It’s Happening. But WHAT IS IT?

The last three Q posts:


Anons ready?

Well, I’m almost ready.  I have been under fairly intense bandwidth attacks for the last week, that are crimping my style badly, but yeah – other than the normal downside of #WAR, I’m ready.


Memes ready?

Actually, they’re not.  I usually get them ready on the fly – maximally reactive – but I make sure the capacity is there to create memes in SECONDS.  Sadly, my current setup is under such nasty attack, I can barely get my tools up.  So – UGH – memes are NOT ready.


Are you ready to see arrests?
Are you ready to see PAIN?
Are you ready to be part of history?


Here we go.  Red October.

What do you think, people?  What is about to happen?  Spell it out!

It sounds….




87 thoughts on “It’s Happening. But WHAT IS IT?

  1. My initial guess is that it has something to do with THIS:

    Which was sourced from HERE:

    I think her scheme was busted wide open, and certain items may have been referred to a grand jury.

    ARRESTS? If Feinstein top aides are arrested, will they talk? Did the media ALREADY TALK like that one anon posted?


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    1. Feinstein is part of what is happening. One or more of the witnesses provided evidence of Feinstein’s treachery. After seeing this information in the FBI report, Grassley then sent a letter to Ford’s attorneys requesting information on their communications with Feinstein and her staff, with Ford’s witnesses, and with Ramirez and Swetnick (or their representatives).

      PDJT is doing two things here: (1) pushing Congress to actually enforce its rules and reclaim its rightful place in our constitutional structure, and (2) telling attorneys far and wide that communications in furtherance of a conspiracy are not subject to privilege.

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    2. My initial thoughts on those latest Q posts, after reading ALL the anon responses at 8chan research, was that Q might be sizing up his army…what is their “attitude,” so to speak, not that Q was signaling immanent arrests. Impatient and just do something, anything, please, NOW? Or continued trust and patience with the Q/POTUS team, and continuing to do the incredible investigations for which anons are justly famous?

      The Sessions subpoena timing seems no coincidence, given that he was in Utah, that Huber reports directly to Sessions, and that we know much of what congress has been asking for (or asking be made public), cannot be until Huber’s team is finished with their criminal investigations and have provided such information to their grand juries across the country. The timing argues that some of Huber’s investigations have concluded.

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  2. They have so many balls in the air right now, it could be a lot of things. Feinstein would be a good one – very appropriate after all we’ve been through – and all the Kavanaugh’s have been through – these past couple of weeks. Maybe along with all the fake accusers and the sleaze lawyers.

    Or it could be Jeff Sessions really is unrecused now and Huber is all ready to go with those 55,000 indictments. Then we have the Clinton Foundation investigation that’s been going on for almost a year now. And Uranium 1. And those 15 leak investigations. Probably many more I’m forgetting. And then there’s the Horowitz IG report on the FISA mess. It could be any one of those things, or all of them hidden in those 55,000 indictments. I’ll be happy with any of the above to get us all started!

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    1. See, there are a LOT of possibilities there.

      Here is the most recent Q post that MIGHT hint at it – and that’s what I think it will be – DECLAS. That has them the most rattled.

      Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.338 📁
      Oct 4 2018 16:57:57 (EST)📁

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      1. “UK / AUS ASSISTED ROGUE ELEMENTS OF THE US GOV’T TO TAKE DOWN A DULY-ELECTED CANDIDATE/PRESIDENT.” This right here has me in that cold anger SD has talked about many times. Our supposed allies?? they are jackobites nothing more nothing less.

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    2. I think the white hats have to do more yet to awaken the people before real major sheets hit the fan. They may need a week or two more.

      I just wonder how many enabling congresscritters will be rooming with the big sleezebags.

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  3. From my perspective, it appears that we need to thank the wench for all her misdeeds.

    I have been hitting the homes in our subdivision campaigning for Braun. The reaction has been tremendous. One mom of college age young men said some crazy woman tried to ruin her son last year because of something that was supposed to have happened at his frat house.

    Hopefully the excruciating h£!! she and her fellow travelers inflicted on Kav and his family will pass, and awaken all to the evil for which the dems stand.

