Over The Target: Our First Site Hack

It’s great to know that we’re already bothering the other side.  Tonight – the first attack on this site, via the WordPress sidebar widgets.  These are people who know who I am, too – very interesting.  My guess is KGB-CIA, although Brits and ChiComs are likely, too.

Sadly, I may have to disable the sidebar, but we’ll see.  WordPress will need to be notified that they are vulnerable to some new hack, possibly via those sidebar widgets.

This is not the first time WordPress has been hacked.



So far, what I have seen is only modification of the “followed blogs” list.  Somehow they are able to manipulate that list.  It’s very likely they can do more, but we’ll see.

Remember – SCREENSHOTS are your friend in dealing with these perps.  Sadly, I MISSED the very first one, so you’ll have to do with a description of that first image.


Here is what my sidebar blog and link lists should look like now.  This is close to what they looked like at the beginning of this story, after I added them.


Intitially, the “Blogroll” list looked a lot bigger – it was filled with what looked like “suggested” WordPress internal blogs from WordPress itself, explaining different options, services, etc.  I pared that down to what you see above.

The “Blogs I Follow” list looked just like above, but it was partially unfamiliar – I had forgotten about “BrotherWatch” and “The Daily Post”, which I believe I followed while tending my other blog, wolfmoon1776.wordpress.com.  but otherwise, THAT seemed normal.

A bit later, while working on the site, I noticed that the “Follow” list was now MUCH longer, and filled with MANY unfamiliar blogs.  I thought that maybe these were SUGGESTED blogs – or perhaps blogs I had at one time visited.  I thought that I MIGHT have visited one or two, but on looking at them more closely, they didn’t seem familiar at all.  And I was definitely NOT following them.

Then it struck me.  These blogs may have been used to support a PLAUSIBLE DOXXING PATH. They were not influence – these people are WELL beyond attempting influence at this point.  I think they want things to LOOK like influence while trying to find paths to discredit.

The other side knows exactly who I am.  They have worked very skillfully to try to degrade my effectiveness in various ways, both online and in real life.   At some point I’ll get into the details, but for now, let’s just stick to the hack.

Once I realized that I didn’t follow these blogs, and that they were likely a hack of some kind, I added a Sidebar Text Widget to explain that people would be seeing blogs I didn’t actually follow.  I was going to suggest it was a HACK.  But THEN, thinking best not to overreact, I cut back the explanation to just the following – saying that I didn’t follow all these blogs.


After I posted THAT, this is what my sidebar looked like:


Yes.  It was back to normal.  I had definitely been HACKED at some level.  It was possible that the hack was limited in some fashion.  SO – I opened up the Text Widget and changed it to THIS:


Well, THAT provoked THIS reaction from the hackers:



I made sure I took pictures, and then refreshed the browser.  Back to normal:



And guess what?  Just now, they’ve changed it BACK to the insult, while I’m in the process of editing this post.


THAT is a clue to the hack.  They do this stuff while I’m either working on the site, or adding a post.  Intercepted token, perhaps?  Oh, CIA!  You’re so CHINA!

So – the bottom line is that we’re over the target.  But I’ll probably remove the widget.

Say goodbye to our friends!  Stefan Halper, the architect of Watergate:


Cankles – the architect of the attacks on Brett Kavanaugh:



And CHINA, the architect of EVIL:



I keep telling these people to just leave me alone.  And EVERY TIME they fail to take my advice.  But – that’s OK.  It’s like Q says.

These people are….. yeah.

Win a penny.  Lose a buck.

PS – I think I just realized something even MORE damaging to the other side.  THIS is not just about me.  It’s a GENERAL HACK that they use to INFLUENCE people by making them believe that people who influence them follow other people who they don’t really follow.

Isn’t that an amazing social engineering hack?  They are using HACKED FOLLOW LISTS to deceive us about who follows who – who LOOKS to who.  Who RESPECTS who.

And you KNOW – you just KNOW – that the Facebook empire is using this technique to modify Americans OUT THE WAZOO.

I need to ask a question:  


And another:

How do I know I’m seeing the same Treehouse everybody else is seeing?


I don’t.  It will be interesting to see if WordPress fixes their follow lists.  Or not.



“And then he says ‘Yeah, but it’s a COPPER penny!'”

50 thoughts on “Over The Target: Our First Site Hack

  1. Information-sharing is a big threat to them, Wolf.

    If you look at Who they are targeting for censorship on social media…it’s the people who do deep dives and point out things, and also have a number of followers with whom they have credibility.

    You’re one of those deep-divers too, Wolf…so it stands to reason you would be targeted.

    The first time I ever saw one of those “Cloud” depictions, the ones with a jumble of words in various sizes…it creeped me out.

    First, that someone was keeping track of what was being said on the internet.
    And second, I could see how easily that could be manipulated for propaganda.

    Knowledge is power…and this has never been more true than now, in the Information Age.

    The internet overlords want to control us.
    And controlling information is the way that they try to do it.

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      1. Thanks for all the work you’ve been doing on this place, Wolf.

        I appreciate it, and I’m sure the others do too.

