Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20181117

This intermittently re-posted open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.  We ask that people NOT duplicate material posted to the Treehouse open threads, unless it’s REALLY IMPORTANT.  We expect things that are more relevant to the Q community to show up here.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said, comment on people’s comments.  Keep it civil.  Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.


James Coburn reading a newspaper in a cafe in France in The Great Escape.
I know you didn’t see me around much today, but trust me – things are happening.  Good things.  Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Praying Medic has a quote in a recent blog. (My chance to try the html markup for blockquotes!)

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”
    ~ Noam Chomsky

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  2. God bless Rep. Jim Jordan.

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    1. Jim Jordan would have been a great speaker had we kept the House so we could stay on OFFENSE. Sadly, we are now on DEFENSE and – well, we have ourselves a RINO speaker, because that’s the way the psychology of the defeat was supposed to work. Hopefully McCarthy gets a bit tougher, but not so sure it’s gonna happen. UniParty back in power in the House.

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        1. As my dear mother loves to say – “Count your blessings” – Well, Crooked is not in the WH today, and I 🙂 whenever I am given the grace to remember that gem!!!

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        1. With PT going to BUTTE CO., we might just see testosterone catching on -hopefully. Or at least PT getting more leverage on McCarthy in the form of political capital.

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    2. I remain sick to the pit of my stomach over election results in the house. A good man like Jim Jordan relegated to the sidelines, whilst Ocasio-Cortes gets to strut around, writing laws that will further rob people of their dwindling freedom.

      Why does humanity walk into hell willingly? Take this as a rhetorical 🙂

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        1. Agreed, but the fact remains that it was close enough for cheating to work. It should have been a landslide for the rule of law – those things that we elect the critters to enact on our behalf. If we don’t care about the laws, why on earth do people bother to get off the couch to vote for more critters to enact laws that we don’t seemingly care about? Zombies they be, methinks.

          Almost the entire “entertainment / broadcast” industry is more relevant than I realise. I stopped watching “news” a long time ago and TV generally some 2 years ago, so I guess I just struggle to comprehend how people can sit in front of these soul destroying purveyors of slime.

          I apologise for my garbled words here – just letting off steam

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          1. The outrage is real. Venting may help. I often feel very small in the world. But that helps me turn to the Judge of all the Earth in prayer more quickly. So there is that.

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            1. I think that is God’s plan for the U.S. – to get us all on our knees, return to Him, and PT is His instrument for this. The bonus is the recapture of our government.


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          2. the fact remains that it was close enough for cheating to work.

            That’s a very important point!

            It has to be close before they can simply gin up enough fake votes to push their candidate over the top. Then what was a close R win becomes a close D win.

            It would be useful for someone with more patience than I have to look at all races that were within one percent (and maybe a separate look at half a percent and two percent) and see which party won those races. An 80-20 Democrat split would be just about impossible to be by happenstance.

            That would be like, every time you toss 500 coins, and it’s CLOSE to a 250 to 250 split, it’s USUALLY a split that favors tails. That would be justification for concluding the coins are not quite fair.

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        1. I hear you. I will never give up hope, because I am convinced this life we are living is purposeful, regardless of short term trends. So good news is embraced, and bad news – well, soldier on, sunshine 🙂

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          1. Saw trend in the 70s for lower management to be demoralized sufficiently by bad policies from above that they kicked in with the unions. But basically the CEOs were usually in bed with the upper union honchos to begin with. Symbiotic relationship. Screw upper middle mgmt.

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    1. There’s a fairly large gun store in Colorado Springs. I heard someone call it “Gun Walmart” once on his phone. I go there for the “Surround Gun” experience. Who needs surround sound?

      And yes it’s one of the safest places on earth and I (ahem) contribute to the safety there.

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  4. “I know you didn’t see me around much today, but trust me – things are happening. Good things. Stay tuned for more.”

    Thanks for that, Wolf.

    I hope we see the Truth start coming out…like this video…a trickle that quickly turns into a rockslide, raining down on all the evil ones.

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    1. First Law of Geology:

      Rocks fall downhill.

      Give erosion long enough and every piece of land on earth will be flat as a plate, and at sea level. (The ocean is the world’s sump, as everyone who lives above 6500 feet will tell you.) Of course, the land moves, continents collide and push rocks higher, volcanos erupt, and the sea level changes from time to time from ice ages, etc. which is why this isn’t Wet Cueball Earth.

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    1. The dems will be cutting off fingers of those who had not yet voted yet, and take them into the polls. The dem poll workers will approve the finger to vote. Yes, sarc.


