Q-Tips: Random Q Info Drops: 20180924

This thread is for RANDOM – and I mean RANDOM Q / QAnon / Great Awakening information.  If it’s not related to Q, please use the latest “Dear MAGA” thread.  This thread is designed as a general clearing-house for Q-related information.

WIDE OPEN.  Have at it!


“Now THAT is a hell of a tip.”

55 thoughts on “Q-Tips: Random Q Info Drops: 20180924

  1. On “Trust Sessions”.

    I’ve had a revelation. I was going to respond to somebody on the Treehouse – posting the usual “fire Sessions” stuff, who asked, roughly:

    “In what world does Sessions act like he’s acting with Rosenstein?”

    I’m not wasting my thoughts there. I’ll save them for here.

    Here they are….

    You ask “in what world does that happen.” It happens when the person you are dealing with is a corrupt prosecutor – possibly THE most slippery eel in the swamp. Mueller is a beautiful example. Rosy – same thing, but not as good as Mueller.

    These people are all basically spies. Corrupt government puts EVERYBODY undercover.
    And anybody who has actually been around such people realizes that even when they’re on your side, they’re utterly slippery and dangerous. They lie with the same cool as serial killers. The fact that something comes out of their mouths means next to nothing.

    Sessions CANNOT say anything around Rosenstein that indicates he even has a clue about him. That is just the reality of the situation. This is ultimate high stakes poker. More like Russian roulette. Dangerous as hell.

    Sessions appears corrupt because that is how you wade into the swamp. Indistinguishable from the corruption. For all I know, he IS corrupt now. There is no way of telling. If he’s really good, there is no way of telling.

    I’m not even sure I can believe this – that Sessions can FAKE possumhood as well as he has – but it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

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    1. Session ‘s activated a Twitter account August 12th or so. It was around the time that at a rally that PDJT told Sessions to get on it and Q posts were saying trust Sessions. Take a look at the profile description and subsequent tweets. He is an “awesome possum!” I do not have a Twitter account, so I cannot post a link. Rember, Sessions took down the Klan and the mob when he was Alabama’s AG. You don’t blab your strategy in the midst of investigating and prosecution. Keep in mind the unprecedented number of sealed indictments.

      On a personal note, my family is going through a similar situation as Judge Kavanaugh. Our son’s lawyer does not share strategy even in the midst of trial. So, I don’t think Sessions will be open with his strategies. He does have very slippery eels and water moccasins with which to deal. AG Sessions was hard to trust before I read his Twitter postings.

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      1. I just searched for Sessions on Twitter and all I find are parody accounts. Hope you can find a link. You don’t need an account. If you are reading his page, just copy and paste what’s in the browser window.

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        1. Yeah, I can’t find it. I have his OLD (verified) campaign account. No recent posts. The newer one (unverified) is a fan account. Cannot find a newer verified one, or an unverified that looks like his or by his people.

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          1. Sorry people about what looks like mis -information. Maybe it is a fan site. Here is the account I was reading: https://mobile.twitter.com/AGJefffSessions. No blue check mark? Is that the verification? I don’t know how to tell. It would make sense that AG Sessions would not have a Twitter account. It was late last 🌙.

            I always think of the video clip of them Senator Sessions pushing creepy uncle Joe’s hand away from his grand daughter while saying “✋✋off. ” He knows the swamp! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVW4x4uE6WI

            Good day Treepers! Popcorn at the ready. It was great fun at the U.N. yesterday with our wonderful President! By the way, what does VSG in front of PDJT mean? I know it’s meaning is great, but I don’t get it😵.

            Also Wolfmoon, a point of housekeeping, could you put a return to top of page or home link at the bottom of the page like Last Refuge has? I have to always scroll back up through the page to get to the page links at the top to navigate the site. It would make the site navigation easier. Thanks again for the site and love the James Coburn memes. 💞

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              1. Thank you for the explanation. It is a wonder to watch our Very Special and Stable Genius President Donald J. Trump at work! VSGPDJT I get it now 👌

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    2. “Sessions appears corrupt because that is how you wade into the swamp. Indistinguishable from the corruption. For all I know, he IS corrupt now. There is no way of telling. If he’s really good, there is no way of telling.”

      Have you ever run through the scenario, in your head, about ‘What If Sessions Had Not Recused’?

      When I did that myself…there are a lot of things that would be different.
      And none of them are good.

      For example:
      If Sessions had not recused, then the Dems/Enemedia would have been stroking the narrative…
      “Sessions is corrupt! He’s prosecuting people who are political enemies of Trump!”

