TREMORS: The 5:5 on D5 is Here

Here it is folks.  Get your popcorn.  It’s MOVIE-TIME.

Good GRIEF!  Q won’t stop posting! 😀  LMAO!!!

Here’s the YouTube link – Pence on CHINA.

Christie on a bicycle!  Q will NOT stop posting.   I am updating every few minutes!  LOL!!!

There you go.  D5 is coming.  Explains all the TREMORS.



336 thoughts on “TREMORS: The 5:5 on D5 is Here

    1. Information from Hannity is important. From my perspective the most important news was John Solomon’s admission that Huber is meeting with a whistleblower from the Clinton Foundation and its not the one in the news today whose office was raided by FBI agents, it is someone else.

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      1. I’m not sure if THIS whistle_blower is the same as yet another one who is different from the one who got raided, who was being talked about BEFORE the raid, or if this is a DIFFERENT (3rd) whistle-blower.

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            1. there was that other well known whistleblower they talked about for months on the tick tock hannity show – i think joe g’s wife was his lawyer. he was a rep of a russian firm in negotiations or something like that in the u1 stuff. on sara carters website around february or so…

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              1. THAT is the one I was thinking about. I was just wondering about him within the last couple of days. If I remember correctly, he has lung cancer, correct?

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      1. Good catch.
        And as well he *should be* wearing a vest…because Rat Ryan has been No. 3 in line.

        And come January, Pelosi will be No. 3.
        They will need to double the security after that!
        On both Potus and VPotus.

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    1. Melania wore purple in Argentina tonight…

      Lisa has this THREAD:

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        1. “Or the no, no leak was purposefully disclosed to heighten panic so not a real no, no.”


          That’s what I’m thinking 😉

          This is a military operation, and it’s unlikely they would make a mistake like that.

          But they could, so the Treason Cabal really can’t be sure now, can they…

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              1. Ah, grasshopper. You just THINK you see a marble in my hand. In time, you will learn how to take it from my hand whether you see it or not.

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              2. Nope, I’m riding in the Party Car Caboose of the Trump Train, with youse guys.

                Q better be riding with the Engineer, up front. 😁

                Though now that I think of it, maybe Snowpiercer (2013) is a better analogy.

                Q is like Curtis (played by Chris Evans), leading the charge to the front of the train, and the Deep State (represented by Tilda Swinton as Mason) stands between us and freedom.

                If you have never seen the movie, get a load of Mason’s (Tilda Swinton’s) speech, she is a nearly perfect embodiment of the ‘elitist Cabal / Deep State’ in their attitude toward We the People:


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            1. My mistake – I neglected to make a link to Q as per your lead

              Should have said – If we are shooting for rid(i)-Q-louse (as in singular for lice), how about Cankles?

              HER is the “louse” in chief that we want to be “rid” of ….

              A bit too forced? I thought it may be …….

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      1. Yeah, me too!

        It takes time to read everything well enough to get the intel.

        One of the “Bakers” said that the “bread” (~700 posts max) was filled in 34 minutes.

        Btw, thanks for your video post earlier! It dovetails with other pics / videos I’ve seen, AND the topic earlier tonight on YT channel Patriots Soapbox (during 7pm-9pm time slot), in re H-A-A-R-P tech and geo-engineering.

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        1. TY
          Been a busy day.

          Nice of you the lend some help satisfying my curiosity. Well actually, More than curiosity since the message becomes more and more relevant as events unfold.

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  1. Don’t want to laugh, but I just said to Wheatie on the Empire thread that SD taking a big gamble by banning the truth – he’s gotta have smoke coming out of his ears on this.

    Talk about conflicted – root for Q and be the FOOL who banned him, or root against MAGA?

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    1. Yeah well…Sd has aligned himself with the likes of WaPo, NYT, and all the other Trump-haters.

      That is worse than being merely ‘foolish’.

      And that ridiculous way that he tried to doxx Q with posting those pics…that was just petty and small…and pathetic.

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        1. “I have theories about SD that nobody is going to believe. If the site closes down, I’ll know I was right.”


          I hope it’s something good, like he was trying to help us by getting us out.

          THAT would be the Sundance I know.

          In spite of the frustrations and misunderstandings and quibbles, THAT is the Sundance I would still stand with and fight with.

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      1. Which is the unresolved mystery – since that impression is new (sorta) – the SD 2.0

        As I alluded to in a comment earlier, the ego is a powerful beast that lurks in us all – maybe SD let his status go to his head, as it were.

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        1. I was pretty certain ego was the major reason, but the more distance I get on the situation, and ESPECIALLY seeing WHO was kicked out or made unwelcome, plus W’s suggestions of extraneous influence, the more it seems like something really bad happened to Sundance or is influencing him in a coercive way.

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          1. I don’t know if you recall Dan064, he kept referring to the branch that housed the Sessions supporters as being “very” small?

            Dan was very polite, kept his contributions short and to the point – he never posted anything remotely able to be characterised as outside TH rules AFAIK. Dan was banned on the same day as I – all he had done was like some of my comments. But he was seen as the “founder” of the small branch – that was apparently his “crime”.

            This I have been unable to reconcile – so your suggestion is certainly in the mix.

            Some time back, after SD moved away from the sting theory, Curry Worsham posited that SD was doing that to assist the sting – taking a hit for MAGA, as it were. This is my hope, that there is a noble cause behind our experience of SD.