  5. People who try to make Q and Q-peeps the scapegoat for losing seats in the elections, obviously never read the things that Q actually said.

    I still don’t understand the “Q Clock”, though.

    Is it a way to keep up with all the ‘proofs’ that show that Q is real?
    Maybe someone can help explain it.

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        1. Hi Wheatietoo, Sylvia, Woolfmoon 1776. I missed you all on the other thread and was hoping all is well with every one. Now I found you. Good to know. Cheers from a Canadian.

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    1. The “Q Clock” is an attempt to find a master-key to the code of Q-posts, based on the numbers involved with dates and times of posts.

      It’s cryptography (code-breaking), essentially. Those positing the Q-clock are assuming that these dates and times are intentional, rather than haphazard, and have meaning. Whether right or wrong, the Q-clock model is a brilliant attempt to decode what may be an extremely complex cipher.

      The idea is that it may help in forecasting, in part, what future posts may reference. I like to think of it as a circular mirror.

      I haven’t yet looked deeply into it, nor have I read any explanations – like Neon Revolt’s take. I like to look at MY ideas first, and only then consider what others think. If I am to have a bias, I want it to be purely mine, first, so that my original thinking isn’t compromised from the get-go, by beginning with others’ thoughts.

      The idea behind the Q-clock is to get some sort of handle on forecasting what type of Q-posts may come next, and discovering a masked meaning in how ALL the Q-posts relate / link to one another.

      I.e., to get AHEAD of Q.

      IMO, of course!

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        1. Sorry to sound like a broken record, in re the Patriots Soapbox YT channel, but just now (scroll back to time 19:48:30 or so), Radix is going over the Q-clock.

          Q said to “Learn our Comms” … and today there was a death – ruled a “suicide” (by multiple blunt force trauma) – of one of the key people negotiating with Pharma cartel to lower drug prices. His name was Daniel Best, and he worked in HHS.

          Radix goes over how the Q-clock is used to try to tie this death (a “message” from the cabal to our side) to other Q-posts.

          I think you can access this video any time tonight, and perhaps any time at all, by finding the 11-17-18 program listed on their YT page.

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          1. This was one of THE BEST fifty minutes of programming I’ve ever seen / heard Patriots Soapbox put out.

            It goes over almost EVERYTHING going on, and why, and highlights a few of the very earliest Q-posts … and ANSWERS the questions from them.

            I cannot recommend it highly enough, to ALL. Just sit back, watch and listen, and you’ll get up to speed and have most all of the dots connected.

            POTUS strategy, the Military, MI v 3-letter agencies, the Patriot Act and 2005 update, Antifa, the “caravans”, the mid-terms, strategy against criminals, what the news (tragedies) means, and more.

            50 minutes, from the time-stamp (bottom bar right, scroll back in time) I noted in the above post.


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  6. Well, I was going to post this in the CTH Open Thread, but here we are…

    The first Scripture reading from the Missal for Nov 18 is from the book of Daniel and seems appropriate.

    “At that time there shall arise Michael,
    the great prince,
    guardian of your people;
    It shall be a time unsurpassed in distress
    since the nation began until that time.
    At that time your people shall escape,
    everyone who is found written in the book.

    Many of those who sleep
    in the dust of the earth shall awake;
    Some to everlasting life,
    others to reproach and everlasting disgrace.

    But those with insight shall shine brightly
    like the splendor of the firmament,
    And those who lead the many to justice
    shall be like the stars forever.”

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    1. “But those with insight shall shine brightly
      like the splendor of the firmament,
      And those who lead the many to justice
      shall be like the stars forever.”

      That right there is some spine tinglingly beautiful language (even apart from the sentiment). Just simply beautiful. I could read that over for hours.


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        1. TTT, that’s interesting. I like best the word for word translations rather than the thought for thought ones. Like kjv, nasv, esv, Geneva. Thank you.

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          1. It was a practice in the monastic traditions to write your own translation of passages. I think it would make one dig deeper for a scholastically trained person to practice this.


      1. The readings are on a specific calendar that rotates every three years I believe. Always interesting how the Holy Spirit can breathe on the Liturgy to create inspiration in the soul of Man.

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        1. You are so right – it is along these lines that I plan to blog next year after March. The calendar and the Holy Spirit. It appears that there is a time for everything. 🙂

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      1. Well, I intend to be the world’s most advanced and powerful cardiac and neurological toxin in the skin of the frog in the mouth of the stork.

        Prepare to take the coolest ride that the frog has ever taken! We are about to get spat out over a new and better pond!

