The Empire Strikes Back

I think Sundance is right.  The Empire is striking back.

This is what he’s talking about:

I urge people to read both links – the DC article immediately above, and Sundance’s analysis.

In my opinion, we are now seeing an open civil war in the federal government.  This is completely analogous to what happened when the communists in CIA, FBI and DNC (as well as Stefan Halper, snug as a bug next to Erlichman) entrapped President Richard M. Nixon, and the government as a whole did NOT know what to do.  This was the communist-created “constitutional crisis” which actually started the kangaroo courts known as special counsels.

Allow me to explain some very important things.

If you observe the Robert Mueller Hoax Kangaroo Court, it is curious for these reasons:

  • Comey really did not have a reason to instigate a special counsel – the logic was weak
  • Rosenstein, likewise, had little reason to start one – there was no CRIME to begin with
  • It was started very quickly, which made little sense, as there was no rush b/c no crime
  • It has always appeared to be a fishing expedition for weird stuff or anti-Trump stuff
  • It always appeared to be looking for process crimes on the anti-Trump stuff
  • It always seemed to be trying to GENERATE crimes on the anti-Trump stuff
  • Some of the crimes that Mueller obtained plea bargains for were not even crimes
  • THAT is actually similar to what happened in Watergate, with CIA personnel
  • The goofy weird stuff was Russians, but not related to Trump
  • All Russians found seem to be related to the Democrats and Obama people
  • Fusion GPS is weirdly tied to the Russians and the attorney let in by Loretta Lynch
  • Mueller indicted Russian women who acted as internet provocateurs and trolls
    • Those women were living in now-infamous Broward County
    • Those women lived very near Nikolas Cruz
    • Those women were long gone when indicted

It is now becoming clear to me that the Mueller investigation had THREE primary but closely related purposes:

  • Try to find dirt on Donald J. Trump
  • Try to create a “Watergate-style Impeachment Bluff” to get Trump out of the White House
  • Cover up Democrat collusion with Russia (and China, but mostly Russia)

I have discussed John Podesta’s part of the collusion HERE, and – sadly – I believe that I have inadvertently caused MORE “Panic in DC” in doing so.

The  reason is that I carefully articulated WHY the Democrats “accuse the other side of exactly what they are doing“.  In doing so, I came VERY close to doing so SPECIFICALLY for the Mueller special counsel.

The reason that the Mueller special counsel is tasked with going after an accusation of Trump doing exactly what the Democrats were doing – under the PRETENSE of going after TRUMP for doing those things, is so that they can COVER UP themselves doing those things.

Stated differently, the Mueller special counsel was a way for Democrats to keep a footprint in government in order to cover up Democrat collusion with Russia.

Sundance spotted a while back that Mueller seemed to be trying to corral all the evidence needed for FISAgate.  Yes – that was a brilliant insight. 

And NOW we have THIS incident, where the FBI raids the whistleblower against Mueller and the FBI.  Well, that sure sounds like all the FISAgate “evidence corralling” that Mueller has been doing, too.

Beyond THAT, I think it’s even worse.  I think that Mueller has been going after ALL the evidence of ANY Democrat collusion with the Russians – including female internet provocateurs and trolls who live near mass shooters – and is covering up THAT evidence by “corralling” it.

SO – what I’m saying is that we now understand part of the benefit of accusing the “other side” of doing exactly what they were doing.

What we are talking about is a RACE TO THE EVIDENCE. There is nothing to get one there FASTER than having a window on the SAME crimes and the SAME evidence, but PROTECTED by DISINFORMATION.

But because we know that “collusion with the Russians” and “accuse the other side of exactly what they were doing” are in operation, that means that WHOEVER Mueller was going after is DANGEROUS to the Democrats.  Even if we don’t recognize them.

Do you realize how mind-blowing this is?  NOW we have a good explanation of why they came up with bogus stories like “Mueller is gathering all the evidence that Trump needs!  Mueller is on Trump’s side!”

This kind of disinformation is POSSIBLE when you “accuse the other side of exactly what you are doing.”

WOW.  Talk about CHUMPS.  We was CHUMPS.

Sundance also spotted that AT LEAST SOME of the people saying “don’t worry – trust the plan” and/or various forms of “trust Sessions” and/or “trust Wray” were in fact buying time for a counterattack by the communists.

I now believe Sundance was 100% right.

Not everybody.  Certainly not me.  But some.  I’m sure of it.  Even if not CONSCIOUSLY, I think some were simply misled.  An “overconfidence ploy” against Trump and his supporters.

And now you’ve got John O. Brenzhnev posting his Soviet demoralization tweets to go after POTUS and his supporters. 


This admission may sound very weird coming from somebody who Sundance kicked out of CTH commenting for being a “Q believer”, but I really think that Sundance is right that the other side is helping to push “Trust the Plan”.

However, it’s NOT THAT SIMPLE.  I believe that OUR side is legitimately pushing patience, too.

What I think we have here is a case of two sides that are bought into a kind of massive poker game, and “going for the mid-terms” was on BOTH of their agendas.  This is a MASSIVE mutual deception between the two sides.  This is a GAME OF CHICKEN. 

There are PATRIOTS saying “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!  Patience!  Give Trump time and freedom!  Trust the plan!

There are also DECEIVERS saying “Mueller is on our side, don’t worry!  Trust the plan!

BOTH SIDES have been driving toward the exciting conclusion.

So – Sundance is right.  But so are we.  Here is why I think this.

I think that the game is getting EXTREMELY intense.  Mueller’s cover is ALMOST BLOWN.  Rosenstein’s cover is ALMOST BLOWN. 


I don’t think it’s a good idea for us patriots to be divided. 

And yes – there are some among us who are actually helping the other side.  Helping to cover up Democrat-Russian collusion to help China and the “globalists” (really another long Soviet front) “peacefully” slide us into a socialist model similar to both China and Russia.  Look at Europe.  Sure doesn’t look like the “West” won now, does it?  Freedoms from oppressive government are disappearing everywhere.

But you know what?  I trust TRUMP.  And I trust the COMMANDER IN CHIEF.  I trust the MILITARY to back him up.  And I trust that “Q” would have been frogmarched LONG AGO if he was working for the other team.

I am ALSO observing that the new demoralization trolls on CTH, who came out of nowhere and psy-opped Sundance, are all screaming to declassify now.  I don’t trust them.  Not one bit.


SO – I think it would be a good idea for CTH to let the good people HERE who USED to help Sundance chase away all the demoralization trolls, chase away the current phalanx of demoralization trolls.  But if not, I’ll keep the good guys safe here, until things become much clearer.

I personally think that having TWO MAGA CANNONS to fire at the communists beats having just one.  So I will not abandon this fort, and I will always HELP CTH whenever I can.

All I DO know is this.  Times just got a WHOLE LOT more interesting.



PS – now you understand why they took down Alex Jones.  “Conspiracy theories”.  LOL!  He might say something that MADE SENSE.

435 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back

  1. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for us patriots to be divided.”

    No. It’s not.
    But it is not the Q-peeps who are causing the division.

    WWG1WGA <— This is both a statement of unity and plea for unity.

    [Where We Go One, We Go All…for those who aren't Q fluent.]

    And I trust our President, too.
    WRWY, Mr. President.

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    1. I have yet to see or hear a single person who follows Q, to whatever degree, berate anybody for not following Q let alone “believing” in Q. The most contentious statement I have seen is: “what if Q is right? Then how would you feel?”

      That is why the hostility, nastiness and gratuitous denigration is so puzzling.

      As for the issue of patience, I have neither advocated for patience nor opposed patience on the part of Trump.

      There are two fundamental truths that no amount of disinformation or political maneuvering are going to change.

      1) The number of people who know what actually is going on in detail are very, very few. The rest of us understand that whatever it is, it is momentous and it is war. All the active combatants are creating massive confusion, which is the sensible thing for them to do. Those of us who are “serving” by only standing and waiting, necessarily can only speculate about the progress of the war.

      Trump completely understands our daily concern and anxiety. IMO that is one reason for Q. But he cannot afford to coddle us, other than to tweet or retweet messages demonstrating that he is on the same wavelength as us. Trump literally cannot afford to care about our feelings too much. He has other things to do.

      2) There is zero any of us can do to change what is happening, other than to support Trump with joy, optimism, hope and confidence. And a lot of prayer. What Sundance thinks is just as irrelevant as what I think, reghardless of how ma

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      1. … how many people read him. There is a certain hubris and unbecoming lack of humility underlying his opinions, brilliant and insightful as they surely are. His take on things has varied over time, as has the take of everyone else (maybe Brian Cates excepted). That says something.

        The communists can disinform all they want, but the only person who matters is Trump, and he knows what he is doing.

        Trusting Trump is not a plan or action, it is the ONLY reasonable course of “action.” We voted, and we voice support for Trump. Does Sundance think another opinion piece will change anything?

        I am NOT saying do not have an opinion, or express an opinion. I AM saying to recognize the the necessarily speculative nature of the opinion.

        We long ago lost this country. Or so I thought, until Trump came along. Now we have hope.

        I truly thank God for this site, because I missed the comfort of being with people who more or less see things the way I see things. I truly love the thoughts expressed here, and I mean I get emotional comfort here reading the posts, as well as marvelous information and analysis.

        I think it is important for Trump supporters to have a clear vision of their role in this war. And part of that vision, IMO, is to stop blaming other Trump supporters for their purported stupidity.

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        1. What Tonawanda said, X 1000!!!!!!!!! Well done!
          Our ‘opinion’ is not important.
          We trust PDJT because he has the most information.
          Fact = there is nothing we can do about it.
          Do we scream for DeClass? Like we screamed when we though Romney might be selected as Sec of State? Or the #ReleasetheMemo campaign? Do we scream for Manafort’s release? For Clapper/Brennan/Comey/Glen Simpson/McCabe to also be charged with lying to Congress? How about screaming for the 27 leak investigations? Or the 270+ times Samantha Power unmasked? Or the other 6000 USA citizens who were surveilled?
          I don’t know what to do.
          We need guidance.

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          1. I have my guidance.

            The President says he wants to release and again he threatens to release. Meanwhile the ‘place holders’ have been set out by Q to be filled and we know “FISA DECLAS WILL BRING THE HOUSE DOWN. Q” (something Q shouldn’t have to tell us, we should know ourselves given the steady stream of reporting on this over the last few years).

            The only thing missing now is a rising chorus to start the release. Some support on this, cover for the President, not equivocation, can likely go far in making it happen. It will still be his choice but wouldn’t it be nice if the people sounded off on this.

            I understand the leverage angle however, day by day the leverage becomes less, more evidence gets carted away, and the deep state continues to maneuver and attack. Besides there will be a hell of lot more leverage available after deep state is exposed and the notion of real prosecutions start to come into play.

            The only good reason to wait is not all the pieces are not in position and no other unless you fearing civil war, in which case we become Deep State vassals.

            Meanwhile the clock tics

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            1. Amen.

              Follow Trump’s tweets and public statements to stick with the plan.

              Best possible advice I can possibly give. When POTUS screams about something, so do I.

              Why did the FAKE NEWS try so desperately both to shut down realDonaldTrump on Twitter and yet keep him on Twitter? PLAN A and PLAN B for the Fake News Media to deal with Trump messaging. Shut him down, but if that doesn’t work, keep him on Clown Media, Inc.

              Once I figured out that “The Plan” is revealed primarily through POTUS and NOT through Q, I absolutely GOT why Q intentionally dwindled his own platform down to one stream and bitched about paytriots turning themselves into filters.

              Q has its purposes in message propagation, but it is NOT “The Source”. THAT is VSGPOTUS. Look there for true direction.

              Enjoy the show.

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              1. I do think the Q board is used to cheerlead, point researchers in the right direction, and troll the opposition.

                As well, there have been times when the team was talking amongst themselves. Other communications channels may be being watched, but there’s safety in numbers. Sort of like posting a coded message in the classifieds.

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        2. Tonawanda, EXCELLENT posts. I agree with you.

          I would not go back to the other site even if invited because I do not agree with the way it is run. It is dividing us. Yet, I want people to continue to be educated, by them and others.

          “I think it is important for Trump supporters to have a clear vision of their role in this war. And part of that vision, IMO, is to stop blaming other Trump supporters for their purported stupidity.”
          Yes! Wolf makes excellent points in this article, too.

          It seems the people here are the more reasoned, calm ones who are allowing diversity of thought.

          I trust Pres. Trump and don’t feel the need to constantly tell him what he did wrong or what he should do. This is a complicated, dangerous affair that is out of my league. The amount of info I have is infinitesimal compared with what the administration knows. We elected Pres. Trump because he’s different: He means what he says and keeps his word…not a politician, but a brilliant, honest patriot. .

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        3. So well said. You really cut to the heart of the matter. We don’t know and CAN’T know what is going on, so what else is there but to hold onto hope and to pray for PDJT, for our country, and for each other.

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          1. When I left CTH voluntarily it broke my heart. The first thing I did each morning for (years?) was to read the comments, and I read them throughout the day.

            The familiar names meant a lot to me, if only to see that other people looked at things the way I did, and I mean about America, Trump and cultural decency.

            I went back twice to watch rallies because the comments were always wonderful and uplifting, but twice was enough. It felt odd. Once it had been one of my favorite things to do and I looked forward to it so much.

            I did a DDG search “Q and Sundance” because NYGuy told me he had heard Sundance had been a statement. NYGuy had no details.

