The latest Q series of Q drops included something that made my wolf ears point forward and take notice.  THIS:

In text:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 6e0a05 No.3978190 
Nov 20 2018 21:42:33 (EST)
[D]ec 5
Nothing can stop what is coming.
This election was not about fixing the economy, trade, borders, military, protecting our children etc. all so another corrupt politician or ‘insider’ can simply undo it [band-aid].
This was not simply another 4-year election, but, a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not, WE, THE PEOPLE, reclaim control over our gov’t.
Panic in DC.

Q Post 2494

Here is a link to the Hill article on House plans to investigate the Clinton Foundation:


The YouTube link is to the now-familiar Trump speech on the historic nature of what is coming.

SO – what do you all think?

This strikes me as a commitment to irreversibility.  Q is saying “there is no going back”.  To put it in my language, the UniParty and its foreign backers are raus – and raus for good.

What exactly will this mean?

I have my own ideas – I’m not even sure I want to speak them aloud.  But Q is basically saying:

they’re getting cleaned up in a way that doesn’t allow them to come back.



The VSGPOTUS ban hammer may be IS bigger than mine.

158 thoughts on “Unstoppable

      1. What the Hell is going on with this CORRUPT Government (Trump excepted)?
        We have a Judiciary MAKING laws……
        and a Legislature doing Investigations and holding TRIALS?
        Lord Help us (and President Trump)

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    1. Here’s the thing. If they are merely imprisoned, someone down the road can pardon them, and their Yellow Stream Media sympathizers will help them get back into power. The only way that’s not a hazard is their names are blacked as much as, say, Adolf Hitler’s name is blackened today. And that blackening would have to happen to hundreds of people, not just Klinton, or one of them would eventually work his way back into power.

      The implication is that Q expects these people to be executed, AND institutional safeguards against re-corruption put in place.

      Or he’s exaggerating.

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      1. Declintonification.

        Which I suspect may segue into “decommunization” for any who broke the most basic laws like murder of innocents. However, I fully expect that Obama used the same “trick” as Hitler and Saddam Hussein, of LEGALIZING everything he and his minions did. Prosecuting some of the sordid is likely to be messy.

        THAT is why a free SCOTUS was needed – so that the bad PC apples don’t protect Hillary by nullifying their own votes and saving her with ad hoc reasoning.

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      2. The way that “blackening” happens…is the pedo stuff.

        Prosecuting these wicked people for child sex trafficking, child sexual abuse and pedophilia will be the big Boom that brings them down.

        The public will then be receptive to the idea that ‘If these people will do *that*, then they are capable of anything’.

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        1. Of course you are right, wheatie, but there are people out there trying to “normalize” every kind of perversion under heaven, including pedo, which is where sex ed in schools comes in. I would like to know, not having been on cth as much as many of you, if Sundance is championing going after the pedo rings or is he allergic to pedo-gate, pizza-gate Etc.? Also his moderators. Could this be behind some of the banning?

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          1. He’s always shied away from the pedo stuff.

            As I recall, back during the Wikileaks exposure of PizzaGate in fall of 2016…he didn’t cover it and treated it like it was a ‘distraction’ that we were wasting our time on.

            So unless he has started mentioning it in the last couple of weeks since I stopped going there…then he still hasn’t covered it.

            I had hoped, when Sd did the “Don’t Look Away” post…that he would finally start talking about the pedo ring stuff.
            But he didn’t.

            It is a mystery.

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            1. I’m going to give SD the benefit of the doubt on this one (I’ve been beating on him pretty hard of late but I can be fair even so).

              Some accusations are so outrageous that someone who wants to be a responsible commentator is going to “shy away” from them without really, really solid evidence. What I saw about pedogate was a lot of, essentially, gossip and speculation and people reading things into symbols. There were even people blanket-condemning every sitting Democrat in congress. But nothing, absolutely nothing, that would stand up in court. (That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but the point is, we never saw it, and more than likely SD never saw it either.)

              The accusation of pedophilia is SO strong, you’d better be able to back it up if you’re more than just a commenter on a site somewhere. And SD is more than that; he owns a site that’s fairly big in its genre.

              I’d tread cautiously in his shoes, too.

              The upside is that the accusation of pedophilia is SO strong, that IF the evidence exists to substatiate it, it will blow those pieces of Schiff off the face of the Earth.

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              1. Okay, I’ll buy that…up to a point.

                It’s one thing to ‘wait for evidence’.
                But it’s another thing to discourage others from even researching it.

                I have looked into the subject quite a bit.

                And what is seen…cannot be unseen.
                So I hesitate to send you down that rabbit hole.

                But if you decide to look, then this thread over at Qresearch is a good place to start:

                On that board, you can cursor-over the 7-digit numbers you will see, in comments…and a popup will show you the post that that number is assigned to.