        ENJOY THE SHOW! 😎

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    1. Wow, Linda. So very true and absolutely terrifying! I did not think such a person existed who could counter all that has been done, and President Trump is only just getting started. I plan to watch every day of The Great Unraveling and cherish it. Every day I give thanks that President Trump at America’s helm. The whole world will benefit and already is. Bigly.

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  7. Hmmm. Maybe something will happen with regards to the Florida election fraud. This is from an article at Breitbart:

    “An effort to allegedly add Democrat votes after Election Day in Florida is “potentially grounds for a RICO” investigation, an election fraud expert says…

    Eggers said:

    I spoke with a Republican attorney today who is quite familiar with this and connected to the inter-workings and they believe that it is not only the smoking gun, but it is potentially the grounds for a RICO case … this is not over. The first step is to get this out of the way. Let’s get the election certified and let’s get people sworn into office. But I think that this is a very real problem, ultimately whether it’s complete ignorance or an organized effort on behalf of the Florida Democratic Party to manipulate and violate the law … they sent altered forms out with the hopes that they could just get away with it because they could get some sympathetic judges who say, ‘Well, this is what the forms that these people received said so I guess we’ll have to go along with it.’ [Emphasis added]

    At the end of the day, the basic argument in Florida right now is this: Should the laws that were in place on the day of the election be upheld. And the Republicans are saying yes and the Democrats are saying no.”

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  8. This surprised me. The Awan Brothers mess had dropped off my radar and I assumed it had for everyone else. Apparently not. What on earth do you guys make of this?

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    1. That’s great…and Thank You, Newt!

      The Awan Scandal lies at the feet of Rat Ryan as much as it does the Dems.
      It happened on his watch!

      How could Ryan not know that was going on?
      It was his Job to know what was going on!

      The Awan Brothers may have gotten away…but the ones who allowed them to do what they did, are still around.

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    2. I know Newt is thought of as a RINO, but the House idiots should have named him as SoH instead of the juggernut Ryan. IIRC, from what I read back then, the SoH doesn’t have to be a congressman.

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  9. Hopefully word will get out…and we will find out what has been going on with these strange fires.

    They started saying “600 unaccounted for” today on Fox.
    I dunno if the other ‘news’ outlets are saying that now, too…but it’s like TPTB are gradually increasing the number of missing people.

    It was only “5 unaccounted for” a few days ago.

    What could possibly be causing these weird and unnatural burn patterns?

    Some people think it is Direct Energy Weapons/DEW that are being used.
    If so…I really don’t think it is our military that is doing it.

    The globalists have billions of dollars at their disposal…they could’ve easily paid to have their own private weapons systems built.
    And that means DEW or some other type of laser weapons, mounted on their own aircraft.

    Does that sound like ‘tin-foil hat’ territory?
    Well, I think we entered tin-foil hat territory some time back…and it’s no longer ‘crazy talk’ to wonder what is really going on.

    Because crazy things are actually going on.

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      1. If the fires behaved radically differently than prior ones, it could be that people with experience in “waiting to leave” were FOOLED by the different nature of these fires. That would shift the numbers of people killed to higher.

        Normally older people are more at risk in dangerous situations anyway, because they can’t egress as quickly (see who died at Tree of Live synagogue – all OLDER people). So a majority of older victims is normal. But I think it’s that large number of victims which is concerning. I think that computer animations are going to be telling – particularly if ROUTES OF EGRESS are shown. What to watch for is if fires are appearing STRATEGICALLY relative to population centers.

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        1. Maybe it was the ‘older people’ who were targeted at that synagogue.

          People in cars trying to get away from the fires, doesn’t sound much like ‘older people’.
          Cars were incinerated on roads…with the surrounding terrain left untouched, not burned and not even scorched.

          Perhaps the common denominator is…Conservatives.

          I’ve read comments about that, saying that the area is home to a lot of conservatives and ‘survivalists’.
          In other words…people with guns.

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          1. Wheatie, I haven’t been looking into this at all. Not like you have. But I did hear that the area was home to a lot of conservative type people.

            I also heard a long radio segment that for the survivors, rebuilding will be difficult. They will be starting over in many respects with getting permits for wells and things like that and California has gone insane over water. Plus all the new building regulations and restrictions are going to be quite prohibitive so even if you were well insured you may find it impossible or nearly so to rebuild there.

            So someone else with deep pockets gets to buy up and move in.

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            1. Yes, exactly…a lot of these people will have trouble rebuilding there.

              And hey, look at that!
              There is suddenly a lot of formerly ‘prime’ real estate that can be bought up at a new Low Price.

              Whether it’s the ChiComs or the Globalists who are behind this…let’s hope the truth comes out.
              The corrupt Dems in control of CA have bankrupted that state, and are evil enough to have sold their souls to outside interests.