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        1. Yep…pictures.
          It was a ridiculous attempt to doxx Q and also sneer at Q-peeps.

          Here is a post about it:

          And these are his two posts:

          The first one is bad, but the second one is even worse.

          The people he claims are Q are *not* Q…and are merely people that Sd got into a twitter-spat with, a spat that had nothing to do with Q.

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          1. Wow.

            I still just do not understand the vehemence of SD’s attack on Q.

            Q is a good thing, even if you don’t believe it’s real. It’s a positive message and it is reaching people who have never been interested in politics.

            I really hope that someday we have an explanation for what happened to CTH. I get the concern trolls, disinformation and despair campaign, but I don’t get SD at all! It’s like, as others have said, he’s a pod person now.

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              1. He is showing signs of stress since the mid terms – in the tenor of his posts.

                He is allowing trolls to roam free to attack “wrong think”, being people who disagree with SD.

                Said trolls exhibit classic egoic behaviour – previously noted.

                Before the Q banning, he banned people who disagreed with him – not people who acted like trolls. In fact I saw people posting questionable stuff getting warnings first – not us – we were disappeared, like SD did not want to acknowledge his actions since it did not reflect the conservative values that people assigned to him.

                SD rebutted me with comments like “That’s just silly”, not with reasoned arguments. I have observed that in people whose ego is running the show.

                Put all this together, and I think the hit that he took in the mid terms has allowed his ego to slip of its leash somewhat – he cannot suppress it as effectively as before.

                Q totally challenged his need for certainty as demanded by a rampant ego – ergo, Q is the enemy

                Just a very amateur-hour assessment …


  2. In no. 2514…Q does a variation on his usual “Future proves past” saying.

    He said:
    “Future will prove past.”

    Which is what many of us have been thinking he meant.

    They’ve been laying traps, catching the wrong-doers in the act of doing what they’ve been doing.

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    1. I noticed that there are 4 or 5 secondary ID’s (the 6 digit/letter combos) used in this flurry of posts.

      Like he’s changing too fast to allow the “Borg” to adapt …

      I’ve also recently seen the BO (Board Owner) post with a primary ID that changes color, every few seconds.

      It’s awesome to see the ways the Q-team et al FOILS the lagging tech of the cabalists!

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      1. Yes it is!
        It is such an amazing thing to be watching it, in real time.

        And I think that the BO over there, has a private comm with the Q-team…to be able to ‘verify’ who the real Q-teamsters are.
        It became necessary, I think.

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        1. “And I think that the BO over there, has a private comm with the Q-team…to be able to ‘verify’ who the real Q-teamsters are.
          It became necessary, I think.”


          Could be, but I suspect not.

          First, there is:

          Q !UW.yye1fxo No.4 📁
          Jan 8 2018 23:29:38 (EST)
          NO private comms past/present/future.
          NO comms made outside of this platform.

          Any claims that contradict the above should be considered FAKE NEWS and disregarded immediately.

          “NO private comms past/present/future.”

          It appears to be more than just a saying, more like a mission parameter.

          If there was ever a ‘private’ communication with someone…

          1) that person automatically becomes a target, because Q could be traced back through him or her

          2) that person is automatically ‘out in the cold’, i.e., alone without support

          3) that person, especially if a civilian, is without training (and likely without survival skills)

          4) Q would probably not put anyone in that position, especially not an untrained civilian

          Because that person would be compromised, one way or another, sooner or later.

          By having no private comms, Q is making sure that no one is put in harm’s way.

          That’s my best guess.

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          1. The BO is Board Owner…of *that* platform, though.

            The BO set up a separate board for Q’s own exclusive use…where the Anons cannot post, only Q posts there.

            It’s called the ‘Patriots Fight’ board.


            If the BO set that up for Q…I just figured that he could set up a way for them to communicate in private, when needed.

            There was a comment or two, some time back, that seemed to suggest that.

            And the BO would have access to the Q-team’s IP addresses…so that already puts him ‘at risk’.

            That Jan 8th post…wasn’t that in reference to people claiming to be “in contact” with Q?
            People who were lying about it?

            And I think Q posted that to set the record straight.

            I’ve also gotten the impression that BO is a veteran.
            I could be wrong, of course…but I’ve just gotten that impression.

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            1. There was an actual photo of the BO when he received a large Q at his door, after Q told him to expect something. The photo showed the BO holding the big Q.

              For some reason my mind is telling me the BO is handicapped in some way, but that may be wrong.

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              1. Thanks, Tona.

                I read through that…and it was the younger guy, Brennan, who is handicapped.

                Watkins, the BO, is the older guy who is a veteran…and I didn’t see where it said he was handicapped too.

                I had gotten the impression from some things said by Anons…that the site was outside the US somewhere.

                So this confirms it.

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    2. Well, as we have been saying since day one – if PDJT has been doing nothing since Adml Rogers gave him the heads up – then he’s a monumental fool. Since that is clearly not the case, an undercover op MUST be happening.

      This logical thinking got us banned – I am starting to worry about the intelligence of many people NOT on this site. Many people “over there” were trying to tell us that up is down, that black is white, that male and female are the same ……. Sound familiar?

      Is clear rational thinking THAT rare? Are WE rare?

