The Timelines Always Get Them

One of the greatest things I ever learned from Sundance over at The Last Refuge is this:

the timelines always get them

I will keep this simple, so the “aha” is easy to see.

This is my prior article on the conspiracy against Brett Kavanaugh:


Here is a link to said prior post on the conspiracy against Brett Kavanaugh.  You can come back to it – it’s not needed to understand the following, although it helps fill in details.

Now, here is an article about the obscure (in my opinion) Mark Judge book that uses a very interestingly “barely camouflaged” version of Brett Kavanaugh’s name as somebody likely to be assumed to be Dr. Ford’s assailant.  The name was changed to “Bart O’Cavanaugh”, if I remember the spelling correctly.  C or K.

Note that this is not normally an expensive book – but it’s hard to get now, and hence the inflated price.

I will confess making a joke that this “rare book” was “worth something for a reason”.


The book is listed here as being published in 2005.

2005, you say?  Yes!  2005!

Question!  Where does that fit on the Brett Kavanaugh career TIMELINE?

Glad you asked!

Here is a convenient Wall Street Journal article about – well – just look!


Allow me to call attention to this part of it:


At this point, if you haven’t, you can go back to that link above to my prior post.

And now, to spell it all out, here is a comment I did on this on The Treehouse.

This was in response to Cari Kelemen (ParteaGirl) saying that she thought this claim was political from the very beginning.


Absolutely. And I think the get-go goes WAY BACK.

Look at that Mark Judge book that conflates Kavanaugh’s name with (IMO) somebody else’s crime:

The year is 2005. This book seems like a loser – the only thing it really seems good for is what it’s doing now. And remember – Hillary and her friends run the publishing industry. That part of the media is VERY Democrat. They use book deals as payoffs ALL THE TIME.

Look at the TIMELINE of Kavanaugh’s career here. Notice what’s going on around 2005?

I think that the SEEDS of DISCREDITING HIM were sown in 2005.

THAT explains the NATURE of the LAWYERED UP statements of Judge and others.

The way CIA does a lot of this stuff is by suggestion. So I’m not saying that Judge KNEW at the time what was going on. But he may realize it now, and THAT is useful, just like the REAL PERP is unlikely to counter her story in any meaningful way that removes all doubt.

“Useful guilt keeps people quiet and lets things unfold according to a predictable script.”

An important lawfare principle.

I think this case is NASTY and may be a true conspiracy against Brett Kavanaugh.


I have been reminded by fellow Treepers that Dr. Ford is at legal risk if she either testifies OR if the letter is entered as evidence. Aren’t these things making sense now?  Doesn’t CHI-FI / SPY-FI and her rather unorthodox way of “whoops” accidentally making this known, which was “kinds sorta not legally binding”, make sense now?

Indeed, isn’t everything making sense now?


“Bart O’Cavanaugh?  This must be that ‘Fake News’ from the future they told me about.”


61 thoughts on “The Timelines Always Get Them

  1. I think the Timeline for this thing may have started back in the high school days, of Kavanaugh and the group of kids in that area.

    When kids are engaging in debauchery and working at ‘being bad’…they form a resentment towards a kid who doesn’t engage in it with them.

    This holds true for people of any age…but it is more pronounced in the teen years, because teens are thrown together in an area and thus forced to socialize with whatever kids live in that proximity.

    It’s like when a group at work, or on a police force, are engaging in theft or some other illegal thing.
    If someone in the group says…”No, I don’t want to do this.”
    Then that guy is seen as a threat.

    I think that Kavanaugh was a boy scout type.
    He may have engaged in a little drinking, probably from the peer pressure…but drew the line at sexual promiscuity.

    He may have even voiced his opinion on abortion and admitted that he was Pro-Life.
    In fact…I think he probably did and that added to his boy scout image.

    In the 80’s abortion had not been legal that long…so it was still a hot topic.
    Especially with teens, since an unwanted pregnancy is something that teenage girls were concerned with.

    Actually, the legalization of abortion played a role in the free-wheeling party scene.
    Boys could say…”Don’t worry. If you get pregnant I will help you get rid of it.”