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          2. I believe the reasoning behind the leftist pedos wanting to normalize the many facets of pedophilia is so that it lessens the blow when they are revealed as human traffickers and pedophiles. If you have been down the rabbit hole you are aware of the extent of their evil and the deadly cruelty to children that exists (yes it still exists) behind #pizzagate. Mainly to small children… I do hope they get the Podesta brothers first! There is so much evil centered around those two that it just turns my stomach.


      3. Steven, thank you for stating the truth so very well. I haven’t been able to get it across. I did once phone the wWhite House comment line and say something very similar back in the beginning of the admin when “lock her up” was being sounded. I’ve studied a lot of history, and the most effective rulers knew they had to eliminate the enemy. When they didn’t, there was big trouble later on. The enemy can smell weakness. They know how to exploit it.

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  1. Do you think this is the D5 Q has been referring to all along?

    I have read it interpreted as a reference to the avalanche scale, D5 being the biggest. Could Q have known all along that December 5 was the DAY?

    I am SO glad to see this drop. I have believed since I first found out about Pizzagate that PDJT was in this for reasons beyond what we could see. He knew these people for years, from the inside out. I think their downfall and complete destruction is the purpose of the Plan.

    I have my theories about Sessions and his part in all of this. All of those pedophile busts over the past two years netted some interesting potential witnesses. Anybody heard anything about NXIVM lately? Sure has been quiet, considering the big names involved. When does a bird sing?

    I think the heart of the Clinton Foundation lies in the corrupt, disgusting world of pedophilia and sex trafficking. All I want for Christmas this year is for it all to come out.

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    1. Great post! I think you are right – D5 was a sly tip!!!

      You are right that NXIVM has been quiet. It will be interesting to see what happens there.

      CF is going to be explosive. IF the good guys were able to figure out the connections that killed two LIKELY WITNESSES in the Kenyan mall massacre, then I think that the whole house of cards will crash and catch fire.


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      1. I haven’t followed that closely, but I believe I’ve at heard of at least three suggested explanations for D5: The avalanche explanation, D (4) + 5 = 45, and (now) December 5.

        I’d say that this:

        [D]ec 5

        …strongly supports the third option. Or it could just be a coincidence Q noticed and is now going to exploit. But…December 5 had better actually be explosive, or in hindsight the immediate trigger of something explosive, or a lot of people are going to decide it’s all BS.

        I personally am waiting-and-seeing.

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        1. you’re correct…
          if you decide to read Q’s drops, you’ll discover that very often there is more than one message…
          In this instance, it could actually be all three, right?

          And then there’s the ‘mirror’ effect…
          Deplorable Patriot has a post down thread about a previous drop wherein we find D5…

          I find Q to be positive, uplifting (together we will win)
          informative, humorous at times, definitely puzzling, but the message is always to dig, research for one’s self. I can find no harm in reading the drops, discussing them with others. But that’s my pov…

          Sometimes the message is for us, other times it is for DS, opposition.

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          1. A lot of times, though, I think he’s a big Rorschach test. He puts enough cryptic stuff out there people will manipulate it until they see what they want to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if well over half of the stuff people see in it is stuff Q himself never intended.

            That being said, he does boost morale for people whose initials are not Sierra Delta. Even if he’s not who many people think he is, it’s at worst harmless unless someone spends every waking hour trying to analyze him.

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            1. He also serves to get the message out there into MSM land – when they ridicule him, their readers are made aware of his existence. Thus the message gets into their subconscious …

              Now, just imagine that it is revealed, down the track (but before 2020) that Q was part of a WH / DJT op to circumvent the Fake News Media who are the Enemy of the People.

              Even DJT haters will have to admit his genius then. They mocked Q, whilst he was using that very Q to beat them …

              If Q is proven correct after all the mockery – WHAT A VICTORY.

              No one is jeering DJT anymore that his “wires were tapped” – They are trying to justify doing that with Mueller – when Mueller comes up empty – ipso facto, the spying was illegal (obviously lack of probable cause must be shown).

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            2. Steve, the cryptic nature of the Q-drops is done to create ‘plausible deniability’.

              I’m sure that PDJT would love to tell us supporters what he’s doing and what is going on.
              But he can’t.

              So how do you tell your supporters that you’re working on doing all the things they want you to do?

              You create an information drop that does it in such a way that it can be denied.

              Q has explained this.
              But he has also done it in the same cryptic way that he’s dropped the clues.

              So he has explained it without coming right out and explaining it.

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              1. Yeah, I can see that, but it produces a problem. It introduces the Nostradamus effect. If people can read into his stuff a variety of different things, then people can interpret it a number of different ways. One of them might pan out. But others, knowing this, can assume it’s still bunk because it wasn’t specific enough (and they have a point).


