Gab Shut Down / Final Warning

Right before Gab was shut down by the Obamanazis, I saw a post that I wanted to share.  It is somewhat Q-related. Here it is.  I wanted to save it, and share it with those who might heed the warning.   Sean Sweat (TexasVet) @TexasVet PRO 7 hours ago Guys, even though there is zero reason for … Continue reading Gab Shut Down / Final Warning

Free Talk Will Not Be Q-Free Talk

I just wanted to let people know that if what Q predicts will happen, actually DOES happen, and the Socialist Media pushes Q off of most platforms, then there IS likely to be one place that will NOT push us off - and the Q folks are already showing up there. That place is FREE … Continue reading Free Talk Will Not Be Q-Free Talk


I'm going to make a list of four important points about Hollywood - (which was to a large extent ideologically molded by communist RUSSIA, and is now significantly owned by communist CHINA, although being uniquely developed by AMERICAN communists) - and elaborate on those four points for your interest. Remember - this is from the … Continue reading Caballywood

Logical Thinking

I want to directly address Q's latest, very long post (number 2381 on  I believe that it is critical for sorting out what is happening right now - not only with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but also with FBI Director Christopher Wray. Jeff Sessions is directly addressed by Q's post.  However, it was by … Continue reading Logical Thinking

Tips on Stopping Hoax Calls

Did you notice that they let people with Q shirts and gear into the same Trump rally where there was a REALLY WEIRD Q post just a couple of hours earlier?  I think there may be a connection.  I know this is a much different (and less catastrophic) interpretation than a lot of them - … Continue reading Tips on Stopping Hoax Calls

It’s Happening. But WHAT IS IT?

The last three Q posts: Anons ready? Q Well, I'm almost ready.  I have been under fairly intense bandwidth attacks for the last week, that are crimping my style badly, but yeah - other than the normal downside of #WAR, I'm ready. Memes ready? Q Actually, they're not.  I usually get them ready on the … Continue reading It’s Happening. But WHAT IS IT?

Q: The Media Credibility Sting Unfolds

Last night - a SMALL but very public demonstration of Q's growing power over the Fake News media.  And you saw it here first, people, in the Q WORLD. For the visually impaired: "We will be voting this week." Heading to TN now. Q Heading to TN now. This looked very similar to other Q … Continue reading Q: The Media Credibility Sting Unfolds