              There is nothing ‘normal’ about these fires.

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              1. (reply to Redleg)

                I’ve read a couple blurbs about how the town of Paradise has been sitting on a mountain of un-mined gold for generations

                I think I read it in one of the Twister threads that Wheatie posted, over the past two days, which included photos of the anomalistic destruction of the so-called “wildfire” damage.

                It was said that the property owners there had taken pains to make sure that their land would remain in their families, specifically because of this potential bonanza, should the time come to mine.

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              2. Haven’tbeen following closely at all, but now I’m wondering what wiring, where was it manufactured, etc., was used in the construction of the homes. Same for gas lines. Doesn’t account for cars, but?


            2. Reminds me how they have used so-called rent control to make it impossible for the middle class to live in places like San Francisco. I’ve heard the real estate industry and I suppose bankers were behind it. The middle class is the enemy, along with elderly and rural people.

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        2. A local man who has known Paradise his whole life stated that the issue is tons of very poor people with no land/cell phone service squirreled down in hollers that live in rusted out trailers heated by propane. He says we will still be finding remains 5 years from now. That is likely where the 1,000 possibly dead number comes from. All the people that had zero warning and no way to escape.


            1. Not just that. There are no utilities to these places at all. Even if you have some money. You are on a dirt road to a dirt road to a dirt road with zero cell coverage, Off grid.

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    1. I, too, have noted how the numbers of “unaccounted” have jumped up and I read that most were believed to be elderly. I don’t know why that would be. An area where a lot of older folks lived?

      And I hope they weren’t targeted for some reason.

      Please understand, it wasn’t so very long ago a thought like that would never even have entered my head. How very far I have come.

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      1. “…most were believed to be elderly.”

        TPTB could be saying that to deflect curiosity about the growing number of missing people.

        Claiming that the missing are ‘mostly the elderly’ plays into the attitude towards the elderly that the Left has been pushing for years:
        “Oh, it’s only the elderly — and they have already lived long enough.”

        The Left has been programming people to think that way.
        I think it is mainly because our older people remember what really happened in the past.
        They remember the Truth.

        And…Grrr at the Left for doing it.

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          1. Yes…the demographic data, especially.

            I have seen footage and still shots, showing a couple of gun shops torched, incinerated to ash…with their signage a few feet away, still intact, not even scorched.

            I saw a shot of another incinerated store that had a sign a few feet away that said:
            “Your Survival Gear Headquarters”

            Just another one of those things that make you go…Hmm.

            Were conservatives, registered gun owners and gun shops…targeted?
            Inquiring minds want to know.

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            1. Wheatie and Sylvia, I think you may be onto something with the devaluation of the elderly which iI have also noticed in the last More than 20 years. It’s all about the children, and they’ve even gotten the elderly to join in the drum-beat. They (many of them) are willing to sacrifice themselves to the worship of youth. And it is also true that it is harder for some elderly to evacuate, so they are sitting ducks. Also, interesting, Red, about the possible resources under ground, to say nothing of land value.

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        1. There has been a DEFINITE and obvious devaluing of the elderly and it has proceeded rather quickly through society over the last 20 years or so.

          Naturally, just when I am starting to realize I’m heading into elderly territory myself. I’ve started hearing people 60-62 even referred to as elderly. I kid you not.

          Wondering when they will be escorting me to the ice floe. I hope they are kind when they do it and not just toss me on the ice.

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    2. “Does that sound like ‘tin-foil hat’ territory?
      Well, I think we entered tin-foil hat territory some time back…and it’s no longer ‘crazy talk’ to wonder what is really going on.

      Because crazy things are actually going on.”

      Somehow my eyes missed that last part of your post. I find myself wondering all the time what is going on. There is such a discrepancy between what we hear in the media and what we can see for ourselves you cannot help but wonder, and start to wonder some pretty strange things.

      I have never been a conspiracy person. Always held to Occam’s Razor (just for you, Wheatie!) but…. anyone these days who doesn’t at least wonder and question is a fool, IMO.

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    3. “I really don’t think it is our military that is doing it”

      I recall that launched missile, from the upper west coast (Wash I think), which likely (IMO) targeted AF1.

      Rogue actors in the mil, and/or a shadow-mil.

      CA was ATTACKED from above, using cover of arson / normal fires below. The “cover” didn’t work very well, though! I also wonder about the atmospheric chemical seeding (“chemtrails”), as preparation to enhance the incendiary damage.


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      1. If we would just give up our guns, Bibles, free speech, Constitution, money, retirements, homes, children, and lives, everything would be fine. But we’re just so unreasonable, wanting to defend those things!