      If that is the case – God help humanity.

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      1. I am afraid COMMON Sense is pretty much gone away due to Public Schools, Mass Media LIARS and peer pressure. Only us “older” folk seem to still have some (Common Sense). Not ALL mind you, just most. IMHO

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    3. i have been out of the direct q scene for a while – but is the id code you are talking about tied to whatcthey call the trip code or something? i was led to believe at one time that password protected hash of some sort retained the original poster’s id so they could be believed to be at least the same person (or persons with knowledge of the trip)

      am i butchering that explanation?

      in any case how does switching the id’s rapidly provide any certainty of (identifying) the post? i am sure this is accounted for but just a question i had…

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      1. Changing the ID’s rapidly…I would imagine…thwarts the efforts of those who are trying to post as Q.

        There are bad guys constantly trying to post disinfo as “Q”, when they are not Q.
        They’re trying to masquerade as Q.

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        1. I believe I encountered some of those nasty hoaxers impersonating Q people yesterday. They are the same evil ilk as those who post false items on social media after a shooting or horrible natural disaster.

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      2. Here’s the full ID bar, from the latest post:

        Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: adec11 No.4095027 📁
        Nov 30 2018 23:21:59 (EST)

        Break up the top line:

        “Q” the name
        “!!mG7VJxZNCI” the trip code (I think)
        “ID: adec11” the ID code (I think – this is what I referred to)
        “No.4095027″ the numeric code (for unique posts)
        ” 📁” the graphic (I suspect it’s to further foil wannabe copycats)

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        1. gotcha – so the trip code remains consistent which is the verify part, the id would change if moving from terminal to terminal or reconnecting constantly through differnent routing locations but using the same trip or “personal key”

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          1. Yes, but …

            Q has also changed his trip-codes, too.

            Once, I think, it was compromised.

            But you’ve got the general idea … and that’s all I have, too! I just “lurk moar” over there …

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            1. see, i lost track when it moved to 8 ch but i knew of how it was working on 4 ch at the beginning at least and i figured it was roughly the same idea. thanks again…

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    1. Yes…I’ve been praying, unceasingly.

      This is why I am so glad that our President has Gen Kelly watching over him.

      Kelly probably has watchers…watching the SecServ watchers…and his own team of most-trusted ones, watching over those watchers.

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    2. This…always pray. When announcements are made that something big is coming, I pray the President and everyone will be safe and there will be no false flags. We are dealing with pure evil, and Pres. Trump needs special protection all the time.

      There was already a lot scheduled for next week with major players called to testify, and now we have a statement that something might happen on Monday. That leaves several days for *them* to do something.

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    3. Wow! So much going on! I Got in late tonight but I will be back tomorrow to join in on the discussions! I do love this site and I am so glad to be here! Now to factor in the fact that GHWB died today… Sure is great timing for the deep state. Now let’s see, on what day will they schedule his funeral? Dec 5th? WWG1WGA

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      1. ” Now let’s see, on what day will they schedule his funeral? Dec 5th?”


        I would expect nothing less.

        For all we know, he’s been dead for weeks, and the information was kept secret to be used at a time just like this.

        Or if he was not dead, maybe ‘they’ needed him to be, for a time just like this.

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        1. At 4 am, when a member of this household was scrolling on the phone and said he had died, I thought about Dec. 5. Coincidence? No way in H-E-L-L. Even if the state funeral is next Saturday which would be a more logical choice EVERYTHING that happens between now and then will have a pall hanging over it.

          Distraction. This is war after all.

          “Natural causes” and extreme old age. Not exactly an escape hatch, but my guess is there’s a lot of the long time players will exit this way.

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          1. I just don’t know how anyone can believe anything, about any of it.

            As you said, there is a war going on.

            Lying and deception are basic activities of war, and our ‘play by play’ announcer is corporate news media, the biggest liar of them all.

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    4. Definitely praying. As the pressure has mounted and the sense of something coming has increased, so has the level and intensity of my prayers. I took note of the SS not letting PDJT go to the cemetery in France. I saw the red dot at the tree lighting. Maybe nothing, but given the context it makes me uneasy. How can TPTB NOT be considering/attempting to do something awful? They have no conscience governing their actions and they have a lot on the line.

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  3. A cool Anon post, rebuking the oh-so-obvious shills trying to muck up the boards:

    “PSA for Shills – disbelief should direct one to simply exit this board. Your presence highlights, unequivocally, that you are exactly as stated: A SHILL. You can use all the bold red font you want; you’re outbursts are just a huge reminder of your own pathetic nature. Go back to the Hezbollah IT shithole you emerged from and kick rocks. Losers.”

    Kick Rocks! lol

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  4. Q is taking on Bezos, WaPo and Amazon…!

    Love it.

    Bezos is up to his eyeballs with the ChiComs.
    He has made millions…no, billions…off of selling their cheap low-quality crap.

    And Bezos should Not be getting a sweetheart deal on shipping with the USPS.
    All that ‘free shipping’ is being done on the backs of us taxpayers.

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      1. The cloud story on Amazon is old but it provides lots of prospective on what the capabilities of that are moving into the future. And not just the CIA but it’s the entire Intelligence Community (IC) getting put into one place with Amazon responsible in maintaining it. With lots all the pluses they sell it with you can imagine how the minus’s will be glossed over.