      Then every arrest, every indictment, would be declared a “political persecution!” eleventy!

      You can create a list of What would be different.
      But that one is a biggie.

      As it is…Sessions has been free to systematically go after all sorts of crimes, quietly, under the radar and without the heavy scrutiny of the enemedia.
      They pretty much have him on ‘ignore’.

      In the meantime, we’re getting more good Judges seated on the various benches around the country.
      This is crucial to restoring Law & Order.

      There are no do-overs in prosecuting cases.
      You can have the best possible evidence and a talented prosecutor…but if you’re going before a corrupt Leftist Judge, then it will be all for naught.

      And Juries…
      Two years ago, thanks to the enemedia…millions of potential jurors out there, were totally brainwashed drones who believed everything they were told by the DNC and their media operatives.

      But now, thanks to our President railing about “fake news” and illustrating each week how corrupt and deceptive the media is…millions of people have been red-pilled.
      And the number is growing.

      Personally I have never seen anything in Jeff Sessions’ history that would lead me to believe that he is corrupt.

      Moreover…I have never even seen any indication that he is ‘corruptible’.
      Sessions strikes me as being a boy scout type, and a Southern gentleman.

      A Southern Gentleman?
      Yes…it’s a thing.
      I have been around Southern gentlemen, and they have a strong, anachronistic sense of Honor that harkens back to different age.
      They are quiet about it.
      They do not talk about it.
      They just…are honorable.

      We’re watching a movie, Wolf.
      I suspected as much even before Q started telling us this.

      Our VSG President and his team, have a brilliant long-term sting going on.

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      1. Excellent reasoning! I think you’ve got it right! Recusal was SMART from the beginning.

        I have also seen the argument that Peter Schweitzer looked at all of Congress – every member of the House and Senate – and the ONLY person he found to be completely 100% clean of questionable lobbying influence was Sessions. Not sure if that’s just folklore, but if it’s true, that this point is in one of his books or articles, then that pretty much tells me what is happening.

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        1. The big one for me, Wolf…is all the roundup of the Pedophiles.

          That has told me that:
          Ahah, they are going after the pedo ties between all these big name corrupto-crats and traitors.

          Sessions has started at the bottom and has been working his way up the foodchain.

          What would immediately change public opinion against all these big name people?
          If they were exposed as being pedos, or worse.

          Then all their ‘other’ crimes would be believable.
          People would say:
          “Oh yeah, I can believe that. Those people are pedophiles. If they’ll do that, they’ll do anything.”

          Remember…it was the Dems who came up with the term ‘fake news’.
          They did that in response to all the sites who were researching and posting things about PizzaGate.

          Within a two-day period, all the enemedia and the Dems, were suddenly talking about “Fake News”.

          Then, our VSG Candidate Trump, took that term away from them and started beating then over the head with it!

          He ripped it from them and has been pummeling them with it ever since.
          He has done such a thorough job of stealing it…that they don’t even try to use that term now.

          But the fact that the Dems/enemedia were so scared about the pedo thing getting traction, that they came up with the ‘strategy’ of dismissing it all as “fake news”…should tell us something.

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          1. My confirmational bias on this came out when I saw Sia’s “The Greatest” with Mattie what’s her name. I know what it’s supposed to be about but I sort of think not.

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            1. ” I know what it’s supposed to be about but I sort of think not.”

              A pedo would watch that video and get turned on.
              A normie would watch it and think it was ‘anti-pedo’.

              The entertainment world puts out a lot of stuff that we’re supposed to think is ‘anti-pedo’…when in fact it is the opposite.

              The pedos have also been working hard to normalize pedophilia.
              And this is an underlying theme in a lot of what they put out in the way of ‘entertainment’.

              Pedos wear masks when they do unspeakable things to children.
              Usually smiley face type masks, such as bunnies or nursery rhyme themed figures.
              Costumes, too.

              This allows them to come back un-masked to comfort the child and assume the role of care-giver and protector.
              It’s part of their psyops that they do with their prey.

              Older children who were the previous victims…before they got ‘too old’…are often used to help out with the newest prey.
              I think this is the role that Shia LeBoef was playing in that video.
              But most normies wouldn’t see that.

              I know we shouldn’t “look away” from this stuff, but I can only look at it so long…and then it becomes too much for me.

              When I saw that Q was talking about going after all these vile, evil people…I was thrilled.

              I hope this is what the Q-team is working on, furiously, behind the scenes.
              And I hope they are able to bring it to conclusion…soon.

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              1. You didn’t know that, Wolfie?