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    1. Brilliant.
      Not sure if I want to know all of what has been revealed to him. God please keep him and protect him and his people.


  10. Wheatie, you may be sorry you taught me to copy tweets, hee hee.

    This is video of PDJG’s Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony today where he honored seven recipients, including Elvis. They played a bit of “How Great Thou Art.” Gosh, sometimes you forget what beautiful voice he had.

    Anyway, I saw part of Laura Ingraham’s show last night where she had some buffoon on there griping that PDJT was honoring Elvis because (are we all ready for this? Are we? Sure we’re ready?) Elvis was culturally appropriating black music. I kid you not.

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    1. Oh no, I doubt that, Syl…glad to see you posting tweets now.
      You go, girl.

      It’s a shame that WP doesn’t allow those Periscope videos to play here.
      You have to watch those at the original tweet-source.

      And yeah…idiot leftists.
      I guess they forgot or don’t know that Elvis distinguished himself in the military.

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        1. It’s not you.
          This always happens with a Periscope video.

          Except…I’ve seen some videos posted that ‘originated’ on Periscope, but were transferred to other vid-tech so they played here.
          Or something.

          But every time I have posted a tweet that contained a Periscope vid…it would only show up as a link in the tweet.
          So it’s not you!

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    1. You’re so lucky. Mine were out wearing pink P**** hats during the women’s march. At least one, maybe both, went to the border to grandstand during the great “evil orange man puts kids’ in cages” thing. Massive Eye Roll.

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  11. I’m sure some of you have seen this, but I’m posting the link because next week is Thanksgiving and we will be on a treadmill of get together with people we don’t often see and sometimes it is hard to know what to say when the subject of the greatest President in the history of the US comes up.

    This provides some good points that can be made without offense, perhaps.

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  12. ‘Future proves past’ — Q msgs 2493 of Nov 13 and 2318 of Oct 2:



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  13. Sylvia, these short videos that Pres Trump puts in his tweets, usually post just fine.

    Just so you know…for future tweet-posting.

    You can ID the Periscope ones by the little upside-down teardrop icon, located in the bottom of the video’s tool bar.

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    1. Some quotes from the article:

      “Do you understand that we are at war?”

      “…do you believe that we deserve a fighting chance?”

      “Do you believe we can win?”

      “Oh my friends, I believe we can do so much more than win. I believe we ARE already winning, and we will send anyone who attempts to oppose us running for the hills with the tail tucked between their legs.”

      “These people know what is coming for them. And we play an important part in reminding them. We send them memes constantly and we chant at rallies. They know we are waking the public up. It is absolutely terrifying for them. POTUS does a great job of taunting them on the daily, as well.”
      “Dems didn’t have a #BlueWave. They had a #CrimeWave instead, when they stole some seats.

      Don’t worry, I believe Trump and the DHS allowed them to make the moves they made in order to bring them all to justice – and then turn around and use it as a basis for passing a #VoterID law.”

      And there’s much more in the article I linked to. I highly recommend reading it!

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  14. I watched most of Laura Ingraham’s TV show last night. I don’t enjoy watching it, but whatever. I had it on while I was doing something else. She had Ann Coulter on and another person whose name I forget and they were discussing The Caravan. (Why yes, I am obsessed with illegal immigration, why do you ask?)

    Anyway, they referenced an article from USA Today (I think) that said there were 100 women and children in The Caravan who have disappeared and are believed to have been taken by human traffickers.

    I remain completely horrified by what seems to be a voracious appetite for this despicable business.

    But I am feeling too lazy to go hunt for a USA Today article because I can’t stand USA Today, but I wanted to mention it here in case any of you were interested in this as I hadn’t heard anything about this elsewhere.

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    1. Stephanie Trussell, a Black conservative talk hostess on WLS am radio today spoke about her experience visiting with Mexican American moms who live right next to the border.

      Kathy Barnette tells of a little child who was found almost dead. Was air lifted to hospital. The hospital found something like 30 different male DNAs in this little girl.

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        1. Amen.
          Surely PT knows this all is going on. Imagine the weight he is carrying on his shoulders.
          Child sacrifices were common SOTB. It’s time to invoke Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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  15. Kimberley Strassel, “Doubling Down on Mueller” in the WSJ.

    “With the midterms over, Washington returns to its regular programming: Russia. Trump critics should consider the risk of betting their political fortunes on special counsel Robert Mueller.