        Look back at the Patriot Act with all the good it was going to do and then see how that was abused when the wrong people got behind the driver’s seat. This 100 x that big. Anymore wonder why Q is concerned and or why he attacks Amazon and the Washington Post, while they attack him?

        Tech and ethics have to go hand in hand or we invite trouble and globalization is poor way to handle it in the current mind sets being pushed on us.

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        1. I don’t remember which Framer said this but it doesn’t matter – this constitution is suitable for governing a moral people and no other.

          We abandoned (or allowed to be stolen) our social morals for the soft life afforded by technology. We sent evil thieves to represent us and now we are really pissed that they represented their own interests.

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          1. “Yeah, it’s for real.”


            As far as we know.

            Apparently Q knew about it before it happened. Q’s post saying to ‘Watch the news’ was an hour before supposed time of death, and two hours before it was reported in fake news media, according to an analysis posted on Neon Revolt’s gab page.

            Is GHWB really dead? How would we know?

            Is No Name really dead? How would we know?

            How would we know when either of them actually died (if they’re dead), or how?

            But in both cases, it appears Q knew beforehand.

            The problem we have is always the same, we necessarily have to ‘rely’ on fake news media, because we have no way to independently verify when or if someone has died (or anything else, for that matter).

            And the Treason Cabal is certainly not above faking someone’s death.

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            1. And immediately after they announced the death on Fox…they went to a ‘special coverage’ of the Life of GHWB.

              It was already prepared and cued up.
              With live commentary from Brett Baier and Dana Perino, who are usually not around at that hour.

              Yeah, I know, they probably did a lot of it in advance, figuring that Pappy Bush was not long for this plain.
              But still…they trotted that out immediately.

              The ‘special coverage’ knocked out the Replay of Hannity’s show…which the President had tweeted out about…that covered the whistleblower story.

              I dunno.

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              1. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

                Media outlets have obits updated and ready to go, so that they’re ready for immediate distribution with only the final bits about death to add.

                I read an article once about how newspaper obituaries of famous people are continuously maintained, which is why I don’t think there is anything strange about rolling out a broadcast almost immediately.

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              2. From my years in PR and nonprofit, being around news people, they usually get a heads up on older big name people being close to the end. A lot of work is done ahead of time and cued up. So long as the button doesn’t get pushed early, it’s fine. My guess is the decline was steady since Barbara passed, and the publicity people told the MSM to be ready.

                As for coincidence? There aren’t any of those. The timing is just too perfect. However, this story is big enough, other tactics might get shelved this week to distract from Huber’s testimony.

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        1. right but what i meant was someone posted of some evils that he instituted and they mentioned that he would probably pass on soon also and not be able to tell what he knew… i am trying to find the post…

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          1. I had nothing to say when No Name died…
            Nothing to say now, except lots of people died today.

            Wolfmoon, please don’t put up a THREAD for him…
            he doesn’t deserve it…

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            1. With you, pR. I am clenching my jaw, gritting my teeth. Sweat is popping out on my forehead. But I will try to honor my mom by following her often repeated admonition to not say anything if I can’t say something nice. It really didn’t stick, but she sure tried to teach me. I will be appropriate. I will. I absolutely will. I didn’t post one word about the death of that fellow from AZ and I will do my best to hold back again. But it is going to be hard.

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        2. at this time i think it might have been another site i saw it on but the premise was these people that have been crucialin implementing the plan are and will be dying off if things get too hot. now i mean it is obvious that he was certainly old and already on the edge but they also discussed hilllary and possible health issues – so just seeing that comment earlier today and now this news – it was just a small wtf moment 🙂

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        3. Well, pardon my cynicism (sp?), but have they been holding him ‘on ice’ like they did McCain? What a convenient time considering fraudulent midterms, border invasion not working, and all that Q is posting.

          We’ll see at least a week of non-stop lionizing Bush on every channel just like McCain. In the end, they are all dust, taking none of their ill-gotten gains with them.

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          1. i wouldn’t call that cynicism at all! in fact it makes perfect sense. this throws a wrench in everything. senate will havecto adjourn. flags at half mast for god knows how long. this guy was a president war veteran cia you name it. we have to bow now for two weeks and remember and honor. oh and trump isn’t invited! but i think things are just getting started here…

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            1. I’m sorry for the Bush family. On the practical side for the rest of us, I’m wondering if this will postpone everything that was to happen next week.

              Q just posted:
              Re: GHWB USSS code name re: Timber wolf
              The grey wolf (Canis lupus; also known as timber wolf) shares a common ancestry with the domestic dog.
              State funeral next week.

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              1. Have to put this here – to andrew1979: exactly what popped into my mind as well! What a WEIRD coincidence, right???? Wow!!!

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            2. “but i think things are just getting started here…”


              Considering the magnitude of what should be unfolding, it should be an easy thing to bump GHWB out of the news cycle.

              All we need is a bigger squirrel, and there are LOTS of them on the horizon.

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          2. Hmm, ‘on ice’ since the comey tweet about the death of his Benji? GWB died that day and they held him on ice til they need him to blunt President Trump? IOW, he possibly died of natural causes and they waited to announce.

            Remember GHWB was a ‘rescue’ during WWII. A sub picked him up after his plane went down IIRC.

