Deplorable Level Five

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Thanks to Elizabeth Carter for reminding us of this video.

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363 thoughts on “Deplorable Level Five

  1. Wolfmoon,
    Thank you. I feel honored. It is happening. I am so glad to have the opportunity to share this amazing change in our world with all of you. Thank you for what you are doing.

    Globalism is dead.
    Thank God.

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      1. Sylvia,

        Found a discussion on CTH re this site, and finally relocated address.
        I am so glad to see your name…so many unfamiliar over there.
        You were one I looked for, such a grand sense of humor you have, quick wits.
        I am so glad to get back over here in addition to CTH.
        so happy.

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        1. Piper, I’m really glad to see you but be careful please! A number of people have been banned at CTH just because they posted here. So now that we know that is happening I want to be sure people know that!

          And thanks for coming here, Wolfmoon is taking good care of us and so many are here it feels quite homey. I always stopped to read your posts, too!

          Just be careful. You may want to just lurk and like or something so you don’t get the CTH Ban Hammer.

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    1. Not so quick on the “globalism dead”, Elizabeth!!! The Luciferian’s will stop at nothing to achieve their corrupt and evil scheme!

      Eventually, a Satan empowered one world leader arises to take mankind down the pathway of total human genocide!

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  2. Sorry, for the repost here, but this is where it belongs …

    Where can I lodge my objections to PDJT? I am outraged, I tell you – OUTRAGED.

    I have laboured for a year to determine what the heck is going on. I read the tea leaves, gutted the chicken and examined the entrails. I have read every tweet and report of POTUS’s utterings and watched every TV clip of interviews given.

    Based on this I determined that there was a sting in play and that Mr Rat Rosie was a White Hat, adored and cherished by POTUS. RR was the loyal deputy doing the hard undercover yards for his brilliant boss.

    I mean, when I heard that PDJT spent over 3 hrs being debriefed on the OIG report by RR, I just knew that RR was his deputy – no two ways about it. There was no way that a POTUS would spend this much time in the company of a traitor -this was IMPOSSIBLE to conceive. So that was a lock for me and I converted Curry Worsham to my view based on this evidence. We furiously agreed that there was no other explanation. I mean, I considered the alternative view, that PDJT would play along with RR for a different version of the sting, but instantly dismissed this as simply unrealistic – DJT was POTUS, with the weight of the world on his shoulders and simply could not afford the time to for this kind of role playing.

    Man, was I wrong – POTUS has played everyone for the perfect sting – He took it to a level considered impossible by his supporters (OK, maybe just me).


    I look forward to RR and Mulehead being charged with glee and anticipation!!!

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    1. On second thoughts, after reading latest drops, I will reserve all speculation until the fat lady has sung.

      The VSG continues to confuse me – so confused I will remain until the last note is played.

      Let confusion reign, particularly amongst the black hats – whomsoever they may be!!!

      The confusion does not extend to my level of hope for justice – that is at a max ….

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      1. I don’t know if you know this, but the “fat ladies” were forced to go on diets. More than one had gastric bypass because not many could get work.

        Yet another thing foisted on the world by the globalists.

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        1. Thanks, I did not know that – filing that away for dinner conversation, sometime and somewhere. I’ll have to think very carefully about how the hostess will take the story, and whether it is best told to a plus -size hostess, or a skinny one.

          Oh dear, these conundrums that we encounter … 🙂

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          1. Yup, Art of War indeed.

            The internet era is increasing the flowrate of information and the full spectrum of information is in play – from hard truth to total lies, and every combo in between.

            When leftists feel emboldened to enact laws to say that there is no difference between a male and a female – then a tipping point has been crossed.

            Its getting somewhat interesting to navigate these shoals …

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            1. I’m referring specifically to the disinformation that I believe is being put out by POTUS, Q and certain allies.
              It’s intended to keep EVERYBODY guessing – not just the Black Hats.
              And it’s working like gangbusters.
              They have no idea what’s coming.
              And neither do we!

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              1. Yup, I got that – then I went off on a tangent to the general case, which PDJT/Q is using masterfully for maximal effect.

                You describe the set up concisely and to a T!

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              2. Some days it’s quite amusing to watch, especially when the talking heads are getting no leaks to be able to tell us what to think about it all. It’s pretty funny.

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            2. “When leftists feel emboldened to enact laws to say that there is no difference between a male and a female – then a tipping point has been crossed.”

              This thought crosses my mind almost every day. It is the sort of thought that makes you want to stop people in the street and say “Can’t you SEE what is happening!”

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              1. Shortly after I found Wolf et al here I did a longish post about the work of Dr Ian McGilchrist – his magnum opus “The Master and His Emissary”, deals with left / right brain hemispheric specialisation.

                Long story short, people under the influence of a strongly manifested ego suppress input from their right brains hemi’s which gives them a very stunted view / understanding of the world. This appears to account for the decline of civilisations – he uses the art that a civilisation produces to demonstrate this effect. Look no further than modern art to realise that something is “off” with western civ.

                Very interesting ideas …

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              2. Look him up on Youtube – he’s done a few lectures / presentations. Some are better than others due to the availability of his slides.

                He is not a dynamic speaker, but the subject matter is riveting.

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            1. No, I didn’t.
              I thought posting about a certain point of view on THAT site got you banned.
              So we’ll see…
              The fact that none of this makes sense, leads me to look for another explanation.

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              1. Well there’s one prominent (but infrequent) poster here who hasn’t been banned there. I won’t name names, in case it was an oversight on their part (maybe their spying isn’t granular enough).