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    1. I will tell you, the “war on men” and the mid-terms that are going to be a CRUSHING Red Tsunami because of that war, have GOT to see more action prior to the election. It is THE concern of the public. But it may be a WEEK or so before we see anything on Feinstein

      Why? Another Q post:

      Read carefully.
      Sessions tomorrow [doc related]
      Justice K confirmation [weekend]
      [RR] next week [probe-not update]
      Follow the pattern.
      >>>RED OCTOBER<<<

      It looks to me like they are ROTATING the public face of the massive justice machine going on behind closed doors.

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  4. Well I am always thrilled when Q mentions ‘CrowdStrike’.
    And he did in his drops for 10/04.

    Since “10-4” has a meaning in itself…I was wondering if Q would make drops on 10/04/18 that tied into that meaning.
    And I think maybe he did.
    But I am still trying to figure out what that is.

    Ever since I first learned about CrowdStrike, I’ve suspected that it was an integral part of the dark ops that the Dems/Cabal have been doing.
    It has got to be tied to ‘why’ Eric Schmidt suddenly resigned from Goog last December.

    That statement that PDJT tweeted out about “The National Strategy For Counterterrorism” was…interesting.
    It mentioned working with ‘coalition partners’ to defeat ISIS.
    Was that a reference to The Orb?

    I remember how last year, we got a small clue about Antifa being declared a ‘terrorist organization’.
    It happened in a congressional hearing.
    I think it may have been Wray…who was asked something about Antifa…and the answer was they believed that Antifa had been “engaging in domestic terrorism”.

    Then the subject was dropped.
    But if a group is “engaging in domestic terrorism”, then that makes them a ‘terrorist organization’ doesn’t it?

    Thomas Wictor has mentioned that he thinks there are good-guy-intel-agents who have infiltrated Antifa.
    And the Anons think that Q has confirmed that they have operatives working undercover within the various bad-guy groups.

    So I’m thinking…hoping…that this is a part of what is ‘happening’ now.
    The ops that the Q-team have been overseeing have been fruitful, and they are proceeding to the next phase: Pain.

    That first 10/04 Q-drop about Michael Sussman-CrowdStrike-UK/Aus/NZ was really interesting, wasn’t it.

    Then SD does a post about Michael Sussman a few hours later.
    For someone who is anti-Q, it’s interesting how often SD’s posts are about the same thing that Q has posted about.

    Well I am sooo ready to see the Storm kick into gear…and see some of the bad guys doing perp walks.
    So I’m hoping that’s what Q is telling us in his post No. 2343.

    Bring the pain, Q.

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      1. Thanks, Sue…yes, that thread by the War Economy is packed with all sorts of good info, isn’t it.

        I read through it yesterday.
        Well, until my eyes glazed over and my head started spinning.

        It will be good to have that for reference, won’t it.

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  5. I have to agree with you Wheatie. I noticed also the similarities of SD post and Q post 🤷🏼‍♂️. Was wondering why the disregard for the Q post when his own topics have been along the same lines at times? Makes you wonder who’s following who. 🤔

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  6. I think I just had an “Ahah” moment.

    Think about what happened in the last few days:

    — Potus mentioned China “meddling in our elections” at rally.
    — Bloomberg article comes out exposing China’s ‘spy chip’ in our servers.
    — VP Pence makes speech blasting China.
    — Kudlow announces meeting with Big Tech companies.

    Even though some of the Big Tech companies came out and declared “We don’t have any Chinese spy chips in our servers”…I think they were lying.
    It was pure PR damage control to keep their stocks from tanking.

    Then Q’s drop no. 333/334 tied it all together…including those Navy ship crashes, Hillary selling intel to China that resulted in CIA operatives getting killed, and Facebook collecting metadata on us 24/7/365.

    When VP Pence was giving his speech, I flashed on that ‘christening scene’ in the Godfather…where Michael Corleone got rid of all of his enemies at once.
    But I dismissed it the thought.
    Because we weren’t seeing any signs of carnage going on.

    But…maybe there was some ‘carnage’ going on, metaphorically, and we just aren’t privy to seeing it yet.