                Oh yeah.
                Once you understand that…then a lot of the artwork they love, the imagery they use with each other…it all makes sense.

                Remember that Instagram photo of James Alefantis holding a toddler…a traumatized looking toddler…who was clinging to him?

                Alefantis had a smug smile on his face.

                These people love to flaunt what they do, openly.
                It is sickening.

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              2. Wheatietoo, you are so right about the masks, props and gimmicks and tools. A

                Also, most pedos really don’t get caught until they have abused anywhere between 100-200 children. By that time they are cocky enough to get sloppy.

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      2. Not taking anything away from all that, but there is also the Carter Page being spied upon issue. The two hop rule, and if I understand correctly Sessions hired Carter Page? That would put Sessions in the one hop loop if he did that personally. Another reason for his silence and inactivity. His recusal takes him out of the picture, but his involvements under the two hop rule began before that, thus the recusal.

        Meanwhile Trump gets more and more frustrated with not having an AG while he continues to get assaulted. Q on the other hand continues to trust Sessions knowing there is a plan for Sessions to activate. A large part of that plan is to keep Sessions in the same light they try to keep the IG, which is as non political as possible so people trust them. Release of the FISA application unredacted and other docs will blow it all apart with or with out Sessions. Having Sessions activated though will make the clean up much more faster.

        What’s interesting is Q keeping with the “Trust Sessions” mode. Q helps keep that narrative alive, needed or not. Others as well, though they’re dying off the longer this drags on, all while no one really knows what is happening behind the scenes.

        Personally I think “Trust Sessions” is more simpler than anyone knows. At least in the beginning. Plans evolve and this is part of the plan you don’t want to just discard when it can have big payoffs later on down the road which is where were getting to now.

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  2. Q usually gets quiet when Potus is travelling on a remain-overnight trip.
    Ever notice that?

    Especially if it is a trip where he is away from “Castle” for several days.

    Q was quiet on the 22nd.
    Was he already in NYC…prepping for Potus arrival?

    Q made 3 posts on the 23rd.
    They were mostly recaps, except for this one in the morning:


    And then this last one in the afternoon:


    Q made only one post yesterday, the 24th.
    It was mostly a recap too, but with a short remark about Rachael Brand and about Hussein & MO campaigning.

    And he made all those posts to the PatriotsFight site, where there is no commenting back for him to have to respond to.

    I dunno, I just think it’s very…interesting.

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        1. Have been trying to leave a comment since 9/29 but always “awaiting moderation” until just now.
          Perhaps due to my inquiry regarding unperson T Wictor. We’ll see.
          Thank you again!

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          1. This one got through! I may have seen the other comments, but since I’m not always online, sometimes it takes a while for comments to get moderated, so you likely didn’t see them getting approved the next day. It takes a few approvals for auto-approval to take over.

            There are certain comments that apparently get flushed entirely as spam, which take even longer to moderate. The WordPress spam filter is pretty aggressive on certain things. But I think in your case, it’s just that I don’t see them until the next day.

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  3. Just want to state, all looks well with the world when PT takes the podium at the U.N.

    Saying the things all law abiding people’s want to hear from their leaders; but not just using words, but in deeds, too.

    The world is a wonderful place when a leader like DJT takes the helm – he’s the first; who’s next to join hands and MOWGA (make our world great again)?

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    1. If Q runs true to form…he will probably drop something after “Castle secure”.

      In other words, when Potus is back at the WH safe and sound.

      Going to be a lot happening tomorrow.
      But then, there has been a lot happening nearly every day.

      Maybe he’ll do another Q-proof with a drop at the same time as a Potus tweet…just to fk with the skeptics.

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          1. OK – that’s a big deal. This is putting a lot of meat on the bones.

            Oh. My. G_d.

            Now I understand everything. Well – a lot more. But I’m starting to realize that some of these forces operating in the US, were not US forces. And we had people collaborating with them. The Cabal in our government was powerful because they had state-level powers backing them.

            Lindsey is asking because he knows.

            Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: e2bd2e No.3226626 📁
            Sep 28 2018 00:22:53 (EST) NEW
            YT deleted original.
            Graham questioning then [listen carefully].
            Graham comments today.

            I think that what we were feeling – that feeling of American power slipping away – it was real – very real – but it was not for the reason we thought. It was the most diabolical take-down of a country in the history of this planet.

            O. M. G.

            And this:

            Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.253 📁
            Sep 17 2018 19:33:16 (EST)
            PANIC IN DC
            D’s offering to [KILL] sexual assault allegation v Judge K in exchange for immediate pullback of DECLAS.
            POTUS: Judge K will be confirmed regardless…

            The FISA is going to be unarguable. It will SHOCK.