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              2. Hi Marica! I just got here myself, although I’m not banned from CTH (yet) like apparently everybody else here. But I’m working on it!
                Welcome to the Banned Wagon!


    2. yeah – i replied to your original post! 🙂

      don’t have the full blown wp account, and i choose not to be alerted through email either, so i often am so far behind the game in posts, that if i randomly answer someone and never get back it’s because i just can’t find the message anymore because of all the new ones.

      i do try and revisit some of course on purpose for one reason or another. but thank you everyone here and wolf for the place to be.

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      1. I answered a post of yours a couple of days ago re Jungian Synchronicity that I thought you may like, but you may have missed it …

        It will be too hard to track down now – this site is growing apace. 🙂

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        1. I have a long reply to your synchronicity post when the subject comes up again and it seems appropriate to post it. It is just a personal experience I saved in Word for the right time, meaning a slow period.

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          1. Tona, that would be great, I actually plan to blog about my experience in moving from an agnostic / sometime scoffing atheist to being a believing Christian.

            This process, which has taken some 16 years, was driven by synchronicity – I now understand it to be the action of the Holy Spirit, but I plan to stick with secular terminology for the forseeable future.

            I have pages of the stuff, deeply intertwined meaningful coincidences that absolutely upended my world – mixing technology with prophecy, dreams etc.

            So please share when the time is right, I am deeply interested in this phenomenological area

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            1. I am 100% there with you. I was a devout agnostic and went on the same trip as you.

              Another story I should write down is when my deceased wife appeared to me in a beautiful, very moving dream. She told me three things, the third of which was prophetic in an unmistakable and mind boggling way. But the other two things let me know that she was with God.

              There will come a time when it will be natural and appropriate to post about these things.

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              1. I am sorry you lost her. This process that I have undergone has changed me profoundly – as well as my relationship with my wife – whom I now see through new eyes .

                I hope to share this all with you sometime after March next year – God willing.

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              2. My current Gift From God lost her husband years before we met. When my current GFG and I met and got married, we both agreed that our respective spouses in heaven got us together with the blessing of God. We still believe that

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              3. With my current totally yes. and the same is true with my first, but in a far more complicated way which directly involves synchronicity in a profound way.

                I will write that down too, to let you know when it is appropriate.

                So wonderful to encounter your interest in this area.

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              4. Yes, absolutely.

                BTW, I have spent the recent years contemplating the idea that it was my purpose in life to be married to my wives, for reasons known best to God but which I can infer.

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              5. Funny you should say that (or perhaps not strange at all, considering what we are talking about) – I told my wife a variation of that very thing last week.
                I told her that I had no choice in the matter – she was the only one for me. I waited years before she was ready to move from friendship to intimacy. She feels the same way now.

                When we look at our now adult children we just want to burst with joy – we have been so blessed. This is especially clear to us as we observe the world and the state of personal relationships

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        1. Can I claim my prize too 🙂

          A bit like all the charlatan climate scammers claiming Nobel prizes …..

          Couldn’t resist – he thanked ALL of us, but after you 🙂

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      2. “One easy trick!”

        If you hit Control F, (the control button and the F key, simultaneously) a little box will appear near the top of your screen.

        Type andrew1979 in the box and a pair of up/down buttons appear, along with a number.

        The number is the number of times andrew1979 appears on that page. And the buttons when pressed take you to the locations of those appearances.

        Thus you can check out the posts replying to your post.

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          1. I am a total tech know nothing, but someone somewhere at sometime posted that information, I tried it and it worked.

            Do not laugh, but it took me years being on the computer before I knew copy and paste even existed.

            All these things for me exist in the general realm “known unknowns” and specific realm “unknown unknowns.”

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            1. No laughing from this guy (So not-a-tech-guy).
              I’m in the same boat. Below the waterline.
              I got some of my know-how the same way over at CTH, mostly from fellow Treepers helping each other, including Ad rem.
              Ironically, the “Tech Age”, for me at least, managed to have a negative effect-it ruined my once-good memory, as I do not have to remember anything for myself anymore, as anything is available at a click.
              Just as ironically, I have become reliant, and perhaps dependent, on this tech.

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            2. I have recently posited a fourth Rumsfeldian category – Unknown knowns. When someone articulates something that you never have yourself, but you instantly say to yourself – “I knew that!”

              Someone puts into words a concept that you have unconsciously grasped previously …

              I would be surprised if I was the first to posit this.

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        1. Tona, how fun is this little story? …

          BTW, thanks for the Ctrl F tip – I first wanted to find the comment of Andrew’s before I thanked you.

          So if you click on the link, that takes you to my reply to Andrew – read it, you will probably enjoy it …

          But the fun is in Andrew’s comment that I replied to – the one you gave me the “One easy trick” for…

          Read Andrew’s opening line and tell me your response 🙂

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            1. So what are we to make of that? …

              I felt somewhat pleasantly surprised by finding TTT’s “scoffers” post just above my Lucifer / ego post yesterday …

              But this is in a whole other category …

              A synchronicity about synchronicity …

              Certainly a keeper.

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              1. Yup – especially on a site dedicated to Q,, where gematria, supposed prescience, etc is the order of business.

                SteveinCO is a big sceptic, – I intend to draw his attention to this little exchange when he is back on deck, to check his reaction.

                I’ll be heading to bed soon, so if you spot him first and are so inclined, point him to this – I can catch up later

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              2. Yeah, me neither. I can totally relate since I WAS one kind of one and now consider myself to be a different kind of one.

                Question everything is a good motto …

                And yes, Steve is very smart, and bloody quick thinking to boot!