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              1. And Fox. Thankful for OANN, I am. THEY aren’t ignoring the rest of the news over this………….. person…..I’ll try to follow Sylivia’s lead but……man, it’s awfully difficult!!!

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          3. “We’ll see at least a week of non-stop lionizing Bush on every channel just like McCain. ”


            Which is hilarious, because if either one of them were actual conservatives and NOT members of the Treason Cabal, the fakestream propaganda media wouldn’t even mention them except to be nasty.

            The lionization by the hate-America crowd is a giant ‘tell’ regarding whose side they were on.

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          4. Hate to sound cynical, but I agree with Scott (he’s been dead-or now’s the time).
            Mr. Bush has played his last card. Timing is everything.
            I couldn’t think of a better way to make sure the msm has something to focus on 24/7 next week.
            ‘What a great man he was! Spit!

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            1. Well, if we play this game long enough – they will continually throw each other under the bus in order to have a constant supply of funerals in order to avoid justice. 🙂

              So,there is that …

              Who’s next?

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    1. Fortunately he did not live to see his beloved NWO. Came close, but we appear to have been saved by a VSGPDJT-Q

      I must say that I much prefer our “VSGPDJT -Q” to their LGBTQ…

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  5. St. Michael the Archangel, 
defend us in battle.

    Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.

    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, 
O Prince of the heavenly hosts, 
by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.


    God bless America
    God bless President Trump

    God bless us, all 🙏🏼

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    1. Amen.

      And may every veil concealing the hand of darkness
      be striped away
      that the Light of the One who is Truth
      may blaze to fully expose
      that which hinders
      The Kingdom of God on Earth.


  6. This part right here, is really exciting:


    Anons geo_located [last pic]: Chongqing, China.
    Hyatt Regency.
    Players: 8
    Watch the news.

    “Players: 8″…??

    I wonder Who those eight people are.
    GM executives?

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    1. If we watch the news, we might find out. 😉

      That would require actually watching the news…. Good thing Jameson is on sale this week.

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    1. Gil, there is speculation as to what it’s about…and that’s really all we can do, is speculate & guess.

      Some think it is a response to the possible threat made on PDJT at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

      It is definitely a reference to something that ‘went on’ at that Hyatt Regency hotel, in Chongqing, China.
      Because Q said…”We know.”

      In that Q-post that I quoted, right above your comment…Q tells us that whatever it was, involved “8 Players”.

      We will have to stay tuned, to find out more.

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      1. Im always looking at the images in the reflections or out the windows, etc. Its quite exhausting just to examine and deduce on a photo of a tree!

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          1. Sylvia, one of the anons on QRV gave a good summary of the long history of corruption in Chongquing and it ties right into HRC code Evergreen. Do you follow NeonRevolt’s Q decoding blog?

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  7. So – Leverage Theory – That actually involves bringing justice – NOT stalling it, as posited “over there”.

    I have been trying to imagine a 4 hr meeting between POTUS, Mueller and RR.

    “Mueller will be facing charges re:U1
    He is working to save himself”

    Their are 2 obvious interpretations to “he is working to save himself”

    Only one of these two interpretations involves a 4 hr meeting …..

    I’ll just leave it there – What say you …… ?

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    1. that was the story bolstering any mueller white hat scenario for sure.

      i have not liked him for a long time so i was never moved to trust him. however, i always leave room for what ifs and devils advocate type thoughts. now the reason i did mot want to trust and the reason i disliked him prior was for all the absolutely sketchy stuff he had been involved in for the 20 years i knew of him by name and even before that was suspect.

      given that, i agree, the only way i believe mueller could be good was by trying to save himself.

      AND one of my thoughts at one time or another was that mueller being a good guy was one of the slimmest chances that we had of people believing that the bad guys were in fact bad. that only him coming out one day and saying unequivocally that the whole thing was concocted, here is the info, and it goes back even further. and even i have messed up. and donald trump is exonerated.

      i can guarantee youtube would censor all meltdown videos.

      that’s best case scenario of course 🙂

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Sure, an undercover op is best done with a bona fida bad guy, that has flipped. Plus the 13 angry democrats recruited him, making him the perfect guy to flip.

        We hate him, they love him – perfect for the sting. Course, he could have gone rogue, reverted back to type, hoping for a “Hail Mary” to save him.

        The postponement of Gnl Flynn’s sentencing is a big clue ….

        Just tea leaves, of course.

        Liked by 11 people

              1. Ain’t that the truth. I have been on a steep learning curve for the past 17 years or so – The world is much stranger and more magnificent than I dreamt possible …..

                Liked by 9 people

    2. Did you notice in those Q drops that he explained how Mueller is taking all the evidence for his own investigation, trying to keep it away from the white hats? SD just made a post about that as if he had just discovered it himself, though Q explained it a long time ago.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Yup, which is why I suggested that he may have reverted to type and gone rogue.

        Also, just as POTUS publicly attacked JS, which the likes of us rationalised away as likely disinfo, now confirmed as such by Q (to be validated by future proves past) – so this intimation by Q re Mueller could be further disinfo – to increase the MOAB on the cabal.