    It was in the 80’s that Feminism was taken over by the Progressive movement.
    [Which was the new alias for the communists.]

    Feminism didn’t start out as a ticket to promiscuity…it had been concerned with equality in pay and work opportunities.

    When the Progressives coopted Feminism, it took on a different mission.
    Women and girls were told that they had a ‘right’ to be as promiscuous as men were…and that there was no longer any such thing as a “bad reputation”.

    Being a wild party-girl was viewed as being ‘assertive’ and exercising your new equality by throwing off the ‘patriarchal morality’ that men had been forcing on women.

    Being a slut became a badge-of-honor amongst teenage girls who had been immersed in this new feminist programming.
    Girls were told they could be as “slutty as you wanna be”…and it was cool.

    The yearbook of the all-girls high school that Christine Blasey went to, looks like they were fully embracing this new Progressive Feminism.

    Sorry for the long explanation…but it’s something that I think is at the core of understanding this whole story.

    This explains Why all these peers of Brett Kavanaugh remember him.
    He was the guy who didn’t engage in their drunken sex parties…and they resented him for it.

    This was why the Dems were aware of him…because some of those peers became politically active Democrats.

    This is why his name raised red flags, when Bush appointed him to the bench.

    Christine Blasey may have even been rejected by Brett Kavanaugh, when her flirtatious advances weren’t effective on him.
    And when his name came up later…she said, “Hey, I know that guy.”

    That old adage about ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’, still holds true.

    As an aside:

    Remember those “Slut Walks” that the feminazis were having for a while?
    I wonder if Christine Blasey Ford ever participated in those.

    There is no telling what was in her social media history…so its a shame that it was scrubbed.
    But the mere fact that it was scrubbed, tells us that there were things that she didn’t want seen…now that she’s become ‘Saint Christine the Abused’.

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    1. AMAZING POST – thanks for this.

      This really speaks to motive. It EXPLAINS their near-obsession with Kavanaugh! VERY nice. Thank you!

      I had thought that MAYBE there was some kind of resentment of his morality, but – oh – this makes me SURE of it.

      And NOW I see what was happening with those kids. So close to DC – BOOM – they were PRIME victims for cultural Marxist programming. Parents are TRYING to keep them away from it, but no good.

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      1. Thanks, Wolfie.

        This could also explain Why this Mark Judge guy used a thinly-disguised version of Kavanaugh’s name.

        Use the name of ‘that guy’ who they resented for not going along with their gonzo sex parties.

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        1. Indeed, this gives us a window into the POSSIBLE EXACT form of CIA manipulation of Mark Judge. This would be VERY typical of how they operate domestically, and VERY typical of how they manipulate individuals to self-incriminate, or to self-incriminate WHILE they incriminate others (think NXIVM and COLLATERAL).

          Preying on Judge’s resentments, “suggestions” flow down the chain from operatives, ultimately to Mark Judge. Whether they came in from “friends” on the side, or through the book process itself, they have the same effect – a book that incriminates the target, the very writing of which will incriminate Kavanaugh. Judge will regard HIMSELF as the stupid one, who did a stupid thing. YES – this is true. BUT Judge won’t know that breadcrumbs were set in his path, LEADING HIM unaware to a GOAL of incriminating Kavanaugh AND himself.

          THIS is how people can be led to do such things – how people can be DRAWN into conspiracy.

          See WATERGATE. By the SAME PEOPLE.

          Conspiracy theory is one of the greatest explainers of all time. The WEAPONIZATION of legal criminality (spy work) to become illegal political criminality through legal means.

          Yeah – it’s complicated.

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          1. My husband searches the Q research 8 Chan board daily and the Qanons there have posted verified information that shows that this Ford woman had had this type of accusation ready since Mitt Romney ran for president, in case Mitt won and got a supreme court pick. She was going to bring the accusation then. Also, her father is in the clowns in America organization. Kavanaugh’s mother, who was a judge, ruled against Ford’s parents in a foreclosure case. Do you think this fits the timeline laid out and vengence?

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      2. I had never done an image search for “slut walk” before…so I was curious if they were still having them.

