Q vs. Reactive Disinformation

Before I get into the larger issue of Red October today, I want to focus attention on a small nugget of ADVANCED Q thinking and logic.  This will be a bit nerdy, and will twist a few undies, but it’s a good twist – maybe even a wedgie – of which some of the insufficiently critical autists are in dire need.

You will notice the featured image of this post is a meme purportedly showing shots fired from the LOWER FLOORS of the Mandalay Bay casino hotel in Las Vegas.  It took a while, but eventually (far too late, IMO) people figured out that these were just lights of various kinds.  But the damage was done.  An ENORMOUS amount of crowd investigation was wasted on chaff ideas and disinformation.

Why is this relevant?

It is my contention – and I think that many “autists” besides myself (is this info or disinfo? – watch language evolve) noticed this – that deployment of Q followed very soon on the heels of the Las Vegas DEEP STATE PROPAGANDA EVENT.

Let me hit you with a string of Questions to finish the argument.

  • What else [INTERNATIONAL] followed the Las Vegas Event?
  • Why is this relevant?
  • WHERE was this relevance located [MB32++] near the alleged site of the event [MB32] ?
  • WHY would somebody want to push a different location?
  • Was the target venue even visible from [MB4/MB10] lower floors? [NO]
  • Who might have checked this out? [W]
  • Who might have tried and FAILED to inject this truth into social media?
  • How and why did arguments then shift to MAINTAIN the deception?  [C_A?]
  • Who specializes in creating confusion after events? [JFK++]
  • Who noticed that disinformation was being re-crafted in real time? [W]
  • What did Health Ranger prove scientifically by audio analysis? [MB32 + ???]
  • Who worked furiously to discredit Health Ranger by influencing influencers?
  • Who realized social media comms were being used to craft new disinfo? [W++]
  • What is “reactive disinformation”?
  • How does one defeat “reactive disinformation”?
  • New comms?
  • Withholding details?
  • Questions, not answers?
  • Making people think again?
  • Things that add up to 17?


This is, in fact, one of the reasons I accept the VALIDITY of “Q” no matter what the origin, alleged origin, proven origin, disproven origin – WHATEVER.  Q is a valid counter to enemy disinformation, and particularly REACTIVE disinformation.  In my mind, Q is VALID MAGA no matter what.

Q earns faith so it gets faith.


Now – it’s time to bring this to Q’s recent posts.

Q is no longer just a counter to the enemy – it is a TARGET of the enemy.  The enemy is continuously trying to discredit Q.

One of the ways to do that, is to catch Q in a PINCH.

One particular pinch works like this – using DISINFORMATION:

Invalid disinformation is fed by “fingerprint-free” means to autists, so that they will believe it and seek endorsement by Q.

Q is then caught in a pinch:

  • Endorse, and give the enemy ways to DISCREDIT Q.
  • Fail to endorse, or disprove it, and DEMORALIZE autists.

This is particularly cunning, when the disinformation is SYMBOLICALLY TRUE but FACTUALLY FALSE.



This picture appeared immediately before the “Dr. Ford assault” portion of the Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings.  It alleges that the woman behind Hillary Clinton is Dr. Ford’s LAWYER, Debra Katz.  Many people saw this and retweeted it – even me.

Here is a picture of Debra Katz:


There is definitely a STRONG resemblance.  This is NOT hard to believe, either.  Debra Katz is in fact a HUGE backer of Hillary Clinton, and has surely been very close to her on numerous occasions.  One only has to check out a few links to see this truth.








The problem?  The woman is not Debra Katz.  It’s Hillary’s PHOTOGRAPHER, Barbara Kinney.  In the picture, if one looks closely, one can see her both holding a flash/light meter/something and shouldering a bag of camera equipment.

And, to remove all doubt, here is a picture of Barbara Kinney, shouldering a bag the same way:


One can go to her website, barbarakinney.com, and find other pictures of her that show the truth of the matter clearly.

NOW – we get back to Q.

Q posts a tweet which MAY or MAY NOT be from an authentic autist.  Remember – the picture is DISINFORMATION which is symbolically true, but factually false.

Here is the tweet:


The tweet is actually interesting.  If you read it assuming the first sentence is sarcasm, which is the way most people would read it, one is taken down the wrong path in terms of the details, but the right path in terms of the actual situation (that Hillary Clinton and Debra Katz are close).  But because it’s not actually true, and people on our side judge strongly on BASIC FACTUAL truth, this is a path to DISCREDIT those who pass it on – or get us to accept lies.

The fact is, there IS no collusion in the picture.  BUT there is collusion elsewhere, if you look for it, and that collusion is WAY WORSE than just a ride in the Scooby Van.

How does Q play it?  TWO MOVIES.  Both of which maximize the MAGA for two MAGA audiences.  Both of which maximize the greater truth which people get, IF they think for themselves.

Here is the Q post:


What Q is doing here is taking disinformation and flinging the poo right back at the people who put it out for discreditation purposes.

Q does not actually endorse the (dis)information.  Instead, Q asks questions.  The READER can interpret them different ways, all of which make sense.

Are you AWAKE?