              2. Would you prefer that it hadn’t happened at all?

                What would the midterms have looked like, if there had been no Q phenomenon.

                Unlike the Nostradamus quatrains…Q actually does answer quite a few questions.

                Q also gives some actual facts and points to where we can look for others.
                Nostradamus didn’t do that.

                While the Q-drops may be frustrating to people who want it all laid out like boardroom report…
                It was done the only way it could be done.

                Remember, PDJT told us that he will not tell our enemies what he is planning to do.

                Q tells us that they are ‘doing something’…without telling us *exactly* what they’re doing.

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              3. No, you misread me.

                I’m not saying Q’s effect has been bad, I’m just saying I can’t–quite–convince myself that he’s really somewhere deep in the Trump administration.

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      2. Wolf, remember the Q drops about “Alice” and “Wonderland”?

        We learned that ‘Wonderland’ was HRC & Co’s code word for Saudi Arabia…with Hildebeast’s code name of ‘Alice’.

        This was a reference to the pedo stuff.
        And apparently the KSA was a playground for them in that regard.

        Fast forward to the Khashoggi thing.
        Such a desperate play to ‘blacken’ Prince MBS at this time, could be a preemptive strike to attempt to make the coming exposure of the pedo stuff seem like a ‘revenge’ thing…and therefore ‘not credible’.

        Q’s reference to Maggie Haberman yesterday, makes sense if you go back and read through the Q-drops from April through May.

        That was when Q brought up “Wendy”…which was a foray into HusseinO’s pedo stuff, along with a whole cadre of Martha’s Vineyard cronies.
        Which includes HRC.

        It’s all connected.

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        1. Yes wheatietoo…

          all connected…
          the connection is what makes them so loyal to each other…
          one can’t tell on the other without exposing one’s self.

          they are evil incarnate.

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  2. To me, it means that whatever actions are taken must ensure the permanent death of the globalist agenda (with little or no chance of resurrection).

    Fixing the economy, trade, borders….yeah, those are desired goals. However, the attainment of these goals will not matter if another puppet gets sworn in and reverses everything.

    This is about saving Western Civilization…and, by extension, humanity.

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      1. “Truth” appears to be emergent, with setbacks aplenty. When we diverge from it’s path, suffering is the reward. Suffering “cattle prods” us on a different path – and so we zig zag our way onwards.

        In this sense, the “progressive agenda” serves as the cattle prod onwards, since where we were was not where “truth” resided. So we land in a pretty good place, the “progressives” are miserable because most people are content, they prod us towards hell, until the “good guys” look up from their work and say “how the hell did we get here”, roll up their sleeves and jump into the fray to change course – rinse and repeat.

        Not very profound – feel free to add some profundity …

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      1. To confess, I never gave DJT much thought at all until he came down the escalator. I boarded the T Train when I heard his view on the climate scam and migration.

        Being in South Africa for the bulk of my life, the only awareness I had of him was due to The Apprentice, which I did not watch, and “society” news leaking into the papers.

        Everything I have learnt in recent times has been pretty jaw dropping.

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    1. Yes. I couldn’t exactly have articulated it, but I knew that all of human kind was on a collision course between good and evil and that after 8 years of BO it might well be too late to shift our headlong rush into the abyss. Our presidential election of 2016 seemed like the very last chance to change the trajectory. If it was going to be done, it would have to be up to the US.

      Through God’s grace we did it. We elected the only person that could possibly have made a difference and he is doing a magnificent job.

      I look forward to what comes next.

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      1. By the grace of God and IN SPITE of many loyal God-fearing patriots who couldn’t see past the image lies of DJT, walked away from the GOP (with good reason!), hung their star on some new conservative reform party and “voted their conscience” according to Canada Cruz.Many are friends from the 2007-2012 “wars,” and they remain adamant “never Trumpers.” Thank God He is merciful. They should have known better. They are some of the most intelligent people I know….and yet….POTUS gathered so many who had never voted and many who swore never to vote again after the undeniable cheating of 2008-2012 (me included). Many voted in 2008/2012 who don’t believe in it…because voting is not a right in this land…but has been exchanged for a privilege (read that voter registration card, folks!)

        2018 is going to be Glorious! Thanks be to God.

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    2. “To me, it means that whatever actions are taken must ensure the permanent death of the globalist agenda (with little or no chance of resurrection).”

      I think a good place to start might be to get a list of attendees of the Davos World Economic Summit of the last 5 years. I suspect, if you put them all in a room, you could not take a step without bumping into a Globalist guilty of crimes against humanity.

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  3. D5 It will be like unto an avalanche … totally unstoppable.