    The Mueller probe has lost its political potency, as Democrats acknowledged on the midterm trail. They didn’t win House seats by warning of Russian collusion. They didn’t even talk about it. Most voters don’t care, or don’t care to hear about it. A CNN exit poll found 54% of respondents think the Russia probe is “politically motivated”; a 46% plurality disapprove of Mr. Mueller’s handling of it.

    That hasn’t stopped Democrats from fixating on it since the election…”


  16. Fort Trump!

    “The possibility of a permanent U.S. military base in Poland moved a few steps forward this week.

    U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis met with his Polish counterpart Mariusz Blaszczak Tuesday to discuss Poland’s offer to spend $2 billion on a permanent base for U.S. troops and their families in the country. The base was jokingly called “Fort Trump” by Poland’s president after meetings with U.S. President Donald Trump.

    “We are working out the details on what the offer is, what can best contribute to alliance unity, to alliance security and to the continued strengthening of the bilateral relationship,” Mattis told the press prior to his talks with Blaszczak.

    Mattis also praised the Polish government for meeting NATO’s defense spending commitments prior to heading into discussions with other Pentagon officials to discuss the potential base…”

    Read the rest here:

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  17. Bolton’s Met His Match – Melania!

    “… She had managed to keep her distance from the cutthroat politics of the Beltway, that is, until her collision with Mira Ricardel, National Security Advisor John Bolton’s top aide and enforcer. Ricardel apparently disparaged the First Lady to other members of the White House staff, and tried to withhold resources from her on her recent trip to Africa. Whatever personal interactions of an unpleasant nature may have passed between these women, it’s hard to imagine what provoked the office of the FLOTUS to issue the following statement:

    “It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House.”

    Ricardel is described by those who know her as abrasive, a bureaucratic in-fighter, and one “who doesn’t suffer fools lightly.” Having mistaken the First Lady for a fool, Ms. Ricardel is the one who will suffer – along with Bolton, who has protected her since her appointment from a chorus of critics, but who cannot stand against Melania.

    So Team Bolton is on the outs, which means the America Firsters within the administration who oppose our foreign policy of globalism and perpetual war are on the rise. Which leads us to contemplate the meaning of this incident. The War Party’s ranks are not filled with Mr. Nice Guys. They are nearly all of them pushy self-serving aggressive SOBs, with about as much personal charm as a rattlesnake.”

    full article here

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    1. I personally perceive talk of why a marriage needs to end as vile and witchcraft. The accuser of the Brethren cleverly uses the mouth of the believer to speak the intentions of the evil one.

      Where are the prayers for KellyAnne and for her husband? If PDJT is the best on this earth at flipping people to his side, God must be the inspiration. Saul to Paul. Where are the prayers?

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        1. I will back her. Whatever her convictions lead her to do. But for now, those who curse her marriage are just adding a head wind if she is trying to navigate that sticky wicket.

          Liked by 2 people

    2. Could George be just another mouse to chase in the never ending game of shiny objects put forth by the President and his team?
      After all how important/damaging/significant are any of Mr. Conway’s comments?

      Liked by 3 people

  18. You may not have wanted to be microchipped, you pesky old Deplorable, but all those medical devices your doctors put into you needed to be microchipped. Some Obamabot surely got a promotion for THAT idea!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I never really thought about the micro chipping thing at all – just noted that it was a “thing”. Wide awake to it now.

      Also just spotted a white rabbit, contemplating following it down the hole. Relates to information, entropy, “death” vs LIFE. LBH vs RBH vs Integration. Your post re the microchip – I will take it as a little gift to prod me down that hole ….

      Liked by 2 people

  19. Hey, W – a/o this post time, was just over on the CTH and can now confirm that I cannot like nor post anything. Just tried to post a “test” post which did not post. All tries at ‘like” not working, either.

    As someone once said:

    Badge of Honor. 🙂

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Multiple possibilities. (going to try list markup codes)

      WP tinkered with–without board owner knowledge–by someone watching this new blog site. Hack by a bad actor to divide the Patriots.

      One of the Mods blocking those posting here–without board owner knowledge–by someone watching this new blog site. Motivations could be many.

      Board owner has decided his place is not a refuge for us and is personally blocking us. Motivations could be seen as trying to protect the community, himself, or something else.

      I realize that we have tried to behave well, but we could be seen as insurrectionists over there.
      I wish them all well.

      Liked by 7 people

  20. As of 10 AM Mountain time, 12 Noon Eastern time:

    Precisely 666 days since Hitlary became Nacho President of the United States.

    Not that I’m counting, mind you.