This is a good point.  If you accept the image at a symbolic level, you ARE more awake than most people, because you realize that Hillary and Katz are conspiring against the public.  If you realize that the image is factually incorrect, you are even MORE awake.  But if you realize it is BOTH symbolically correct AND factually misleading, AND can be used to discredit those on our side who pass it on, you are MOST awake.

The TRUTH is right in front of you.

Again – the image is the story.  Dig into it, and you FIND the truth.  The image is both true and false, and the TRUTH is devastating for Hillary, Katz, Feinstein and the Democrats.  The “error” of the photo actually PALES in comparison to the truth of the long-running, MONEY-BASED Katz-Clinton connection.  This is part of the logic of such disinformation, which tries to make us settle for CHUMP CHANGE (Debra Katz knows Hillary Clinton).  This is almost a Clinton SIGNATURE.  They use chaff scandal information – discrediting our side if possible – better than almost anybody.

Think for yourself.

That is exactly what I’m demonstrating here.  This is how we get SMARTER.  Don’t just “believe Q”.  Believe Q when Q says to THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Trust yourself.

The enemy has gotten us to not trust our own thinking.  NEVER turn back when you’re wrong.  Never distrust yourself.  Take the error, UNDERSTAND IT, and MOVE FORWARD with GREATER TRUTH.

Logical Thinking.

We MUST get logical thinking back.  It’s hard, it’s painful, and you will make a thousand logical errors on the way to one BIG TRUTH.  Suck it up.  We need LOGIC to WIN.


This is the fundamental truth.  The enemy HIDES truth.  They LIE.  They spew disinformation to harm the innocent and the honest.  But they have already DISCREDITED THEMSELVES, and LOST CREDIBILITY.  That is why a NEW JOURNALISM – an HONEST JOURNALISM – reemerges.  That new journalism is US.


The best they can do is to try to DISCREDIT US by various means.

They will try.  And they will FAIL.


Do not give up on TRUTH.

THE TRUTH will not give up on you.


The Great Escape
W says take courage.  You are NOT alone.  I am not alone.  WE are not alone.  Q is showing us how to get where we need to be.  Q is going to help us regain our FREEDOM, and it is going to be WONDERFUL. YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU KNOW.

128 thoughts on “Q vs. Reactive Disinformation

  1. That’s one heck of a post Wolfmoon. Gonna have to re-read.

    We had youngest grandchild with us for four days – he went home today. Add to that, two days of Kav and the senate circus, a late day trip to Costco, came home to the downers at the Last Refuge, ran from there and came here to be cuddled in Q. After reading ^^^ I realized I have very little grey matter left. 🙂

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    1. LOL! Yeah, it’s a heck of a day. I wrote that all before I heard about this “FBI will investigate” stuff. Best to come back to it with a fresh brain!

      Bottom line is simple. The other side tries to trip up Q, and Q just throws it back at them. Every Q post is on at least 2 levels, sometimes more, and this is one of the “more” ones. Even more interesting, Q is reflecting disinformation back at the source. THAT is a freaky strategy. It almost sounds like something A.I. would think up – which is pretty cool.

      Q’s a lot like Trump – playing multiple movies to multiple audiences. We are in a heck of a movie theater, no matter which movie you’re watching! 😀

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  2. Wolf, once again a lesson for life that this old lady who is too young or immature in her thinking. I was born in ’63 so, I grew up under the mockingbird project. It’s been a long road for my husband as he has worked to teach me me logic and black and white reality. I am learning through the stages you listed. I hope to get to most awake soon You are a great mentor!

    It reminds me of what God had to do with the Hebrews as they wandered in the wilderness. HE had to change their stinkin’ thinkin’, so they would move from slave mentality to a people that could live as an independent nation. Isn’t that what Q is doing for us?

    To me, the timing of your article is so fitting (there are no coincidences!), as this week is the Biblical feast of Sukkot. Sukkot commemorates the wilderness wandering when the tabernacle with God’s presence was dwelling with them, Christ being born, the WORD became flesh and dwelt or tabernacle with man, and looks forward to dwelling with Christ Jesus in heaven. Happy Fall to y ‘all, may God bless as we learn and grow in Him and in unity with our fellow citizens. Thank God and Thank Q!! God bless PDJT and the white bag patriots.

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  3. “The enemy is continuously trying to discredit Q.”

    Yes, they are.
    And…what does that tell us.

    It tells us that Q is a threat to them, because he is revealing the truth to us…about things they don’t want us to know about.

    I remember how Pres Trump told us that he would reveal the truth to us about the Las Vegas massacre.
    And not long after that…Q started posting as “Q”.

    Steve Wynn said that the LV massacre was “a warning”…and then he shut up about it.

    I think Wynn was right.
    It was a warning to Pres Trump that if he didn’t back off on what he was doing, then his supporters would be targeted.

    It would serve the enemy’s purposes if the truth were revealed about the LV massacre.
    They want us to be afraid.
    So…our President has not given them that.

    As an interesting sidebar:
    Creepy porn lawyer Avenatti has ties to some of those Saudi Princes that Prince Salman took down.
    Namely…Prince Alwaleed.

