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    1. Oh, man it would be the troll of the century if a bunch of “them” got busted because of Trump’s answers? After they howled incessantly that he needed to answer questions from Mueller? “Be careful what you ask for…you might get it, good and hard.”

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          1. Apologies, it is the same man.

            Burke represented the Trump Organization in Chicago, dealing with property tax disputes to do with the company’s hotel there:


            ‘Burke, a Democrat, is the longest-serving alderman in Chicago history, having first been elected in 1969. He has been caught up in several federal investigations during his time in politics, most notably a 1990s probe into so-called “ghost payrolling” in city government.

            ‘”As you are aware, there have previously been several other investigations such as this,” Burke said in a statement to the Tribune. “In every instance we cooperated fully. And in every instance nothing has been found. So once again we will be cooperating fully and I am completely confident that at the end of the day nothing will be found amiss in this instance either.”

            ‘He is also the lead partner in the law firm of Klafter and Burke, which represented Trump in property tax disputes involving the city’s Trump International Hotel and Tower, which opened in 2009.

            ‘Burke has filed at least six lawsuits on Trump’s behalf that have sought to recoup millions of dollars in property taxes. According to the Sun-Times, Burke’s firm saved Trump more than $14.1 million between 2009 and 2015 by persuading the Cook County Assessor and the Cook County Board of Review to lower the value of hotel rooms and retail space owned by Trump.’


      1. Very interesting comment regarding President and First Lady’s expedited, unannounced, unexplained exit from the tree-lighting ceremony. I wondered if it was the Secret Service moving them out of harms way or if either POTUS or FLOTUS felt ill/cold and wanted to get out of the weather.

        Of course, the press made a big deal of it, as though they are more important than the President.

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        1. Yes GA/FL,

          I saw a tweet last night with a still photo of POTUS at the podium, and caption pointed to the red laser dot on his face…

          The White House made a joke about the press not being in their van(s) so POTUS left without them. But, one has to wonder.

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            1. I believe someone posted earlier about it possibly being a reflection from the cameras on the security barrier? I would have thought if it were truly a danger, SS would have stopped PDJT and hustled him off the stage, yet that didn’t happen…..IDK – just spit ballin’ here.

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  1. PRESIDENT TRUMP has been tweeting on the Mueller witch hunt for several days.

    Barnes nails it:

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      1. I used to refer to the American media as the Soviet media, thinking it was a more accurate term than Drive By Media or Mainstream Media, but folks invariably thought I was actually referring to Pravda or Izvestia, so I gave it up.

        But Soviet Media is not only symbolically true, but probably factually true, or close enough.

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        1. Something that really helped me was the idea (nailed into me by Solzhenitsyn) that Sovietism is not Russian at its core. It’s always looking for a place to land. The character is largely Russian now, but that’s historical, not in its aspirations. It could not choose that name for itself when it came here, so it chose others. What is fascinating is that it moves toward the SAME errors – the SAME problems – the SAME behaviors – no matter what the name. Kangaroo courts – special counsels – whatever. “More flexibility, comrade!”

          Understanding how far back our Fake News goes is a very helpful thing, there. Duranty and the NYT is CRITICAL for understanding how long ago there was a PLAN for management of American perceptions.

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          1. Everybody ought to read the Barchester Chronicles for good fun and for confirmation that human beings never change.

            There is a story line about Fake News printed in The Jupiter (a newspaper) which is then amplified in more fake ways, including the use of fiction to promote the Fake News.

            The Fake News story line is in the first book, The Warden (the innocent and worthy man who is casually smeared by the Fake News.)

            The books were written in the 1850’s.

            Soviet is NOT innately Russian, but communist in spirit and philosophy, the “vanguards” of self serving psychopaths gathered up into their bubbles to lord over anyone who disagrees.

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          2. I think it’s The Creature From Jeckyll Island that mentions the grand conspiracy theory of the WWI era, right after Bolsheviks came to power, that Russian troops were poised to invade the US.

            The idea is that that theory was treated seriously, until it was blown up by facts. Its legacy is that “conspiracy theory” is now a derogatory term linked to tin foil hats, like “McCarthyism”, which is likewise linked to witchhunts.

            So the early provenance of the “the Russians are coming” meme implies that the same people behind 1913, the income tax, the Fed, and the direct election of senators were behind it. They were the ones with means, motive, and opportunity control the narrative so that no one would come looking into their conspiracy.


        2. There’s a significant difference between the Soviet people under Soviet Media and
          American people under C_A/DS controlled media…

          The Soviet people KNEW they were watching State propaganda when they switched on the TV
          American people STILL haven’t caught on…

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          1. I think much of this is due to the advances in the science of lies. Fake news worldwide has advanced to the point that more and more people regard it as an honest reflection of the world.

            I personally think our Fake News is sneakier and more cunning.

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            1. Russian people also naturally suspicious, after centuries of suffering the maskirovka ops of their tsars.

              Americans, by contrast, have a happy-go-lucky attitude that nothing that bad could happen to them.


  2. Who is loaded? Amy Coney Barrett?

    According to National Review, Amy Coney Barrett is considered a devout Catholic. “…she speaks about God as if she really believes in His existence,” the conservative website National Review reported of Barrett’s faith.

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        1. As someone who as a subscriber long ago, I read it as a bit snarky–contrasting her with others–but approving; it would be like me saying “Trump is an odd politician, he actually cares about the United States.” At least when I read NR, the leadership was VERY Catholic.