            I did not want to go to the CTH but was pretty sure some blogger somewhere must have made a comment and could satisfy my curiosity.

            Then: there was The Q Tree. What was this? And the name Wolfmoon. I came here and looked at a thread and the first name I saw was wheatietoo! I actually wondered if I was reading the posts correctly. And all the great feelings from reading CTH comments came flooding back, and more and more familiar names kept popping up. It was like I had died and gone to heaven, and was meeting with all my deceased relatives and friends.

            The folks my wife and I hang out with on Friday nights are mostly Trump supporters, but only one is so intensely into the details of what is going on and inclined to discuss it.

            IMO Wolf is correct in describing the repressive evil facing us. It is so important that we stick together and keep up MAGA morale.

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            1. Tonawanda, I want you to know personally, how great it is to see you here. You’ll notice many, many familiar faces … really more that you can imagine. We’re here. WWG1WGA.

              Your insight and analysis in posts always caught my attention and I want to ask you to continue here. We need each other and can only thank W for this opportunity.

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            2. What made you choose to leave CTH?

              Like you, going there daily to check in with what was going on was such a part of my routine and I read so many of the comments. I live in a blue world, so it can seem a lot like there is no one else in the world practically that thinks like I do so the sense of fellowship there was important to me.

              I fled in dismay the night of the Great Q Purge. I don’t exactly recall but I suspect I ended up here because I saw The Q Tree and Wolfmoon on WordPress as a site that might interest me and I pounced on it.

              Dropping in out of the branches of the first tree and then landing here was a bit disorienting because I kept seeing familiar names. I had the same kind of feeling “It was like I had died and gone to heaven, and was meeting with all my deceased relatives and friends.”

              I’m so glad you and NYGuy came here.

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              1. Sundance personally attacked me and my character over the issue of Sessions.

                It was a repulsive experience, and struck me as bizarre to boot.

                It was the culmination of months where nastiness, name calling and wacko repetition became the norm in the daily threads. There was zero discussion or reasoning, just plain attack, attack, attack. I would periodically challenge posters on their witless and mindless nastiness, hoping Sundance would say something.

                Alas, he joined the crowd.

                I still do not understand what it is all about. And as I told NYGuy at the time, I had too much respect for Sundance to regard him negatively, despite the experience.

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              2. I appreciate your sharing your experience. I’m frankly glad that I didn’t see the post.

                I don’t understand, I’m at a loss, and I keep thinking there should be some logical explanation for what went on. And I kind of go through that all over again when I realize that the posters I enjoyed reading are now for the most part here, yourself included. There are still some over there that I miss, but it is frankly stunning to look around over here and realize at least half if not more of the old regulars are here.

                At any rate, I’m glad you found us. It feels like a I’m on a lifeboat and periodically we find another survivor and pull them over the side and into safety.

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        4. We all know the deal and who the Black Hats are that are walking around. We don’t have the information that POTUS has to when the best time to declassify is. We all know grave crimes have been committed, especially thinking about how the FISA Court was abused and how dangerous that is weaponized in Black Hat hands! I follow any information I can find knowing if Justice is not served, then our Republic is going to take a serious hit and I worry for my kids! Whether its CTH, Q or whoever I follow, I have no reason to discount anybody who chooses to follow one source over another, I have no idea why SD took such a hardcore stance against Q. The Q drops have to be decoded, which I can’t do, but we also know there is disinformation in them because the Black Hats are looking at them to! Nothing is 100%, so I choose to listen to every opinion I can get my hands on and will not critisize others for their choice! I completely agree with this article that the battle is out in the open now, but we don’t know everything and we don’t know who is winning! I think Declassify blows it open, but is the corruption so bad that it creates a Constitutional Crisis or even a Civil War? We don’t know? I will admit, I am as impatient as everybody else, but we have to trust PDT to Declassify when he thinks the timing is right! Not that we can do anything but wait anyway!

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    2. @Wolfmoon, great post.
      @Wheatie, agree with you, too, at least with regard to most of the people here. We are not wanting to divide. People here didn’t cause themselves to be kicked off CTH, at least for the most part.

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        1. “If I posted why I got ousted, over a year ago, you would not believe it. I still check out the site every day though. And I’m so happy to have found this blog!”


          We’re putting the band back together!

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  2. Then there’s this:

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    1. I saw a clip of that fool, Donnie Deutch (who is on one of those left wing propaganda channels I guess) and he was pontificating that it doesn’t matter if they remove PDJT from office as Jeffrey Toobin, another idiot, seems to think they will be able to do because all of the lawyers in New York are going to continue after PDJT and his family until there is no money left.

      It is a death match. For the Trump family, and for our Republic. We will either win this thing together or we will hang together. But I don’t see a middle ground.

      PDJT is such a fighter. I like our prospects.

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      1. If President Trump can get 370K in atty’s fees out of a porn star, I’m on his side.
        You’re correct though, the litigious nature of the Dems is unending.
        Look what they did to Kobach when he tried to start a voter investigation (7 lawsuits – so many that Trump shut it down and turned it over to Homeland).
        AND Ryan Zinke was on Fox last night. Two years in and he has been through 10 full investigations.
        Look what they did to Devin Nunes on bogus ethics charges.
        Now the NY Atty General wants to make her career mark by taking down the Trump family. Of course, former NYAG tried but Schneiderman was outed and forced to resign.
        Oh yeah, it’s a war…….. and we are the prize.

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        1. One thing that our enemies do not understand is that we have an abundance of patience and resolve. When we choose a battle, we assume we will be attacked.
          We don’t live for approval.
          We don’t expect things to be easy.
          We go into battle with the intention of winning.
          We understand that losing one battle is not the same as losing the war.
          We take our losses, regroup, plan our strategies and engage again.
          The only acceptable outcome is total victory.
          There is no back up plan.

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      1. The other thing we always need to remember is that President Trump’s first actions were to align himself with the Military, Veterans, Police, Border Patrol, ICE, volunteers, bikers, gun owners, Q, and Patriots of every race, creed and color whose hearts bleed Red, White and Blue.

        We are not the EU and when the Communists here call out the military against us, they will find that our Military answers to our duly elected Commander in Chief and will fight on the side of We the People.

        They will think twice before they engage us if they can’t get us to give up in despair by calling us names and feeding us propaganda.

        BS’s talk the talk and Patriots walk the walk.


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    1. Just posted at the site that you do not name…

      I’m not sure why people are so reluctant to name Can’t Tolerate Heterodoxy (CTH), but it’s true, many won’t.

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      1. Because we feel not quite right about overtly castigating fellow travellers. SD ostensibly had no problem banning us – no problem allowing trolls to reign freely “over there” – yet we are reluctant to to call a spade a “bloody shovel” – even though that is our blood on the shovel.

        I like to think that people with our mindset seek to build – we seek to heal. And so it is deeply uncomfortable for us to “point the finger and judge them” – we know that this will not serve humanity in the long run.

        So even though we feel wronged, we are smart enough to know that deploying the very tactics on our brethren that were used on us would also be wrong.

        And so here we are, wounded in spirit by our banishment, but uplifted by the kindred spirits that congregate here. The diversity of insight, knowledge and experience that we are blessed with “here” is extraordinary

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        1. Great statement, Jason. We might have left CTH – voluntarily or otherwise – for similar reasons, and we have all acknowledged what those are. It’s not unlike a divorce. Why get yourself stuck looking back in anger or regret, which is time wasted and emotion spent fruitlessly.

          I have ALWAYS found a better path – a healing path – when I leave a dysfunctional one. I refuse to take the dysfunction with me. My eyes and energy are future-focused.

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      2. I’m not sure why people are so reluctant to name Can’t Tolerate Heterodoxy (CTH), but it’s true, many won’t.

        Because we are afraid the internet is tracking us through the use of the term, and if we type it, death eaters, and the CIA will show up on the front porch.

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            1. LOL.

              I remember a story one time. Someone came home to see his dogs running around the neighborhood. As he pulled up into his driveway, there was litter everywhere in his yard.

              On further inspection, it was copies of Watchtower and other JW stuff.

              Conclusion: The JWs had somehow managed to get the dogs to bust out, resulting in the dogs chasing them.

              I’d bet they never came back.

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              1. That I’d like to see.

                The hip holster I mean.

                It’s an article of faith for me that all Treepettes are smoking hot, but there is a shotgun involved so I’d best not flirt.

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    1. It looks like that’s Mary’s comment in moderation at CTH. I don’t see this on Qmap or the other board I watch. If anons are right, we’re in countdown mode and the next drops will be Sunday. That’s IF they are right.

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            1. From years of being there, I have learned that many comments with multiple links go to spam or something. I think you can do two at a time, maybe three, as long as you put two spaces between each.

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  3. On this particular topic, I go back to the very first week of drops, take a deep breath and sit back with a cup of tea (or a shot of Jameson).


    Anonymous ID: P3Lk4PKG No.147104628 📁
    Oct 29 2017 10:47:07 (EST)
    Open your eyes.
    It finally came out that Rod/Bob were key players in the Uranium scandal.
    Don’t you think POTUS would be tweeting about removal given clear conflict.
    Why did POTUS meet Bob under the cover of FBI Dir interview?
    Bob is unable to serve as Dir per the law.
    Gowdy comments on Comey (history will ….)
    POTUS has everything.
    Not everyone is corrupt (fewer than you think).
    Follow Huma.
    Operation Mockingbird.
    Priority to clean out the bad actors to unite people behind the America First agenda.
    Many in our govt worship Satan.
    Not about Republicans v Democrats at this stage.
    Where is HRC?
    Why is the NG called up across 12 cities?
    Trust in your President.
    God bless, Patriots.

    We don’t know what we don’t know.

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  4. Wolf, we have no option but to trust Trump – he is the only game in town who is throwing down on the DS. It is ALL PDJT. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE.

    So we are stuck, watching with fascinated horror/admiration as this battle between Good vs evil rages.

    I have posited that SD’s original theory re the sting is accurate and remains the best explanation for the facts known to date. I have also stated that ON THE FACE OF IT, there is no sting. That is the problem with a sting – to be effective, it cannot be determinable.

    I have said that if the good guys are NOT executing an undercover op to win this war, then WE DESERVE TO LOSE – they would be the lamest chumps in history, and the West was beyond salvaging.

    IF DJT got all his key picks wrong in the DOJ, from Sessions on down, then he’s toast. If Wray was chosen by DJT on RR’s say so after RR appointed Mueller AND Wray’s appointment matters to the running of the FBI – then what does that say about RR and PDJT’s judgement.

    Heck, maybe the Mossad has a wet work team in DC and will execute a knife of the long knives to save DJT, cause it is ALL swampers in DC? Who the hell knows anything.

    What we do is irrelevant, other than support DJT until the lady sings. That goes without saying. I’m sort of getting over all of this speculating – it serves no purpose that I can glean.

    The outcome is not certain at all, that would be foolhardy to assume. We may have a pretty good idea of the broad strokes, with likely very little knowledge / understanding of the minutiae. On this issue I am in limbo – just waiting. Knowing that over 90% of DC voted FOR corruption fills me with dread. I am not at all sure that this will be resolved for the good – evil has festered and grown for A VERY LONG TIME.

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    1. I have posited that SD’s original theory re the sting is accurate and remains the best explanation for the facts known to date. I have also stated that ON THE FACE OF IT, there is no sting. That is the problem with a sting – to be effective, it cannot be determinable.

      That’s the problem with the continuing argument. BY DEFINITION, it’s unresolvable. The data are consistent with no sting. The data are consistent with a sting as well, because a properly executed sting covers its own existence stings.

      The major difference between us and them is that we recognize that a sting would be invisible so we don’t use the absence of evidence for one as proof positive it’s not there.

      (On the other hand it’s ALSO an error to be certain it exists!)

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      1. AMEN.

        Things have happened to me that make me 100% aware of Deep State and its continued operation. I read the tea leaves, tell nobody the meaning, and the things they say show up in real life. I skate past them only on a combination of things that makes me trust the principles I’ve learned.

        DS feels it still has control. They step on tail, and Son of Mailman barks. Interesting times stay interesting. Messages are sent, some with return addresses, some without, some intended, some not.

        Even not making a choice is a choice. If we do nothing, we cannot help The Plan.

        What is the plan? TRUMP.


        My best advice.

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      2. “(On the other hand it’s ALSO an error to be certain it exists!)”

        Only technically.

        Here’s why (game theory):

        When the only chance for our survival, as a Republic and a people, is to either believe or to Act as though we believe that a position – which you call a logical “error” – is true, then SURVIVAL logic dictates that we “gamble” on it being true.

        This is the problem with relying to heavily on the abstract, un-tethered “logic” of science.

        Our BEST BET is to follow the path to victory – even when we aren’t sure that we’ll win. In the “hood”, it’s called “Act like you know!” (even when one doesn’t know).

        “Logic” evaluates statements, et al. What logic MISSES, is that there ain’t no such thing as a “statement” without there FIRST being a STATER. IOW, a person; a mind.

        “Logic” tries to remove all agency … yet life IS agency. Divorcing statements from staters has some benefits … but it also has malefits. “Logic” acknowledges the former … but ignores the latter. It ISN’T the total story …

        Hope you get what I’m saying! In the BROADEST context (US!), the technical “error” you cite is next-to-irrelevant.