    Prince Alwaleed is a major stockholder in Twitter.
    Isn’t that interesting.

    Is it just a ‘coincidence’ that Twitter is purging the most notable Trump supporters?
    Not hardly.

    And now…the enemy is trying to portray Kavanaugh as a ‘child sex offender’.
    These people are evil.

    They are trying to preemptively destroy the credibility of the SC Justices who will eventually be ruling on future pedo cases.
    It’s all connected.

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    1. Good find on Avenatti. I hadn’t heard that. I totally agree about why they are trying to discredit Q. And when it comes right down to it, that’s one of the biggest proofs to me that Q is real and sharing real information – if he were a LARP, they wouldn’t even bother. And I don’t think he would have such a huge following either. If you’ve read all his drops over time, they just ring true.

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      1. Agreed. I’m long past needing proof of Q. I just need insights FROM Q. But dang – now I’m seeing that some Q posts are very interesting – not just what’s on the surface.

        I am still trusting Grassley. The question for me is whether to trust Flake. Kinda don’t think so.

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        1. Having a hard morning after a hard night. I had no idea how angry my husband would get at me for talking about Q and what may happen within the country shortly, he was saying I listen to fear mongers and such .then He told me not talk to him again about it. needless to say I was taken aback at the anger. He says there will be no martial law in this country and after that I heard nothing but the blood pounding in my ears. I have watched the mockingbird media all my life ,during my childhood we didnt watch tv at all so my education on the media came after I moved away from my parents home. I have read everything I could on the media , the Clintons, Mena, ect… I have been aware most of my life that our country was heading into a war from within. and yet it seems like no one cares except us few , its very sad to me but I will keep on doing what I can to let others know this is not a game and we are not in normal times.

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          1. Keep in mind that the military more than ANYBODY hates the idea of martial law. Military tribunals for certain crimes is a completely different thing than generalized martial law. If the military or ANYBODY for that matter sees tribunals as a solution, it is likely because of strict adherence to the letter of the law, as well as other points, including the following.

            I now see why the Democrats desperately interfered with the prosecution of the AQ terrorists – why Obama worked hard to free them – why others helped – why Mueller worked on DEFENDING GITMO prisoners. They all wanted to DOWNGRADE the “War On Terror” from military to civilian. There are MANY strategic reasons for doing this, from the perspective of 9/11 having been a “Frankfurt event”.

            Arranged by a few. Committed by a few. USED by many.

            These American players were, in essence, defending people lower in the plot, who had no idea they were being used for a grander, global-scale, political game.

            It was all about the CHANGE. In a way, the participants are ACTORS. ACTORS in a drama with real dead people. Once could even call it “Blood Hollywood” with a cast of thousands of REAL PEOPLE who had no idea they were in a SCRIPTED EVENT.

            Once you see what they were doing, it’s very hard to unsee.

            Anyway, the only way to get these people properly is to follow the law. And I believe military courts may indeed be the only clean way to deal with these folks. But it’s not martial law – not in the sense that most people think about it. It’s about AVOIDING martial law. So your husband is right, in a way, but I don’t think he’s going to understand the finer nuances until it hits the fake news, and then you can explain it better to him, that it’s not what the fake news calls it, whenever “it” happens.

            Hope that makes sense. I think it’s best not to try to educate some people too far ahead of the news. It’s very hard for them to accept things as reality until those things hit certain personal tripwires, such as certain news people talking about them. This is part of the Q operation – it precedes the news by varying times, and the longest-preceding stuff is very iffy and may not be fully revealed.

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      1. It’s all connected, Wolf.

        Like Q has always said…
        “You have more than you know”

        Avenatti is a player in the Cabal.
        He started out as an operative of Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, doing opposition research.

        While in school at George Washington Law school, he worked with Johnathan Turley…on constitutional issues relating to FISA.

        From Wiki:
        “Avenatti worked on over 150 Democratic and Republican campaigns in 42 states while studying at George Washington University.”

        Avenatti also got into race car driving.
        He raced cars for the son of one of the 3 Saudis who were sued for funding the 9/11 attack.

        One of those 3 Saudis…was Prince Alwaleed.

        The more you know…

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          1. I’m thinking that whomever pulls Mueller’s strings, also pulls Avenatti’s strings.

            But yeah, they’ve probably worked in tandem before.
            Like this latest op with Stormy.

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            1. These people are all on the same team. IMO Mueller is in charge of the main on-the-ground anti-Trump operation. That is why Obama brought him in at the beginning, with that White House meeting. That is why Mueller was put in charge of the SC – to give him the MOST continued operational freedom. He is a BIG DOG in this fight. Yes, there are people behind him, and they also pulled in Avenatti. But these two are not on the same level. Mueller, IMO, is a big fish in this – entrusted with the really big operations. And you are right – there are people behind them. ValJar? Somebody is planning this stuff. ValJar seems like a reasonable suspect, though I would not rule out people overseas.

              Rosy is desperately trying to get fired. THAT is clearly part of their plan. Comey WANTED to get fired. That was part of their plan. Comey, Rosy, Mueller – all part of their plan to get Trump. Each one is an IED that has be disarmed before it can be scrapped.