    The ChiComs have establishes tentacles into our country, into our commerce, like no other adversary ever has before.
    It was really rather disturbing to read through Wilbur Ross’s report on the extent to which the ChiComs have gotten a foothold…in literally every area…of our country’s economy.
    It was a huge report.
    And a masterpiece, as well.

    When I saw Kudlow announcing that upcoming meeting with the Big Tech companies, I just thought it probably had to do with the issue of Censorship.

    But now I think that it has to do with those Supermicro ‘spy chips’…even though the subject of Censorship will probably be brought up also.
    I can envision it going something like this:
    “We know those spy chips are in everything your companies are marketing. It would be a shame if the public were shown proof of it. …Now, about that censorship that you’ve been engaging in.”

    Now, the O-administration even allowed those spy chips to get into our Military systems.
    This is bad.
    This is very bad.

    Did they do it on purpose?
    Did they even bother to investigate those purchases?
    I remember a little blurb some time back…about 60-something Admirals who were nailed for ‘corruption’.
    Did that have something to do with it?

    I’m thinking now that one of the reasons why our President was so keen on getting all that money for our Military, was to fix this problem with the spy chips.
    He needed the money for all the other upgrades, too, of course.
    But this spy chip problem was a rather urgent matter…since we were having our ships collide with Chinese tankers and our aircraft were literally falling out of the sky.

    I would imagine that they have already accomplished the job of eliminating the spy chips within the DOD…before they let the story get out in that Bloomberg article.

    When we think of ‘Red October’…most of us think that it has to do with finally taking down the swamp creatures.
    Or the pedos.
    Or both.

    But Red October might also have to do with taking down corrupt military officers as well.

    It takes ‘two witnesses’ to try someone for Treason.
    Two witnesses…who witnessed first hand, the same act of treason.

    China has proven itself to be an enemy both foreign and domestic.
    Knowingly allowing our military systems to be compromised with Chinese spyware…is treason.

    In addition to military servers being compromised…our military also uses mobile phones and PCs.
    And the Bloomberg article mentioned that 75% of mobile phones and 90% of PCs have the spy chips implanted in them.

    Did Chi Fi Diane play a role in this?
    Maybe that’s why she looked so shook up yesterday.

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    1. Oh…and about those ‘two witnesses’.

      I don’t think the witnesses have to be US citizens.
      What if there were some ChiCom operatives who are willing to be witnesses.

      They would have the choice of going back home to face a firing squad…or stay here and be a witness.

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    2. Wow! Wheatietoo, I think you nailed it! Wow. I am going to have to reread! So Grateful we have the administration that we do. Such a critical time for our nation!

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      1. I forgot to include Wolf…. wow…. amazing. And I believe to my core, that we will see perp walks! BECAUSE this should never be allowed to happen again!

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      2. Thanks, huskerheart.

        And Q just posted about ChiFi Diane again, a few minutes ago.

        Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.340
        Oct 5 2018 12:38:26 (EST) NEW

        [Picture Repost]
        A picture is worth a thousand words.
        See EVIL in the face of FEINSTEIN?
        See FEAR & EMOTION in the face of MURKOWSKI?
        A phone was present.

        “A phone was present”…?

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          1. Yes, what else could that mean about a phone being present.

            Then, Q’s next post was about FISA warrants…and explaining how those work.

            Well Di-Fi certainly qualifies for FISA warrant.
            She’s like a textbook case of ‘who qualifies’ for one of those things.

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      1. YES. LORAL. That was a big deal. Beelzebubba. And also remember that he opened up the Energy……. OMG….. Department using Hazel O’Leary and not only let it get overrun by adversary assets but also turned it into a leftist swamp of climate know-nothings and…. OMG…. Iran Deal…. and…. OMG.

        One might think that Q clearance people saw some of the worst treason of all.

        Perry. Air Force. YES. They’re cleaning up the MESS.

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      2. Yes…I remember that.

        GWBush should’ve charged Bill Clinton with treason for that!

        But instead, they became BFFs.

        And then bag man McAuliffe became governor of Virginia!

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    3. Yes, Wheatie, and then I remember all the q posts about poorly manufactured steel from China and it sounded as if it might have caused things like bridge collapses, building structural problems and planes breaking up and crashing (relying on my memory here.)