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              3. “skeptics” are part and parcel of being able to come up with a more profound and articulated hypothesis. if you have a bunch of yes men following you around you’ll eventually lead yourself back in a circle with no choice but to start eating your own tail just to keep the yes men believing there is a constant flow of flesh blood in the water!

                by the way, the ctrl-f tip was great for those who did not know it. i already knew it, but as the story goes those that know it probably think everyone does! i got my first computer at my house at the age of seven so there are many things i forget are common to me that are not to others.

                i hope i am not destroying jason’s argument to be proposed to steve to get him to be less skeptical – but i seem to not be able to search comments “easily” because i do not have a true wp account. however, i will alert those like me, or anyone in general looking back over comments – many times recently i have gone to the post i KNOW the comment is in, and cannot find it. then i realize after looking elsewhere and making it back to the original post that we have been getting multiple pages of comments recently on a lot of posts, so you have to make sure you click on “older comments” also and then search that page! 😉

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  3. I posted this to the Tremors thread this a.m., because it had to do with Q – It’s from Joe M.
    Reposting here as I was struck by it… D5 takes on another meaning

    That’s why all the gushing from the Trumps and the national day of mourning declared for #D5.

    The NWO will officially be buried on December 5th. #D5

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    2. Up thread or somewhere, twitter post said he’s been on ice since 11-14. How do they know it? Also, I know I missed something huge, because I don’t understand how WHs forced their hand. I know I’m dense, but also know I missed something key. Help. Plz.

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  4. This is the first (cofirmed by Q anyways) of FISA warrants by Huber against DS and/or coup plotters….correct?

    Which would explain the delay in the DECLAS of the coup plotters FISAs till they were able to hoover up more evidence via the white hat FISAs…..

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  5. [Lucis Trust…I would thing the why would be obvious.]

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      1. Remember – these were admirers of Adolph and socialists.

        Pragmatic FDR consequently compromised and floated the New Deal – America’s first Socialist Program.

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  6. I don’t know how much to say on this, but after seeing the Q posters in Europe and the Q patch on the deputy in Florida, I am convinced that the movement has reached such a critical mass that it can no longer be contained or controlled by the global elites. At this point they are just along for the ride. If they are nearly as intelligent as they contend they better be colluding on how to save their own necks. That is the first, last, and only advice they will ever get from me. The nuclear reaction has started and it will not be stopped. I hope to see some photographic evidence of Q idents in Britian and Asia in the coming days. No going back now.

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  7. Lisa has a THREAD – click on tweet – she’s still working on it, so keep going back

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      2. Yup. It’s patently obvious that globalism is no human’s friend.

        As soon as I saw that French cops were no longer listening to the globalist construct Macron, I tweeted this reply:

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            1. Can’t find where to place this, so I just put this right here.
              re-tweet from PrayingMedic

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          1. Yes, police joining protesters signals Macron’s demise.
            All that is left are the remnants of Merkel.
            President Trump (with a little help from Bannon) has retaken Europe without firing a shot. It’s the beginning of the end for the globalists

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      1. Starting to be confused, Sylvia? Then you haven’t been paying attention – I have just realised that I have been confused THE WHOLE TIME …. LOL and 🙂

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            1. Well, I was thinking disoriented but discombobulated is much more colorful and probably more accurate.

              Am I the only one that just heard about this world wide wave thingy that happened on Nov. 11? I haven’t had time yet but need to look that up.

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              1. See my reply to navysquid. I got some information that tells me SD had to get us off there or FOR SURE be closed down. It is not here yet, but it’s coming. I suspect he got tipped from the white hats.

                He did nothing I didn’t advocate doing to Sessions – FIRE ON FRIENDLY POSITIONS to stop the enemy advance.

                He did it as nicely as he could, but he had to do it. It would be insane not to. We have to keep as many channels open as possible, and CTH must stay open.

                We’re gonna get hit. This site will go down.
                Not sure when, but I think soon based on the attacks both here and on Gab right now.

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              2. Officially spooked. Thank you for the explanation, Wolfie. Now, I understand your post about who to let in.
                Something occurred to me last night.
                On CTH, if I ever spoke of Q in prior months, I tried to argue both sides and tried to bring people together. Yet, on Twitter, I commonly reposted support of Q.
                …… and The Last Rfg follows me on Twitter, even though I use a different name on Twitter.
                Dear God, we’re being targeted.
                Gosh, I hope SD and family are okay.

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              3. that was also the day of the paris ww1 100th year gathering. the day the president couldn’t go to the cemetery. he was ridiculed. rumored the communications needed to protect him from an attempt were also shoddy which is why they needed to take alternative action.

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          1. I am still trying to hold on and bridge between so many places. Beyond my immediate family, this is my outlet. And here a mom in CA burbs is supposedly a lefty who hates POTUS. piffle.

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        1. ^^^^^^ I’m with Jason. Confused does not begin to describe it and I’m crying, “Uncle” – but that’s a good thing. Who are we to know all the details? I’m happy to admit I am completely outclassed by PDJT, the Anons (my son and his buddies), and the Q team. Normally, I’m very good at identifying patterns/big picture and it’s a weird skill. Yet, this time, I am WAY out of my league – which makes it all the more thrilling and foreshadows “competence”.
          Nonetheless, we cannot “look away” because it’s so damn interesting.
          I’ll make the popcorn, comfort food, and chocolate chip cookies to keep the Anons fueled. Note to the boards – Finals are this week. Expect an explosion of research when these “kids” are done with exams.