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  3. Besides the Christmas tree in the photo, the floors/walls are covered in Chinese “Wooden Marble”. Sells for about $22/sqm or $2/sq ft. Should have been bookmatched for proper install. That the marble is not bookmatched means the owner cheaped out. Is it a cheap hotel?

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      1. I actually tried to keep an open-mind about Mueller, but he’s reached such a point now that if he DID come out and say it was Hillary all along he was investigating, no one would believe him. It just gets worse and worse.

        I want to know what’s going on with Edward Burke and FBI and the brown paper on the doors! What are they hiding???

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            1. It is indeed Ed Burke’s office. He is from Chicago.

              I commented below (or above) that I stand corrected.

              Ed Burke is the same long-serving alderman (since 1969) as the man who helped defend the Trump Organization on property taxes on their hotel in that city.

              It’s all becoming clear now.

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  5. Mid-terms are over and we’ve locked the senate 53-47 as Q predicted. After the scare last night (laser pointer), President Trump is safely out of the country. Will some of the declassified docs finally be released? I’m hoping for firework BOOMS in December. D5 is the mother of all avalanches. Or it’s an abbreviation for December 5. Arrests starting this weekend would be the best Q proof Christmas ‘eva.

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  6. “Sentences” used with at least two meanings, including the criminal justice one.

    Christmas presents under the tree (hey, TREE!).

    Mirrored images of tree and lamps.

    And a mirrored Q behind the front left lamp.

    This is Q wishing a Merry Christmas to all of us at the Q Tree.

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  7. It could be that Q’s latest post refers to DJT’s retweet from yesterday:


    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: ba2ad5 No.4070722 📁
    Nov 29 2018 06:01:45 (EST)
    A picture is worth many sentences.
    Has POTUS ever made a statement that hasn’t been proven to be correct (future)?
    Think timing.
    Think Senate lock.
    Think SC lock.
    Locked & (who is) Loaded.

    1) a picture is worth many sentences – the pictures shows many people in prison, serving their ‘sentence’

    2) POTUS has said many times that many of these people should be in jail, and he is saying it again in this very retweet – asking if DJT has ever made a statement that hasn’t been proven to be correct seems like a prediction that the people in the prison picture are going to prison

    3) Think timing – implies we can’t do it yet, something has to happen first

    4) Think Senate lock – when does that happen? We will not have the 53-47 ‘lock’ on the Senate until the new Congress is sworn in, January 3rd.

    5) Think SC lock – we SHOULD already have a 5-4 Supreme Court lock, except now Roberts is in doubt, thanks to his recent outburst against DJT. If Roberts is compromised, then he either needs to be replaced (impeached and forced to stop down) OR we need to wait for RBG to kick off, so she can be replaced, giving us a 6-3 lock with Roberts, or a 5-4 lock without Roberts, so that even if Roberts *IS* compromised, it won’t matter, 5-4 still wins without him.

    6) Locked & (who is) Loaded – hopefully that means Whitaker is ‘locked and loaded’, ready to start putting these criminals away

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    1. “3) Think timing – implies we can’t do it yet, something has to happen first”

      And also…Jan 1st is when the President’s EO kicks in, the one that expands the USCMJ to allow civilians to be tried in military courts.

      Under that EO, it is the AG who refers indictments/cases to the military courts for trial.

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      1. Hi Sylvia,

        I made a jumble of things when the ‘jail’ pic didn’t post.

        It appears that someone called ‘The Trump Train’ on Twitter posted that ‘jail cell’ collage/picture, and DJT retweeted it.

        That is what I tried to link in my first post above, and when it didn’t post, I used a different link to post it below my original post, if that makes sense.

        If my speculation is correct (and it’s only guesswork on my part), the Q-post with the photo of the Christmas tree is unrelated to the very next Q-post that begins “A picture is worth many sentences”.

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        1. Or…maybe it’s both.

          Q has posted a lot of ‘double meaning’ stuff.

          Both the Christmas Tree photo and the ‘traitors-behind-bars’ picture…are “worth many sentences”.

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  8. An Anon posted this:





    That link goes to the “6X Exchange”, which is a crypto currency exchange:

    “The 6X Exchange serves users from all over the globe. We are committed to building the world’s leading legal cryptocurrency trading service, online and offline, through establishing physical currency exchange stations around the world to provide the public with convenient, safe, and easy access to our services.”

    I wonder…
    Maybe the rest of that thing that Q posted, is a transaction on the ‘crypto currency exchange’?

    If so, then Who Got Paid?

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      1. Well yeah…Hyatt headquarters are in Chicago.

        The Pritzkers own Hyatt.
        They are also bigtime Dem-globalists who hate PDJT…and are buddies with HusseinO.

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    1. Hi wheatioo,

      I plugged that string into my status bar last night, in case it was a url. And wondered exactly what you were wondering. Especially paired with Q’s comment of “We know.”

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    1. Thank you, Sylvia, for sharing these Q threads from PM and spreading his so very helpful and decodes. I am a bit impatient as I await his work, but it is always worth it. In the meantime I delve into the chans, trying to hone my skills in decoding Q drops.

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  9. Okey dokey, Mr. W: Any comments on the FBI raid last night on the home of lawfully protected whistleblower (Clinton Fndtn) Mr. Cain? Demanding documents already handed over to government watchdog?

    Thank you for sharing your expertise! That other tree is still useful for garnering news, but I hope I haven’t broken your rules by asking…I did not read past the DC report, yet to be confirmed.


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