        I could probably express better …

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        1. Not sure I do get it. But if what you’re saying is that it’s prudent to behave as though the sting exists, then I agree. But to me that’s different than being certain it’s there. The first is a prudent action to take in the absence of actual knowledge, the latter would be the actual knowledge.

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          1. The question of prudency will vary depending upon one’s information, and the actions as well, since not all of us are affected in the same ways or to the same degrees in those ways by what is coming. If people would learn to accept this, greater unity could be achieved.

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        2. EmStar – great comment. I get what you are saying. Pascal’s wager, in short. If you can’t know, but the goal is considered worthy, then “Look at what you have to gain” rather than “Look at what you have to lose” becomes operative.

          So, all smart people on both sides of this will be acting on the assumption of a sting – it being foolhardy not to.

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            1. Prudent, to be sure. The best teams have great offence AND defence!

              Tough not to be in a mood in these times – I was last night. The great thing about this community is that there is always someone to talk you off the ledge 🙂

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    2. JasonD Your post brought this Scripture to mind.

      1 Corinthians 15:12-29 (NIV)

      The Resurrection of the Dead

      12 But if it is preached that Christ has been raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? 13 If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. 14 And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. 15 More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead. But he did not raise him if in fact the dead are not raised. 16 For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised either. 17 And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. 18 Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ are lost. 19 If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.

      The Resurrection of Christ
      15 Now, brothers and sisters, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand. 2 By this gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain.
      3 For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance[a]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, 5 and that he appeared to Cephas,[b] and then to the Twelve. 6 After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time, most of whom are still living, though some have fallen asleep. 7 Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles, 8 and last of all he appeared to me also, as to one abnormally born.
      9 For I am the least of the apostles and do not even deserve to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God. 10 But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me. 11 Whether, then, it is I or they, this is what we preach, and this is what you believed.
      The Resurrection of the Dead
      12 But if it is preached that Christ has been raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? 13 If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. 14 And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. 15 More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead. But he did not raise him if in fact the dead are not raised. 16 For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised either. 17 And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. 18 Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ are lost. 19 If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.
      20 But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. 21 For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. 22 For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive. 23 But each in turn: Christ, the firstfruits; then, when he comes, those who belong to him. 24 Then the end will come, when he hands over the kingdom to God the Father after he has destroyed all dominion, authority and power. 25 For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. 26 The last enemy to be destroyed is death. 27 For he “has put everything under his feet.”[c] Now when it says that “everything” has been put under him, it is clear that this does not include God himself, who put everything under Christ. 28 When he has done this, then the Son himself will be made subject to him who put everything under him, so that God may be all in all.

      I BELIEVE THAT GOOD TRIUPHS OVER EVIL and so do the rest of you or we would not be here fighting this fight.

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      1. Elizabeth, thank you. I just hit send on a reply here that is an extremely condensed version of your post, in its essence.

        I am not dispirited, though it may have sounded like that. The outcome of the battle that we are currently discussing is open, and yet we stand where we stand – because our cause is worthy and just.

        I share your faith in the final outcome, that is why I am not dispirited.

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  5. Currently, we’re witnessing two types of warfare: psychological warfare and spiritual warfare. DS/Globalist/What-have-you vs. Patriots.

    Until my gut, backed by reasonable doubt, tells me otherwise, I still stand by the belief that the Patriots planned for this moment for quite some time.

    I agree with this comment from JasonD:

    “I have posited that SD’s original theory re the sting is accurate and remains the best explanation for the facts known to date. I have also stated that ON THE FACE OF IT, there is no sting. That is the problem with a sting – to be effective, it cannot be determinable.”

    One thing that has always stuck in my mind was then Candidate Trump’s statement about his not liking to telegraph his moves. I personally believe that it is essential for the Patriots to create the illusion of chaos and “no plan” in order to throw the DS off. Granted, we are left wondering and confused, but it has to play out this way.

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    1. PDJT said as much in his Lester Holt interview after firing Comey. (paraphrasing) “I may even decide to lengthen the investigation (into his campaign re Russia collusion) – This may confuse some people”.

      Well, as I have said in my TH days – we are confused. I’m OK with that so long as the DS is also confused!

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    2. I agree that the plan has been in the works for a long time, and recon was going on for at least a decade before the big moves started. There’s too many fronts for it to be a simple walk in and renovate.

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        1. The snake is the fallen angel, manifesting in us, the fallen. It is “The Accuser”, beguiling you by telling you how brilliant you are – how much better you are than “them”. If you are better than “them” then you are justified in judging “them”.

          So yes, the snake is to be found in communism, but also in all other “ism’s”. But be wary, because it lurks in all of us, whispering away its insidious message. It is the source of evil, and the road that it travel on is wide.

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            1. Thank you – this is all relatively new to me. As I encounter this wisdom, my jaw, initially on the floor, has resumed its proper place, and I face the future with a new found joy and excitement as to what is unfolding around us.

              Having one’s eye’s opened so that sight is possible is a wondrous gift.

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  6. The US/Mexico/Canada USMCA trade deal has been signed!


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  7. …”That is the problem with a sting – to be effective, it cannot be determinable….”

    At a certain point it needs to be discernable so that people understand what happened. How can that happen when a government requires such a high level of secrecy? Enter people like you, me, Wolfie, Sundance, Sylvia, Fle, etal… to surmise the story.
    Shadows and reflections are very clearly defined by the object that created them. If you trying to draw something from life and you can’t quite get it, draw the shadow and work backwards.

    (Wonderful book on the nature of shadows…The Shadow Club by Roberto Cavalli.)

    …”I have said that if the good guys are NOT executing an undercover op to win…”

    I believe that there must be, and the infrastructure that supports it goes way back. (Say 3 generations?) The serendipity that has brought me to this point is ridiculous, I might say “mathematically impossible”. Red October.

    Not to inspire more dread, but it’s not only DC, it’s been supported by anyone whose livelihood is derived from the corruption.

    At this point, waiting, watching, isn’t a bad plan. Since it’s Friday, and inspired by the post above, I think I’ll make some popcorn and a pitcher of Jameson Peach Sours. 🙂

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    1. Waiting and watching MAY be the BEST plan – It seems like it is the speculating and the attendant disagreements that is leading to the division.

      Our banishment resulted from this division.

      This seems to be the conservative way – ever more splintering. It has happened in churches, education – where else?

      The left agglomerates, the right divides – Is this a truism? It is very likely why we are losing the culture war – it looks like a feature of our disposition.

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      1. I’m sorry for those who have experienced the banishment.
        I’m still able to post, although a comment went into moderation today. it had a “Q.:” followed by a question. It’s reposted above. It’s definitely Q related but backed entirely by DoD and CTH links.

        I think Sundance has a lot of information and research to share, and the Q discussions kind of muck up the discussion for him. I think that much of the research being done and published over there is a gift, so I’m willing to grant him wide discretion.

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      2. “The left” are unified, but do not understand unity, because the majority of them are simply not intelligent enough to be distracted by the arbitrary and irrelevant details that fuel the current types of division. Folks on “the right” are of higher average intelligence, but while that means they can connect more dots and connect them quicker, if they spend too much time doing this before moving on to anything else, they’ll get nothing done.

        “The left” have been able to get inside the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) of “the right” for decades. In short, even if they’ve made terrible decisions, they’ve made them faster, digested feedback and updated their strategy quicker, and then tried again long before “the right” has even made one decision of their own. When “the right” finally does respond, it’s always an impotent reaction to a prior choice of “the left”, and so there is never an opportunity to get the upper hand, to go on the offensive.

        Conservatives bicker over trivial details that don’t really matter, wasting time on lofty rhetoric and idealism, while liberals have been trying stuff, failing, fixing it, trying again, and so on and so forth to achieve what they need in successive iterations. Conservatives think their inaction displays some sort of moral or intellectual superiority, as they refuse to commit to anything unless they are all completely certain it’s 100% absolutely the right thing to do.

        It’s a decision paralysis enabled by higher intelligence that a less intelligent being, unable to even recognize the details of the decision, won’t struggle with at all because they don’t even see the distinctions to then account for them in their decision making process.

        Meanwhile, to make this even worse, conservatives spent so much time building pride on their particular distinctions, the superiority of “muh principles”, even going so far as to bake them into their identity, that they’ve quite literally forgotten how to just “see the big picture”. All they can see are distinctions, endless schisms and variations, lists and lists of pros and cons, and when they try to explain any of it to liberals, it’s like trying to explain your favorite color of the rainbow to a dog.

        The good news is that those of “the right” who are also on the lower end of the bell-curve are already on board and ready to go, because they don’t get what the fuss is about, and are tired of the talking heads endlessly talking, it’s time for action! Ready are the people on the higher end of the bell-curve as well, who can see past the rather poorly laid intellectual traps. The bad news is that the bulk of “the right” is in the middle, too smart to ignore the details, and yet not smart enough to see past them either.

        Winning those folks over is going to require significant external circumstances which put the arbitrary distinctions they’ve clung to in proper perspective, because they’ve already wasted half a century trying to argue with “the left” that they were really right this whole time, instead focused on getting results, and unless something can get them out of their holding pattern, they’ll keep doing it, thinking that once they finally recite the magic spell correctly “the left” will agree that they were wrong, declare “the right” the winner, and then let “the right” proceed to govern.

        So there is hope, all is not lost, but it’s really hard to get people to let go of things they thought mattered, and that unfortunately means that things will continue to get worse, the polarization ever more clear, and the threat of violence ever more present, long before things will get better.

        But they will get better.

        Pray and prepare, because it’s going to be a rough ride.

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        1. And that post is what makes this site the wonderful place that it is!

          An Aussie colloquialism to you – “Onya!!

          Which is very short for “May good be bestowed on you” – Thanks.

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    2. Daniel P. Moynihan wrote a nice book about the dangers of government secrecy. He also chaired an investigative panel on the topic after some scandal (I forget which). The irony is that John Podesta serves as the institutional memory of that investigation, as he also served on the panel, and Carpetbagging Cankles went over the hill to the Senator’s farm to get his blessings on the Senate seat. Alec Baldwin was with her campaign that weekend, I believe.

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            1. In my hometown, once upon a time, there was a public housing development known as Pruitt-Igoe. It was first occupied in 1954, but the concept for it, plans to build, etc., in 1947. Thanks to the Housing Act of 1949, it happened.

              In 1972, this happened and made international headlines. If you’re not into the Cocteau Twins skip to :50.

              That corner is FINALLY being redeveloped 46 years later. A good portion of the site has been, but not that specific corner.

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              1. Urban renewal, not only in St. Louis, but in various scales across the US and the world. Came down like the twin towers, didn’t it? Same designer.


              2. That was more destruction than renewal. The renewal started here in a completely different place in the 1970s and 80s.

                As for the author, yes, I think it was the same. and there was a plan that was implemented in the 1950s. It’s known as the Eisenhower Interstate system and as much as the country benefited from the cities being linked this way, the cities like mine were torn apart by it.

                Yes the post-WWII years were used to foist the USA with all sorts of things that sounded good, but the aftermath was anything but.

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              1. part of truman’s “fair deal” which was really a bunch of liberal attacks under the guise of protecting the american dream. the fair deal was stated that everyone should be able to EXPECT from the government a fair deal. the probably was that they started to EXPECT and did not want to earn or work hard for things… and a lot of “tear inducing, heart string jerking” programs to take care of people who in a lot of cases really didn’t want to put in the effort to take care of themselves.

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              2. From your link:
                …”because of projects like Lincoln Center, a New York City cultural development including 4400 apartments for which 7000 apartments were torn down, the Act’s urban redevelopment programs actually destroyed more housing units than they built.[6] ”

                So if it wasn’t genuinely about making housing, what was it really about?

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              1. I don’t think that was a consideration at the outset. I believe that the vision was more global, and US cities and towns were incubators.

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              2. Absolutely, DP mentioned (huge) transfer of wealth. Planning and construction projects, effective mechanisms for channeling huge sums of the books.

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              3. Yes Mary. Those projects were filled with people brought up from the south. The voting block.

                People who were used to being out in the country, raising their own vegies, kids playing outside, stuffed into high rises – fenced in like cattle.

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              4. Jane,

                Father of modern planning delivered a speech discussing how the agricultural colleges would support the transition from rural to urban. I don’t think that the farmers sending their kids to ag colleges had this in mind.

                I can’t speak to the ultimate occupants of the housing created and where they can from. I don’t have any data.
                I will say that I have lived, worked and invested in poor places. I have great respect for the friends that I made. Poor people work hard too.

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            1. I will look into her.
              idealistic I, once filed FOI’s and requested formal investigation of certain things in a small city. I figured the corruption model was scalable


            2. Zoe, thanks for the tip. Hokey Smokes!

              Article on her experiences at HUD may explain what I saw from a different point of view, at the same time. For others interested:


              …”Shortly after arriving at HUD in April 1989, I began to learn about the FHA Coinsurance program. Since 1984, HUD/FHA had allowed private mortgage bankers to issue federal credit to guarantee multi-family apartment projects. After issuing $9 billion in mortgage guarantees, HUD/FHA was to lose something approaching 50% of the value of the portfolio — a level of losses hard to explain with mortal logic. When my staff approached me with a proposal to bail out a mortgage company so they could continue to lose money for us, I asked why we should spend money to lose more money in a way that would harm communities. After a long silence during which 30 staff members intently studied their feet, one brave soul explained to me that the mortgage bank was owned and run by a major Republican donor. Shocked, I said. “I am a major Republican donor,” and pointing to my presidential cufflinks that were adorning my French cuffs, “I got a pair of cuff links. You get cuff links. You don’t get $400 million of federal credit to throw down the drain.” “…


  8. Twitter does this every time President Trump’s following draws close to hitting another million followers.

    @realDonaldTrump followers:
    55,989,655 – 6:00 pm – 11/28/18
    55,984,187 – 8:53 am – 11/29/18 – minus 5,468
    55,983,420 – 3:49 pm – minus 767
    55,982,133 – 6:30 am – 11/30/18 – minus 1,287
    55,974,674 – 9:34 am – minus 7,459

    Yes, Steve, I’m still counting – but just the Trump WMD personal Twitter account.