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  8. Praying Medic is adding to previous thread on most recent drops

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  9. Okay… Joe M has convinced me that ol’ Benji died 11/14…

    So, how did zero meet up with him a few days ago?
    He didn’t…

    And the business about GB’s tailor comin’ in from Pakistan to make him a new suit? a few days ago? DS goes to a lot of trouble to spin their narratives.

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    1. Wonder if Zero even showed there to provide credence to the cover story, or whether it was ALL fake?

      Wonder if you can be charged with (falsely) attending a meeting with a corpse? I wouldn’t put it past the DS cabal to have created some random law like this …

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          1. It’s not odd for an atheist or agnostic to appreciate a song for its beauty even if they’d nitpick the theology.

            “God Bless America” was written by Irving Berlin…who was an atheist. (Some sites say “agnostic.”) He was profoundly grateful for this country, and “God Bless America” is certainly a way to express gratitude in our language even if one doesn’t believe.

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        1. And HW says, “Where we going, Bake?” And Baker says, “We’re going to heaven.”

          Ok. Maybe that happened.

          Feet rubbing? Really? For a half hour? Seriously? Why doesn’t that have the ring of truth? I was with three of my loved ones when they died. I guess we all have different ways of expressing ourselves, but… There were tears. There was a whole lot of I love you. There was hand holding and cheek touching and kissing. But I didn’t rub anyone’s feet. Maybe I didn’t do it right.

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            1. Thank you. Loss is hard. Living with grief is miserable. But unfortunately, death is part of life. There is just nothing to be done to save oneself from having to experience losing people you love, except to not love. And that is surely worse. I know I’ll see them again. I have no doubt at all. That helps.

              Looking back, I consider myself to be very blessed to have been there at the end for each of them. Even though I didn’t rub anyone’s feet, nor would they have wanted me to LOL, I had no idea how much more my capacity for love could grow.

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              1. That’s actually my standard response to bad jokes and puns. It’s not just you. The choir director and one of my brothers get that treatment too.

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        2. I am watching the phony baloney on Fox and Friends right now (7:15 AM Monday) and it is extraordinary that any sentient human being believes this lame propaganda.

          It would be totally laughable if it were not for the frightening implications of how and why it is there in the first place.

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          1. oh there’s no doubt man – no doubt at all. i have a feeling they’ve been become very adept at creation of falsified documents!

            so that could still keep him in play for 2020 then, what with the “name change” obviously giving him full dibs on another two terms as president.

            they make the rules up! i mean check out that sipes woman – “you can’t fire me! i quit! you what? you suspended me and replaced me? forget it – i am back now and you can’t replace me! i will fight to the end!”

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          1. You’re right, Steve, and anyway, jmaking him a citizen by that means if he wasn’t wouldn’t make him qualified under the Constitutional requirements, which is what you were saying. I had just tried to say it hours ago but was unable to post through my email. Don’t know why.

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            1. No sooner did I write that previous reply, than Brave did its trick of totally scrambling the window, moving rectangles around like one of those Chinese block puzzles, and turning many of the rectangles black. I have to restart Brave every time that happens. No one appears to have reported this issue (I’m on Linux) and I can’t figure out how to do it.

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          2. before you all spend any unnecessary time thinking about my adoption theory – it was a complete post in sarcasm i made yesterday. but if its screwing up the browsers then maybe there was something to it!

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    2. The tailor was probably fitting him for his ‘final” suit! GWB will probably be wearing it for all eternity… so it will probably be flame retardant…Not! 🙂

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      1. I thought that was weird AF also when I heard it. He’s supposed to be Mr. Family Guy and yet where was the fam? Trust me, when it is clear your loved one is getting close you don’t leave their side. You don’t rush off to make a speech or finish your painting of a still life fruit basket or whatever they were doing. You are with them.

        And phone? Oh, George, ya look like you’re about done here why don’t I just call up the kids, says the old friend? My imagination is reeling trying to make this fit together in my head.

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        1. Lol, don’t bother trying to make it fit together because it’s bullchit theater! Obamination makes an appearance and Baker but not the children and grandchildren??!! Like you said, the southern version of the Kennedy’s..big close knit family but only grieving politicians hover around at the end .

          They have taken the dignity and privacy of death and politicized it, weaponized it really. Nothing is sacred but globalist ideology now.

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      2. if stuff like this idea and it’s premise start crossing the blood brain barrier in the mainstream the bad guys will start losing all control of the narrative and will have to go to plan “uh oh” in a hurry which will probably have nothing to do with protests and speculation if you know what i mean.

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        1. Why do you think he wants his own army? They’re discussing banning free speech about the illegal immigrant wave of ours coming up from Africa and the Middle East… and the EC (European Comission) is NOT ELECTED! They are a self-perpetuating, Marxist, Atheist, Anti-Christian oligarchy.

          The good news, so to speak, is most of the hardware doesn’t work… kind of like F-Troop…


      1. Globalist scum. They import Muslims to light their country on fire, treat the Muzz with kid gloves, then shoot their own Frenchmen – unarmed – for getting too close to His Highness the Global Construct.


        If America needs a tank driver for one more liberation of Europe, call me up.

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          1. And there are a lot of folks over here, in Germany and Europe, who want something smilar, i.e. the right to bear arms (again – we used to have it)…

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            1. The Swiss still do, I believe. I think the Finns may as well, not sure about the Poles. Their suspicion of Russia has a bit to do with that.

              To clarify, I am talking about men who have done military service, not the general population.