    Which is why everything must be in place to make sure of the end result.

    SC Mueller MUST wrap up…
    All of the vacancies must be filled with President Trump’s nominees.
    Caravans/invaders at Mexico’s northern border must be turned around.

    For example, what compelled Chief Justice Roberts to push back on POTUS’ comment (tweet) on ‘Obama judges’:?
    We already believe Roberts to be comprised… have they forced him to speak out in this non-traditional manner?

    Many things that we know nothing of have to be done. While I want it to happen now,

    I pray it does not happen until the time is right… and

    … “until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream,”

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    1. This is something the “other” crowd has refused to understand. They wanted the handcuffs to come out within seconds of PDJT taking the oath of office. No. A case must be built, and steps taken to insure the judge isn’t corrupt and the jury won’t be filled with a bunch of people who will refuse to convict. (On the other hand, solid evidence of child molestation, IF it exists, might overcome even a DC jury!)

      On that note, one of the things I think could be going on is the pedophilia investigations started by Jeff Sessions (presumably between the second and third snore at his desk /s) could be working their way UP the chain to some people we’d love to see behind bars! That would take quite a bit of time, and it would indicate Jeff Sessions was draining the swamp through the back door rather than taking it head on through attacking Hitlary’s e-mail, spygate, etc. And it’s deniable too. “When I started these investigations I had no idea where they’ actually end up leading. I was SHOCKED to see Senator Job Lowe’s name in this!”

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        1. So let’s just figure this is exactly what’s going on. How does it fit into the Plan With A Capital P?

          PDJT undoubtedly learned at some point that the “elites” were shot through with pedophiles. He didn’t have to know exactly who would lead to whom, but maybe…he simply set up a just-past-the-midterms deadline quite some time ago (perhaps after he and Sessions realized they’d been badly outmaneuvered with the recusal) for this to come to fruition. He would have know it wouldn’t take any longer, and the extra time allows for bonus points (hundreds MORE pedophiles incarcerated). THAT could allow Q to set a December 5 date up in advance, with the help of Nunes.

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          1. My take is that this is going to be a multi-pronged attack.

            The public have been made aware of Spygate (the benchmark is Watergate – this is much worse), the Clinton Foundation (the benchmark is African despots – the CF is on a par with the worst) and Server-gate (the benchmark was Dave Petraus’s pillow talk, the server scandal is MUCH worse).

            So all that is in the public consciousness, with the DemonRats prepping their defences against possible frontal assaults from these directions.

            I see a Pedogate (sorry for the gates, let’s use their own terminology against them) as a potential flanking maneuver to shock the public consciousness and dismantle their prepared defences.

            Please feel free to flush this down the toilet with a much better analysis / opinion – this area is not one of my strengths.

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            1. I like it!

              I think a lot of this confrontation is very general – very diffuse and fluffy comparisons made by masses of people. This scandal versus that scandal – crude but important comparisons of “how bad is this?”, which are then SPUN by both sides to opposing advantages.

              Those comparisons are as valuable as the possible paths for sharp truths to poke through them and “bring the heat” on one scandal or the other.

              There is a reason they push false flags and media narrative dogpiles during “bad times” when something threatens to change the narrative – they need to distract from anything which has the potential to change the tone – particularly for DEMOCRAT VOTERS.

              I think you’re right about the “shock and awe” – the Dems are sure to be ready for it, too. Expect innocent body count as a counter to any jaw-droppers from pedo-gate.

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              1. Yup, how do you get the “suburban moms” to vote for you if you pardon paedophiles??

                I think the paedophile charges is the flanking maneuver to disarm defences AND the “insurance” that they CANNOT BE PARDONED – to answer your query up top re IRREVERSIBILITY.

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              2. Wolf, the part that gives me most “pleasure” is this ….

                .If we can imagine all these different possible scenarios, just think what is going through the heads of the “Cabal”, who “lives” (I use the term “live” here in its broadest sense, cause I would not call what they do “living”) with this impending reality day and night.

                I imagine a fair degree of substance abuse. It would be interesting to be able to track Crooked’s booze bill over time – I am sure the trend is up.

                I wish the Cabal a crappy thanksgiving – Is that mean spirited of me?

                In order to redeem myself – Happy Thanksgiving to Wolfmoon and all here!!

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              3. LOL! Thanks! I appreciate it!

                I hear you. Very hard to wish satanic pedophiles any of what seems to make THEM happy.

                How about this? Let’s wish even those folks a final, happily FREE Thanksgiving – prior to the arrival of JUSTICE.

                Eat, drink, be merry, and then recover in time for D5. 😉

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            2. So all that is in the public consciousness

              Is it? Is it really?

