Q’s Parascope


When people say “we are Q“, I find it immensely satisfying to consider the reality of that statement, and not to simply brush it off.  To look at the totality of our elaboration of Q posts into a movement, and consider how we might do it better.

Clearly, understanding Q helps us do it better.  And what – actually – IS that understanding?

It is that vibrant, moving, shifting, intelligent sum of our understandings, changing itself.  Thus, I find that people’s own INDIVIDUAL VIEWS of Q actually help CONSTITUTE what “Q” – the larger Q, so to speak – thinks.  And the CHANGE in that sum comes from SELF-AWARENESS and INTER-AWARENESS of the parts.

Simple, in the end.  But let’s not just think – let’s DO.

para59r had an interesting point of view on Q, from the comments on my first REAL post here, that I thought I would share, so that others could discuss.  I find myself in strong agreement with many of the points made.

An image of the original post, and then the text (for those who use text reader devices) is provided.




In Q’s case being absolute could mean exposure. Ever notice that his proofs can only run so far. That his drops are are just a tad off from someone elses? He needs the validation but can’t really afford it. Does it really bother anyone that his bombs don’t seem to have the desired effect when neither do ours.

Trust Sessions, Trust Wray is not really the point. It’s trust the VSG in the White House who has trusted Sessions, and has trusted Wray.

If we remember back far enough at one point the Tree House thought Mueller was a good idea. Times change, fog clears and when it does we get ourselves back in order and push on. Some though might seem still to far out on the flank, still running with the old plan, or working with a copy we don’t have, seemingly out of touch but they’re watching from their lofty heights and laying down what fire they can as we saps in the trenches grind on toward the objective.

Q’s a phantom force and just like an army we have a certain antipathy for the air force, their objectives vs ours. They’re carving up a larger swath of land taking the battle deep in unwinnable territory to soften the enemy’s support, to disrupt what they can, as opposed to our closer more defined objectives, where the battle grinds on and success is measured daily in meters and yards, but its all the same war and were all on the same side.

I find this to be a great BRIDGE to several important points about the Q strategy, and even the larger POTUS strategy.  Some of these points I find validating in themselves, BECAUSE they are so strategic, and maybe even optimally so.  If we were NOT doing them, we would want to be doing them.

But rather than point them out myself, I think it’s worth challenging readers to identify them and discuss.

What think Q?


Wolf Moon reads about battles others have been in, will be in, and are fighting at this very moment, and realizes that the battle is everywhere, whether he likes it or not.  Even in the peaceful cafe.


46 thoughts on “Q’s Parascope

  1. I trust the President and when Q started posting I could see within the drops the President talking ,the plan, the strategy the big picture. It made perfect sense to me that the President would choose this method of talking to those of us out there trying to find truth. The fake news is useless as all they do is lie about the President 24/7 so why even bother with them. So our VSGP found a way to communicate with us through Q. I would say that this whole plan was thought out even as far back as 10 years ago. these kind of things do not just happen overnight ,every thing must be in place and set perfect. I have watched a few videos where the President was talking many years ago to various people and I came away with a new mind set of the man, he knew a long time ago he was going to run for the office. lol what a master chess player! Mr. President you are a national treasure and thank you for Q!!

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  2. The plan to save the world video changed my whole outlook on life. Im so sick of being told im crazy for believing in the idea the deep state is real. You are not a criminal. Iam not a criminal. It was just a group of powerful criminals with entirely to much power!

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    1. Very much agreed. I’ve seen enough stuff that I can tell you it’s VERY real.

      Most people don’t value truth. They value being believed by others. It is a totally different thing. But if you stick with the truth long enough and strong enough, it wins.

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        1. I just replied and something happened to it… had a link to the You Tube video by Q, called “The Plan to Save the World”. It’s about 13 minutes long… Anyhow, that’s the info in case I can’t post the link again. Will try to.

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            1. Well that’ll keep you busy! 😀

              I found it on You Tube straight away, so hopefully you won’t have any trouble. I copied the link over, but when I include it in a post my whole post vanishes, which is strange. I’ve tried to twice now. Comments without that link get through fine.

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              1. I know it didn’t go into moderation – it comes with a message when that happens. I have not had any difficulty posting any other comment.