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    4. wheatietoo, excellent analysis – as usual!! On a site note about ChiFI, let’s not forget or overlook her husband’s deep financial ties to the PRC. Me thinks this is actually uglier that what you’ve just noted. And if you look at the video SD had (yesterday?) in slo-mo, you can clearly see that ChiFI knows in her heart of hearts that she is factually SCREWED and can do nothing about it.

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      1. Totally. Something up BIGLY there. She saw something. Of my many hypotheses on that, one is that she realizes either that she herself is under investigation, that she had an informant (for OUR side) working for her, that one of her people is now TALKING, or that she was given BOGUS LEAKS of the report during this phase.

        Something is up. She is no longer protected.

        Agree totally – she’s SCREWED!!!

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    5. I think wheatietoo is onto something here. Trump imposed big economic sanctions, then concluded the USMCA deal that specifically squeezes China’s cheap ass component suppliers out (assembling Chinese subcomponents in either Mexico or Canada is no longer manufacturing in North America). There is progress leveraging NOKO away from China (talk in the wind of another meeting between Pompeo and NOKO officials), and, there are new US defense cooperation agreements with Japan and Australia. And it appears that the asset the Chinese had in the form of a certain powerful California Senator is no longer going to be useful to them.

      The computer hardware compromise would not have become public until the military vulnerability was addressed, and there have been two detailed Bloomberg articles on this subject over the past two weeks, which tells me we are not only prepared to address the vulnerability, but we are willing to let the Chinese know that we know what they are up to. And as PDJT meets with technology companies about their exposure to this problem, I suspect there will be a fair bit of discussion about the possibility of reviving our ability to manufacture critical high technology components in the US (some of us would call this blindingly obvious).

      Then, PDJT protects the farmers economically with the ethanol deal, signalling we are preparing for a longer trade war. And Pence was very direct in his speech about Chinese treachery.

      The Chinese stock market is down 21% and their currency is weakening. And we are not yet ready to chat about a new trade deal. This is revolutionary change.

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              1. The only thing I did that I wonder about causing the issue was that when I received the wordpress email on two threads to be sent new comments, I went into the email and hit confirm twice as I wasn’t sure it took it the first time (my fault for not looking at confirmation message) and maybe that made WordPress think I was a bot or something. Probably that had nothing to do with anything.

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              2. Maybe so. Feel free to remove all my comments regarding this problem as it would be pretty borying for all the treepers to have to read through them. Your call.

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              3. Everybody who comes in here has 2 or more posts go into moderation at first. Sometimes its 6 or more before they’re out.
                You are the first person to go BACK into moderation, but I suspect it will happen again!


              4. Possibly so. Lol. Is there something about me that you know that would make this happen, Wolfmoon? You are so very wise. We are supposed to be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves.” I never knew any harm from myself, except I enjoy being amused. Lol.

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              5. I have a theory I was put into moderation again because yesterday when my Friend, Diane, told me a lot of people had trouble with WordPress, I told her I hadn’t (I didn’t coujnt the first moderation when I joined and didn’t know about the second as yet.) Starts to remind one of school detention, but I’m 67 years old. Lol.

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  7. Wow, Wheatie, I think you’re onto something. When I heard about the Chinese spy chip, the first thing I thought about was the ships colliding and planes falling. If Hillary and DiFi helped set that up – and they probably did – that is hugely treasonous.

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    1. Thanks, Linda.
      I hope there is a way to take it all the way to the top…because it all happened under HusseinO’s watch.

      He flew the ChiCom flag over the White House for a while.
      Remember that?
      I will never forget that.

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    2. OMG. And all of THAT (planes, helicopters, and ships) is then managed by a system of Alan Turing “managed believability” – which we invented in World War II. Not too many – not too often – but the victim may get a sense over time of the mathematical movement – of DIRECTION – and then you counter that with accusations of “tin foil” and “coincidence”.

      It is critical to watch these to understand the game that is afoot. Five minutes of time to understand what is happening. This is why Hillary said they’d all hang. The only difference – this happened in “peacetime”.

