’.
        He’s not dismissing it…like all the other institutional writers out there, both Left and Right, have done.

        “You can’t stop the signal, Mal.”

        All the ones who have been so desperate to quash the Q thing…have only caused more and more people to notice it and thus, want to learn more about it.

        I think we have reached the point where the Q-quashers are going to say, “Why bother.”

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        1. Well the enemies of Q include elements of the CIA, FBI, ex Presidents, etc etc..

          So NOT to prepare is unwise. Wolf has warned us, and I have a better grasp of why today. Does not mean it WILL go dark …

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            1. Oh, I agree they have BIG problems, with limited power.

              But backed up to a wall, engaging in Info Wars, where they DO have power – cornered rats will do seemingly irrational things – just last minute lashing out to wreck as much as they can, maybe. What do I know re this stuff? Precious little. But I have seen people do spiteful stuff just for its own sake.

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    2. Hello JasonD. Maybe I missed something somewhere. What is the connection between “Scott Free” and the TTower demolition? I read about the company and the movie and the trailers etc. But I must have missed the connection to the demolition.

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      1. Sorry, that was a bit of a stream of consciousness – I just laid out the process by which I realised that 9/11 was an inside job. Scott Free made me realise that Q was legit as far as POTUS was concerned, so my mind was open to accepting new connections. Whilst talking to my son in this state of mind – I suddenly realised what people meant when they said that “a pancaking failure” of the twin tower floors was impossible under the fire scenario.

        I have been resisting this notion sub-consciously for years. I had seen the building 7 puffs of smoke, so I was suspicious – just not enough to make the leap ..

        Now DJT queried this failure mode immediately after 9/11 – HE KNOWS

        Wolfmoon knows – see Eckert’s Law post. He is not saying it directly, but IMO the post implies that he knows.

        PDJT went to Sauidi Arabia on his FIRST state visit – this was a BIG signal.

        The CIA is targeting PDJT (Halper) and MBS of Saudi A – the CIA most likely enabled 9/11

        GHWB knew, or was involved. This whole thing is a corrupt stinking pile of TREASON on a scale that will shock the world.

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          1. Yup. I saw another video years ago showing simultaneous puffs of smoke, vertically aligned, coming out the windows. It intrigued me, but there was nothing to be gained by dwelling on it. It could have been edited footage, whatever.

            But I am now thinking it is all tied in to DJT, and what he knows …

            Hence Spygate was critical to stop him …

            My brain is speculation city at the moment 🙂

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            1. Watching fully-fueled Asian 747 explode on a runway convinced me…that there was something to the (engineers and demolition experts) theory that the truther claims were not lacking in evidence. I confess to have spent a lot of time watching videos/reading reports.

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      2. PS, re Scott Free …

        Not knowing where you’re at with it, forgive me for spelling out what I have …

        The reference is to the Ridley Scott movie White Squall, which references the “Calm before the Storm” quote of POTUS (relatively minor), but tellingly the Q catch cry WWG1WGA

        So my take away is that POTUS is signalling full endorsement of Q

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          1. Yep, as I said to Steve up thread, I have shifted to the other side of the line re POTUS’s knowledge / endorsement.

            And hence yes to Pence knowing /endorsing.

            So I am now obviously able to imagine a bigger picture ..

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    3. You’re wrong but I know you’ll never admit it.

      There primary reason the towers pancaked is because they were constructed almost perfectly vertical AND the outer walls have no support purpose. The support for the buildings were at the center – similar to a refrigerator where the shelves hang from the walls. Think of a pegboard with all those metal rods hanging off of it. The floors of the WTC towers were hanging off the center support column.

      The heat which destroyed the temper of the steel supports came from the artificial materials used in the furnishings & office equipment, plus the jet fuel.

      A horrible tragedy that COULD have been avoided by proper intelligence work. One more thing – the original date the mooslime picked for the deed was 9/11/2000. This was picked up by eavesdropping on al-Qaida websites and phone taps. Because the date came and went, the intelligence agencies figured it was just idle chatter that never progressed into planning.

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      1. Nice to know that you know what I will or won’t admit to. Being a mind reader represents awesome power – I trust that you wield it judiciously?