                This is the link with gaps put in so (hopefully) it’ll get through. Try it yourself without the gaps and see if it happens to you.

                https://www.yo utube.com/watch?v=6cYZ8dUgPuU

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              2. Oh wow! Thank you, Wolfmoon. I have no idea why it did not work for me. I made sure I put it on a line by itself with a blank line first, same as putting in a pic. Weird. I tried twice then concluded it just wasn’t going to work.

                It’s a great video! 🙂

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              1. I agree. Think I watched the older version and loved it. Don’t know why, but the narrator made me think of John F. Kennedy Jr. A friend of mine doesn’t believe he really died in that plane crash, but realize that is probably not true. Still, with all we are learning, I suppose nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

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              2. The only way Kennedy didn’t die would be if they basically faked the finding of HIS body and all the stuff that happened after that, including autopsy and cremation. That would include EVADING detection, getting to people who could set up a cover, etc., etc. It just seems extremely unlikely.

                BUT if he survived the crash, AND knew for some reason that his plane had been sabotaged, AND that the others on the plane had thus been murdered, AND that he would then be held responsible by the Clinton machine (very sick), AND that nobody would believe him, THEN it would make sense to do EXACTLY what would be needed. (I think he understood the Clintons at the time.)

                What would *I* do under those circumstances, if I was strapped in and survived the crash?

                Ditch, unstrap, escape to surface, survival-stroke to shore, get to a safe-house or property, contact the most absolutely trusted people, go underground. Those people would need to also distrust the Clintons, and realize that there would need to be a cover.

                THAT part is rough. But if the Coast Guard or Navy had some white hats at the time, it is possible that they could have carried out lies about ONE BODY. but he would have had to arrange it fast.

                It’s a great story, even if it’s just a story!

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        2. Sorry, the link is not getting posted and I don’t think I’m in moderation as there’s no message telling me so. Look up “The Plan to Save the World” – it’s a brilliant and powerful 13 mins of video. Spot on in my opinion.

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              1. Okay, I did see it, but it was a bit ago, so I will watch again. I think I got interrupted many times the first time I viewed it. I now have the opportunity without interruptions. 🙂

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              1. Just finished watching. Yes, it is powerful. I have been reading about this since the ‘70s. Seriously. Therefore I found the video and all speculation for the past 20 plus years on my part, very validating of my prior reading and opinions.

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  3. Yeah, I liked para59r’s comment too, Wolf.

    I mentioned on the WQT Open Thread…that there is always some ‘plausible deniability’ built into the Q-proofs and each time Pres Trump acknowledges Q in some way.

    They have to do it this way.

    And it is simply brilliant how they are doing it.
    For example…when PTrump said the words “tip top, tippy top”, after the Anons had asked Q to get the President to say the words ‘tip top’.

    That could easily be dismissed as a “coincidence”.
    But had we ever heard PDJT say those words before?

    I think that the two things that the Q phenomenon is accomplishing is this:
    — Providing Trump supporters with clues as to what is going on.
    — A psyops operation that is driving (((them))) absolutely crazy.

    The message to (((them))) is clear…
    “We know who you are.”
    “We know what you’ve done.”
    “We have it all.”
    “We are coming for you.”

    And this allows PTrump’s team to sit back and observe what (((they))) are doing as (((they))) freak out and scurry around trying to cover themselves.

    Brilliant…just brilliant.
    Someday when it is finally safe for the whole Story to be told, this will go down as the most brilliantly laid out plan…on a worldwide scale…that has ever been carried out.

    We are watching History being made.

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  4. Don’t know where to post this, but this is a copy/paste posted at the Nunes thread at CTH.


    Pyrran says:
    September 21, 2018 at 2:01 pm
    Ask yourself, how would ‘FOREIGN’ Allies’ KNOW what is within a US TOP SECRET FISA warrant?
    Ask yourself, why are [2] ‘KEY’ Allies’ VERY CONCERNED re: DECLAS & RELEASE?

    How do you catch a FISH?
    Use BAIT?
    Imagine the information being shared NOW out of FEAR.

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  5. I love Q’s invisibility. It’s driving the Deep State nuts. They can’t hit a moving shadow, try as they might. And they are trying, hence the overwhelming media and platform attacks on anything Q – they want to separate him from the people at all costs.

    So Q has them looking over their shoulder, wondering Who he is, Where he is and What he is lining up to do right at this minute. Add in the “What does he know about me personally and is it on tape?” paranoia and you’ve got an enemy who is thoroughly off balance and apt to make mistakes. Constantly. That’s exactly what we are witnessing.

    I love it.

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