              Americans live in two different perceptual bubbles today. The Yellow Stream Media has covered none of this, and those who rely on it have no clue any of this is going on. If they are aware of it at all, it’s been presented to them as the raving of a few people on the right wing fringe.

              People over on that side of the divide think Trump is an asshole, a self-aggrandizing creep buffoon with no personal redeeming qualities and poor anger management, whereas we see a good hearted, scrappy, very intelligent man who is able to restrain his urge to act until exactly the right time.

              It’s hard to break through that. Pedophilia charges against the Opposition might do it. Or the media might brush it off and tell their trusting audiences it’s just a bunch of bull we are making up, like a Reichstag fire.

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              1. As JasonD says, “…one of the purposes of Q” is why we are all drawn here to make sense of all that is unfolding in front of us. Pedophilia has most definitely been brought to the subconscious to all those reading the anti-Q rhetoric. Just the other day I posted on FB to acknowledge kudos are warranted to President Trump and Sessions for the increase in human trafficking arrests. A liberal friend, who I publicly outed myself to only a week earlier as a Q follower, immediately pounced on it as being Q propaganda. I’m thankful we have this safe space for our dissemination to prepare us for the war of winning over the hearts and minds of our lost brothers and sisters.

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              2. Remember, there is reportedly video of Hildebeast and Huma performing unspeakable acts with a child, which would be EXPLOSIVE if released into the public domain. Hard to deny the evidence of one’s own eyes.

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          2. Re the past the mid terms deadline …

            JS responded to one of DJT tweet barbs at him (paraphrasing) that “He would not use the DOJ for partisan political ends”

            JS got jumped on by the sycophants “over there” – Blade (primarily), I and several others defended JS’s position as entirely correct. “They” wanted a war time consigliore, we wanted an impartial DOJ.

            Note that DJT is a stickler for following the law – he has obeyed ridiculous rulings against his EO’s, Mueller has found zip, nada, nooothing on him.

            When accused of being partisan, DJT will point to the DOJ and say …

            “Well, I thought “she” was guilty and deserved to be locked up, but my AG gave me the finger. I sorta fired him, but he outsmarted me with Huber – luckily for ALL of us, “she” REALLY was guilty cause impartial Huber, appointed by impartial JS (remember, all the D’s bleated about JS’s resignation), found the evidence – So I was right all along” Big DJT grin at the end.

            So I think the post mid term was the plan all along, as I mentioned yesterday, due to length of time.

            JS’s recusal was a head fake – they expected it IMO, since the spying was on the campaign. This allowed the DOJ to be do it’s work outside DC, away from prying eyes and leaky traitors.

            In this regard, Mueller is also a head fake – massive shiny object – to distract. Note Giuliani disappeared from the media, and Muellers “questions” have just been “answered”. IMO.

            The signs that I am seeing point to a pre Christmas “BOOM” – early celebratory fireworks!

            Here’s hoping …

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          3. I’m having trouble buying that D5 means Dec. 5 and that this was all planned out to eons ago to come to a head on Dec. 5. Nothing in life works that well.

            But it would be fine with me if Dec 5 was the day something huge happened. I’d sure love to see some heads start to roll.


            1. Yeah, I know what you mean. It ONLY makes sense if you assume that Nunes and PDJT et. al. decided well in advance to hold these hearing on that date, fairly secure in the knowledge that by then they’d have all their ducks in a row.

              I’ve suggested in other places that perhaps it had a different meaning but Q is happy to exploit a coincidence when it turns up.

              This comes about because of his very crypticness.

              Of course…maybe Dec 5 will be a complete nothingburger. That would be hard to explain away while insisting that Q is legit.

              (Note: It could be that there won’t be a kaboom that day, but it will be evident that the fuse is being lit that day. I’d be fine with that; it doesn’t need to be an abrupt process.)

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              1. “I’ve suggested in other places that perhaps it had a different meaning but Q is happy to exploit a coincidence when it turns up.”

                Yeah, that wouldn’t surprise me. And actually, I don’t have a problem with that. I have accepted that a lot of what Q puts out is disinformation and to stop toting up columns in my mental ledger of what Q told us that is right vs. what was wrong.

                It is difficult, but I’m trying to take Q “seriously, but not literally.” It works better for me.

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      1. I agree Sessions tee’d up indictments wrt to human trafficking…

        Some of us believe Hildebeast to be heavily involved in this and that it will be the noose that hangs her.

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              1. It’s like the Occam’s Razor thing, Wolfie.

                We don’t know what is going on inside the ‘napping Sessions’ doghouse, do we…

                People were jumping to Occam’s Razor conclusions, based on what they were ‘seeing’.

                But Occam’s Razor is only useful when you have all the facts.