              These communists who planned and carried out 9/11 and made it look like the other guys did it – they are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Halper – extremely dangerous. They bring down governments with Machiavellian efficiency.

              Trump MUST declassify those documents fully, if Horowitz is thwarted by those under him, in revealing what tanks the bad guys. Whatever is in those documents scares the holy hell out of these traitors.

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              1. ” ValJar? Somebody is planning this stuff.”

                Yeah, ValJar strikes me as an evil mastermind type.

                So yeah…she probably plans out a lot of these ops.
                But I think she takes orders from someone higher up.

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              2. Hey ya’ll…from Texas…What you guys are talking about here is TOP NOTCH SPYCRAFT. If this level of spycraft is in play, then there is more than these 3 Stooges (Mueller, Rosie, Comey) than meets the eye. Val Jar has not been seen in months that I can find out about. This is all I am saying. I have been following Wolf and SD for quite awhile now and they have not led anyone wrong.

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          1. Thanks, Jane.
            Since Sundance is anti-Q, I will respect that and keep my comments involving Q-info away from the CTH.

            It’s really a shame though…the anti-Q people are missing out on a lot.

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            1. Absolutely. So happy I came upon Woolfies post at CTH that his Q site was up and running. I wanted to see more “meat” than just what I was seeing from the commenters, even though SD provoked much, thought and analysis.

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              1. I don’t think it will be too much longer.

                Once Declas happens…then Sessions can unrecuse.

                But it won’t be until Jan 1st that Sessions can start referring cases to a Military Court.

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          2. “My mouth is hanging open. Wish this whole conversation could be also posted on CTH to wake the anti-Qs. Great info Wheatietoo.”


            Those folks may end up coming here more later, but frankly I’m enjoying the serenity of having a few serious posters here right now, and not having to deal with them.

            I have to watch myself at the Treehouse any more. Some of the anti-Qs are trying to bait us into responding and getting banned. Spot that action, snicker to yourself, and just move on. THEY FAILED. 😎

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            1. Yep, I also appreciate the serenity here and being able to ask and comment without being ridiculed. More of a learning atmosphere here like it used to be at CTH before the bullies took over. One in particular liked to attack me. Funny thing, I never pushed anything Q on him or anyone.

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              1. Thank you Wolfmoon. I don’t like to take people down, but I did so a couple of times…the same person. I’m fairly meek but only so far. I usually try to ignore, but not personal attacks.

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      2. Down the rabbit hole…


        This is very illuminating too:

        From the article:

        “Prince Turki led Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency for 24 years until the 9/11 attacks and he is a big fan of the Clinton Foundation. He’s a big donor to the Clinton Global Initiative, according to the Wall Street Journal.”

        “The Journal also reported that Turki had met Bill Clinton when both were studying at Georgetown.

        A bit more indirect is the relationship of Prince Turki al Faisal to Professor Mifsud who is tied to the dossier and the setting up of George Papadopoulos. Mifsud went missing after the dossier was exposed.”


        So…Creepy Porn Lawyer has ties to all of it.
        He is dirty-tricks operative for the Cabal.

        The Cabal was behind that “warning” that was sent to Potus via the Las Vegas massacre.

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        1. This stuff is gold. Thank you.

          It’s all coming together. 9/11 was the ultimate Frankfurt event. The beauty of a “psychologically searing event” is that it not only has psychological lock on the larger target audience – it “locks in” people who were connected, whether they actually had specific prior knowledge or not. It’s too big a crime. People want NOTHING to do with it, so they will help cover it up, even if they would probably get off.

          THAT is why we see all these people so easily recruited to stick their necks out to protect the crimes. They’ve all been subtly told that they go down if the whole thing goes down. They had to stop Trump because he was the ONLY presidential candidate who MIGHT go after the 9/11 plotters.

          Hillary. “We’ll all hang by nooses.” 9/11 THAT is what she was worried about. All the Q stuff about Hillary’s code about Saudi Arabia. Wow. Brennan – OMG – it just all adds up.

          This, also, explains the desperation of those who needed to advance the “conspiracy theory” angle, to repel any deep inquiry. Same with JFK assassination. What two “events” do all people remember?

          The people who did these things must be destroyed. Even if we are chasing Beelzebubba and Hillary a few years from the grave, SOME of the people who plotted this thing must be subject to justice.

          There seems to be some theoretical need to create “turbulence” at the boundary of the West and Islam. I can see why the social engineers were attracted to a “solution” like 9/11.

          Remember Beelzebubba viewing fundamentalist Islam and Christianity as a problem? That was an interesting conversation he had with some libtard Hollywood guests, back when he was in the White House.

          I think these Rhodes Scholar scum had a plan to “advance” humanity that passed through 9/11. Left and Right hands.

          Now I see what’s happening. The September 14th noose that the perpetrators constructed because they could not do otherwise. They had to vote FOR justice, three days after 9/11. And TRUMP renewed it. They never planned on that. Hillary would have let it slide.

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          1. It’s hard to keep all these details straight, isn’t it.

            If someone was going to map it out on a whiteboard…they would need one the size of about six billboards.