            They may try kinetic exit. Be ready. WOW.

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            1. Yes, Wolfie.

              It’s why I’ve been saying…we’re in a countdown to Jan 1st 2019.
              That is when PDJT’s EO kicks in, making it legal to try civilians in a military court.

              Here’s what I posted about it earlier, on the CTH thread about Lindsey Graham:

              Yes, you’re right…this is what they are freaking out about.
              Graham was laying the groundwork for what is coming.

              Kavanaugh agreed here…that there is precedent for trying civilians in a military court.
              I think the premise for doing so, will be that “our civilian Justice System is so corrupted that we have to turn to military courts” to try these govt officials who have acted as ‘enemy belligerents’ against their country, violated their oath and abused their powers.

              This is Why we so desperately need Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS.


              And if you will notice, Wolf…our President and his team are making the case, almost daily, that the Justice System is so swampy — so compromised — that it’s going to take a long time to clean it up.

              So “What do we do?”

              We cannot let swampy judges and swampy Fed prosecutors, be in charge of trying these major swamp creatures.

              So…What do we do?

              Military Tribunals.

              Military courts will allow us a way to get Justice Now…until our civilian Justice System has been cleaned out.

              And from what I have read about it, in the EO and elsewhere…the AG makes referrals to the JAG office, for the cases that the AG is ‘requesting’ them to adjudicate.

              So Sessions will be activated.

              But we’re not there yet in the Timeline.

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  4. Thought you might find this interesting, Wolf.

    If questioned about these t-shirts, the makers of them would probably just say they were made “as a joke”.

    But they’re not funny.
    Who would think that these t-shirts were funny.

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    1. I think this is part of their methodology – joke to intrigue.

      They push ideas until they can joke, then push the jokes to intrigue. If we push back on the jokes too weakly or wrongly, they use it to make the opposition “un-hip”.

      Cultural Marxist games.

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      1. They always push the envelope. It’s part of the history of art. It goes back centuries and much of it is not for good. Conservatism is quickening agent. It cements and steadies things in the stream of time. Liberalism is a lubricating agent, it frees up things so change can take place. Too much of either is not good.

        Since my life time, there’s much too much lubrication being added so much so that the stream flows faster than it can be controlled. To make matters worse some of the agents of lubrication getting dumped in the stream are with ill intent with out consideration of consequence. Some dumpers seek the collapse of this nation and some seem to have just pure evil in mind.

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        1. Okay, its late here, substitute quickening with coagulating. Just got caught up with the Kavanaugh hearings where the Dems prove the point of pushing the envelope.

          Btw, still trusting Grassely, but I’d of done that without Q.

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          1. Same here – I didn’t need Q on that, but appreciated the back-up.

            I think “Trust Grassley” is pure Q – a laser pointer to keep the ledge-prone nervous Nellies from jumping. 1000 Soros trolls shot down with two words. WHAT A DEAL. 😉

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        2. Excellent metaphor, and scientifically accurate, IMO.

          I had some earlier thoughts on the nature of conservatism that dropped out of some science history I was reading – I’ll post them later, because they build on your thoughts here. Now I have TWO posts I need to do. Hopefully things will calm down RE Kavanaugh, and I can get back to work here!

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  5. I really like the sound of this one:


    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: afc7a5 No.3224486

    Sep 27 2018 22:47:55 (EST)
    Justice K confirmation
    Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein
    POTUS Alert-Test

    Please, please let it be so!

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  6. Q is throwing out numbers!


    That must be what VSGPOTUS knows right now. WOW.

    Well, after the LOUD CHEERING for Kavanaugh by the crowd, I think everybody knows which side their bread is buttered on. AND I think that there is some leakage from the FBI investigation of the accusers – mostly from people who are being questioned. NOT LOOKING GOOD for the Dems. So I think the RINOs are playing smart.

    Good news. Let’s see if these numbers, or something close, pan out.

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  7. This is a test to prove something Q said.

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    1. W@rren and M@arkey – two beauts for Massachusetts! /s

      NY, CT, RI, and MA – totally captured by the Swamp.

      It’s M@rkey who’s the “cover-up”!

      Separately – and this isn’t a “dig” – I use Q as the source to falsify / verify what OTHERS say, instead of the other way around. I get the idea of looking for examples of (necessary) “disinfo” by Q, and that it requires your method to be used. It has merit.

      Hope you find what you’re looking for!

      I should re-check my medical records – I suspect the docs and nurses will have to change my blood-type to “Q-positive!” lol

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