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            1. I should have said this too: There were many many occasions where people would talk about him napping, but someone would point out his work on illegal aliens, pedophiles, MS-13 etc. and they’d just angrily respond that he should be doing something about Spygate or Uranium 1 or the IRS or…

              I’ll give them this: He wasn’t doing much about that. He was following another thread, though that looks like it will trap the same people.

              I don’t care whether they go to jail for pedophilia or for spygate…as long as they actually did what they’re in jail for.

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    2. Ahhh, here we are…

      (I’m getting so old, I’ve already forgotten more than half of what I know!)

      from one of mine and POTUS’ favorite tweeters…

      “Chief Justice John Roberts is in charge of oversight of the totally corrupt FISA court.

      That is all. ~ Snake Pissken

      THIS is why he pushed back on POTUS’ comments on Obama judges. Roberts knows his name is on the list. He better retire before January unless he wants to be the FIRST Chief Justice to be indicted.

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      1. and here’s more… yes, I would say Mr. Roberts has gotten into the fray:

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    3. You are so right. Something very suspicious about Roberts speaking out at all, and to choose to speak out against PDJT NOW? Very interesting. On the Daily Thread I posted a link to a Joe DiGenova article where he kind of makes that point at the very end about Roberts.

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  4. Re: Justice Roberts – Thomas Wictor seemed to think Robert was able to leave the door unlocked for a conservative President to alter it by Executive Order – intentionally or unintentionally – that is the question.

    Was Roberts forced/threatened to do what he did or is he a black hat?

    Wictor’s Twitter was suspended, so that thread is not available…unless one of the Thread readers saved it.

    Here are the tweet numbers that I saved.

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      1. Off-topic, but …

        Are you on Twister?

        Patriots Soapbox just showed a tweet from someone with your exact handle, in re Kelly and the authorization of force at the border.

        Was that yours?

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        1. Yes, but not with this handle. I have so many at this point, I kind of quit posting and now just follow. There was another person on Fellowship of the Minds using the same name, though. Maybe that’s who it is.

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          1. OK, thanks.

            It seems a likely handle to have been chosen by many …

            I watch PS a lot, especially the evening shows (when the founders are hosting).

            They USED to refer to the prior site quite a bit, and I liked to give a shout-out to the commenters there about citation. (Apparently, I still like giving “shout-outs”!)

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  5. I looked it up earlier today, and the first D5 Q drop was on May 10. The theme of that one was the Weiner Laptop in relation to the Clinton Foundation. If Huber is talking to a Congressional committee on December 5, that might be on the agenda.

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    1. Great find D/Patriot !!!

      Q’s drops often have multi meanings, often mirror an earlier drop.

      Weiner Laptop definitely indicts Hill and Huma and the young child – it’s my belief that Rudy was given a copy of that film which was on the laptop…filed under “insurance”

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      1. 1332 This is it:

        Q !4pRcUA0lBE No.74 📁
        May 10 2018 21:43:20 (EST)
        Fellow Patriots:
        What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom]. The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal & corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power that the Hussein administration undertook in joint efforts w/ domestic and foreign dignitaries. The snowball has begun rolling – there is no stopping it now. D5.
        Stay the course and trust the plan.
        Protective measures are in place.
        Remain BRAVE.
        We knew this day would come.

        United We Stand (WW).
        We FIGHT.
        Conspiracy no more.

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        1. The video is wonderful. (But I don’t have any idea why they show the pic of the kid dressed up as Trump.)

          I first saw it on YouTube, titled “Trump The Establishment.” It’s a heavy edit of one of his rally speeches (Pensacola FL?), tightened up considerably but conveying the essence of what he was, and is, about.

          I’ve said this before and I will say it again, and again:

          This is the video which turned me from someone who was going to vote for Trump because he was not Hillary Clinton, to somone who was planning to vote for Trump, because he was Donald Trump.


      1. Just finished listening to PM on periscope talking about Q drops last night…
        He mentioned something I had simply glossed over (so much happens, doesn’t it!)

        PM began by mentioning that Sessions had appointed Huber to work with Horowitz November a year ago. And that he thought it significant that Huber, not Horowitz is appearing before the Congressional Committee. He reminded how the FBI and DoJ don’t talk about ongoing investigations, don’t even admit they are investigating a particular thing. PM goes on to say that usually it would be the IG (Horowitz) appearing/reporting to Committee. The fact that it will be Huber, US Atty, a prosecutor, instead, tells him (Praying Medic) that the investigation (of Clinton email/server) is finished, complete.

        Furthermore, PM believes that AFTER the 5th, Whitaker will pull the plug, indictments will come (with the handcuffs). And that this will be done BEFORE new Congress is sworn in on Jan 3rd. In other words, there will be some who will NOT be returning to Congress, will not be sworn in, as they will be in custody.