            That thing about Deripaska…being a go-to guy for money for their schemes…makes me wonder if Alwaleed was another guy like that.
            A go-to source for a few millions when they needed it.

            All this just brings into focus the brilliance of our VSG President, in choosing Saudi Arabia for his first state visit as president.
            Absolutely brilliant.

            He no doubt began working on that from the minute he won the election.
            If not before.

            Monday is the One Year Anniversary of the Vegas massacre.

            Seems like it’s been longer than a year.
            Even though time has been flying by on Trump Time.

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            1. Yes – Saudi was critical.

              I trust the plan. There have been people thinking about this for a LONG TIME. Clearly.

              Yes – sure doesn’t seem like a year, does it? Seems like two or three.

              We need to be careful – in some ways, I think LV was practice by the enemy for an event in October of THIS YEAR.

              Keep vigilant. They will try something. I’m sure they’ve got ideas. They will need to be slapped down hard when they try something.

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    2. Yesterday, I posted this at CTH “A few days ago, I stated right here, that I hope and pray no one puts something untoward on his computers. And I meant specifically this type of thing.“

      TJ replied with this: “ That would be difficult, it’s more likely they will continue the pattern that is predictable, and what we’ve seen with Trump, Assange, Ritter, et al. Once you read the playbook, you know what comes next. Dehumanization through ritual defamation.

      The Practice of Ritual Defamation by Laird Wilcox 1990

      It is different in nature and degree from simple criticism or disagreement in that it is aggressive, organized and skillfully applied, often by an organization or representative of a special interest group, and in that it consists of several characteristic elements.

      The elements of a Ritual Defamation are these:
      7. Also to be successful, a ritual defamation must bring pressure and humiliation on the victim from every quarter, including family and friends. If the victim has school children, they may be taunted and ridiculed as a consequence of adverse publicity. If they are employed, they may be fired from their job. If the victim belongs to clubs or associations, other members may be urged to expel them.

      I poked around the website a bit just now, and find it more than interesting. Q knows this all, backwards and forwards. Hope this fits into the discussion as I think it does. Sometimes I suffer from an overly broad and eclectic thought process. 🙂

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          1. Oh! Thanks. For some reason it didn’t show there on the iPad. Our PC is sewn up so tight with protections that I cannot even like on WP, and have to sign in with every comment, by our geek son, that I normally default to using the iPad.

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        1. “This also should have been a reply to Wheeties’s post in order to make sense. Don’t know what happened.”


          The apparent ordering of posts here gets weird at level 7, where they just turn vertical. It’s best to quote a bit of the post you’re responding to after that, and use the last available reply button to reply. I’m able to use the administrator’s notifications to reply to ALL posts, so I sometimes seem to be jumping in the middle of the stream. I’m going to be better about quoting.

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      1. Prince MBS arrested Alaweed not long after the Vegas massacre.
        He seized a lot of his assets and cash…kept him locked up for a while, charged him with ‘corruption’.

        But then, MBS let him go.

        I wish he had kept Alaweed locked up…because you know he’s going to be out for revenge.

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  4. I just had an “ahah” moment.

    In Q’s most recent drops, he thought it was important to point to that exchange between Lindsey Graham and Judge Kavanaugh…where Graham was going over the subject of the use of Military Tribunals to try civilian combatants.

    Graham asked Kavanaugh if he considered the ‘War on Terror’ which is ongoing, to mean that We-the-USA is still at war.
    And Kavanaugh said yes…because it was officially codified by Congress, to justify the use of military force against terrorists.

    So…our country is ‘at War’.
    This satisfies one of the precedents set forth in our history, for being able to try civilians in military court.

    Prince Alwaleed was one of the three Saudis that convicted terrorist Zacharias Moussaoui listed as being behind the 9/11 attacks.

    This is a good article about that, it’s good and is a quick read:


    Alwaleed has been chummy with many of the notable Dems/Leftists here in the US.
    He has given money the Clinton Foundation.
    He invested $300 million in Twitter.
    The list is long.

    Since Prince Alwaleed is on record as being a known funder of Al Qaeda, he qualifies as an ‘enemy’ of the US.
    All that is left to do…is to officially declare him as such.

    Pres Trump has tweeted about “Dopey Prince Alwaleed” in the past.
    But he hasn’t mentioned him in a while.
    Of course…Dopey has been pretty quiet since Prince MBS arrested him for corruption.

    Anyway, I had been wondering how Team Trump would make the case for trying the traitors in military court.
    I’m thinking…this connection to Alwaleed may be one of the ways.

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    1. Also…if Team Trump has evidence that Alwaleed was behind the Vegas massacre, they can add that to the mix.

      The Vegas massacre certainly qualifies as a ‘terrorist attack’…no matter who the shooters were.

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      1. I think our side is sitting on enough evidence that the Cabal is thoroughly cooked. The only question is how much China and others are going to get seared for the long history of treason they induced. I am thinking second degree burns.

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    2. I’m getting your “aha” moment. Holy mackerel. Graham and the generals, Kav, Feinstein and FINALLY the leak about her “driver” (*OFFICE DIRECTOR!!!*) – RBG refusing to leave her Hillary-saving seat – Scalia getting knocked off – it all makes sense now. This is the highest-level fight by patriots versus traitors that the WORLD has seen since Julius Caesar.