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    1. Wolfmoon, self congratulatory “Wow’s” as to the awesomeness of this site, although earned by you Sir, are best said in private – lest people got the wrong impression 🙂

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  9. The declassified documents will flip the switch back to President Trump. It neuters Mueller. So I am not buying this doom and gloom stuff. Not in the least. President Trump would not be retweeting those aggressive memes without secondary intent. Throwing that out like that is so not Sun Tzu unless there is intent. And good morning Patriots.

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      1. And then there is exactly what Q said in post 2501.
        Will the declass occur prior/post testimony?
        List advantages of both.
        I took it that Q was asking for speculation, a devil’s advocate argument, for both possibilities…… which is what we are doing now.

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        1. It really puts the DS in a dilemma, doesn’t it?

          Not only is it perfect camouflage for when the D-class will happen (and the DS cannot effectively protect against both), but also there’s a sneaky advantage. That is, in this binary choice, the assumption that the D-class WILL happen occurs in both choices!

          When one is in charge of the question (the “topic”), one has indirect control of the answer. We see journo-actors do it all the time – the “gotcha” questions, designed to cause problems for anyone who answers it “straight” (usually “yes” or “no”).

          Questions can be LIES too!

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              1. If you insist. My preference is my special spicy guacamole with organic blue corn chips and these grilled cheese cheesy puffs I found in the gluten free section.

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        2. Declass is strategically better “after”. As much as we want it NOW, it is a much smarter play to do it later.

          Which raises the RR question again. Did he argue for “later”, or “never”? Those pesky uncertainties 🙂


      2. agree 100%

        at this point we can suppose one of two things – either SD is attempting a reverse psychology operation in unprecedented fashion by first purging certain readers, and now by feigning defeat and cracks in the armor of truth – all in the thought of “tricking” the enemy readers/commenting “trolls” at the site so they “think” they are winning…

        or… well, the OR is every sketchy theory that’s been put forth so far – possibly including we were all stung along in the first place, or SD has some kind of new inside info that makes all hope seem lost.

        at this point we can only go by our gut feeling and i know what that is for most of us here anyway.

        to be fair to my inner feelings, i have to point out that only by faith and sheer patience have any of us gotten to this point. there was a day and i almost exactly remember where i was and who i was talking to, where i mentally got to the point where i decided that if a semi-public move had not been made by that day in order to begin the fight back (and by semi-public i mean some movement that let the populace know whether they wanted to or not that something of a counter attack was happening) then we might be in a position to have to wait it out until the very last second and appear to be losing ground the whole time.

        the key to this of course was that the situation at that point was already HUGE and the details well known if you wanted to see them. and even as there was only tiny bits information to show any misdeeds by a trump team individual (and 99.9% of those were nothing to do with russia, etc) there was so much pointing to misdeeds for the other side – for by this time so many things were known going back to U1, the dossier, CF, the email server, i could go on and on). and the only people that who so far had been in trouble were all not involved in those things.

        so in that moment when i thought this i had to come to an agreement with myself that i still believed or i did not. of course you can assume that i chose to keep the faith – but i also at the same time finally put all my eggs in one basket and came to believe that this is absolutely not just a political battle. this is not just a republican / democrat battle. this was not just an american battle. this was a battle of forces that mankind DOES NOT want to comprehend and understand fully – the forces that control everything and i think you all know what i am talking about.

        our faith may be tested and we may very well be persecuted and even eliminated because of it, but we must never deny what we know is true and we must work until the conclusion to defend the truth. the time is very short.

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          1. when i was 8 years old i started reading a book titled 666 by salem kirban. i got it off the top shelf of our church / school library. it was a small book, and had been pushed to the back so you could not really see it from the floor – especially for a short 8 year old! so i took a small chair and placed that on top of a build in “desk” built into one wall, and reached up and grabbed it.

            from that day forward i never forgot that book and the images it conjured up in my mind. regardless of what happens the idea of believing and not denying the truth was of course put forth in the bible and then in this “fictional depiction” of the end times – and i could clearly see that being true to what you believed in your heart was vital. and denying, even for the purpose of “survival” was not going to be rewarded… i think we are getting closer and closer to those times and if we deny for the sake of taking heat off us we do the greatest disservice that we can to our cause.

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            1. Of course, some of those opposite hold to this maxim as well, hence the fierceness of this battle.

              It is a battle of value systems – of religions (that which we hold in our core).

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        1. Andrew, great comments and you are right about the battle. Hope you take this in the spirit of a little teasing, but when I read one of your posts, the style is unique, and afterword I have to stop and catch my breath.

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        2. Andrew, doing my chores today I came to much the same thoughts as you outline in this excellent post. I recall the many stories I have read of the faith of the martyrs.

          Today is the Feast of St. Andrew. A faithful servant that suffered much for the sake of Christ. The Koreans during the Japanese occupation suffered greatly and yet God prepared them to endure and remain faithful. So many examples all around the world of those who stood storng by the grace of God.

          When the darkness threatens to paralyze us and separate us from our connection with Heaven, the inspiration of the courage of the suffering church can reset our thinking and instruct us in the way in which we are to walk.

          Even now, we, us proud, independent Americans are in the prayers of faithful believers all around the world. Let us take hold of the grace given for this day and live courageous, standing strong in prayer and faith.

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    1. Just the mention of the Federal Reserve, the central bank, this week tells me that things are a lot farther along than is being broadcast. The central banks are a theme Q has stressed needing to go in order to be freed. It’s frightening in one way, but in another, if some of the stories that have been out in the conspiracy world are true, we’ll be just fine.

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        1. Perhaps I can help a bit, in terms of what to look for.

          DuckDuckGo search for “Jekyll Island” – it’s where the user-bankers of the day (1913) concocted their scheme to control our nation’s money. Also, see Woodrow Wilson’s quotation, about profound regret for allowing this travesty for America to happen.

          Also, look at “fractional” banking, or “fractional reserve” banking. It shows how banks just “create” money. It’s similar to “margin” investing, wherein for 30% (or so) down, one may control over three times that amount (100%) of ones holdings. Only in this case, the multiplier is triple that figure.

          And note, in the famous “this is the video that got [candidate Donald J.] Trump elected” (still on YT, I believe), that Yellin (former head of the “Fed”) was pictured … and add that to PDJT’s recent comments that the Federal Reserve is a GREATER threat to America than Shyna is.

          Searching the q-posts (there is a search ability, for keywords, top left on the page) also helps a LOT. He / they have referenced it many times. Here’s the link (very safe):

          While these searches and links aren’t exhaustive on the topic, I hope they’ll serve as a great start.

          I enjoy your perspectives! I’ll add my third “Hello, poster!” post of today right now!

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          1. woodrow wilson – another of those “i have profound regret…” when it’s too late.

            it does seem like so many of those that have had late life regret about something they championed yet their causes continue on and on most to the detriment of society, yet they are worshiped and not questioned by groups who benefit from such things.

            wilson was at the crux of so many contradictions and acts that ultimately seemed to open the floodgates of evil in the world years later. i always wanted to like woodrow i must admit. he seemed like a nice fellow and very prim and proper and appeared to want to make the world a better place.

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          2. President Trump is a history buff. On his wall in the oval office is a portrait of Andrew Jackson who actually did take down the BANK. JFK tried and died.

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        2. Rand Paul’s daddy, Ron, continuously spoke about the Feds. I started following him in the 70s. When he ran for Pres, I heard a brilliant pro life ND Law prof say if the dems got in, it would take a minimum of 16years to undo the chaos O would inculcate into the system and fiber of out country. This prof was 100% behind Paul.

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  10. W, I have to admit that I am not seeing things as you do. I do not accept that the DS is throwing up a DISINFORMATION campaign to confuse us. Disinformation works because your target already trusts you. I would be hard pressed to find any Q followers who believe anything from the DS. I grant that it will keep their own troops in line and asleep but that is the primary role of propaganda. The problem for the DS is that we, the patriots, cannot be disinformed. There must be another explanation.

    A primary reason why they can advance their agenda is because so many people in positions of power are at risk if the DS fails. Of course, economic consideration is always a reason. It almost always revolves around money and power. In short, the DS has a lot of collaborators who believe that their best strategy is to go with the elite.

    The best strategy for the DS to influence the patriots is to amplify the impatience of those wanting to see the restoration of law and order. Every apparent setback makes us grind our teeth and mumble to the ether about getting on with it. Psychologically most of the patriots are ‘can do’ kind of people predisposed to take direct action. Patience is not our strong point.

    Lastly, I want to make sure anyone reading this understands that this is not an attack on W or his perspective. It is merely my opinion. In fact it may be less likely to be the truth. It just reflects my take on the data.

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    1. The best strategy for the DS to influence the patriots is to amplify the impatience of those wanting to see the restoration of law and order. Every apparent setback makes us grind our teeth and mumble to the ether about getting on with it. Psychologically most of the patriots are ‘can do’ kind of people predisposed to take direct action. Patience is not our strong point.

      I completely agree.

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      1. I do too.

        “to amplify the impatience”

        The 8-chans autists absolutely pile on, and THRASH, any poster whining about wanting “Arrests NOW!”

        They’re REALLY good about exposing disinfo, of all stripes. I read there enough to have absorbed this attitude (somewhat, anyway), and can usually quickly spot, and ignore, many posts / posters that use these shill tactics.

        The autists are quite STRONG, actually – both intellectually, and emotionally / psychologically.

        I like ’em!

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    2. Mary Morse above ^ ‘See Chapter II’, when you get there take a quick look down the chart for the fast read and I’m not referring to Q folks even though they under the same pressures.

      Meanwhile did I ever tell anyone my favorite horror book author turned out to be trans. No, kind of doubt that I did. I was about 1/4 way finished with most of her books before this became indisputably clear to to me. However she/he wrote horror so well that I set that aside, allows her to be who she wishes and finished everything she wrote and always look forward to more.

      Ackkk! There’s more (found when looking for the correct spelling).

      Oh sorry, she writes in the HP Lovecraft way. Catlin R. Kiernan and sometimes Kathleen Tierney.

      Alas, I don’t have time for these leisure’s of late, normal life being on hold for the moment.

      Oh the horror of it all. 🙂

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      1. Hiccup… “No, kind of doubt that I did. I was about 1/4 way finished with most of her books before this became indisputably clear to to me.” not through her writings, she kept it clean of such, rather through research of the author.

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    3. W, I have to admit that I am not seeing things as you do. I do not accept that the DS is throwing up a DISINFORMATION campaign to confuse us. Disinformation works because your target already trusts you. I would be hard pressed to find any Q followers who believe anything from the DS. I grant that it will keep their own troops in line and asleep but that is the primary role of propaganda. The problem for the DS is that we, the patriots, cannot be disinformed. There must be another explanation.

      This analysis assumes that the target realizes it’s the Deep State pushing out the disinformation. If the Deep State can arrange for some trusted, or at least not distrusted, individual to present it instead (and there are multiple sneaky ways to do this), then it can work. And I am reasonably certain it has worked in certain instances.

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      1. Examine the third sentence of the quoted section. Think “second order”, etc. Examine for historical accuracy (Bezmenov) and logical accuracy relative to intelligent beings, Turing generality, real-world trust/distrust, predictability, Occam’s razor, and assume the adversary may be smarter and more familiar with higher disinformation concepts than you.

        The beautiful concepts of controlled opposition, negative control, and anti-dupes all fall out of this.

        Only a few here will see this, or admit to agreeing if they see it, but you’re one of them. Can’t help but share the beauty with the few. 😉

        Movie reference: Ex Machina

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    4. I have paid a lot of attention to human and drug trafficking over the years. Pizzagate came along but the Franklin Affair was a long time prior to that. President Trump, AG Sessions and Ivanka Trump have gone on a mission to eliminate human trafficking which is the 3rd biggest illegal source of income in the world. These practices have gone on since the beginning of Civilization. Baal worship, human sacrifice etc.

      As the DS realized that President Trump was serious, they started the “me too” movement and discussed pedophilia. Me too was a silly mess consisting of “someone made a pass at me 50 years or so ago I think and I want justice”. Pedophilia became someone having sex with a 17 year old. In fact, it is not pedophilia unless the child has not reached puberty. In fact, many of the victims were babies as young as 3 months old. Videos were made of rape, sex, torture and murder and are for sale on the dark web. They are into torture, sex, organ trafficking, cannibalism and prostitution. They are also trafficking humans as laborers.

      The reason the DS got out in front of this is to make it seem like it was really not as bad as Christians were making it out to be. They want us to minimize what they have done and forgive them and pretend like it never happened so they can continue this evil. Because we just can’t imagine that a human being would do those things to another human, they hope to get a pass.