        PM mentions the window of opportunity is between 12/5 and Jan 3rd.

        I totally concur with PM’s thoughts. The DoJ will have to make a move BEFORE Jan 3rd. The incoming Congressional critters once sworn in, will be trying every tactic known and unknown to remove Whitaker. They know he is the ONE to pull the plug.

        Another interesting comment from PM:
        FISA works BOTH ways. The tweets coming from Maggie indicate that she is signaling to (according to Q) 3 in the FBI and 1 in the DoJ . They are all running scared. NSA is collecting every email, tweet, etc. they send. They can’t talk to each other without being tracked.

        I may have thought of that eons ago, but have forgotten it.

        Anyway, PM has lifted my spirits and I’m looking forward to a wonderful Christmas filled w/ lots of people wearing bling… not much, just a couple of shiny chrome bracelets…

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  6. Popeye got a mention today … 🙂

    Dan Bongino’s latest show give Farkas a mention at 43.30’ish

    Farkas, Comey, and Clinton connected Russian all sit on board of Atlantic council ..

    This show is great for info on the CF – well worth a listen.

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  7. Being an Open thread, this guy is germane to the culture war we are engaged in. The left have thrown their best femi-nazi interviewers at him, and he has been UNSTOPPABLE to date:

    Jordan Peterson’s most famous interview is the Cathy Newman one – the total embarrassment is near the end:

    His most recent one where he systematically won with patient , but firmly expressed, reason, was with GQ:

    watch over Thanksgiving and enjoy

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey wolf, I stuffed up the first link in the first video – I don’t want to confuse people – can you take them both down and I’ll repost the thing correctly

        Only if you think it is worth the trouble. Thanks

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I fixed the first one to what it was supposed to be – that’s good enough! Let the record stand open! I generally don’t like deletions outside of spilled personal information, etc., but some corrections I’ll do, if documented fully!

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Sensible policy.

            I know people who completely scrub misbehavior from someone who is about to get banned, but then that leaves a hole in things and people cannot see WHY someone was nuked. I was on a forum where a sub moderator actually threatened me if I didn’t knuckle under to him in an argument (about guns, as it turns out) and the site owner dropped the hammer on him instantly, but he deleted all of his posts in the thread and also any quotes of him in the thread so it was garbled and people had no idea why this guy (who had been a member of the board for years) had been booted.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Yes – I never understood the hiding of evidence. It is baffling to me, and seems an error. Most of all on socials. I can see locking an account in the event a suspect in a crime is identified, so that evidence cannot be deleted, but I cannot see actually DELETING it myself, or even HIDING the data!


              1. That was a predominantly leftist forum, and I guess they believed in making sure unpleasantness wasn’t visible.

                I was personally glad they finally got rid of that guy, he was a leftist bully. I’d not be surprised if he were in Antifa.


              2. Others with the policy just feel that it’s a negative to give the asshole ANY publicity whatsoever figuring that’s what he’s really after. I can see that in the case of a fly-by-night troll, but not with someone you’re having to cut off after he’s an established member of that “community.”

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      2. WM, your comment about needing to be in the mood may be more than you know…I don’t know but sometimes I have found I am prompted to revisit things/people in odd ways. I have recommended Jordan Peterson to so many people I could not begin to count, bought the Self-Authoring Suite, a series of online writing programs that collectively help you explore your past, present and future.for myself and my granddaughters, love the 12 Rules For Life. But recently I heard him put forward some comments in an interview that were totally contradictory to all I thought he stood for. This really caused me to “press pause” but it was a bit of time before I could go back to review that interview, who was saying what about that interview and I cannot find anything about it anywhere which causes me to wonder a lot of things that complete scrubbing causes one to wonder. Do you or anyone here recall the controversial remarks Jordan made?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t remember what it was, but I think IIRC he bought into some media hoax and virtue signaled on it. Big mistake. It happens. You have to be REALLY patient with these leftist morality hoaxes. Now that I realize how EFFECTIVE they can be, I advise 90 days at a minimum. Wait it out, look for the hoax, burn the hoaxers. I think this may come to an end soon. The media as it exists now will have to be utterly destroyed, and all those who knowingly participated in hoaxes are going to have to be branded as conspirators, but I think the media CAN be freed of hoaxers and become self-policing. CIA will have to be REMOVED from media entirely. And they’re not the only ones.

          The IC should NEVER have abused the media for hoaxing. I know the media is great cover for operatives, and the CIA should have respected that cover and not abused it. Psychologically manipulating Americans was NOT their mandate, and they have to pay BIG for their crimes now.

          Scales off my eyes. I think I despise the Fake News as much as Trump now.