      It is ALL connected. ALL connected.

      Feinstein is sitting in JUDGMENT of the man who will sit in JUDGMENT of her.

      Amazing. The MIND of the PEOPLE is seeing through it all, via the internt. And “Q” is the spark-plug of truth that fires signals into the brain to analyze.

      The “War on Terror” was in many ways a PLOT against America. And now – Haman-like – the plotters fall to their own device.

      OMG – I can SEE how Bill Clinton manipulated the TURN. How he POLE-PLANTED to set things up. How he gained plausible deniability – how he CREATED 9/11 but made it look like he was CHASING the bad guys and just missing. And how, in taking the AQ TOOL constructed by the neocons against the Soviets – he and his allies were able to turn it back against the West, because it WAS turnable.

      Now I know why the Chinese were cheering and breaking out the champagne on 9/11.

      Bill and Hillary Clinton are a LOT smarter than we thought. They were VERY busy when they were in power. Just like Obama. VERY busy. The stuff we CAUGHT was the easy distracto. The things they were REALLY interested in were way, way, way beyond the scandals we caught them on.

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      1. Some time ago, I was looking into Clinton Foundation…and ran into “The Clinton Global Initiative”.

        Hmm, what’s that?
        Very sketchy operation, is what.

        They had accumulated a ‘Call List’ of privately-owned aircraft, owned by the various donors to the CF.
        It was all under the excuse of being able to do their “worldwide charity work”, of course.

        It was all kinds of aircraft…from small to medium sized jets, to cargo planes and turbo-prop metro liners.
        This gave them the ability to use small out-of-the-way landing strips.

        From what we’ve learned from Q…I am now wondering if some of those planes were used to move their child victims, from point A to B.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Yes. The Clintons learned from the Bush CIA drug operations in Arkansas. A private air force is money in the banks. Who knows what they were moving around? I’ll bet there were ARMS, too. Radicals. Covert operatives. MONEY (CASH). Kids. Women. Whatever.

          Oh, yeah. People without passports. Bet that a lot of secret meetings were facilitated. What NSA doesn’t know, is knowledge that favors THE CLINTONS.

          For example, WHERE IS THE NEW EPSTEIN ISLAND?

          You know there is one. Where is it?

          Liked by 4 people

          1. It might be an island off the Canadian coastline…there are lots of them.

            Trudeau would provide cover.
            Since he has the same…proclivities.

            I ran across the twitter feed of a lady who has been doing a deep dive into Trudeau and his ties to big name pedos in Canada.
            She had uncovered quite a bit.

            It wasn’t Liz Crokin…it was another lady who researches pedo ring stuff.
            If I run across her again, I will post it here.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Excellent! Thank you.

              The enemy is very good at hiding their activities, but their lusts are the thing that exposes them big-time. Their new Pedo Island(s) need to be located, put into sharp focus, and SHUT DOWN AGAIN.

              I think it would be helpful to find information on the old logistics of Epstein Island, because the new location(s) will share certain similarities, no doubt.

              Also, certain PEOPLE can be used to track the location. Beelzebubba is almost certainly one of them.

              Canadian west coastal islands make lots of sense.

              Liked by 3 people

          2. All I can say is WOW and F#$% me! VSGPDJT and Q have their hands full! I see now the full patriotism of Trump as he has pledged his life, sacred honor, and fortune to this revolution! I also get now why PDJT keeps hammering the notion that MSM is fake news.

            This patriot is more engaged now after your and Wheatie’s elaboration. PRAY, PRAY, AND MORE PRAYERS! Hubby is keeping the powder dry and his cold anger keeps his head on the swivel. LV was the first wave of patriots taken down. That just means more of us come to the base of the flag pole and keep the colors waving. Watch https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YaxGNQE5ZLA it’s not a new link, but a good refresh of the story behind the National Anthem that VSGPDJT so vociferously defends.

            Liked by 5 people

              1. Ah, yes! And it’s the HIV/AIDS thing, too. Plenty of cash on the bad drugs. Wow. Fail to treat it and make money. Sounds positively Obama, like he did with ISIS and their oil.

                These people are evil. I’ll bet that HIV researcher got nosy and figured out some stuff. Maybe she even talked to somebody.


                I used to meme the heck out of this thing, trying to get people to see the Clinton connection to AQ-related terrorists that he used to “chase” so ineffectively.

                Yeah, Beelzebubba. WE KNOW.

                Liked by 2 people

    3. “Alwaleed has been chummy with many of the notable Dems/Leftists here in the US.”
      Is that enough to win those “chums” a FISA warrant, or am I being too optimistic?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. That’s actually what the FISA court and warrants were created for.

        And since Alwaleed is a known funder of terrorists…he fits the criteria for a FISA warrant, to a tee.

        Liked by 2 people

  5. The las vegas attack has deep state false flag written all over it. Only question is did they really think that would intimidate people to not support president trump? The cabal doesent realize most deplorables would sacrifice their own lives to make sure their kids/grandkinds grow up in a world safe from pedos and corrupt swamp creatures.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I agree – I think you’re right. But would people sacrifice their CHILDREN? That was the horrifying message of these evil people. “We will kill your children.”