      Abortion was about young, helpless women, Babies are just blobs and did not feel pain and were just removed. The defenders of abortion don’t get into the facts of ripping babies apart limb from limb, selling their organs, keeping them alive for medical and psychological experiments and many other violent abuses because that reality would terrify people. If a baby is aborted, it is not a citizen and has no rights. They can do anything they want with it and no one can do anything about it. If you abort your child, you better hope they kill it for the child’s sake.

      Christians are kind and have compassion. They are not stupid. They just can’t imagine that there are evil people in this world that do things that are not even shown in the grossest horror movies available to normal people.

      The point I am making is that the DS leaders try to get in front of the avalanche and try to detour the slide. They know who they are and what they do. Their biggest fear is that they will not be able to hide it much longer and we will see them for who they really are. They have managed to hide it for the last hundred years and they are not going to survive this time.

      We are in a major paradigm shift and they are getting exposed now. It is like opening the curtains in the morning on the vampire. They are disintegrating into dust. The process has begun and nothing can restore them now.

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  11. Folks, It really burns me up when I get fooled by fake news – but more angry when it comes from people posing as conservative/right wingers. I especially hate it when people post pics of tweets that turn out not to be actual tweets. I much prefer live link checkable tweets.

    For example:

    What do you all know about these two?

    Twitter says there is no PatriotRise account.

    What about this DFiveQ twitter feed? Are they just antifa never-trump hater trolls/creeps or are they DS leftist/disinformation propaganda creeps?

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    1. Twitter could have removed the PatriotRise account. Their banning of accounts has gained more and more momentum. I just noticed yesterday that Rex’s account has once again been banned. Incidentally, a lot of times people take a picture of the tweet simply because Twitter so often deletes things they don’t like, or the person making the tweet deletes it when it doesn’t go over too well.

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  12. Total meltdown at CTH over the post about this.

    I am inclined to see this in a very different way.

    Jeff Sessions resigns November 7, Matthew Whitaker is appointed AAG. We know Whitaker is a Trump loyalist. He has been so vocal about it people immediately start screaming “recusal.” He says “forget it.” I am convinced he is on our side.

    Whitaker has no legal access to the whistleblower documents in the hands of either House or Senate committees, or in the hands of the I.G. The only way for him to obtain the documents is through the FBI raid. Do I feel sorry for the whistleblower being raided? Yes, but this is war. Whitaker has to know what is in those docs if he is going to fight the war on the Clintons.

    Can Whitaker trust Horowitz to do the right thing? The Senate Intel Committee? I think maybe he could trust the House Intel Committee (at least Nunes), but, Schitt is there. Does Whitaker think that information turned over by the whistleblower will be covered up? Sorry, that is a lot of questions, but I have a LOT of questions about this.

    If I “trust Sessions,” then I assume that I can trust Huber. Huber now answers to Whitaker. I therefore assume Huber got the information recovered in the raid. If Huber is investigating the Clintons, why didn’t the whistleblower turn the information over to him, rather than Horowitz and the Congress? Huber is the only “unknown” in the whole scenario. Why leave him out? Did the guy just not know about him? Seems unlikely.

    The raid on the whistleblower took place on November 19. On November 20, House Republicans called on Huber to testify. Is that coincidental? I doubt it.

    Also, why did the attorney for the whistleblower wait until NOW to come out with the story?

    All I have right now are questions, with not many answers.

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      1. I like it, too. THAT is the “possibility B” in the civil war – that Team White Hat got the documents.

        I presented the scenario that Mueller got the documents to cover them up. That is the DOWNSIDE interpretation. Trump logic says we gotta have it covered. Aubergine presented the other possibility, that WE got them to get past Mueller. That’s the nice possibility.

        HERMAN MUNSTER MAN BAD is my interpretation either way.

        EXCLUDED for me are all interpretations where Mueller is a White Hat. GONE.

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        1. Yeah Mueller is a bad dude. I just want to wait and see. You know the implication of the sundance theory is that the DS won and MAGA is over.


          1. I really don’t read it that way.

            Ristvan poses the possibility (on the other site) that it’s the bad guys, and that if it is, they’re TOAST because it will become obvious and prosecutable, although I do see how that view is also Eeyore grist if one takes the attitude that the bad guys will keep on doing it forever and always evade without justice.

            If one takes a “never give up, never surrender” attitude, forcing the other side into ONE MORE MISTAKE is not such a bad thing, IMO.

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    1. I think we haven’t yet spoken directly – so Hello!

      “All I have right now are questions, with not many answers.”

      Actually, I’ve found that finding out what the right questions are, goes a LONG way toward finding the right answers.

      Case in point – I hadn’t thought of the recent raid as something which would benefit the new AAG. It kinda makes sense, from that angle … and it defuses the ire over the tactics used.

      Who knows if it’s what’s actually going on? But, by introducing this possibility, it affords us the opportunity to “expand our thinking”, as Q has exhorted us to do.

      Good job! I enjoy reading your posts.

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          1. Sundance is learning Trump downside logic and it’s shaking him up, IMO. I use it all the time – don’t always share. I’ve lived with downside logic – survivor logic – my whole life. Best when you don’t broadcast, but SD identified a real problem that allows us to be manipulated by our HOPES. We need to TEACH more down side logic, but not necessarily show our cards.

            My agreeing with Sundance and teaching on the down side here had multiple objectives. 😎

            The fact is, we don’t know. But we have to be careful. MOVES can be blocked, and then you LIVE with the down side.

            Trump logic. Beautiful stuff.

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      1. I was just going to say the same thing!!

        Figuring out the questions to be answered is often far more valuable than reacting to the immediate event. It is sometimes beneficial NOT to immediately read a slew of reactions from commenters until you seek your own counsel on what bigger picture might be missing. If nothing else, it tends to take one’s own knee-jerk down a notch.

        These questions are great, Aubergine, as are the entire thread of Wolfie’s post and reader comments. So refreshing to have the negative Nancy’s filtered out while we sort wheat from chaff.

        I caught Sylvia’s cold 🙁 so my head’s too stuffed to think right now. But my Bible-related reading today reminds me that we are “ever so limited in our capacity to correct all that is wrong in the world around us”.. and to “ask God what is truly important”… ending with “remember that we are all en route to heaven and to let our problems fade in the Light of eternity.”

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        1. Thank you Alison – and Hello to you, too!

          “I was just going to say the same thing!!”

          I confess that I found this nugget of wisdom from one of my favorite TV shows, “Kung Fu”. Not everything said there, philosophically, is right, but enough of it is good that I paid attention. To the point of being able to cite, on the fly, many excellent quotes …

          “seek your own counsel”

          I was just reflecting, over the past few days, how a good number of the mistakes I’ve made in life can be traced to NOT following my own gut / self-counsel. It’s amazing, isn’t it? How ones own heart and mind is most always the best guide?

          Anyway, I hope you feel better soon! There have been a lot of reports, here and locally to me (Northeast), of a nasty cold making the rounds. Doing what I can to NOT get served!

          Glad you’re here …

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        2. Sorry you caught the cold. Keep the fluids coming.

          I couldn’t bear to actually read the comments to SDs piece, I just skimmed a bit and thought, “No, I don’t want this in my head,” and I just left it.

          I am enjoying Wolf’s take on this and all THESE comments. It has made me look at this event from a lot of different angles.

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            1. Hi, Gil. I saw your comment elsewhere. Not on the tree. I just don’t want to step into this mess going on. I left a comment on the tree when someone asked where all the q people were and simply said they are here. Dropped the link. The comment was removed. From that I just decided to stay away from all the friction. I read many places and enjoy aspects of all. I have dear friends on several blogs and that I hope will continue. I doubt anyone here knows me, as I comment so seldom, but they have welcomed me. It’s always good to see you here, there and elsewhere.

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    2. Allow me to add an interesting data point to your theory. How are folks inclined to act on these documents responding to the news that House Intel committee chief of staff — Damon Nelson, ex air force, 40ish and a lifelong friend of Devin Nunes — died November 10 “following a brief illness”?

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      1. It’s a nice possibility. Depends on Wray, doesn’t it? Interesting logic that I trust Wray, Sundance doesn’t, and yet because SD and I have differing perspectives on logic paths through the DOJ and FBI, both of us see the importance of WARNING on the down side that Mueller is quite possibly in “immediate” control of the documents. NOW – is there a try/catch statement on Mueller? This has never been resolved to my thinking.

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        1. Anyone originally (or ever) nominated by Hussein should automatically be removed from consideration. The hate-America Left lives for the courts, and they don’t make mistakes picking judges.

          That was initial concern with Horowitz and Huber.

          A concern which won’t be completely overcome until or unless they both open a giant can of whoop-ass on the treason Cabal.

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    3. Aubergine, all I have are your superexcellent questions and comments. Some questions I never would have thought to ask. That’s why jumping to fast conclusions can be ao dangerous.

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      1. Thank you. It took me about an hour to even formulate my thoughts onto paper. At first, I couldn’t even understand what I was thinking! This stuff just doesn’t all add up.

        Everything that is happening right now feels like layers on an onion. Peel back a layer, and another layer appears. And some days the onion makes me want to cry! Do I trust Sessions or not? Do I Trust the Plan? Who in Congress is a white hat? Is anybody a white hat, other than our President? Jeez.

        I sure hope that D5 is a big day, because I think we could use one.

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        1. Not sure if this notion is new here, but I have unfortunately come up with another possibility for D5 🙂

          Maybe it means D-Class and not Dec 5?

          Q likes “gematria” and codes. “Class” comprises 5 letters, so 5.

          Which means that Dec 5 may not be what is hoped for ….

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  13. Lurking Lawyer here, for the first time. Found you all via JasonD and a discussion of hybrid vehicles elsewhere. Not interested in Q, but am in all matters Trunp/Mueller/Clinton, and justice finally being served concerning the ‘insurance plan’ by Deep State.

    I disagree with the interpretations both here and at CTH about the FBI raid on Cain. Here is why.

    There had to be a search warrant with probable cause, signed by a judge.
    That means there has to be a legitimate underlying investigation of a suspected crime or crimes. Ordinarily that means a federal prosecutor using FBI for investigation to build the case. Ordinarilynitbis the prosecutor who applies for the search warrant, whichnis then executed by the FBI. May or may not already involve a grand jury.
    Uranium 1 and Clinton Foundation pay to play both count as potential crimes that coild be under serious investigation.
    But, whistleblower docs previously turned over to DoJ do NOT provide probable cause, because the government already has them. So there must be something more.
    Now Cain as whistleblower means he was involved or aware. So, probable cause that he had more info than was turned over is a plausible pathway.
    Not something sinister, something potentially good.

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    1. Hi Ristvan, great that you responded to the invite. You have some quiet admirers here that noted that your inputs would be welcomed, so I reached out since I’ve being lurking over at WUWT for 10 odd years.

      Can you still comment over at the CTH? Most here have been banned for expressing views different to that of the host.

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    2. Hi Ristvan.
      It’s good to see you here.

      You don’t have to be interested in Q to post here…there are others who are not interested either.

      This is a haven for Q-inquisitives to share thoughts without getting pounced on.
      But it’s not necessary that you be interested in Q.

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    3. Same thing my lurking lawyer husband said, “What does the search warrant say?” and he added “When was it filed, what was jurisdiction of judge, and who was the judge?”

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    4. Happy to find you here! I always enjoy your comments.

      If I may, a question for you. The government (i.e. the Congress and the I.G. had the docs) but the FBI/DOJ did not. Is the knowledge that the docs existed and contained evidence of a crime enough for the FBI to get a search warrant? Because as I have read it, the documents were NOT turned over to the FBI/DOJ initially, only the Congress and the I.G.

      Thank you for your wonderful educated posts!

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      1. You ask a very excellent but unfortunately messy question. The news today (if true) is that the CAIN FBI raiders DID NOT know he was already an official whistleblower. That is possible in a big messy gov with both good guys and bad guys. Courts will later sort it out. The big tell will be whether the bad guys ‘knew’ but ignored he was already a whistleblower.
        IMO is more likely the good guys and bad guys just do not talk a lot so confusion reigns.

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  14. On the Wolfmoon side of the argument, “Empire Strikes Back”, the idea the deep state is corraling evidence…….
    We could throw in the Manafort locker confiscation.
    Guys like Manafort and Stone collected info/soft bribe material for decades. They were the dossier pros.
    Their files would be of incredible value to DS to either use them as bribery or alleviate the threat of bribery/manipulation.

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    1. One thing to watch for that surfaced with Manafort, and Corsi for that matter, is being the subject of the 4am talking points. There was one other time that the effort was obvious, targeting an individual for doing something “wrong.” It’s curious.

      Trying to read the tea leaves, though, is just making me dizzy.

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      1. Rat snakes are not really poisonous snakes. They are just so full of the rats and things they eat that it is like being bitten by a garbage can.
        That suits Ryan very well.

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      1. I’ve still got my links with the low down on Romney from 2012. He’s a vulture, cut-throat businessman…but used US taxpayer dollars as well….to replace workers pension funds of companies after he drained all the capital. Lots of stuff like that.