        OMG, the images that came up were mostly too X-rated to post here.

        But this one must be fairly recent, since there is a HusseinO t-shirt:


        But the ‘slut walks’ tie in with what I was saying, about how young women have been programmed by the progressive feminists.

        They’ve been telling them at an early age, that being a ‘slut’ is making a statement of “empowerment”.

        This programing was well under way back in the 80’s…especially at all-girls schools in the NE.

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        1. Sorry this took a while to show up – WordPress A.I. was SKEERED bigly to post anything with “slut” in it, as you might guess! LOL! I think there was also a limit on links. I may be able to raise that a bit.

          YES – we have forgotten a lot about those times. This sort of thing is how the left tries to drag standards back and forth, between radical vulgarity and left-puritanism, always in such a way as to give their FAKE NEWS press a kind of FAKE POWER as a moral arbiter.

          The lesson here is that Democrats need some way to give FAKE REPUBLICANS a reason to abandon Kavanaugh. And they were willing to FAKE a reason back in 2005. They had no idea that we would stick together as hard as we did, and DEMAND evidence – but NOT in their controlled playbook scenario where ENOUGH LIES WIN by a kind of HALL OF MIRRORS EFFECT.

          Look at how FAKE they are! How the communists – FAKE DEMOCRATS – owning their FAKE PRESS, have tried to wear us down with FALSEHOODS, over and over and over on everything. They do this on EVERYTHING.

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      3. Check it out.

        “Empowered” <— there's that progressive feminist programming coming out.

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          1. Kewl…I thought you’d like that.

            I posted it over at CTH, but the eyores are out in full force declaring we’re doomed, sowing discord…so it got little notice.

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            1. Yeah, the other side has really put the pounce on the comments section at CTH, sadly. Feel free to bypass over here, but it’s very important that we not give up the fight over there. However, I do see that we can now have GREAT research over here, like the early days at CTH.

              That’s OK. I think we’re a bit under the radar here, but I think some White Hat radar will follow us here, and THAT is all we need. It’s not how many followers – it’s WHICH ONES. 😉

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    2. Wheatietoo, I can anecdotally affirm what you say, but regarding girls. I was the girl scout in my group. HS for me was ‘59-63. I didn’t go along with indiscriminate drinking and make-out parties nor the sneaking out of sleep overs to pick up guys. Four years later, when I was getting married, I learned that the group had questioned my sexual preference.

      My only non girl scout negative was that I smoked, but not sneak smoking, and I wouldn’t smoke in the school bathroom because it was not allowed under school rules. I got labeled as a goody two shoes who thought I was better than others.

      What you say rings so true.

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        1. Yes. I also can state it carries on decades later. My DH is extremely well known and respected because of his field. At class reunions, I was often snidely asked “so how did you two meet.”

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  2. Hmmm. For some reason, I’m not getting a reply button to individual posts, so I’ll just leave this out here by itself. Wolf, if what you are saying is true about how long ago this was set up, think about how many other setups were also put together. Back in 2005, no one had a clue who Barrack Obama was, and no one would have thought it possible for President Trump to ever be elected or to have a chance to pick Supreme Court justices, let alone for it to be Kavanaugh. So what did they do? Go out there and try to compromise everyone they hadn’t already compromised in some way – just in case they ever needed it? Are they systematically doing that to every single conservative on the lower court levels anywhere in the country? Don’t get me wrong – when it comes to the CIA, there’s nothing I would doubt they would do. It just seems so huge. The CIA really, really needs to be burned to the ground and cut into a thousand pieces, as JFK said.

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    1. Yes – the reply button disappears down these sub-threads, and the option to reply with it, EXCEPT if you are using the WordPress notifications, which does allow a reply for the two participants, and MAYBE others, but not sure about that (as admin, I see all the posts in notifications).

      YES – this is what I was saying in the other thread about these set-ups. They do these well in advance, so that they have what they need to take people down.

      Think about Jim Jordan! They HAD THAT READY. Now I’m sure of it. They probably had it ready for a long time.