          1. Stating again for clarity – I think I now despise the Fake News as much as Trump despises them.

            Realizing the MAGNITUDE of their lies is just stunning. It will be interesting to see WHO KNEW about the hoaxes. We can be certain that there was heavy infiltration at the NEWS-GATHERING level, but there has to be infiltration at all levels for them to pull off the jobs I know they have pulled off – and that is NOT counting anything surrounding 9/11. The CA3 videographer had to have mission knowledge, but I suspect the reporter did, too, and somebody in the chain of command had to take direction from the IC or an asset to arrange the story.

            FAKE NEWS. They really ARE the enemy of the People!


            1. Even when they don’t outright lie (which will burn them when it becomes known, just ask Dan Blather about the ridiculously phony National Guard memo), they have other ways of manipulating things, such as failing to deem something embarassing to the left as “newsworthy” and therefore ignoring it. Not reporting on Trump’s economy or allegations against Hitlary is just as harmful as their outright lies. But it has just enough plausible deniability as a judgment call on their part (they can’t cover everything, truly) that it’s hard to call them on it without doing some long statistical study showing bias. But an outright lie was generally beyond the pale, at least until recently.

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  8. While you are with family and friends during this Thanksgiving Holiday, if the opportunity arises to see what if anything anyone knows about the Tucker Act, what it means, the ramifications of it being invoked in regards to an investigation into illegal activities by CPS, and the precedent it sets going forward…
    Just found information about this case but won’t have time to do any research before next week so it may or may not be a small piece of the larger puzzle pieces now being assembled but the Judge appears to be interested in facts…
    Federal Case 18-1712 Guskin (sp?) aka We, the People vs U.S. Government
    Asking Court of Federal Claims to investigate the ties between CPS human and human trafficking
    and other government agencies
    Civil docket for case shows:
    i1) t was sealed by the Judge
    (pure speculation- Was it sealed because it involves CPS? Could this be associated with other
    60,000 reported sealed indictments?)
    2) Copies served electronically on DOJ, answer due by January 2, 2019
    3) Judge has seen enough cause to initiate the Cause of the Case: The Tucker Act
    4) Judge waived the right of immunity for the government and potentially all government employees
    involved in this case.
    5) Judge asked that plantiff attempt to resolve issues outside court


    1. OMG…does that post need some editing? Sorry I didn’t read more thoroughly before posting but that’s what happens when I try to do more than I have time to do and thought some good info about the Tucker Act might be found. 🙂


  9. George dropped a MOAB and twitter is afire… THREAD from Rex developing now – click on tweet

    Liked by 3 people

    1. WOW… maybe things can’t wait ’til D5 ?????

      Liked by 3 people

      1. OMG – that is a hydrogen bomb. Papadop is brilliant. Comey knows Mifsud’s REAL role, whatever that actually is. We KNOW that. But that role is EXPLOSIVE no matter what.

        Here is the way it works. No matter who Mifsud is “really” working for (probably both sides), his purpose to the American leftists was to taint Trump. But the relation of COMEY and the HILLARY GANG to Russia is what is really at stake here.

        The way the scam works is that (IMO) Mifsud really is a Russian spy, but he is ALLIED WITH THE DEMS. They can use him for tainting anybody, and it looks REAL. This was the advantage of the Russians and the Dems maintaining their fake opposition, then blamecasting the Democrat Russia sellout on Trump.

        Comey is now basically forced to DENY that Mifsud is a Russian spy to protect RUSSIA and the DEMS, so he has to PLAY DUMB on Mifsud and “admit” that he’s FBI. That SPRINGS Papadop and Trump.

        BUT – if our side has the goods on Mifsud and Comey in some way, Comey perjures himself to protect a Russian spy. BOOM.

        Now Comey could say that – no – they really believed Mifsud was a Russian spy. However, that is bound to fall apart, too, because it will become obvious that the Obama gang tried to taint Trump with a REAL Russian spy who they are very cuddly with, not just a fake FBI “OCONUS LURE” to “make sure Trump wasn’t colluding with Russia”, and their bad explanation of their entrapment scheme as “protecting Trump” falls apart.

        Bottom line – this will be ugly for Comey no matter what – and will likely contradict others.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. And Wolf, Mifsud has ties to Prince Turki and Kashoggi…which is interesting.

          The Malta connection is also interesting, in light of the Dred Justice Roberts recently criticizing PDJT.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Hope is swelling right now, so seeing upside everywhere.

              Unfortunately, I can only go down from here with that attitude …

              But then we were PROMISED winning, so why the hell not 🙂


              1. So, having heard PapaD do interviews, he sound somewhat ….

                So my question is, which white hat group is “running” PapaD

                Giuliani, Whitaker, Huber or way out there in left field, the dark horse Rosenstein?

                Because the info being delivered by PapaD is NOT being collected by him.

                Liked by 1 person

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