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        1. A bit more very personal info for my newfound compatriouts here. Mitt Romney and I overlappered 3 of 4 years at the Harvard joint JD/MBA program (pretty exclusive, 8-10 admitted per year). Plus, my last two years overlapped Bibi Netanyahu at HBS. We all landed together at then very young Boston Consulting Group, now a >$2 billion revs per year global private firm.
          So, I stayed 15 years to become the senior most rainmaking BCG partner. Mitt quit in the Friday night massacre my second year to go to competitor and former BCG partner Bain to selfishly further himself. Bibi a year later went back to Israel to eventually become its premier.
          Guess that history makes me the honest sucker.

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  15. Ok…I have been lost in the sauce. I had no idea you treepers were gathered here and up and rolling. I go to CTH everyday and see less and less of familiar names until someone on CTH pointed me here. I previously listed my twitter but had so many problems with them I had to reorganize. Sick of them, katydid@katybarsdoor
    Hope it’s ok that I showed up late.

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    1. Hi – good to see you – feel free to join us, but you may need to adjust to the culture. More freedom of thought and speech in terms of ideas, but respect (or indifference) for “conspiracy theories” including Q is the price of admission. If that is OK, welcome aboard! 😀

      It’s a friendly place!

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        1. Glad that Wolfmoon had the insight to make another blog so we had a place to go. Being banned was tough but the bottom line is that we are all on the same side.

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          1. I had no idea so many of you were banned! When SD made his Q comments I was astounded and disappointed that the one place that was so against the suppression of speech would want to do the same. I tried to post yesterday to CTH and was thrown off. To me that was a huge “door slam”. I was shocked and sad. WTH happened over there.

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            1. Sobriqet, I still don’t know why I was banned. I wasn’t a Q poster and didn’t see the “big post about Q” until days later. I’m not the argumentative time but will wade in to an argument to keep the peace. Many have been banned for various reasons, not just Q. Yes, it is a shock. I found Wolfie because I thought WordPress was playing tricks on me. Never occurred to me….. Banned!

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              1. I’m shocked and dismayed with myself for not recognizing why so many original Treepers were disappearing. Even those who posted regular on the open thread.

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            2. I recognize you! Some (maybe many?) quiet ones, like me, who rarely posted, or even liked (a simple matter of allocation of energy and time), can still like/reply over there. I was apparently ripped to shreds after coming here and then asking a question over at CTH (peeps here told me and white knights went to defend me). I refused to re-engage on that thread, to defend myself (again, too much energy draining effort for no good results that I could imagine).

              So I check in there for “news” and then check out, keeping this place & praying Medic as my news of the day sites.

              And I hold my “position” in a former “home” as something that might be useful to folks here, in the future, if needed. W knows.

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              1. Yes Roberta I am a quiet one. Really a huge introvert in life but I love learning. I thought I had found a home on CTH until I was attacked a couple of times. The bullying on CTH is way out of hand. Especially against Sessions and Q. How do you oppose Twitters ostracism when you do the same? SD shut down all of these great minds and now it is his lose.

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    1. IMO, Rex needs to stay on Gab and tag-team with the big names there. A critical number of bigs can circle up to win. Twitter knows this and that’s why they space out the big bans – it’s MATH.

      Wictor tried Gab but was already more comfortable with YouTube, but that place is red diaper hell and he’s just setting himself up for trouble there.

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        1. OMG – they banned Saul. He blocked me when he went all virtue-signally on anybody who supported Tommy Robinson in any way (as in, freedom of speech). Oh, the irony!

          The difference between Nazis and communists is simple, because Nazis are useful idiots.


          “First, they came for Group A, and I did not speak up. Then they came for me.”


          “First, they got me to come for Group A. Then they got Group C to come for me.”

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  16. Did I just find my friends????? Oh I missed you guys. I had to ask next door and it started a longer thread but patrick told me wolf made a blog.
    If anyone is interested, you are ALWAYS welcome at also.
    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
    Btw Wolf, the comments section on my phone shows completely different than at cth…a little harder to navigate. Is it possible to adjust? Thx again!

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    1. I love this Tonawanda. I realized several months ago how influenced I’d become by the steady drumbeat of “nothing’s happening” and “tick tock suspense”. I was losing my ability to live in the present. That’s never good!

      Drastic reduction in time spent online has been my antidote.

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  17. whatever happened to that “other” whistleblower that was the subject of all the tick tock’s by sara carter and joe g’s wife way back at the beginning of the year? bill campbell i think his name was?

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  18. Sundance can take control of the trolls plaguing him, it’s his site. If he doesn’t have the time or the inclination, his moderators can do it for him. That’s what they are there for. Do not forget that there are people here who were kicked out for standing up against CTH trolls, so fighting Sundance’s battles for him earned nothing in the way of thanks.

    None of us here are causing the divide.

    I trust President Trump. I trust his plan and his ability. I trust the military who are backing him and I trust that Q is there with the important job of making us think and examine all the evidence that has been presented or that we can dig up on our own.

    I no longer trust Sundance or CTH. Sundance has been quietly and privately disposing of people who do not agree with him on a wide range of topics for quite some time, as we have learned here. That is not a psyops to help POTUS. If anything, it’s a psyops against him.

    I no longer care what’s going on over there. My humble opinion is that he has been caught out and his mask has fallen. We were never supposed to band together someplace else and find out what went on behind the scenes.

    Sure, I could give him the benefit of doubt, but it no longer matters. Sundance is not relevant any longer. I no longer go to his site.

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    1. “I no longer trust Sundance or CTH.”

      Neither do I, A.D.

      Pointless to reference there, except as a means to better understand enemy psyops. And even THAT excuse is rapidly diminishing, IMO.

      I know that grieving is a process, but I simply cannot click on links to there – no matter the intent of posters who provide them. In essence, I believe that I know enough about it NOT to need to know anything more.

      As I’ve said, I wish them well, learned a lot, but I decided to move on. A CLEAN break.

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      1. I had similar conflicted/angry/sad/rejection feelings after being banned there.

        Feelings can be such a mix it is confusing…and hard to figure out.

        After a bad church split around the time of a divorce, I couldn’t listen to that contemporary praise music for years. And that was the same I had a very close relative die of self-inflicted medical issues and was so angry with them, I could not grieve for years. Anger is a stage of grief and so is feeling abandoned….it is just pain heaped on top of more pain.

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        1. I asked a few months ago about you! I knew you hadnt disappeared. No one told me, and others are gone, who may not be here. Many are gone. I hope the lurkers see my minithread today and come over here.

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          1. Explanation for my being banned here:
            and on down the thread…


            As I told Menagerie, I do not want to go back. I am far happier not walking on eggshells, far happier in the blog communities that are socially conservative and haven’t given in to the lbgtqxyz propaganda lies and still believe/accept – or at least tolerate – the Biblical Scripture/Science/Statistical truth about those high risk deviant behaviors/lifestyles.

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              1. You are very kind to want to include me. Stella has a truly lovely site and a good group of commenters – some who disappeared from CTH way before I did, such as Col. Ken and czarowniczy.

                However, Stella is a CTH moderator and for various reasons, over the years I spent there, I managed to irritate/rub all of the CTH mods the wrong way. At this point, I am not welcome or valued by the leadership of CTH.

                Because of the atmosphere, there is too much tension and I just can’t handle all that with all the stress of dealing with a family member with progressive neurodegenerative disease.

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      1. Oh, I think that was the deal over Mark Levin’s daughter’s connection to Ted Cruz or his campaign or something, right? And Mark Levin doxxed SD maybe? I don’t know, I missed that episode.

        But I did know we were all supposed to hate Mark Levin. See, that should have been my first clue. I’m not a huge ML fan, but he has his good points and I sure don’t hate him.

        Thing is, we can’t be purists here and kick people out of the boat for not passing some loyalty or litmus test. We need all hands on deck.

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    2. I have not been on CTH for days now, I come here.I dont know what has come over SD and not going to worry about it at this point in time. I enjoy my time here and really like that we can all speak our minds freely ,no tongue biting here:)

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      1. Yes, much smaller than 1964. But a 7.0 quake can do some major, major damage. I was living in Oakland during the Loma Prieta earthquake, also a 7.0, and the damage was massive. It took down the Bay Bridge and a large freeway structure that crushed hundreds of cars. The Marina district in SF was majorly messed up. If you live in an earthquake zone, you get used to the shakes and rattles. But this is much more than that.

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        1. Hi Linda, I was living in Santa Clara during Loma Prieta and working at home. It felt like “land surfing” with waves rolling under our feet. My mom called me while it was happening. She and dad were at home watching the ball game when it happened. They got in the call before the phone lines got too busy. We just talked for a minute or less, but I was so glad to let them know we were all okay.

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          1. Barb, my story is almost identical. I was living in Watsonville then. It was immediate that we knew this one was BIG. Once it stopped I called my mom and dad back east to let them know we were okay (and they too were watching the game so it was already news) Soon after, phones out. They would’ve been worried sick .
            Watsonville never really recovered. The cute quaint downtown went the way of cheap vender stalls and cheap import trinkets. Eventually we moved away.

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          2. At the time, I was living on the 10th floor of a high-rise apartment building by the lake. I had just sat down to watch the World Series and I could see them reacting to the earthquake right before it hit us. I had these great big windows on the side of my living room. I looked out and could see the building swaying several feet. That was so terrifying I got down, and then everything in my apartment started flying or falling. Then a heard the loudest most awful crash. I only lived a mile or two from the Cypress freeway structure, so I realized that’s what the crash was later. Not an experience I want to go through again.

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            1. I used to drive the Cypress Structure every day… really spooked me to hear about it. Never thought the structure was that stable, with the support arms for the upper deck sticking out, and the roadway being a bit up-and-down-and-up-and-down like old Highway 99 and Highway 4 used to be.

              I think the fact that the World Series was on at the time saved a lot of lives that might have otherwise been lost on that structure. I hope and pray that California gets back to normal, and can deal with emergencies, as well as life in general…


            2. Ohmygosh, that freeway gave me some sort of post traumatic thing! To this very day if I’m caught at a light or traffic backup under an overpass I start mentally taking note of how to try and get out.
              Can I crash through, gas it and push the car in front of me, enough room in between lanes..those were life altering times for me


    1. I intended to mention this when WolfTzu posted a picture of Palin the other day. I now see a similarity between Palin and PDJT that I did not see until PDJT was elected.

      I think the powerful people in DC started looking at both Palin and PDJT when they were put forward for high office and discovered that nobody they knew could state with confidence that they could control them. Nobody had anything they could use to lord over and manipulate them, and this made them both dangerous. So dangerous, they had to employ popular culture to send the message that the cool kids would shun you if you associated with either of them.

      Palin lacked media savvy (and was incompetently advised by he who shall not be named’s staff), and was diminished in the process. PDJT knows how to deal with the media, and was not.

      I bring this up because Palin is a good person and did not deserve to be treated like this.

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      1. I’ve felt the same thing about Palin, including all those details. They went after her from all sides.

        The leftists went after Trump’s family to degrade them in the same way they did Palin’s family, but Trump’s MONEY, his passed-down and trained-in brains, and his ability to ISOLATE his family from trouble, prevented the leftists from undermining the family. But you can see that they are still persistent, and were able to break DJTJ’s wife, IMO.

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      2. To this day there are people who actually think she said she could see Russia from her front porch.

        Even Snopes will tell you that’s false, so I send them there, since they will generally believe Snopes.

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    1. oh yeah, that. Does anyone remember the weird gigantic slow moving hurricane and then another following? ,
      Couple weeks ago, unexplained seismic activity over a vast area?
      It’s a blip in the mainstream…and then it’s gone.

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    2. Look at this video released yesterday this team is all over it. Good information in the entire video but I cued it up to show a lazer blowing up a tree. He mentions 10 of thousands of people not hundreds like the news media.

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      1. thanks for the link zoon – i actually was inspired to post my tongue in cheek question because i went to a page and they had an article about the fires and the you tube video was “pulled for violation of community rules” or whatever they call it. so i went to another story and every time i tried to get a video that wasn’t from the MSM it was taken down… now i did manage to find some videos, but the amount of times i go to stories these days only to find the embedded you tube videos removed is getting suspiciously common if you know what i mean.

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        1. Check out some of their other videos.

          For anything you want to save to show family and not worry about it being pulled get free VLC media player

          Copy the link on youtube from the (Address Bar) and open VLC

          Go to [Media] then click on [Open location from clipboard] At this point you will get no commercials or popups from youtube, really good for when you are being throttled/buffering

          Next steps to save said video.

          Press [CTRL and J] this will open up the (codec information)
          At the bottom notice (Location) first [left click] and then [right click] then [Select All]
          [Right Click] again on (Location) and copy

          Now you go back to your (Browser) and [Paste] what you copied from VLC into the Address Bar.
          Now you can [Right Click] on the video playing on your Browser and [Save Video AS].

          I like the quality it saves them in.

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      2. zoontexas.

        This whole thing is like reading a Tom Clancy novel. Lots of things are happening but we can only speculate what is really going on until we get to the end of the story.

        We have had some convenient and “unusual” hurricanes also. I believe they were meant to overwhelm President Trump because he had so much on his plate that he would have to stop everything else to take care of them. They forgot that he is a very stable genius who is very effective and barely sleeps.

        When I saw the fires and realized they were probably laser weapons because of the engines and steel banded tires were melting on vehicles and the green trees and grass next to the burned to the ground buildings, the thought occurred to me that the same type of fires burning down the Hollywood stars homes might have been a retaliation. Jerry Brown suddenly seemed much quieter and well behaved after that when he met with President Trump.