      I cannot speak for others, but I am with the FOUNDERS. All the evil communists did was piss me off. All they did was convince me that they must be destroyed. UTTERLY.

      No future where these people walk free is acceptable to me. Every single thing these people have done, no matter how evil, just raises the tab of JUSTICE.

      Liked by 4 people

  6. Man O man, my brain has a hard time connecting all the dots! But after reading and rereading again it comes into focus. It really makes me think that these are really sick people. Not that I haven’t thought that before but lately everything is crystallizing now.
    Sodom and Gomorra is alive and well in today’s world I believe.
    Take care everyone!
    God Bless

    Liked by 5 people

  7. In lurking over at the 8chan Q-research board, I picked up something kinda fun:

    D5 – is the designation for biggest Avalanche; which we knew.

    But one of the Anons pointed out that D5 also could mean Pres Trump:

    D = the 4th letter in the alphabet.

    D5 = 45…PDJT is the 45th President.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. They also decoded MS13 = MSM. M is 13th letter. One is the “enforcement” arm and the other is the propaganda mouthpiece of the cabal. Nothing to see here, move along…. Democrats are criminals per VSGPDJT in WV tonight.

      Liked by 3 people

  8. About Hell liar’s key to the web….just saw this via iotwreport.

    09.29.1812:01 AM
    Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web
    With an ambitious decentralized platform, the father of the web hopes it’s game on for corporate tech giants like Facebook and Google.”


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oooooooh – this is big. I like it. I’ll have to look into it more, to see how the enemy will react to it, but I think it’s good that people are STARTING to rebel against tech giants that abuse their power.

      IF people like VSGPOTUS and Rand Paul can see how to super-synergize libertarian government with this, then we can go BEYOND Europe in terms of protecting both individuals and their freedom of speech on the internet through this model.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It looked promising to me. I sure would like someone knowledgeable about the web to speak on this. There are a few guys at iotwreport who seem to be. Will check to see if they commented.

        Liked by 2 people

  9. It is all starting to come out.

    Wolf, you’re gonna love this:

    Liked by 3 people

  10. This is an excellent post, Wolfmoon. One of the things that drew me to Q in the first place was his prod that people THINK and do research for themselves. I also like that his message is often on more than one level, something that I’ve noticed with President Trump also.

    Certainly enemies are watching and listening, trying to get ahead of the game. There has to be deception and disinformation. It’s the art of war. It’s fun trying to fathom it all out, and yes I know, it’s not a game – it is incredibly interesting all the same.

    I’m so glad we get to witness all this. Historic times indeed.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Maybe this is an indicator that D5 has got some swamp watchers.

        I’m thinking this was taken last year.
        Trees look bare…maybe Nov or Dec…if not then, then would have to be earlier, before Spring ’17.

        McStain went home to die in Dec, didn’t he?

        Liked by 2 people

        1. A lot of trees hold on to a straggler leaf or two well past fall, and even up to a month or so before new budding. McBane looks a bit too young for it to be In 17…

          Liked by 2 people

          1. No ties.
            Looks like they just had a real friendly little strategy session.

            Good point on the leaves.
            Hard to say, though…some trees drop sooner than others.

            I watch the Eagle Cam nest at the US Arboretum which is in DC area.
            Some of those trees get bare in Nov.

            This could’ve been when McStain came back to DC to vote against the ObamaCare Repeal/Replace.
            He doesn’t look all that well here.

            Liked by 2 people

  11. Have been reading the posts on here then went to watch the latest PrayingMedic video, and he didn’t catch the “katz” picture game or the Q post about it. There is some amazing stuff on here, glad you started it up.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks! Another reason I want to spread the Q thinking – another reason Q wants to spread it. We need WIDE PERSPECTIVE to see it all. Millions of eyes – millions of minds – spread out in space and time. We are helping Q create a telescopic array to find the Truth. Amazing stuff.

      There are certain other things the Q crowd is finding which are extraordinary, but sometime they are described backwards, and we need to apply LOGIC to see them correctly. I will point some of those out later.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. I noticed that too. The miss on the supposed Katz pix. BUT, I wouldn’t have caught the miss IF I not been mentored here by W! I sent a link to this site to my minister who is a Qanon in Australia! We participate in services via Livestream and communicate via email freQuently. He even puts Qinfo in the weekly newsletter. He follows Praying Medic so, I wanted him to have the deeper dive he would get here. Hope the patriots down under get their freedom to.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. AMEN! The Aussies got royally chumped with the “First Sandy Hook” down in Tasmania – THAT was a real eye-opener for me. Definitely hope they get their freedom back – their situation is a lot worse than ours.

        Liked by 3 people

  12. Is schumer looking at the photographer or is he just happening to be looking into the distance in that direction. The trees are out of focus, something to do with the depth of focus the camera is set to. Maybe it’s been taken with a telephoto lens and they are unaware of the person taking it.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Wow. I get this.