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      1. I remember when those two ship collisions happened.

        One was an oddity…but the second one, with the same MO…well, that was too much to dismiss as a ‘coincidence’.

        It was a Warning, I guess.
        A warning to back off on the tough trade talk?

        Then we had been having random incidents with our planes falling out of the sky.

        The message was…”We can take you out without firing a shot.”

        Did the ChiComs think that we wouldn’t go to work and Find Out Why It Was Happening?

        All they did was piss off our VSG Potus and his team of mean-ass wolverines.

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            1. Activate ]VP[ = }HAWK{ = removal of either or both POTUS and VP will be correctly attributed to the proper parties = no more JFKs = we have your xxxxxxx number you evil socialists communists and if you so much as flinch you are DEAD = the FW you are Dianne Feinstein and you just looked at the FBI report and you realize how screwed you really are =


              Now I understand why there must be pain. This cannot be allowed to happen again. People need some historic remembrance. It has been too long since Benedict Arnold. Treason is REAL and we need to see what it LOOKS LIKE.

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              1. Good video.
                I haven’t watched that in nearly 2 years…so it was great to see it again.

                And now, ole Matt Lauer is gone.
                I am now wondering if all that stuff about him was true…or if he was a victim of false smears.

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    3. Then I wonder about the Malaysian plane tht disappeared, kind of foggy and also wasn’t there an Indonesian one? Foggy I mean in my mind, not to do with the planes. Lol. My typping bad today.

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      1. I think I read somewhere that there was technical know-how in some of the passengers lost in that plane included computer chips that might be used to create security holes. So, chips designers that would know about exploitable design would not be able to speak about it later?

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        1. I’ll answer with extreme generality. Feynman was correct beyond his wildest dreams when he said “There’s a lot of room at the bottom.”

          There are literally THOUSANDS of possible reasons why China would want certain people out of the way. But the TAKEOVER TIMELINES will give them away. And you have to watch for HIDDEN TAKEOVER and LEVERAGE GIFTS that are really RANSOM.

          Something going on there, IMO. I think more details on WHO died in that wreck and WHAT HAPPENED FOR CHINA as a result will lead to the real story. I had read that it was an entire group of top people from a company was going to China for some meeting.

          To me, that sounds like China. Putting people on a schedule they or their allies can control and manipulate is most desirable. After that, just gaining knowledge of schedules as far in advance as possible. My making THEMSELVES look like an agrieved party to the crash removes suspicion. But not from me. I know how important it is for the ChiComs to hide their true motives and methods under smiley BS. They want to NEVER GET CAUGHT. It takes long experience to learn to spot their game.

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  8. Oh wow…brand new Q drop, just a few minutes ago.

    Q posted this tweet:


    Here is the post:

    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.342
    Oct 5 2018 12:53:48 (EST) NEW

    Important moment in time.
    The picture will be the signifier.
    The signifier will ‘force’ the Q.
    The Q will be answered (((WWG1WGA))).

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  9. There’s a heck of a lot going on at the moment and it will be years before we find out all that is happening behind the scenes.

    It definitely feels like something’s about to blow – and it really has to. On top of the massive wake-up that is occurring right now, it must be seen that President Trump, maybe through Sessions, will make good on rounding up the crooks. The Good Guys can’t afford to lose anyone to ‘oh-no-one-will-be-arrested-so-I-won’t-bother-to-vote’ lethargy. Every vote right now is vital.

    I’m also wondering about Mueller whose team seems to be dispersing. Is that because he is about to finish up his report too? I suspect there’s one or two shocks ready to be unleashed to rock American voters yet further and keep anger right where it should be to finally demolish globalism and the Dims.

    As for Feinstein, she’s hardened in the way of politics, yet there were tears in her eyes and she was struggling to keep it under the surface. It was NOT a play for sympathy. That means it’s something that affects her on a personal level with direct meaning to her life and well-being. My personal feeling is that she knows she’s under investigation, especially over Kavanaugh and her links with Ford and her FBI handlers. That on top of China spies in her camp for 20 years and she can see it’s all falling apart for her.

    There will be a LOT happening in the next 30+ days.

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