        I have long been aware of Quiet Weapons for Quiet Wars. We are in the middle of a major war.
        This is not a drill. Is the Alaska earthquake today part of the war? The seismic wave under the ocean is interesting. Could our side be blowing up some of their underground facilities?

        Q said and 8 chan verified that their Five Eye spy satellites were made unavailable to them. They could no longer track all of our actions in real time. The undersea cables are where the stations are located in England. Was that a threat that if you keep it up, we will cut your cables also?

        I have been watching these happenings with this in mind. They do a hurricane and President Trump handles it perfectly and retaliates. They do a border invasion and the same thing happens. It is always turned back on them in ways that no one has ever been able to do.

        They tend to think they are all powerful and forget that President Trump is in charge now. They do something and he says, “Oh yeah, I’ve got one of those also and it is bigger and mine works.” I wondered if that message was really to Rocket Man or to them.

        I don’t know if any of you were following 8 chan when the missile was fired at AF1 after President Trump left Justine Truedope on his way to NK. They were so certain they had him then. 8 chan had some amazing pictures and information on that.

        The False Flag shootings are kind of winding down now. When President Trump said if you would put teachers with guns and armed guards in schools that went directly against their narrative of disarming the citizens. If they really were false flags and there are armed citizens on the scene who shoot the crisis actors that doesn’t work out the way they had it planned.

        We will probably never really know what is happening. It is intense but the MSM does not publicize it much and if it is not in the news, it didn’t really happen or did it?

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        1. “Is the Alaska earthquake today part of the war?”

          Very possibly.

          Especially since VSGPDJT tweeted out the words “big one”, in quotes – this may have been referring to the media cartel’s articles about opening up Alaska (and US waters) to oil & gas drilling, and specifically an article on the three minor quakes off the WA state coast. The headline warned / presaged that the “big one” could be next.

          I was watching Patriots Soapbox earlier tonight, and they went over the timeline of articles, as compared to this Admin’s actions / communications. It’s almost as if the cabal and PDJT are “signaling” to one another, via media articles / engineered disasters one the one hand, and policy decisions / tweets / secret actions on the other.

          Also, the PS live stream went into a pretty deep investigative dive on the H-A-A-R-P program, and the tech means to affect weather / hurricanes, and earthquakes. Local, directed modifying of Earth’s ionosphere is involved. I believe it’s all based on Tesla’s work, and his famous (stolen) patent.

          It’s also possible that Haiti’s earthquake, back in 2010, was intentional, along with quite a few seemingly “unnatural” disasters.

          In re the 8chans and the missile – are you referring to the so-called “false” alarm from Hawaii, and/or the photos of a missile launch from the US upper west coast (Portland?). I followed their sauce on that, too.

          Very powerful stuff!

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          1. If a person steps back and doesn’t assign conspiracy theory to it… it’s as if all of these things are part of a swarm pattern.
            Since PTrump was sworn in there has been constant personal attacks, constant resistance, constant threats.School shooting, concert shooting,random LEO murders , synagogue shooting, fake bomb ploy, the Kavaugh debacle. Now we have the strangest “natural” disasters back to back for many months.

            It doesn’t feel natural at all.

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          2. Emerald, I was referring to the one from the upper West Coast. The Silicon Valley bunch live up there. There was a picture 8 chan had of a ferry with lots of cars going into a tube underwater, probably to a submarine. That is their escape route to China? Yes, I think the Haiti and Hawaii were part of the war. The timing is just too obvious every time. President Trump has the Tesla technology through his uncle.

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    3. It’s astounding how stories just disappear like that. On to the next outrage! Trump is a fascist and he’s doing (insert next numbered piece of phoniness here)!!!

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    1. Just got back online and saw you in it! And wanted people to see that I will take people quite seriously and logically in sentence order, so be careful what you say in a moderated (4 links will do it) post! 😉

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      1. Thank you kindly sir. And I see georgia fl is here. Now I think I understand. SD mentioned a schism in a post recently and I had said this conflict wasnt helping. But, the conflict isnt from anyone here! Im still at Stellas daily but CTH had a dramatic shift and I missed a lot of what happened d/t the holiday. You know im not one for lengthy posts! Just happy my internet family didnt dissipate.

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        1. Thanks! SD got a bit scared, IMO. Alinsky fear that we were totally outsmarted by the black hats. Notice that those who got “Winnamin Q” were resistant. Yet I’m still every bit as suspicious cat as ever.

          Parallel theories are a good thing. 😀

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          1. He wrote-
            The New York Post has an article today, surrounding an interview with President Trump, where the topic of declassifying the evidence behind ‘Spygate’ surfaced.

            Technically posted in re to fisa docs but certainly this is a minimal nod to what has happened at cth. “To say there is a massive schism amid supporters of the President on this issue would be an understatement.”


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  19. Great comments by everyone today. I’ve grown quite weary, however, with all this intrigue. One of the reasons I don’t post here too often, nor did I over at CTH is because my mind keeps changing daily. I guess because we’ve been burned so many times before that it truly seems impossible to believe that we might actually see some real results. I’m left with nothing to do, as others have said, but to trust in POTUS and try to “enjoy the show”. But this show is like a bad B flick sometimes and I want to smash the screen to smithereens. Still, everyday, here I am, reading, watching, hoping…and waiting.

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    1. Life must go on, yet the stakes are …….. HUGE. So we watch, sometimes snatching too much time from other things to check in here.

      And yet here is awesome, so here we return!!

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    2. LOL, I know what you mean. It is like one horrible never ending tease waiting and waiting and waiting.

      But I don’t know what else to do other than to hang on, keep watching, praying, and hoping for the best.

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    3. Intrigue, yeah, that’s one thing about being an informed Catholic in the last few decades (was not really cognizant of the palace intrigue until about 2003 and then had to catch up), it’s uncomfortable at first and then after a while you just keep doing what you know to do and watch the soap opera go by. It’s the same thing here. Scandal is wearing and uncomfortable, but in the end, the uncomfortable purge is worth it.

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    1. “Florida Governor suspends Brenda Snipes (a couple of elections too late)”


      Where is the PROSECUTION, ‘governor’?

      WHERE in the WORLD is Florida AG Pam Bondi… and where has she been for the last 8 years?!?

      Does NO ONE in authority care that MILLIONS of Floridians have had their RIGHTS violated and have been DISENFRANCHISED by massive Demonrat VOTER FRAUD?

      Apparently Rick Scott and Pam Bondi ought to be investigated. How can you be that blind for that long, without being in on it?

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  20. I have a hard time with SD’s carnival of doom & gloom.

    SD: “The Daily Caller has an exclusive report tonight that is very troubling,”


    It’s only troubling if you believe DJT is Chauncy Gardiner AND the latest development can be interpreted in a way that confirms all notions of doom & gloom before it…


    SD: “and, unfortunately in alignment with a previous suspicion CTH shared when it was first announced that John Huber was scheduled to testify to congress on December 5th.”


    Ta da!


    Daily Caller: “he FBI raided the home of a whistleblower who was in possession of documents regarding the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, according to the whistleblower’s lawyer, Michael Socarras.”


    So what? Huber, Horowitz and the Congressional committees already have all of those documents. If Mueller wanted them, all he had to do was ask, he didn’t have to pull another Manafort raid… except those kinds of activities make Mueller and his team of psychopaths feel tough. It’s a very brave thing for 16 trained professionals, with firearms, to surprise civilians in their own home and boss them around. A real ego and power-trip. I’m surprised they didn’t take MORE people. 16 against 1 is no kind of odds for the insanely brave and courageous Mueller agents to handle.

    When I think of courage, honor, integrity, basic human decency, I think of Mueller and a band of 16 masked FIB agents kicking in the door of some civilian to intimidate them. It’s a real adrenaline rush to bully people and push them around, the perfect job for Mueller and his kind.

    I mean, they could just as easily wait until Mr. Cain was out of his house, and when he arrived home to all the commotion, one the FIB smirking special representatives could inform him that they were conducting a search of the premises based on a kangaroo court warrant from a corrupt Deep State judge on her way to Gitmo.

    But what fun would that be?

    MUCH better to bust into someone’s house at the crack of dawn and push them around, like any brave, courageous, self-respecting, jack-booted government storm-trooper would do.


    Daily Caller: “The whistleblower, Dennis Nathan Cain, had turned the documents over to the Department of Justice’s inspector general and both the House and Senate Intelligence committees, according to the lawyer.”


    Even if there was something he did NOT already turn over, it won’t hurt DJT, for the same reason NONE of this will EVER hurt DJT, and that is because… say it with me… in three part harmony… 3… 2… 1… DJT DID NOTHING WRONG AND BROKE NO LAWS!


    Daily Caller: “The FBI rummaged through Cain’s home for six hours, even after the whistleblower handed over the documents, according to Socarras.”


    They always do that, makes them feel tough. I usually walk around the house with them and offer to close each door so they can kick it in, makes ’em feel STRONG — and cool. They love that stuff.


    SD: “Make sure you read the entire article because if the DOJ was intending to throw a bag over the entire Clinton Foundation investigation and cover-it-up, that raid is exactly what they would do.”


    Except it makes no sense, because Huber, Horowitz and all the kings horsemen and all the kinds men ALREADY HAVE this information.

    And with Huber scheduled to testify on December 5th, Huber has ALREADY COMPLETED his investigation, based in part, on those documents.

    So if this was an attempt by the Mueller team to ‘cover up’ anything, they’re too late. If it was an attempt by Huber to ‘cover up’, that makes no sense, and it will sure make for interesting testimony on December 5th why he’s covering up his own investigation. And if Whitaker is trying to cover up, that makes no sense either. And if Wray is trying to cover up, that MIGHT make sense (I have a very hard time trusting Wray), but it’s still TOO LATE, Huber already FINISHED his investigation.


    SD: “This is presumably the investigation that John Huber was/is controlling.”


    And still does control. Huber already FINISHED his investigation, or he wouldn’t be testifying before Congress on December 5th. So whatever happened on November 19th in this ‘raid’ (WHO ordered the raid, has anyone bothered to find out?), it has no impact on Huber’s already completed investigation.


    SD: “When congressman Mark Meadows reported that U.S. Attorney John Huber was scheduled to testify on December 5th, 2018, CTH warned:

    This could be a troubling indication because: (a) Huber wouldn’t be able to testify about an ongoing criminal investigation; and (b) this framework would infer DOJ officials (above Huber) have made a determination -or agreed with his determination- that no legal liability is possible within the matters Huber reviewed. ”


    The doom and gloom is so thick I could cut it with a chainsaw.

    Why is it not just as likely (if not MORE likely) that Huber is CONCLUDED his investigation, and THAT is the reason he is testifying before Congress?

    Who does Huber report to?

    IIRC, Q has said that Huber reports directly to Sessions and his team (Ezra Cohen Watnick and Whitaker), and now Sessions is gone, Whitaker is acting AG, and (presumably) Watnick is advising Whitaker. So the same team is in place, minus Sessions, so Huber reports to Whitaker and Watnick.

    If Whitaker and Watnick are corrupt, then yeah, we’ve got BIG problems. But is there ANY reason at this point to suspect that Whitaker and Watnick are corrupt?

    No, at least not that I am aware of. Watnick was selected by Gen. Micheal Flynn, and Watnick was personally appointed to advise Sessions by DJT, and Whitaker was personally selected to take over for Sessions by DJT (skipping over Rosey).

    And if Huber shows up on December 5th to testify do his Jon Lovitz imitation and say Crooked Hillary is compleeeetly innocent, the whole COUNTRY is going to erupt.

    I don’t think there’s a chance that’s going to happen.


    SD: “If the reporting of the raid by the Daily Caller is accurate; and given the nature of the timing for that raid; and accepting the at risk elements within the whistleblower case extended beyond Hillary Clinton to Robert Mueller; and noting how the SSCI was the recipient of the information/evidence as transmitted by Michael Horowitz; there is a solid appearance of the DOJ maneuvering to cover-up the underlying DOJ/FBI corruption by seizing -and controlling- all of the evidence.”


    Oh noes!

    They have seized and are controlling all of the evidence that was already obtained and used to COMPLETE an investigation which Huber will testify about on December 5th.

    SO WHAT?!?

    They’re computer files. Copy them to your heart’s content. Apparently everybody in government already had a copy except the goon squad that raided Cain’s house on Nov. 19th. Now they have copies too. Whoopty-doo!


    SD: “[Additionally, in the background are the fingerprints of the self-serving quid-pro-quo between DOJ and SSCI] Just sayin’…”


    Yes, the SSCI (who already has all of these files obtained in the FIB raid November 19th) is corrupt. Are you suggesting that Huber raided Cain’s house?

    Are you suggesting Horowitz raided Cain’s house, and he’s corrupt and colluding with SSCI?

    Are you suggesting Whitaker and Watnick raided Cain’s house, and they are corrupt and colluding with SSCI?

    Or are you suggesting Mueller raided Cain’s house?

    Regardless of WHO raided Cain’s house, WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

    Huber already completed his investigation, or he wouldn’t be testifying on December 5th.


    SD: “A cover-up just seems so implausible, because the activity is just so brutally obvious.”


    Exactly, and we’ve all wasted a bunch of time and gotten ourselves all wee-weed up because the sky is falling again. We’ve got Treepers making nooses, searching for ammo, turning on gas ovens, searching old chemistry sets for arsenic or cyanide, creeping out on the ledges of tall buildings and walking in front of buses.