    (NB: In case you’ve noticed an apparent discrepancy, Conservative Treehouse count will be one larger than this because CTH counts ordinals, it counted 20 Jan 2017 as day 1, i.e., the first day (so today is the 677th day) whereas I report elapsed time, like a stopwatch. By that reckoning, noon on inauguration day wasn’t 1, but rather 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes 0 seconds, and the rest of CTH day 1 ran us through 0 days 12 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds. Neither of these is “wrong” per se, it’s a matter of personal preference and/or what makes the most sense in a given context. Their way of doing it makes sense, over there.)

    Liked by 5 people

      1. At least the first birthday is when you become one year old. Birthdays mark elapsed time.

        Here’s another illustration. Jesus was crucified on Friday. Resurrected Sunday. That’s basically 48 hours or two days later but everyone says “three”. It was the Third Day however, Friday being the first and Saturday being the second. Back in those days the concept of zero as being a number (rather than “nothing” while numbers were for “something”) hadn’t taken hold in Europe or Asia.

        Liked by 7 people

          1. Indeed, and our years are ordinal numbers. Thus, no year zero. And so a century ends at the END of the year ending with zeros, in other words the twentieth century ended at the end of 2000, not the beginning.

            However, Prince was still entitled to party like it was 1999.

            Liked by 7 people

        1. Lol, Steve, very interesting, but many scholars believe Christ was probably crucified on a Wednesday or more likely Tursday, and he was supposed to have spent three days in the grave, which as defined in the creation story is three nights (evening) and three days (morning. I’m not wanting to start an argument, just having fun with you.

          Liked by 1 person

  21. From Citizen Free Press, a “Project Veritas” – style expose by Lauren Sou***** on the industrialization of “refugee” coaching and training to “act”, lie, and defraud the US and EU Gov’t officials into categorizing them as “real” asylum-seekers:

    It’s what we all strongly suspected was happening. S***s promoted nation-destruction …

    Liked by 4 people

  22. More from PM.

    Strip away the rhetoric and what you’ll find with Q is an admonition to question official narratives, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Q is an advocate of free thought. And as we’ve seen, that is perceived even by conservative commentators as a threat to their business model and their ability to control public thought.

    Q is often called an online cult. If so, it’s the first cult in history where no one has met the leader and the leader demands that we think for ourselves.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. NOTE: he also says this in his post:

      Really, Will, anyone who isn’t lobotomized across 4 intersecting planes knows the DEW posts have been shill slides. Heck, even the GUY YOU QUOTED said he was just memeing – a fact you quickly mention in one line at the VERY END of the article, after presenting the whole thing as though he was being serious.

      Liked by 2 people

  23. The #CrimeWave had a code name.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Colorado?! You don’t say!

      We got royally humped here with Pol*s taking the governor’s seat. (Eight years of Chickenhumper [he spells it “Hickenlooper”] wasn’t enough apparently.) Worse, the Demoncrap won the Secretary of State’s position, so I doubt we’ll ever actually see Republicans win statewide office ever again, because we’ll be buried in fraud.

      Liked by 3 people

          1. It’s a nice dream, isn’t it? I’d love to have my state back even as it was 20 years ago. Then we only had half of Mexico here. Now we have half of Mexico and half of Central America, too.

            I keep wondering who on earth is left down there to make up these caravans? I honestly thought the were all here already.

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  24. I have this imagination. Watching the video of our Lion with local officials (& Brock from FEMA) I’m seeing this movie. PDJT is on the phone with the Gov and Gov elect and he is saying, you can get the funding –IF– you do a photo op with me at the sites of the devastation…

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  25. I posted this on another thread here, but it went into moderation because it was part of a long tweet which I didn’t realize had too many links (4)… excellent example of how Deep State projects their own ‘conspiracies” onto Americans as our ‘conspiracies’.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. I have heard this before, from separate sources (TH?). What I recall was that the Seal Team 6 chopper was taken down in Afghanistan with one of these stingers …

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Field McConnell runs the exposure gamut in this video of one of his speeches at Operation Classified held last weekend. I found this on John B. Wells You Tube Channel and I hope he posts other Operation Classified speeches from Field and other speakers. I purchased the livestream but it was a 3 day event so will take me months to get through them and they can’t be shared so am happy to share this.

          He rambles with his entertaining way of nailing the traitors and he names them all. He speaks briefly about the uninterruptible auto pilot that wreaks such havoc, Malaysian Flight MH370/MH17, flying events of 9/11 & the treasonous acts of John McCain & his family, the Bushes, all of them, of course the Clintons, Obama who attended the same school Field did in HI. his sister Christine Marcy who established the SES and he says is Hillary’s handler, Theresa May, Tony Blair….The parents of one of the Navy Seals killed in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan were in the audience and from and earlier meeting the mother’s description of the body returned to them, he was able to identify how it happened and who was responsible and the likelihood of the innocence of Afghans who unknowingly brought explosives on board.