        1. Fake news gets on board, thinking it will work and can’t get caught, assuming FBI is still swampy.

        2. People start seeing holes in everything, crowd not buying narrative, remains unconvinced.

        3. Fake news is crumbling, but narrative only hits totally obvious backfire point (USA Today: “Kav may be pedo”) AFTER DiFi and Flake get their FBI investigation.

        4. Dems still hold out that FBI will protect them, but Grassley submits false accuser to FBI.

        5. Rumors from FBI are looking SO bad for the accuser narrative that it won’t last one week, even with hypocritical Comey support.

        6. Meanwhile, crowd is DESTROYING Ford testimony. Any top-level FBI statement that there needs to be a continuation will destroy all FBI credibility, and swamp’s last hope in Wray would be FIRED shortly after mid-terms, plus mid-terms are lost.

        7. FBI has changed from COMEY behavior of “ignore everything to exonerate” to “follow everything to know truth” – but this is a SURPRISE on the Democrats AND the fake news.

        8. Fake news is asked questions about why they did things when they did – how they got certain information. They cannot protect Dems on this. They panic SMARTLY and COUGH UP THE INFORMATION.


        Trump just wedged the fake news from the Democrats using the Wray FBI.

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes – very cool. If this is true, this is Wray polishing the FBI’s badge. In ONE MOVE – meaning ONE GROUP OF HONEST INVESTIGATORS – he can restore credibility in his organization, PANIC all his swampy underlings, and NOT GET FIRED after the mid-terms. This would be filed under “he chose wisely”.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Q hasn’t talked much about Wray, for the most part.

        But I seem to recall he has said “Trust Wray” at least once…hasn’t he?
        Rosenstein is the one that he has had in the ‘kill box’:

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I think he did say to trust him at one point. I do know that SD said “Wray is MAGA” long ago, and I still believe it. But SD has tempered that with “Wray is trying to preserve his institution.”, which I also believe is true. But THIS is how he would do it.

          The FBI doing its JOB against Democrats is going to send SCADS of McCabians into retirement, IMO. It is a SLICK MOVE if that’s what he’s doing.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. I have said all along…that I don’t think our President wants to be known as the “destroyer of our institutions”.

            Which is smart, on his part.
            Because the Dems are poised to use that against him.
            Especially with the FBI…they would claim:
            “Trump is destroying the FBI because they know things about him! Obstruction of justice! eleventy!!11!!”

            HusseinO’s mission was to destroy our country, destroy our institutions, by corrupting them even further than they already were.
            He would love it if PTrump did something like shutting down the FBI.

            PDJT is a builder…not a destroyer.

            Mulvaney is quietly working on the mission that Potus has tasked him with:
            Reorganize and Reform the entire fed govt.

            For example, combining the Dept of Ed with the Dept of Labor.
            This will solve a lot of problems and make permanent positive changes.

            Liked by 3 people

        2. Remember what also happens in November. Healthcare offerings for the next year in almost all jobs. It is a MAJOR moment of retirement almost everywhere. If Wray wanted to pressure swampsters to leave the FBI, pulling a sudden switch to “OLD HONEST FBI” right before the midterms could not happen at a better time. Every FBI agent who suddenly realizes that their own old swampy behavior MIGHT return to haunt them, would be VERY WISE to consider a timely exit now, if this is true.

          Liked by 2 people

  13. Remember when PDJT mentioned “1000 points of light” at the Rally on Saturday night?

    Found this over at 8chan Qresearch board:

    Which was a reply to this tweet from POTUS_Schedule:

    —> Note the “30-minute duration

    Did we know this?
    This is the first I have heard, that the upcoming Test will last for 30 minutes.
    Lots of the Anons had not heard of this either.

    Here is the second part of that tweet from @Poppinoff406:

    Interesting stuff.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The UAE has had a history of bank-rolling leftist causes.

      For example, the UAE funded the making of that Matt Damon movie, “The Promised Land”…an anti-fracking movie…and also the two anti-fracking documentaries, ‘Gasland’ and ‘Gasland 2’.

      It’s not hard to figure out why the UAE would want to prevent fracking in the US.

      That mansion burned down in Feb 2017.
      This was before PDJT went to Saudi Arabia…but the planning for that was probably well under way.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Good information Wheatie! We happened to work with a state park ranger who was trained in forensics. She told us don’t let anyone take you for a ride to a a pig farm. She then proceeded to tell us why. Then to hear all these places are close to 🐖farms! Many missing people will never be recovered. She was stationed at the state park where a serial killer dumped bodies and not all of the victims had been recovered.

        The connections between the cabal people is just unbelievable. The diplomatic corps immunity, the red cross, the private jet force, and clowns in America organization just is complicated. A lot of prohibition era rum running history in these people’s lives. The underground transportation system put in place then? One of the cities I used to live in had a whole underground road width tunnel system under the city. Many businesses had access doors to the tunnels, docks accessible to the river and the tunnels, and rampant rumors of human sacrifices. This tunnel system has been documented to be used during the prohibition. It is going to be a long road rooting the evil out.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Because of the cryptic messages that have been posted there…some have speculated that the twitter acct, POTUS_Schedule, is connected with Q somehow.

      For example, the way that it posts ‘schedule times’ that are down to the second:

      Liked by 2 people

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