    And for WHAT?

    Nothing has changed!


    SD: “I hope I’m wrong.

    Maybe there’s a valid reason for this FBI raid; if so, I can’t think of one.”


    Well I guess the only question remaining is should we all kill ourselves now, or wait to find out what happens?

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        1. Howdy! Yay! I knew sd had argued about q’s but I didnt know it was an excuse to eliminate the entire community. Thats some extremely bizarre behavior.
          Happy happy joy joy to be here.

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    1. Not going to kill myself. Enjoying the show and the mental challenge of trying to figure out how Shakepeare would have written it too much to die now.

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    2. Weird that Bongino has the same take….referenced CTH multiple times in todays show. I lean you way for sure Scott…fact is aint nothing we can do to change anything, might as well remain positive

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    3. Scott. I was eating my dinner.

      “It’s only troubling if you believe DJT is Chauncy Gardiner”

      There are now disgusting bits of lettuce and cheese and taco shell all over the table, my keyboard, and my screen. The tomato hit the floor and the dog is chasing it around. Thanks, dude. Now I have to go drag out the vacuum and the Swiffer.

      Despite the messy aftermath, it was a great post. At the heart of what went wrong for me at CTH was the despair and deep cynicism that took over. I remember reading an article SD wrote last spring about the coup and his belief nothing was going to be done about it. I finished reading it in disbelief and said aloud, “So are we all supposed to go stick our heads in our gas ovens now?” It was awful. I’m not exactly Pollyanna, but it really struck me wrong.

      And as you point out, some of us believe PDJT is smarter and tougher (and I believe chosen by God) than the Deep State. It looks bad, it looks impossible some times and sometimes I lose heart, but I always come back to believing that this is divinely ordered. Good vs. Evil. To me, it is just that big. Western civ hangs in the balance. I chose to believe.

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      1. Sorry Sylvia!

        If I had known it was dinner time, I’d have gone the extra mile to make you shoot some milk out of your nose too 😁


        “At the heart of what went wrong for me at CTH was the despair and deep cynicism that took over. I remember reading an article SD wrote last spring about the coup and his belief nothing was going to be done about it. I finished reading it in disbelief and said aloud, “So are we all supposed to go stick our heads in our gas ovens now?” It was awful.”


        Very much agree. On more than one occasion I questioned the concept of ‘cold anger’, which seems like an excuse to bottle everything up inside and DO NOTHING.

        Other times I asked SD straight up, after yet another devastating, hopeless, demoralization article, ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO ABOUT IT?!?”

        It crossed my mind many times that SD was running a hostile psy-op against US. I don’t think he was, but it certainly crossed my mind, because, how could it NOT cross your mind?

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  21. Everyone,

    I have been banned. All I did was ask this am about where everyone is next door. I just attempted a post which disappeared. So I checked my minithread and its been removed. Sundance is hurting everyone, and at this point, I believe he is reading here. I cannot believe any other moderators would ban me. Im probably one of the least argumentative or trollish posters he has/had.
    If thats the case, cth is really…..over.

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    1. I replied to your comment here…but alas, my reply dropped down below as a new comment.
      This seems to be a recurring WP problem.

      It’s like the-curse-of-replying-to-the-last-comment. Haaa.

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    2. “Im probably one of the least argumentative or trollish posters he has/had.”


      Pretty sure I’M the least argumentative poster he ever had, if you want to argue about it.


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    3. Gil, same thing happened to me and a number of others. It would seem this site is being monitored and if we come here we become enemies of the SD state or something.

      Like you, I don’t think I was argumentative or trollish. And yet, boy howdy, there are plenty over there who are both of those things and they continue to post just like they always have. It is just the most peculiar thing.;

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      1. Yes i went and read and thought the same. They are denigrating those who are no longer posting as q crazy or even nevertrumpers. People who should know better. There are people who have twitter accounts like ziiggi. Maybe anyone here with twitter can contact a few to invite over?

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        1. I personally don’t proselytize, but if others do, I have no objection. If anybody asks me the slightest excuse on Twitter, however, I tell them about this place! 😉

          I really had to work to not invite people, but I think keeping it low key and letting people find us will keep the quality high!

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        2. Wolfmoon tweets. He’s being careful for a number of reasons, but there is a thread “The Crow’s Nest” from several days ago where people have named names.

          He’ll undoubtedly see this post, but I’d suggest you go there and add any peeps that you think he might put the word out to.

          I’m just so gosh darned glad you are here. I’ve always enjoyed reading your take on things because of where you live which is kind of a different world, and also because you have a young one which just naturally colors how you see things. And because I just like you.

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    4. Could it be that the DS and their Kartel of Klintoonian Klowns are committing arboreal Arkancide, i.e. rotting the tree from within? As it was too bright a light, and exposed their darkness?

      Just like in 2016, before and during the election, we need to pray that GOD shines HIS light on all the corruption and evil of the globalists and others, and confounds, reveals, and ends it. I believe that GOD put Donald Trump in the place and time where he is, prepared, strenghtened and enabled him to become President of the USA, and most important, GOD’S WORD WILL NOT RETURN VOID!

      We need to pray more, for our country, our President, his family, our families, and that GOD’S WILL be done. And (this is the tough part), we need to pray for our enemies; that GOD change and reform them, and that we learn to forgive (for one must forgive before praying).

      CTH has gotten ever more “secular”, ourside of Menagerie’s postings. I pray that GOD helps and cures whatever is going on over there.

      And thank GOD for everyone here. I wondered where y’all went (and I missed the counting, too 🙂 )…

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      1. Just did a quick search for prayers for protection. This came up.
        (I adapted from single person to plural.)

        “The following is a prayer based on Scripture.
        Put yourself and God in remembrance of His Word
        and know that the only “safe” place there will ever be
        is under His protection.”

        Scripture References:
        Jeremiah 1:12; Psalms 91:1-16, 112:7; Proverbs 3:26, 23-24; Psalms 3:5, 4:8, 127:2, 34:7

        Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You that You watch over Your Word to perform it.

        Father, we praise You that we dwell in the secret place of the Most High and that we shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty—whose power no foe can withstand.

        We will say of You, Lord, “The Lord is my refuge and my fortress, my God; on Him we lean and rely, and in Him we confidently trust!”

        For then You will deliver us –and our Nation– from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence. Then You will cover us with Your feathers, and under Your wings shall we trust and find refuge.

        Your truth and Your faithfulness are a shield and a buckler.

        Father, You are our confidence, firm and strong. You keep our feet from stumbling, being caught in a trap, or hidden danger.

        Father, You give us safety and ease us . We know You will keep us in perfect peace because our mind is stayed on You and we trust in You.

        We thank You, Lord, that we may lie down and You will give us peaceful sleep, for You sustain us and make us dwell in safety.

        We shall not be afraid of the terror of the night, nor of the arrow (the evil plots and slanders of the wicked) that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor of the destruction and sudden death that surprise and lay waste at noonday.

        A thousand may fall at our side, and ten thousand at our right hand, but it shall not come near our. Only spectators shall we be—inaccessible in the secret place of the Most High—as we witness the reward of the wicked.

        “Continue to meditate on this prayer for yourself and for your loved ones –and our Patriots, including our President–.

        Speaking it daily will allow the Word of God concerning protection to reach deep into your spirit.”

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  22. You got banned too, Gil?
    Did you mention “Q”? …That’s apparently a bannable offense now.

    But then, the list of bannable offenses seems to be growing by the day.
    And I doubt that the list is being posted, either.

    Well…Welcome to the Wolf den, my friend.
    It’s warm and cozy here.

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  23. No q at all. I mentioned you, Sylvia and asked if anyone had seen you. Then i did post the address for codatexas to come here. Thats it. I hadnt posted except 1 or 2 times over the past week. And look what happens. I wish i could contact wsb and some others now. Thats off the rails. Pam is gone too. I didnt realize he was banning people so liberally. Ad rem wouldnt do that, nor menagerie. Maybe he has gotten new mods or taken control himself?
    This is not the sane MAGA SD. Cutting us all out is the precise opposite of why we were there.

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    1. Wow, I guess just mentioning me or Sylvia…is now a bannable offense.

      If you dared to mention “Wolfmoon”, then that would do it, for sure.
      We were joking about that in earlier threads…

      It’s like in ‘Dune’ where Moa’dib became a killing word.
      The name Wolfmoon has become a bannable word.

      Pam had posted some Praying Medic videos in the past.
      So if she did it again…that could be why she was banned…or maybe she was banned for doing it in the past.
      Who knows.

      The ‘last refuge’ has now become, that which it used to be a refuge from.

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      1. There was this great take-down by David Horowitz where he dared a Pales-Soro-scumian she-devil to admit, in open forum, that the reason that Hamas and the like did not mind Jews returning to Israel is that then it would be easier to exterminate them – since they would all be in one area. She hesitated, knowing it was a trap – then proudly answered in the affirmative anyway. Very cleverly executed by Horowitz.

        I wonder if Q’sters are being herded together for some nefarious purpose …….?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. “I wonder if Q’sters are being herded together for some nefarious purpose …….?”

          Nah…I don’t think so.
          There’s no need to do that; the Q-peeps are not hiding or ashamed about being Q-inquisitive.

          Some bloggers and pundits just don’t want people to be reading the Q-drops.
          They want people to get their info from them, instead.

          They also don’t want people to see where they get a lot of their ‘scoops’.

          Liked by 3 people

    2. If you are interested there are some threads here around Veteran’s Day when SDs Q thread hit and a bunch of us came running over here, bewildered and bedraggled. Wolfie took us all in, brewed buckets of covfefe for us and passed around extra blankets. I felt like a refugee.

      Liked by 3 people

    3. Hi Gil,

      I was banned for the exact same reason as you were. I replied to a couple of Treepers who were inquiring the whereabouts of regular CTH posters.

      I responded in the same manner as you. I was subsequently banned and the posts were scrubbed off the thread.

      # Big Ugly Censorship

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Hi there, member formerly known as Chicago—>AZ ! I have a question, if you don’t mind. (Trying to understand WordPress). WP threw this into moderation. Did you just change your screen-name, or did you change email address, too?


        1. Hi wolfmoon1776,

          What a night !

          I deleted my Chicago->AZ account.
          The username and email address are new.

          I thank you for the speedy removal from moderation.

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    1. Apparently Huber’s office has made contact with a Clinton Crime Foundation whistle-blower, TODAY (Friday), and it’s NOT the same whistle-blower whose house was raided by the FIB on Nov. 19th, it another CF insider whistle-blower.

      John Solomon says we will find out who it is and all about it on Monday.

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      1. Scott, Up-thread I posited another possible meaning for D5

        Re-posting in part …

        Maybe it means D-Class and not Dec 5?

        Q likes “gematria” and codes. “Class” comprises 5 letters, so 5. D-Class = D5???

        Which means that Dec 5 may not be what is hoped for ….

        Here’s hoping I am WRONG, since the waiting is tough.

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  24. WOW!! So this is where everyone is hanging out…? I came across your page about a week ago Wolf and this is my first post. I’m glad to see Tonawanda, Wheatietoo, Sylvia, Cuppa, etc over here…

    I still read CTH daily but like you all felt Sundance got to big for his britches when he decided to scold and shame those that followed Q. The irony was just oozing in buckets as here is a guy that uses a moniker making fun and banning from his website those that follow another self made moniker name.

    I actually know who Sundance is as being MI I researched him through open source when I first came upon his site about 3 years ago. He took one of my comments down back then when I referenced his background, not in a nefarious way, mind you, but just posting about his knowledge and background. I never mentioned it again and enjoy(ed) reading his posts to this day though with a different set of glasses on now.

    Thank you for allowing us here to post what we truly feel here.

    Carry on sailor!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Good to see you, navysquid! Please look around – you’ll see a lot of discussion of “the purge” in older posts around 11/10 and later.

      There are theories there is more to this than we know. But in any case, we are here now, I still agree with SD most of the time, and I can actually defend him from here without my having any motive other than actually agreeing.

      Freedom of operation is a gift. Never look a gift horse in the mouth! 😉

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Agreed. I am not banned from CTH but I think he is missing the Q boat big time. This (Q) is my world I live in and deal with in MI and doing CI work. What Q speaks of happens in our world at certain levels (gematria, quantum thinking, etc) While Sundance is tied into some good sources and analyzes well he is banning people who actually KNOW what they are talking about in their disciplines and that is sad.

        The last few years CTH was a place many intellectuals and those that just liked to read good analysis went to be fulfilled and now he has allowed a leopard to climb into the treehouse and chase all the prey away.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. I hear you. I had enough exposure to smart young people that I “got” the “anon” thing – the chans and all that. I learned enough respect for it, that I realized that even if Q was a complete front, whoever was pushing stuff to him or through him wasn’t. They knew what they were doing, and it was MAGA and loyal. What more can I ask? 😎

          Hopefully you won’t get banned there, but if you are, you’re always welcome here, and then in that case I suspect it’s part of something bigger that will work out for good in the end. Like they say – it’s complicated! 😉

          Liked by 3 people

    2. Howdy navysquid, glad to see you over here! Enjoyed your posts at the other plaice (as Mike Magee used to call el Reg after leaving for L’Inq).

      Looking forward to an interesting week next week, and watching many of the Bushies/illumis thousand points of light winking out…


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