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      2. that video needs to be vetted of course, but if this happened there has to be many more videos. this wasn’t the only guy with a camera there.

        and you have to look close – but the tracer comes in the very second the video starts – so you have to look closely. at first i missed it and wondered how the guy was pointing to the guy already as if he knew it was going to happen. but in reality he was reacting to the tracer that came in, probably not the first, but he happened to be right on the guy.

        at least one more comes in during the video and then police are engaging the area on the ground as people are putting hands up after the guy went down…

        this is some sick sh*t right here if this is true. and by sick, i mean, much more of this can be expected sooner than later if the evil side is cornered and their ruse is blown…

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    1. Video looks strange to me, yes it looks like they shot someone. Look at the people in the area those people look like they saw something but not quite sure what they saw.

      Looks like something hits a person with their hands up but the person drops and there is nothing there. The people around know something happened but they aren’t acting like people act with an active shooter. What are the

      What is it? Glitch, Other, Demon?

      “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

      ― Albert Einstein

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  10. Present and accounted for, just tied up with life issues.

    Following you daily, Wolf and all posters, thank you for keeping us current and even one step ahead of everyone outside of this orbit.

    All I have to offer is Faith Hope and Prayer.

    Unceasingly Prayer 🙏🏼

    God bless President Trump
    God bless America

    He is surely with us ❤️

    WWG1WGA 🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼

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    1. Your contribution of prayer has the highest value on this board Ms Minnie…
      Keep it comin’ – we need all the Faith Hope and Prayer we can get.
      Blessings on you.

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  11. I have been reading so much stuff I’ve lost track. There was a piece linked in a tweet, it might have been something in Lisa Mei Crowley’s timeline but I’m not sure, about several refugee camps in Sweden that have been torched and the implication was that the Swede’s are sick of the whole issue. I haven’t heard anything else about this but will try to go looking for it. It might be a piece of the whole cloth of Europe saying, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more” or whatever their oh so genteel and pc version of that might be.

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    1. one of the narrative pushes is going to be “intolerance” “hatred” “bigotry” “nationalism” “white nationalism” “racist” “antisemetic” “tyrrany” “fascism” “alt-right”

      did i leave anything out? because this is going to be i believe one of thier major selling points on this in the news in the coming days. that’s the horse they’re been riding on in the media so they have to keep that up.

      but using these situations to blame some “conservative far right” group for something soon is going to come. just not sure how huge they are going to make it. they will do this to “quell” the rebellion and keep those still following them in check and outraged about something else these MAGA hat wearing, conspiracy freaks are doing.

      suggestion: someone needs to start contacting that hat company the president uses and get a bunch of Make France Great Again, Make Spain Great Again, Make Germany Great Again, Make Sweden Great Again, whatever country (i left some out, apologies), and get them over there asap!

      Liked by 7 people

      1. I wonder what the translations would be for those…

        Assurez France Grand Encore…for the French translation?

        Or it might be…Assurez France Encore Grand.
        It’s been awhile since I studied Francais.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. Seems odd to me that “they” call conservatives the “alt-right”……
        And occasionally I hear about the “alt-left”……
        If we are the “alt-right”……
        THEY should be called “the CONTROL-left”
        just sayin’

        Liked by 1 person

        1. This goes back to the false notion taught in schools and in the media that Nazi is right-wing, which it is not. It is left-wing socialism as is communism, and this was planted by the communists in order to smear the right by calling it extreme and trying to link it with Hitler or Nazi. It has been very successful–only a few know the truth.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Similarly, it’s to keep themselves from being associated with Nazism.

            I do have a friend who says he was taught it the right way in school. He couldn’t believe that I hadn’t, and it took a while to explain to him that I agreed with him, I just hadn’t been taught it in school.


    2. You know those movie scenes with the villagers coming with pitchforks and torches? Yeah, that is a real thing. It’s part of their ancestral heritage.

      Liked by 6 people

  12. Click on tweet for THREAD — Benji was McCained

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Liked by 4 people

      1. He was misrepresenting Comey office evidence (“5 folders”) as Weiner laptop evidence. I suspect the guy is a disinformation plant of some kind. Saw many similar misleads during the election.

        I’m skeptical of anything from him.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Wow, really?

          But Joe M is the guy who made that series of videos, starting with “Q – The Plan To Save The World”.

          And Q has linked to him, hasn’t he?

          On second thought…that doesn’t mean an ‘endorsement’, because Q links to all sorts of stuff.

          It’s good to be skeptical, though.
          But in Joe M’s case, I think it may be a case of youthful enthusiasm which takes over at times.
          He is sometimes connecting dots by skipping over spaces that should’ve stopped the connecting.

          Liked by 4 people

        2. I agree. Something about the decodes is too breathless for my liking. If GHWB went onto his reward with help, it was more likely to be withdrawal of life extending measures.

          Plus, there’s other stuff I disagree with in the messaging.

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Yup. IMO, the Q psy-op has inherent risks, and while some forms of amelioration by the other side took a while to discover, the “attachment of junk” strategy happened immediately. But I’m pretty sure the creators of Q realized this from the beginning.


      1. His “Higher Purpose” was his ode to his tall azz – His sanctimony was oozing out of his ego – This is why he chose as he did – he was amongst his own kind.

        So high time for his highness to face justice for his high crimes, indeed.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Who kept a lot of evidence against the Clintons undefiled in his office to be recovered by the DOJ when Sessions was ready. Why was it not destroyed or otherwise compromised? He had plenty of opportunity.

        Nothing is as it seems.

        Liked by 2 people

  13. Liked by 9 people

    1. We ain’t having some socialist president…

      We will have Donald Trump for another six years…
      Look at what has happened in two years… what do you think will happen in six more…

      We beat Globalism at the ballot box…
      France is having to do it in the streets.