        The shock value is incalculable …

        Liked by 6 people

    1. Free your mind. The MSM gives “you” what you want – not what you need. The truth will set you free, but very few WANT the truth – most willingly adopt bondage. It’s complicated. We got the MSM we deserve …

      And by “we”, I don’t mean us here …

      Liked by 5 people

  8. In post no. 2522…Q posted about GWHBush, and then linked to this tweet:

    But that tweet from Joe M…is from 11/26/18.

    Is Q trying to tell us something?
    Did Pappy Bush die days ago?

    Btw…Joe M is the one who made those great Q videos.
    The first one was “Q – The Plan To Save The World”.

    Liked by 14 people

      1. And apparently…Papa Bush’s nickname was ‘Benji’.

        People are tweeting about it.
        It rings a distant bell with me, too…like I’ve heard that before.

        Liked by 9 people

      2. That’s what I thought. Thanks to embalming and modern refrigeration hold him until needed to create a gigantic shiny red ball.

        Yes, I’ve gotten to be that cynical.

        Liked by 3 people

    1. “Did Pappy Bush die days ago?”

      I would say no, BUT, Comey speaks in code. The decision for Pappy may have been made days ago (the cabal needed a HUGE distraction), and Comey likely knew.

      So, he foreshadowed the event with his tweet, and signaled it world-wide, for all who could read the code. Looks like Joe M got it (almost) right.

      IMO (speculative).

      Liked by 10 people

            1. i cannot remember who it was but this started a few years back when someone was about to die. so once of the networks “accidentally” posted on their website about the person passing away. people noticed. they explained it as “oh, we always have these things ready when someone dies”. so anyway, people ate it up even though the obit was spattered with “recent info” AND suddenly a couple days later the person was dead – which also made people forget faster.


              1. Not saying there wasn’t manipulation around this or other deaths, but I believe nespapers and other media organizations keep a n obituary file on famous or prominent people so that if and when they die they can simply pull out an obit and fill in date and time and place of death and other relevant info and don’t have to create an obit from scratch.

                Liked by 2 people

              2. zoe – yes, you are correct. but that idea was not what i would call mainstream until this event in my memory that i was referring to. with the advent of the electronic media on the “www” things like inadvertant publication were on a scale easier than with print.

                there was also this that happened in 2003:

                “Accidental publication: accidental release of a pre-written obituary, usually on a news web site, as a result of technical or human error. The most egregious example was when, in 2003, CNN accidentally released draft obituaries for seven major world figures.”

                Liked by 1 person

    2. Most of Comey’s tweets are code speak so the Benji is dead post had to have been a smoke signal on the 26th. Grey Wolf was GHWB’s code name (and Benji his nickname). It would make sense that the news of his death was withheld to be coordinated to provide 24/7 MSM distraction for the D5 events about to unfold this week. PDJT tweeted to watch Hannity’s show last night and then the announcement of GHWB’s death provided diversion from the breaking story of another CF leaker. BTW, to get history on the Grey Wolf moniker, go over to NeonRevolt’s newest post.

      Liked by 4 people

  9. Wow. I take a break for an hour, come back, and all hell has broken loose. Just read through all the drops and all your posts and my head is spinning. There is one last drop, Wolfie, that you haven’t got up yet:

    30 Nov 2018 – 9:31:55 PM📁
    Re: GHWB USSS code name re: Timber wolf
    The grey wolf (Canis lupus; also known as timber wolf) shares a common ancestry with the domestic dog.
    State funeral next week.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Ah, I see that you put it in the Daily Thread. The fact that Q put “coincidence” in his post makes me think it’s not.That this is for a distraction from what is coming next week. Or I’m just being horribly cynical.

      Liked by 7 people

          1. Bingo! JMO, of course. I don’t think the whole family would be aware, tho, like the Shrub’s daughters? Probably kept in the dark on that one.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Wonder what “wisdoms” he imparted to O during the visit. Or was it a new secret handshake or the mantel of death for U.S. sovereignty.

              Liked by 1 person

  10. The Anons have noticed…

    — A seventeen minute delta between Q posting “Watch the news” and GHWB’s death.

    And also:

    >Last Week Obama Meets with Bush Sr. in Houston.
    >Dec. 4 Clintons are scheduled for gathering in Sugarland, Tx.
    >Sugarland about 80 miles from Bush Seniors Home.

    Liked by 10 people

      1. He already met with him.

        It was when he was down in Houston and did that ‘speaking engagement’ at Rice Univ.

        You know…when he sat in that oversized leather chair and took credit for the Big Increase in our Oil/Gas Production?
        That was when he was in Houston.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. I hate him. I can’t help it, I really do.

          And something I find very odd–whatever sense of gravitas BO ever had left him when he walked out the door of the WH. Watching him squeal and whine and stutter through a speech now is even more painful than it used to be when he would stand up so straight and smugly lecture us. He is shrinking, melting almost.

          Liked by 5 people

  11. Not to minimize anything Q posted but make sure you go back and watch the Pence speech Q linked to. It is seriously the largest thing he posted. Will be with us for years. And yeah Wolf got there first.

    Vice President Mike Pence’s Remarks on the Administrations Policy Toward China. Nov 30th 2018 at the Hudson Institute.

    43 mins of riveting talk with not a minute or sentence worth missing if you want to know what you need to know going into the next month, year, and decade be you a politician on the left, right or center, military officer or enlisted, law enforcement, businessman, investor, govt official, student from grade school through collage, or any other common citizen young or old.