        I have always rejected the “conspiracy notion” until I came to this site. There are many posters here who are my intellectual equals / betters who are have been looking at this far longer than me who accept the FF notion. I only moved to this view as possible / likely today – so I am hardly set in this view.

        I am more than happy to look at both sides, because the truth is what interests me.

        A quick look at Wiki shows that there were 60 perimeter columns, sharing gravity loads with 47 central columns.

        So right there your claim looks debunked.

        Even forgetting about the load sharing of the perimeter columns leaves you with the problem of simultaneous failure across 47 central columns to allow for pancaking – you post has not addressed this in the least.

        I am happy to look at anything you present – I do not like my current conclusion since it involves extreme distrust of quasi government entities – not a good place to be.

        Please help me change my mind on this – I would welcome it.


  8. Excellent read, Wolfie. Thanks so much.

    This brings up another reason I am enjoying Wolfmoon’s new site – I have received some excellent recommendations for new-to-me blogs & tweeters to follow. It’s like a breath of fresh air, and so timely because it gives me even MORE reasons to stay positive about everything.

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      1. Wolf I’m the last person you gotta worry about responding to! I know you’re busy and don’t have time to respond to every comment. I’m just grateful that you created a refuge here for us refugees. I’m feeling more at home here more and more everyday. In fact, this is my first go to place now. ☺️

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        1. On the tweet, you will see a little down-arrow in the right-hand upper corner.

          It’s like one of these > < …but pointing down.

          Click on that.

          You'll get a drop down menu.
          Click on the top thing on that menu.

          The embed-link will automatically be stored for you, to paste it here.

          Open up a comment box and paste it into it.
          I always do a 'return' after the end of the tweet link, just to be on the safe side, before hitting "post comment".

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          1. Thank you, Wheatie. I did that in my second attempt, but not sure which one I chose from the drop down (will know now). I think I went for embed. That 2nd attempt is now in moderation so I’ll have to see what comes out of it before trying a third time. I’m just making a mess over there. 😛

            Yep, I remember the line space before and after. I can paste pics, just so far not tweets. I will learn!

            Thank you!

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      1. Oh, YEAH!!! Another hidden investigation. Almost as if there was a bunch of stuff going on in secret, like a sting, perhaps, sort of like someone suggested long ago.

        The same someone who says it’s ridiculous now.

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            1. The problem is, disinfo is also being played, so proofs one way or the other are really tough.

              That is why it took the Scott Free tweet to get me to step over the line – it is a signal that, at the very least, POTUS knows and endorses Q – for me, anyway.

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              1. The problem is, disinfo is also being played, so proofs one way or the other are really tough.

                Actually this verges on insanity.

                If Q states something that turns out to be true, it’s evidence that he’s connected.
                If Q states something that turns out to be false; welllll….it’s deliberate disinformation, so you can disregard it.

                If those are the rules NO piece of evidence can be used to prove that Q isn’t the real deal. It’s unfalsifiable. And of course the anti-Qer can do this:

                If Q states something that turns out to be false, it’s evidence that he’s a fake.
                If Q states something that turns out to be true, it’s coincidence.

                [side note/nit–one could do a statistcal analysis to show whether or not Q is right more or less than would be called for by random chance. But roll with me…]

                So you’re right–it’s darn difficult.

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              2. The problems you lay out is WHY this kind of info war is still being used – it messes with everyone. The enemy cannot determine the truth either.

                Hence why it took an APPARENT endorsement from PDJT to get me over the line re my disposition towards Q. This does not solve the problem re what specific drop to accept as “Going to happen” vs “Messing with the DS”

                But it leave me feeling more optimistic – which is better than that mob “over there” are feeling 🙂

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            2. Reading this and below, (last stop is here to reply, maybe I should move up to reply so you can, but you don’t have to.) We had a conversation once on Q needing plausible deniability. Q and POTUS require a degree of separation or the gig is up, thus it will always be this way unless Q or POTUS wish to go public with their relationship.

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      1. It’s only two new ones…so far…so maybe just add them to your post of the new Open Thread?

        Q’s first post tonight mentions Gen Flynn.


  9. Another great tweet from wolfmoon, this one in reply to the Catherine Clements tweet he posted:

    Also, did you notice that she directed her tweet at Jack Posobiec and his friend Polish Patriot?

    This is Polish Patriot’s position on Q:

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