      Liked by 8 people

    2. I had been wondering if those protests in France were about *more* than just the new higher gas tax.

      And I had hoped that they were about more.

      So it was truly heartening to see Q say that it “has nothing to do w/gas”.

      The globalist-controlled enemedia has lied to us about everything.
      So it is No Surprise that they would be lying about what the protests & riots are really about.

      I am so glad to see the good people of Europe finally rising up against their globalist overlords.
      It is about fking time.

      Liked by 14 people

      1. Usually when there’s such deep discontent, there’s a straw that breaks the camels back. It may have been gas prices, but now that they’re out, they can list a thousand things they’re PISSED about.

        France had to totally redo their government in 1958; they’re no strangers to instability.

        Liked by 9 people

        1. Funny, I read something a few months ago about France. It’s the one country in Europe that has such a sense of nationalism it could not be broken of it. Well…when you think about it, Germany and Italy were put together with states from the Holy Roman Empire when it was dismantled in the 19th century. Then more nation building and shifting around of territories happened after the Ottoman and Austro=Hungarian Empires were ripped apart after WWI.

          This crap has been going on over there for a long time.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. Apparently there was a time shortly after WWI when most people in Austria, now purely a German speaking country, thought they’d be better off as part of Germany. A lot still thought so in the 1930s so the Anschluss went fairly smoothly.

            Liked by 2 people

      2. I grew up with lots of people with German backgrounds, and I remain stunned that whoever it is that now populates that area in Europe cannot be bothered to defend themselves. The fruit if teaching several generations of children to hate themselves, I suppose.

        Liked by 1 person

    3. Wolfie makes a perceptive note: Twitter not supporting protests in France, etc.
      Consider how Twitter supported uprising in Egypt/Tunisia and Arab Spring. Kind of odd, eh?

      Liked by 3 people

  14. Up thread or somewhere, twitter post said he’s been on ice since 11-14. How do they know it? Also, I know I missed something huge, because I don’t understand how WHs forced their hand. I know I’m dense, but also know I missed something key. Help. Plz.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 11/14/18 is the date of that Comey tweet where he said that “Benji had died”.

      Comey’s tweets are thought to be coded…because they are always so cryptic.
      That particular tweet is thought to be a call for him to be ‘rescued’ from being forced to testify.

      I’ve read tweets that say Comey didn’t have a dog named Benji.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Thank you Wheatietoo. NOW that you mention it, I remember all that, but I forgot as I was reading this thread. Also I now remember saying he was on ice.

        I have to stop reading before 1 or 2 am. My retention and understanding sinks well before that.

        Liked by 3 people

  15. Found this in the twitter stream of replies to that tweet about the yellow-vest protester shot by a sniper:


    This is the Youtube video that the link goes to…but Youtube is censoring it:

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Note the date on the video…11/24/18.

      No mention of this in the media?

      But the good people of France have known about this…through word of mouth and bootlegged videos.

      This ^^event^^ could’ve been the tipping point, that led to the police and firefighters finally turning on their bosses and showing solidarity with the protesters.

      Liked by 8 people

  16. I continue to be amazed at the level of watchfulness over the internet, by the Q-team.

    They seem to see…everything.
    It is truly amazing.

    I guess it’s that 40,000 ft view.
    They are watching it all.

    Liked by 8 people

      1. I’ve had the same thought, Tona.

        Q linked to an Sd article one time, didn’t he?
        It was last winter/early spring maybe?

        Don Jr. did too.

        So if Q-team is monitoring the CTh…then they would’ve seen what has been going on, noticed the links to Wolf’s Q-Tree site…and checked this place out.

        **Waves to Q!**
        We love you, Q-team!

        Liked by 8 people

    1. oops…. page doesn’t exist

      try this : it’s a tweet from Joe M

      “Gang, I draw your attention to the “Speech or Debate Clause”. Did Potus gushingly offer them all a day off on #D5 cos he’s such a swell guy? “

      and there’s this tweet:

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I do think this is correct. Death of a former president is a big distraction, and Bush would be bigger than Carter since Carter has not been in public office for almost 40 years. A lot of people don’t remember sitting in the station wagon while Mom or Dad waited in line for gas, or the nightly Iranian hostage update. Carter’s send off won’t be nearly so nostalgic.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. I remember that. The US seemed beaten down, between the Vietnam War, Watergate, Russia stomping into Afghanistan, a crappy economy, and the ignominy of a hostage crisis we seemed unwilling to take action on.

          The psychological turning point, I think, was actually the victory in Olympic Hockey.

          Liked by 2 people

    1. That top tweet had another tweet embedded within it:

      Joe M posted this correction underneath it:

      “…*17 minutes, not seconds”

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Back when the huge quake hit Indonesia, some of the seismo sites were talking about the Earth ringing like a bell. Considering the power that Tesla was able to generate/harness/transmit, it would not be surprising that such a ringing could be generated.

        He had plans, for instance, to use the Earth itself as part of a dipole for transmitting energy wirelessly…
        Just think what that will do to the 5G networks 🙂

        Liked by 4 people

        1. While I love Tesla’s idea of ‘free energy’…there could health risks for humans and other living things, if we had electricity passing through the air and through our bodies.

          High voltage transmission lines give off a certain amount of electricity through the air.
          It’s not a lot…but it’s enough to light up a fluorescent light bulb.
          And people who live close to them, tend to develop health problems after living there for a while.