        Love the sidebar list of ‘recent comments’.
        That is really useful.

        About those ‘follows’ that mysteriously show up in your list of blogs you follow…
        That happens to me too.
        Been happening for a long time, actually.

        Blogs I’ve never seen or visited will show up in my list of ‘followed blogs’.
        And blogs that I have clicked ‘follow’ on, will disappear from my list.

        I just thought it was a WP glitch.
        But now…I’m wondering if it means something else.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Very interesting! Thanks for that info. Seems like some kind of a hack OR an abusable feature, but it likely IS general.

          WOW. Amazing. And depending on who wrote the plugin, it could be error, intentional, or intentional error.

          Liked by 2 people

  2. Something else I’ve been wondering about…

    Remember when HusseinO gave away the Net Root File to the globalists?
    Exactly two years ago…we were counting down to the day he was going to do it.

    As long as ICANN was under US control, it was governed by our Constitution and our 1st Amendment.

    Many of us worried that this would result in even worse censorship.
    And now…we are seeing it happen.

    I wonder if we can get it back.

    HusseinO acted unlawfully when he did that…it was not ‘his’ to give away…it was a US Asset that belonged to our nation, and only Congress can dispose of US Assets.

    Our VSG President would be well within his rights, to demand that it is returned to us.

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      1. I noticed he was wearing an earwig in his left ear yesterday, when he was giving his speech at the UNGA.

        At first I thought he was probably wearing it for the translations…
        But then I thought…why would he need that while he was giving his speech?

        Then it occurred to me that it was probably for Security reasons.

        That place was full of scum and villainy…and people who would like to do him in.
        Being tied into his security team could make all the difference, when seconds count.

        And he was a sitting duck while he was at that podium.

        I’m always glad to see little signs that his security team is thinking of everything!

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        1. Wheatie – I’m replying to an old post. Are you able to get on Gab at all? I have critical info. I don’t want to post it openly, but I may have to. If I can keep it on the down-low, we have more options. This is NOT A DRILL.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes, I can get on Gab.

            But I still cannot get out of that ‘loop’ on setting up a Security Key thing.
            I keep trying…it accepts my password and tells me I have successfully created a Sec-Key…then when I click on Chat, I get hurled back to the Sec-Key setup.

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  3. Hmmm. Maybe we need to delve more into how this WP plug-in actually works. I’m looking at the “Blogs I Follow” and the only blog listed is my own (which I’ve never posted to). Maybe that particular section is different for each user.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes – unless you choose to follow other blogs, it should be just your own. What I noticed is that while I’m working on my blog, it can actually be messed with in web pages going to my destination. Not sure if *I* am the only person who can see the alterations or not. If it’s only me, then the purpose is Zersetsung (socialist targeting of opponents) and/or discreditation. If it’s others, then it is FALSE INFLUENCE.

      I don’t particularly want to get distracted by the hack itself. If that widget continues to be hacked, I’ll just eliminate and move entities to a different widget. But by documenting, I can then notify WordPress that something is amiss.

      We have to MAGA. Unless something offers me a way to backfire on the Marxist scum, I have no need to follow their laser pointers! But it is noted for the record!!! 😀

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  4. OMG and I thought (and relayed to you) WordPress was “safe”. WordPress was supposed to have high level of protection from this sort of thing, but then – as you point out – things are sure heating up now and they are DESPERATE.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes! WordPress tends to be safer than other platforms, but it is still subject to subversion due to its reliance on open-source software which can be sabotaged with hidden weaknesses.

      If we accept that Q is right – that social media, the DNC, and the Marxwagon Brennan Clowns will go all-out against the administration – then we can expect it to get worse.

      Popcorn and seatbelts – not necessarily in that order! 😎

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  5. Funny. I never went to Reader” on my iPad untill last night when I finally had it with the little message that pops up and down when I scroll. I, after looked at it and clicked. Couldn’t get out of the “place,” until I pressed Home twice and scooted the page away then went back to CTH, them wqth.

    There seems to be no way to get rid of stuff in reader. I will have to wait until our youngest takes a look and cleans it up as I imagine he can.

    OT, but With the last ios 10 update, I can no longer add websites to homescreen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah – Reader mode is weird – I use it sometimes, but it’s not my preferred thing at all.

      Interesting about the websites not being addable to the homescreen. The prevents the GAB workaround for Apple not letting them have an app. Wonder if that’s intentional.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Love this site. Nice, straightforward style, and great tone.

    The focus on reason, on each individual thinking for himself, on researching sources firsthand, and on deep dives is terrific. And I love being in a place where it’s ok to be anti-Communist.

    I had barely heard about Q before a couple of months ago when I first started visiting CTH regularly.

    I don’t yet know a lot about Q and, at this point in my evolution, I would have to say that I am a Q agnostic. When I first read the theories about Jeff Sessions and so forth, I liked the optimism, and certainly hoped they were correct, but I will need to see more evidence over time to be convinced.

    Thank you, Wolf Moon, for creating this site, and best of luck with it going forward.

    Liked by 1 person

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