      They have stuff ready for Mary Coney Barrett. And it’s not just “nanny” stuff – it will be FABRICATED just like this one. Some nasty criminally obtained leverage.

      Now I have a bit of a cheat on this knowledge, because they’ve been trying to compromise me for DECADES. And worst of all for them, I know about their compromises, or attempted compromises. I WATCHED them get (or try to get) what they needed. Very tricky.

      I learned enough – and kept the knowledge hidden for years – and sadly watch others taken down, without being able to reveal my knowledge.

      People will need to realize that they operate in a longer-term time-frame than normal politics, so that they can CONTROL normal politics. What looks like simple Democrat party oppo, is actually global socialist oppo. Whether it filters in through this party, this nation, this faction, this company – doesn’t really matter. They seek to control all of these.

      Everybody – liberal or conservative – needs to assume that “THEY” (I’m keeping this very general) will come at them and try to obtain enough dirt or fake dirt to knock them out of political office, candidacy, nomination, appointment, their job, etc. That’s just the WAY IT IS.

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      1. Thought hit me this evening. Because of the professions of the parentage of the kids who attend fancy schools, and the accessability of testing scores of such students, I have no doubt that the kids are watched from at least middle school on. IOW, High achievers in this type of group are under recon from a young age.

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        1. Yes – this makes a lot of sense. So they had lots of DATA on Kavanaugh, and THAT is why they are so obsessed with him. It’s that typical communist “obsession with succession”. Wow. And his mom’s a judge. There we go. BOOM!!!

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        2. “I have no doubt that the kids are watched from at least middle school on. IOW, High achievers in this type of group are under recon from a young age.”

          Plain Jane: That is a deep dark side of American life. I am very surprised and relieved to find other ppl who understand how bad it is and how far back it can go in an individual’s life. Can you and Wolf or anyone else provide more information on how you know this? Do you have more specific info? This region of darkness and pure evil must be studied and exposed.

          Here is one contribution: Mountebank’s Monster and His Mom ( This book buried the lede but goes into great detail about how this happened in one life, who probably did it, and why. Elite town and school, very bright capable kid, life destroyed beginning at 10 yrs old and continuing with even more vicious follow-ups for years after.

          I am sure there are more ppl who understand how far back they go to destroy any potential opposition. Any ideas or information from anyone much appreciated. Plain Jane and Wolf, you made my day. This is the first time I have seen these ideas expressed by anyone else. God bless you both.

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          1. I’ve talked on the Treehouse and Twitter about how I was recruited by leftist teachers to front propaganda for the inception of Earth Day. I made the following meme when David Hogg and his gang of state-sponsored child propagandists were going after our guns in the ERIC HOLDER #Parkland scheme. Hogg reminded me of my own “usage” at the hands of the Marxists.

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          2. ABN,
            First, thank you for that link. I will read later. Looks very interesting.

            Secondly, unfortunately, my thoughts are mainly a comppilation of 73 years of observation, listening and reading. I’m not a good researcher, especially on the internet. I grew up reading and then hitting the library for the original books that were listed in the footnotes of the curious texts I encountered.

            The awesome people here are noted for crowdsourcing and doggedly pursuing truth.

            I have no doubt much will come from your questions. It will take a bit of time. Please stay with us. This has to be outed.

            I can’t wait to sink my teeth into your link.
            God bless.

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            1. Plain Jane:

              Thanks for your response. Please let me know any thoughts you have on the book link. I look forward to your insights. So far,I have found no one else but you and Wolf saying stuff about promising young ppl being targeted for dirt and/or directly harmed physically to incapacitate them. That said, reason alone can show us how easy it would be for a small military-style force to conquer a much larger nation within a few generations by targeting its young. Here is a link to more on this topic: Military thought experiment ( When we consider the multi-trillion dollar reward and power gained by taking over a nation like the USA, we have to realize that such use of clandestine military force makes perfect sense.

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              1. Wiil do ABN. It all will be a while. Have extremely heavy load in the next 3 weeks, plus having to be out of state for nearly a week in the middle of it, but will try to read and comment before that if possible.

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              2. Communist subversion using willing collaborators has been long-running.

                Thankfully, we have a plan to deal with it.