          Liked by 2 people

              1. Telcos over here (Germany) are worried, because they know it isn’t the be-all end-all that the gubmints are saying it will be (in order to justify the enormous licensing fees)…

                5G is millimeter wavelength transmission, so basically line-of-sight which takes us back to 1980s microwave and infrared repeater distances/propagation. Word is that there will need to be towers every 200 meters or so to propagate/rebroadcast the signals…

                But look at the bright side. You won’t need to microwave your breakfast/lunch/dinner anymore, and hot coffee (OK, Covfefe 🙂 ) is only a bit of cold water and a minute’s wait away 🙂 or, rather 😦 …

                Liked by 1 person

      1. GHWB seems to have been two people/personas:
        – Benji – Poppy – the sweet loving husband, family man, friend who wrote encouraging notes, ever polite.
        – Timber Wolf – the CIA dark ops director involved in some very ugly stuff – described as a ruthless mafia don by some who saw him in action in the Oval Office. GHWB’s great animus against Trump, for opposing Iraq and belittling/defeating Jeb, is a glimpse of this persona.

        Al Capone also had two personas and was a very generous contributor to charities.

        Liked by 8 people

          1. The “Joe M” twitter account was opened in Dec 2017…so it was opened a year ago.

            Since his tweets are often about Q stuff, I was always hesitant about posting them over at that other place.

            Liked by 4 people

              1. They keep doing it too.

                It’s an old tactic but it still works, so the keep doing it.

                It’s in the same modus operandi as the “Wrap-up Smear” that Pelosi blabbed about.

                Can you imagine the face-palming that happened after she did that?

                “Um, Nancy, we’re not supposed to talk about that, remember?”

                Liked by 3 people

        1. Joe M says some things in his videos that I do an :::eyeroll::: over, like his remarks about communism and muslims.

          I think Joe M is fairly young and may have been subjected to a lot of leftist indoctrination that he hasn’t completely red-pilled out of.

          What is impressive…is his skill in making videos.
          That series of Q videos that he has made are awesome, production-value wise.

          The Trump Campaign for 2020 should hire Joe M to make some kick-ass videos.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. Islam’s fruit has been consistent (barbaric, supremacist, anti-Christ) since its inception and throughout its sordid history. There is no argument for ‘that is not the real Islam’ or Islam is a religion of peace – or for the peaceful golden age of Islam referring to the Ottoman Empire – none whatsoever.

            See Dr. Warner’s videos:

            Short – YouTube – /watch?v=I_To-cV94Bo

            Long – YouTube – /watch?v=t_Qpy0mXg8Y

            5 Minute version of 1400 years of Mohammedanism – YouTube – /watch?v=guXBTgAxhIw

            Liked by 5 people

            1. IMO, the ONLY way Islam can be allowed to continue in existence is to reform it from top-to-bottom and entirely eliminate the political and legal aspects. I am uncomfortable in painting ALL Muslims with the same brush, simply because I personally know Muslims who really DO wish for secular governance over Islamic religious law. There are reformists out there, such as Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Raheel Reza, Hirsi Ali, etc. We should support them, IMO.


              1. A good start would be to eliminate the whole Jihad thing.

                Personally, I think they came up with the idea of Jihad as a way of getting rid of their surplus young men…due to practicing polygamy.

                The older guys marry off their daughters to other older guys, who have more money and social status than the young guys.

                So with the old guys scarfing up all the young women and girls (virgins)…that leaves a surplus of young, unmarried men.
                Hmm, what can they do with them…

                Jihad. Send them off to kill the infidels!
                Yeah, that’s the ticket.
                Suicide missions? …Even better!

                Hmm, got to sweeten the deal so they will go for it…
                Promise them lots of virgins in the afterlife, that’ll do it.
                Problem solved.

                Polygamous societies have always had the problem of creating a surplus of young, unmarried men.
                This results in an underclass of young men who are prone to violence and rebelliousness.

                The Mormon fundamentalist groups were known to expel them or pressure them to leave.
                They were referred to as the “Lost Boys”.

                Anyway…as long as Islam has that Jihad policy, they will not fit in with Western societies.

                Liked by 2 people

              2. Is Hirsi Ali still a Muslim? I thought she was a Christian. My feeling is – better they become Christians – Jesus is the only name under heaven by which we may be safed – He IS THE only way of Salvation.

                Liked by 3 people

              3. Everyone, individually, must make their own decisions as to who they wish to interact with or allow in their “space.” Altho, I do think it can be very difficult to get a good read of people just from comment threads. People often come across different when writing than in person.

                Liked by 1 person

            2. Islam is not compatible with any form of government based on Judeo-Chrisian values, including our constitutional republic. For those interested in this topic, I recommend “The Sword and the Scimitar” by Raymond Ibrahim. It is very well researched military history about a handful of battles between Islam and Christendom, and it provides an excellent view into Islam’s view on Jihad across several centuries. Jed Babbin’s “In the Words of Our Enemies” is also excellent.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. a fortiori, you are right about Islam. Good recommendations–also books by Robert Spenser, a web site called PoliticalIslam and Understanding the Threat. Sorry I can’t post links.


            3. Islam’s greatest weapon is our ignorance. In order to conquer the West in this century, they’ve been using Jihad by civilization (colonization) to eventually implement takeover by Sharia. O silently embedded many in key positions in government and removed anyone in opposition during his 8 years. The Refugee Resettlement program is all about the permanent transition of Muslims who become legal citizens, at taxpayer expense, into cities across America. Check out Ann Corcoran’s site called Refugee Resettlement Watch here

              Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, unlike the time that HusseinO said that they were going to “fundamentally change” this country…I don’t get a feeling of dread about the mention of this “globally transformative event”.