    Large. All should invest the time listening to this as It’s going to drive much of what happens in the coming years and will provide a needed prospective in understanding our world going forward.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Yes, this was a great speech from VP Pence…I watched it a while back.

      He gave this speech back on Oct 4th, 2018.
      It wasn’t given the attention that it should have gotten, back when it happened.

      I think this is the second time Q has posted a link to it.
      So it’s good that more and more people are getting to watch it.

      Liked by 9 people

  12. Holy heck, Wolfie. I unplug for a few hours for some mindless non political socializing and stuff and come check in and my heart is pounding like crazy. Of course, Kevin Bacon has had the effect on my since the 80s but I digress.

    I’m so glad you all are here. I wouldn’t want to go through this stuff without you QTreepers.

    Liked by 15 people

    1. Sylvia, I zonked out early last night and missed all the excitement. Long story why I was awake at 4 am, but a member of the household broke the news that GHWB was no longer with us, and I knew then the boards were going to be lit up like a pinball machine today. ARGH! I had no clue Q was going to scold a leaker, and reveal all that was last night.

      And I’m going to be out most of the afternoon. ARGH!

      Oh, well.

      Liked by 5 people

    1. Ulp…I went to the link in Joe M’s tweet, and it was talking about evergreen trees that were “diseased”.
      It was because they were diseased, that their needles turned red…then they died.

      I guess Joe M didn’t read that link very well.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Whatever it is FLOTUS is not saying much about it.

      Personally I’m going to stick with the martyr thing as red is the color for martyrs and on (if I have the date right) 23 Nov many buildings are turned red in European countries as well as some in Canada and US in honor of martyrs. Apparently it is a little known Roman Catholic tradition to use the color for such purpose, going back possibly 1000yrs in some places and FLOTUS being a private person, a Roman Catholic, and from a formerly repressed country, this theory makes sense.

      Meanwhile I wouldn’t discount Joe M’s theory which would add a double meaning especially if it upsets Cankles and crew.

      Liked by 6 people

  13. CTH comment on December 5. I hope it does result in a raft of special elections next year:

    chojun says:
    December 1, 2018 at 12:22 am

    The FBI raid on the whistleblower’s residence makes a lot more sense now. I mean a LOT more sense. Obviously some black hats in the FBI/DOJ/Special Counsel (or for that matter, all of them) got word of a Whistleblower on the Clinton Foundation and moved heaven and earth and hell to wrap that evidence up.

    Turns out they were hoodwinked and there’s a 2nd whistleblower. I sure like to think that POTUS is always 2 steps ahead of the bad actors in DC. My faith was becoming a little shaken lately but it looks like justice just might be around the corner.

    If this comes out it will take a lot of people down. I mean a LOT of people. 2019 just might be a midterm of midterms due to all the special elections. Of this one could only hope!

    However, the safest way to go is to have low expectations of all this.

    Liked by 9 people

  14. What is the explanation behind Putin and the Crown Prince high giving and yuking it up? I saw a comment on Joe M’s twitter feed that said “they knew the old man was dead”.?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Intel info? How reliable is Joe M?

      Does their high five relate to Bush I? If so, did he have intel on their respective nations? Most assuredly.

      Did that info die with him? Maybe they think so.


    1. You got banned, C->A?

      Was it for a particular post you made…or was it simply for posting here?

      Love the new screen-name, though. Haaa.


    1. So that would mean he knew before hand that GHWB was going to die and chose say watch the news at the 17 minute mark before death. Or did I miss something?

      Here’s someone else I think that may of known before hand. Purely speculation but give it a look.
      Boningo on his Friday’s podcast: Start at the 7:50 mark and he’s speaking about ‘Horse Trading’.

      Basically he’s talking about people with vested interest in maintaining public institutions like the CIA, FBI, DOJ etc.. are involved in Horse Trading. The Anti Swamp Effort vs. the Swamp Protection Team. They give you one of theirs, we give you one ours in order not to provoke a civil war caused by perp walking 6 and more a day, in handcuffs, out the door (which filling the place holders could easily do).

      Step in Obama’s visit to GHWB three days before his death and now Bongino’s last two podcasts make sense.
      Obama tells GHWB he’s got to take one for the team to prevent the country from coming apart at the seams, (what he really wants is no declass and the Horse Trade scheme would facilitate that) here’s your meds. He leaves, GHWB still with a Secret Service Team has been given a large last task, (taking his own life) and naturally wants to talk about it. Bongino being ex secret service picks up on it (***or its fed to him***) and we get this ‘Horse Trading’ talk prior to GHWB’s death.

      I might post this somewhere else if I think it’s lost in the back channel.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. zero is an empty suit…. he went to Poppy in place of his handler, ValJar..
        ValJar answered to Poppy (Deep State) who answered to Soros

        whatever communication there was between the two (Poppy and zero), only a fly on the wall would know.
        Bill Clinton is much higher up the food chain in the Deep State than zero or ValJar…

        All Sea-eye-aye agents have a pill handy at the ready…

        zero probably simply went to ‘kiss his ring’

        Liked by 3 people

    1. this article is latest from Jeff @ *

      epoch times appears to publish journalism! not stenography from DS

      Liked by 6 people

  15. O tweets re Bush I cited from:

    Great examples of the nationwide Combine (DEM+GOPe=NeverTrump).