                We are cursed to live in interesting times. Get your popcorn. Red October is here. 😉


            1. PJ – I don’t see a reply button for your last comment to me so I’m using this thread instead. Take your time on reading those links. The “Military thought experiment” piece is quite short and provides what seems to me to be a probable strategic basis for a campaign targeting young ppl and others. I wish this overall subject did not exist, but as you know it does. I am not sure what to do with it or how to share it. When ppl reflect on it, they often can see it and even realize stuff may have happened to them or their friends. But generally, it is a hard topic to bring up.

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            2. Wolf – no reply button for your “subversion using willing collaborators” comment so I am replying here. I will be amazed, astounded, beyond overjoyed if what I know about is dealt w this October. I hope you are right. The rot I know about and have experienced is very deep and insidious and completely invisible to most. Let’s see what happens.

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        1. Yes – the “complete list” of Epstein invitees was what freed POTUS, IMO, mostly because it looked like precisely what it was supposed to be – a who’s who of the movers and shakers of art, science, culture, business, finance, fashion, government, and media. Epstein collected ANYBODY with name value. The complete list could not be taken as all pedophiles and sex junkies – only some of them.

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      2. These people AKA demoniacs have 100 yr. plans, 50 yr. plans ect….. have you noticed that files never get released until 30 or 50 yr. have passed? its planned that way , the generation that went through xy or z is mostly passed away then files are released to a generation that wasnt born there fore do not quite understand what happened.
        JFK is a good example. our children do not know much about JFK as its not taught in school so when files are released with what really happened that led to his murder they just yawn. this is why history is so vital to read. in less than a generation our children for the most part have no idea of the God of the Bible, no thoughts of God in there minds so they have no foundation of God and country to build life upon. they are blown with the winds having knowledge but yet dumb as stones. I hope this makes sense.

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  3. Linda, my guess is that they never set out to recon him when he was young because he came from parentage who got their hands dirty in their jobs and didn’t live in the proper places.

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  4. Linda, plus PT’s life and his foibles has been an open book. He hides nothing, andus deplorables still accept him and love him. They tried to get former wife to accuse him of something, but he’s such a mensch even though he had a wandering eye, it didn’t work.

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    1. THAT was amazing. That was just the beginning of a pattern – “ex” Trump people who still admired him. I used to joke about my goal in life being to get dissed in a Trump tweet! 😉

      “Better to be insulted by Trump than praised by others!” Still not sure how it works, but it does!

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  5. Heheh.


    If you’re not familiar with MightyBusterBro, his twitter feed is usually good for some chuckles and grins.

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        1. What did all these people in deep state do, give all their posterity to the deep state to “educate” and condition them for future needs of the deep swine! Scheesh.

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          1. “Subversion! It’s FUN!!!”

            Yeah. Nasty stuff. I think they just know that the hoaxing personality comes with the socialist thinking and the lack of moral standards. It’s right under the surface.

            Scratch a progressive – find a communist.

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              1. Wolf and Plain Jane, love you guys. This is giving me goose bumps. I KNOW this is what has been happening. It’s the biggest and most horrible untold story in American history. It’s so dirty and nasty, it’s actually been kind of easy for them to hide bc almost no one can understand planning back that far and acting with such ruthlessness. But once you see it, you can see it’s fairly easy to do.

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        2. There have been claims that Peter Strzok was CIA, and working for Brennan.

          This dive into Blasey-Ford’s past seems to be catching some clues about that cross-pollination.

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          1. There is a small subnet within the Deep State that seems “reliable” for their top jobs. THAT is what I would label “core KGB-CIA”. Notice how Strzok is recruited over and over again to do their “cannot fail jobs”:

            Hillary email exoneration

            Trump framing

            Iran deal

            How the heck do they keep tasking the same people over and over for these jobs? In a normal system, it would be WRONG.

            Look at Biden – same kind of recurrence – gun free schools – Clarence Thomas take-down – plagiarism scandal that was supposed to end his career but DID NOT after media rehabilitation – creepy kid show, yet talk about him becoming President – what planet does this insanity happen on???

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