        I’m thinking that we will actually like this ‘transformative event’.

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Yeah, no feeling of dread – this time. But it is a principle that should be considered – no matter who is in charge – next time we may not feel the same.

          If is is some new tech being trialled locally, that can be installed locally around the world – no problemo.

          If it is some kind of geo-engineering tech, that is deployed locally with global impacts – that is a potential worry.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Well…revealing it’s ‘existence’ gives people the knowledge that such things are possible.

            Sort of like a warning.

            But we don’t yet know for sure, if this seismic-wave event was man made or not.

            Liked by 4 people

              1. Well, we at least know for a fact that it happened. As to the explanation……I’ll bet my friend Michael would have an idea. Hmmm…..need to call him…..ok – according to him, probably not Tesla-related since Tesla used the earth’s magnetic force as the basis for his experiments (just quoting him). But he is equally flummoxed on what this could have been.

                Liked by 2 people

        1. Yeah, I hinted at something like that very tangentially further down that thread …

          Seems like we are currently surfing the same brain waves …

          Further to which, my synchronicity experience was deeply intertwined with Tesla type tech to drop cost of power, coupled to water production – will be introducing that in my blog..

          The tech deals not with electrical energy directly, but is magneto-heat engine based ..

          Liked by 3 people

    2. So, the 11/11 waves originated here? Interesting and another cold chill down my spine. About 6 months ago, I started playing with an idea for ROTC training locations and a serious expansion of ROTC (combat academia for the culture war and get the young officers familiar with various geography/culture, 270 days of training/school versus 180 days would mean 6yrs of education instead of 4 years of regular college, etc.)
      Yeah, this is what I think about and map out in my spare time, but I’m, really a soccer mom who makes muffins (hehe).
      One of the islands I arbitrarily picked looked like a good location for a Special Ops kind of base, was slightly east of the wave origination island, right off the NW tip of Madagascar.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. i think there were some rabble rousers behind that wall and maybe throwing some type of fireworks or flares. there was a truck on fire and you can see that and the kids in a video down that thread.

      Liked by 3 people

  17. Re: Q post 2525, reference to Huber FISA(S) being a 2 way street.
    1. We can all agree that silence from the FISA court is odd.
    2. We’ve heard nothing from or about Huber other than this one alleged leak.
    Husband speculates as follows: Huber is sitting in Utah/wherever with many FISAS, listening to every member of the Cabal = wide purview, Huber is hunting. New FISA warrants were easy to get because FISA was fooled/caught/busted = their very survival is at stake. Husband speculates Huber is also looking for leaks within his own FISA investigation = a compromised court/judges.
    Husband believes Huber is pushing hard and this accounts for the tweet and newfound pushback from Chief Justice Roberts (independent judiciary). Huber is operating in Robert’s back yard, looking up his black robe and Huber wants to know what color underwear Robert’s is wearing. The situation has to be uncomfortable.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. I’m holding off thinking too much about this one until more info comes out. I get the feeling the FISA court operates almost autonomously. Just the secret nature alone and the fact that it was in business for a few decades before it was common knowledge the darn thing existed tells me there’s more there than any of us know.

        Liked by 5 people

    1. I like it.
      And I hope that Huber has got a FISA warrant going on Diane Feinstein.

      The ‘F’ in FISA stands for Foreign.
      DiFi has had a ChiCom spy embeded in her circle for years.

      All of the Cabalists probably have at least one ‘foreign contact’ that would qualify them for a FISA warrant.
      So I hope Huber is using that as much as he can, in his hunt.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. Back when I posted at another place I used to state my opinion that the Deep State actors were being monitored 24 hours a day by every means possible, including human observation. Unbeknownst to them (IMO) every minute of their days has been recorded. There was plenty of probably cause to do so, both in FISA and criminal courts.

      They were being caught dead to rights for many, many months in their treason and conspiracy before they realized what was happening, if in fact they even realize now.

      Liked by 5 people

    1. when they say don’t miss hannity… well it’s time to let the rubber meat the road in my mind. these media personalities, although “meaning well” … i guess i am just ranting here.


  18. Just watched this…. rally interesting comments on Comey message to Skull & C judges at 13:00 or thereabouts

    SerialBrain2 – Comey hiding behind Skull and Bones’ skirt. State funeral next week. Coincidence?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is he doing the hiding, or does the DS not want what he has to say out in the open. If the former is true, then why the negotiation for an open testimony?

      Is his testimony really the one the DS wants to avoid?

      There’s just way too many questions right now.


  19. Hello all!

    Not sure what’s going on, I just got back in so I haven’t read the latest updates, but I checked the Q board and there is a new post:

    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 47afd3 No.4134233 📁
    Dec 3 2018 17:05:58 (EST) NEW
    The Art of Trolling the Fake News Media
    Step 1:📁
    Step 2:📁
    Who is Scott Free?
    Step 3:📁
    >>White Squall
    >>WWG1WGA (from the movie)
    Thank you for playing.

    The first link is to DJT’s tweet complaining about Cohen’s plea deal, saying he was getting off ‘Scott Free’.

    The second link shows MSM and lots of Trump-haters making fun of DJT for misspelling, it should be ‘Scot-free’ (so they thought).

    The third link is to Scott Free Productions on Wiki, which produced the movie ‘White Squall’ in 1996.

    And, it is the movie White Squall from which Q has said the term ‘Where We Go One, We Go All’ comes.

    So, unless I have missed something, President Donald J. Trump just personally confirmed Q with the official WH Twitter account, and punked the Fake News Media at the same time 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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