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Well, this should dispel any lingering doubts as to which side he was one.

      Note again the references to points of light, and to POTUS’s reference to 1000 points of light, as well as Q (am I correct re Q referencing same?).

      Not sure if you are familiar with Lucifer? Yeah that “guy”. Did you now that Lucifer means “light bringer” – literally?

      Reference “The Enlightenment” – light again. The birth of humanism, which fathered communism.

      This is a project of Lucifer / Satan – The Accuser. Which are big scary words to describe the Ego, that which resides in all of us.

      The Enlightenment was the mainstreaming of individualism, driven by Ego. Climate “science” is a fruit of this stunted little tree. We are close to the apex of this “force” – it describes the absolute insanity that we are witnessing everywhere – and the Bush clan are patriarch’s of this movement.

      We see it as insanity, they are absolutely convinced that they are the Light Bringers – It’s going to be ugly …

      Liked by 4 people

      1. when he gave that 1000 pts of light speech i was a kid of course, felt chills. couple days later i asked out loud for the first time to someone – do you thknk the antichrist could ever come from america and do you think the united states could ever be the country that heads the global one world?

        it was that day i opened my mind to many other avenues of possibility for all the thkngs i had stusied up to that point but had neglected to take into account that my very country founded on freedom might be a potential perpetrator right in plain sight.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. what if old ghwb met with obama and adopted him as his true son and now obama is a citizen and now that his name is barak ho bush he can run again for president because of the name change which is plenty good enough for the democrats to change the rules and how could the republicans go against that since it would be racist and also against the last wishes of hw’s pateiotic last will and testament which was also edited in the last couple days?

      Liked by 1 person

  16. They are satanic to the core using magic rituals and demonic control. The shadow government working to usher in the New World Order (One World Order, Globalization). The filthy rich using mind control and blackmail and planting agents in every facet of life to control the world.

    They want slavery and dictatorship. You cannot join the illuminati, you have to be born into it. Lucifer is their god and they use black magic. They control: the movie industry, record companies, government, big corporations, tv, radio, school – you name it.

    The Rothschild Family is at the top and they are the world banking cartel. Soros works for them. The UN – United Nations is the police of the illuminati. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Duponts created the United Nations and other outfits to control the world.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Michael is right. Most people don’t even want the truth.
        They call it ‘conspiracy’ … don’t even bother to dig for themselves. Just toss it aside.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. this is why everyone here must have open minds. seriously if you do not believe there is a chance of aliens – start right there because that is tame compared to what is possibly going on behind the scenes. i mean aliens are almost a guarantee but still well beyond a “normal” line of thinking. what we are dealing with could possibly put that to shame.

          folks are not want to process and ingest knowledge of thks sort. they do not want to believe they are not in control of their lives. they do not want to face the reality that reality is not what we percieve it to be!


          1. Amen andrew… Amen.

            they will applaud POTUS’ idea of a Space Force, but never entertain the idea that Deep State has control of very advanced technology and that POTUS needs to get that technology under military control…

            there is so much the governments of the world have chosen not to tell the common folk…
            but the common folk just won’t accept that their government would lie to them, or create disasters and blame them on someone else. Kinda like children who can never believe their parents mean to hurt them even though they beat them everyday.

            Liked by 2 people

        1. Yes, Jason… it is going to get ugly…

          They are burning Paris tonight… 70% of the people hate Macron, but they’re stuck w/ him…

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciated the verbal descriptions of the water hand sign etc. nteresting about erkel. y mother used to rage against the Rockefellers. iss her and her wisdom


  17. Brian Cates has a VERY long THREAD on Huber’s activities last year

    what was that I said about Huber having lots of help Yes, I know, contrary to what you know who at the old watering hole says… I do my own digging, I don’t worship at the feet of anybody. Huber has LOTS of help.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Who is the man who went to assist Jeff Sessions with document production? This was discussed during our TH days – there was a lot of excitement about him …..

      That man is now a US atty in the Chicago office – the same office that was just involved in the Burke raid.
      (I saw JS give him a h/t during a speech he gave in Chicago)

      Hmmm ………………

      JS going to be vindicated – big time.

      Liked by 3 people

        1. Or, he will be returned as the now not so silent assassin to his role as AG?

          Reward for the stealth bomber that produced a fake radar image on the tarmac!! 🙂

          And said radar image is NOT ONE OF A DEAD POSSUM 🙂

          Liked by 3 people

          1. aren’t you the clever one! I never thought (outside the box) to think he would come back. But would he not have to be re-confirmed if he did that?

            Liked by 3 people

        2. I did my own research for a change …. 🙂

          The US atty John Lausch assisted JS with doc production. He serves as US atty out of Chicago office – said office was involved in raid on Burke

          Liked by 3 people

    2. sometimes people get confused also (and since we have all forgotten more details since this all began than even we know) when sessions released his letter to grassley & co. and first introduced huber he stated that horowitz’s office had over 470 staff and those could be for the use of huber who would be passed the info to investigate. the letter did not say hjber had xxx amount of staff – it said he had been chosen to get the reccomendations of IG horowitz and he could use the 470+ staff of OIG as he needed.

      and yet i think i saw that little fact being used to bully some folks one time because of a nuanced letter.

      Liked by 5 people

    1. Like

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