Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20181202

This SPECIAL Hanukkah / Advent Sunday open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said, comment on people’s comments.  Keep it civil.  Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.

No illegalities, please.  Especially not today!

Tonight (Sunday, December 2) will be the first night of Hanukkah, and today is the first day of Advent – two somewhat analogous long winter holidays in Judaism and Christianity.

You can read more about the holidays here.

Been waiting all year to use this Trump Hanukkah picture!  Unlike all my other Trump memes, it doesn’t get replayed until people roll their eyes! 😉

Happy Hanukkah and Amazing Advent!


481 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20181202

        1. Good Lord man, you are cruel indeed! How do you even conceive of such a thing?!

          I would expect that any such treatment would be petitioned immediately in the 9’th Circuit (of hell) and naturally those judges will have to be exposed to the treatment in order to reach an evidence based judgement.

          I await this with great hope – justice WILL be served … 🙂


      1. article states they are deployed for 400 days…..

        “… The 400-day deployment is in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, according to Sgt. First Class Reginald Pickett, with the 305th. He said the troops will be performing various military police duties during this period.”

        The most recent deployment (before this one) left in August of this year… don’t think 400 days have passed yet 😉 so no, this one is NOT a replacement.

        Officially, there are only 40 prisoners at GITMO…

        During the Bush (Dubya) years, we were not told when new arrivals went in… in fact, we were told NOTHING. Why should it be any different now.

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      1. Count the Q’s 🙂

        Four of them.

        Say that real fast…

        Wonder if someone said “QQQQ2U2” in reply… nah, don’t think the greens/globalists/etc. would get the pun/Wortspiel…

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      2. I was just looking through that Executive Summary of the Court Martial EO that Lisa linked to and saw this:

        “Pt. II, Rules for Courts-Martial was amended to establish a new form of court-martial consisting of a military judge alone with no right of the accused to elect trial by members. ”

        Not sure if that’s relevant to what is coming, but thought it interesting. Maybe because some of what these scumballs will be tried for is highly classified info? Don’t forget the stuff Clinton was walking around with in enemy territory.

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    1. As opposed to “viva” in other Romance languages.

      And this week is the Jewish celebration of light. Christians have lit the Advent wreath. Q says darkness into light.

      The fireworks coming from Capitol Hill when they get to it won’t be from gunpowder. I have a feeling not just the evidence is going to be surprising.

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  1. The newest drop:

    New: Title TBD
    2 Dec 2018 – 6:08:31 PM📁
    Nothing can stop what is coming.
    History books.

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      1. Welcome.

        I’m intrigued by a couple of the drops today. I have an idea there’s going to be some pretty serious plot twists in all the testimony. One of the Q drops mentions the riots in France in relation to Comey’s testimony. Why him and not Lynch who supposedly sang, or Huber?

        May you live in interesting times indeed.

        (Unfortunately, I’m not getting much work done other than “have to” items and crochet while watching X22 videos.)

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        1. Yeah, as do I, as you can no doubt tell from my many references.

          Dan’s banishment upset me the most – I can forgive SD for my treatment, especially since it led me here. But Dan’s banning seemed particularly unjust, seen from the outside …

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    1. They just showed a video blip of Macron getting egged (yesterday, I think).

      Daddy Dragon is LIVE from the UK. Earlier he DM’d Nigel Farage, and implored him to watch a video on Tommy Robinson (NF said he would) to change his (NF’s) mind from being against him, to supporting him.

      There’s a sense over there that SOMETHING is going on …

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        1. Yes!

          French police and fireman are switching sides. Poll within past day or two said 79% of the country’s citizens say that France shouldn’t accept any more immigrants.

          The head of UK Finance is a DeutschBank stooge – DB has $79T (Trilion) of derivatives / debt; the Redshields have $500T+ of debt against the world …

          The people have had ENOUGH!

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          1. French police and fireman are switching sides. Poll within past day or two said 79% of the country’s citizens say that France shouldn’t accept any more immigrants.

            Really. Looks like that plan backfired big time.

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            1. It’s all very exciting but hate to bring up a negative–pray they don’t send in the U.N. to bring in “peace.” I think the Russians are always looking for an opportunity to exploit.

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          2. This stuff is so complex, and so intertwined, it isn’t easy to comprehend.

            I am surprised, and delighted, at the news out of Europe. It has been sickening watching our former Allies roll over and play dead, tummies up signalling full submission. I’m glad there is some fight left in them!

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              1. I hadn’t really tumbled to that, or given it much credence. I gave up on Europe so long ago. I’m delighted if there are some who have a little fire in the belly who don’t want to go down without a fight. Good for them! It is quite inspiring.

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        2. C’mon Sylvia!! You are missing the next step in your globalist utopia – Shovels!!! A global load of Sylvia’s Shovels (SS not intended, sorry)

          This is an opportunity not to be missed – you can export your shovels globally. France is the ideal test market to showcase this brilliant product – then global un-domination … 🙂

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          1. Ha, great idea! I could do a special edition with yellow handles to go with your yellow vest. And since they aren’t evil firearms there should be no problems anywhere, right? Or has the EU banned shovels?

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          2. guaranteed by next week you will have to have a license to own a shovel there in the uk and eu! 🙂 and they have to be less than 6 inches and no sharp edges or anything.

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            1. No doubt a new section will be created, to be staffed by hundreds, to draft the new standards for what constitutes a “Euro Shovel”

              I wonder if it will be any good for shovelling Schiff? 🙂

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      1. Now, Radix is going over the 2017 WikiLeaks leak (Vault 7) of the Clown’s espionage order against the French election in 2012 … same M.O. as what’s been happening in the USA.

        Also, the Clown’s FINANCIAL espionage order …

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    2. Daddy Dragon just received a Tweet to ask all the US patriots to wear yellow jackets, in solidarity with the Europeans trying to rise up and free themselves of the globalist yoke.

      One of the reasons that those French police et al took off their helmets is that the people spontaneously rose up in song – their National Anthem.

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  2. So Q’s latest drop brings me here to ask: are there protests/riots going on other than in France? Belgium? Germany? Because I have only heard about France, and now that Q mentions it I have seen surprisingly little reporting of even that.

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      1. Thanks, I saw this on the Q drops but I didn’t actually click through to the photos till a couple minutes ago. I’m feeling unexpectedly emotional. I guess I have counted Europe lost for so long that to see this makes me hopeful for them.

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          1. The Germans especially are extremely hypersensitive to being accused of racism, so it will be hard to get them publicly worked up about immigration/rapefugees/etc.

            They’ve been (ahem) PC whipped.

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    1. Here are the tweets in that drop. They do look like something is going on in those places as well. And they are wearing the yellow vests. Is that an EU thing or just a France thing?

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      1. I get the idea the vests are a safety thing the people are supposed to have in their cars. Do not know that for sure. Read it somewhere. If that is the case, at protests, it would be very easy for the people to just put them on and…..

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            1. I don’t thing we have those around here but those paper wasps went to town around my house this last summer, with at least three colonies…

              Better living through modern chemistry–they got taken care of quickly.

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      2. Apparently it is an EU thing. It started in France, I believe. There is an EU regulation (isn’t there ALWAYS?) that says car owners have to have all this safety equipment, including a yellow vest, so that if there car is disabled they can stand beside the road in their yellow vest waiting for help and hopefully not be run over… something.

        I find myself incredibly moved by some stirrings of fight in the European soul.

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