          Liked by 2 people

  26. I was first drawn to the comments of Robert Otey that were posted on a youtube video. I got the feeling I got when I saw Bret Kavanah with the basketball team he coaches.

    The “I got this feeling” in the spirit.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This is the SAME Governor Brown who wouldn’t spray a fruit fly invasion that threatened California agriculture, until forced to by public outcry.

      No surprise, really, that he’d mismanage forests according to other environmentalist nuttery and then blame the problem on yet a third piece of environmentalist nuttery.

      Leftism poisons everything it touches. It’s not “progressive” as in progress, it’s progressive as in “cancer.”

      Liked by 3 people

        1. I still find it astounding that CA brought this clown back from retirement. I guess it had been long enough many had forgotten, or were too young to remember.

          Of course the illegal “immigrant” voting bloc probably wouldn’t have heard of his past back in the old country, regardless of age…or not cared.

          Liked by 2 people

  27. Anthony Watts, the founder of the iconic climate sceptic site WUWT, lives in Paradise CA. It appears that his house did not burn down. but 2 or 3 of his employees lost their homes.

    He has temporarily taken a leave of absence from WUWT (someone else is helping out) whilst focusing on this disaster.

    My journey to being fully “red pilled” started at WUWT. The climate scam has fascinated me and taught me so much as to what is actually going on in the human heart.

    Thoughts and prayers for everyone caught up in this disaster, caused largely by human malfeasance, it would appear. Lack of bush management is at the very least criminal neglect.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I totally agree with what Rex is saying.

      I have thought for years, that HusseinO had started spying on people from the day he took office.
      He was given the keys to the candy store — the NSA.
      How could he resist.

      He is a vindictive scumbag and I suspect he was spying on PDJT since at least 2011, when our future Potus dared to speak out about his fake birth certificate.

      But I also think that Hussein was just a puppet for his globalist masters and the Muslim Brotherhood.
      So a lot of that spying was done for their benefit, as well.

      Liked by 4 people

  28. Treeper refugee here commenting for the first time. I wasn’t exactly a prolific commenter over on CTH, but I did leave comments occasionally and many, many Likes. I made a pro-Q comment in response to Sundance’s recent anti-Q hit piece and was banned for it. I thought that was the end of the Treeper community for me until scott467 let me know about this place. Thank you, Scott. And, of course, thank you Wolfmoon for welcoming us in.

    It’s the censorship that angers me the most about this situation. I don’t care what Sundance thinks about Q, but kneejerk bans are a terrible way to treat a community that has been loyal and supportive for years.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Welcome, Sadie…it’s nice to see you here!

      I remember you.
      And yeah, the censorship is very disappointing…I never would’ve thought we’d see the things that have happened there.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Sometimes, the road to redemption is through the darkness, when you are lost. If Sundance’s theories, which are more and more steeped in deep scepticism, are demonstrated by reality to be completely wrong – THEN maybe he will admit error and redeem himself.

        Maybe then we will be welcomed back 🙂

        I will not be holding my breath, since most people are not mature enough to follow this course>

        Liked by 4 people

      1. Yup, maybe the lesson is NOT to be so full of hubris as to make a bold claim ….

        The “LAST REFUGE” was certainly a bold call – Fail. God / Reality kinda seems to like to test these claims …

        Google’s “Don’t be evil” – epic fail ….

        Liked by 4 people

  29. Think about it.

    A man made up his mind to seek God.
    An angel had to fight his way to that man.
    And the message starts with, “beloved.”

    This inspires me.

    Daniel 10:10-14

    But then a hand touched me, raising me to my hands and knees. “Daniel, beloved,” he said to me, “understand the words which I am speaking to you; stand up, for my mission now is to you.”

    When he said this to me, I stood up trembling. “Do not fear, Daniel,” he continued; “from the first day you made up your mind to acquire understanding and humble yourself before God, your prayer was heard.

    Because of it I started out, but the prince of the kingdom of Persia stood in my way for twenty-one days, until finally Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me. I left him there with the prince of the kingdom of Persia, and came to make you understand what shall happen to your people in the last days; for there is yet a vision concerning those days.”

    Liked by 2 people

  30. They have increased the number of missing people to over 1200 now.

    This just keeps getting worse and it’s just…heartbreakingly sad.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I saw it in a few chat rooms; I might be mistakenly assuming it was a widespread usage amongst people who are now in their thirties. Still, it underlines your point–fire is a particularly gruesome way to die.

            Liked by 1 person

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