Post 2221

Q had a “Q&A” today, and one of the questions was – at least from my point of view – a bit unexpected.  OK – VERY unexpected.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 98088e No.3094236
Anonymous ID: 5948d8 No.3093831

Are we alone ?

Roswell ?

Highest classification.
Consider the vastness of space.


People are already asking a lot of questions about this, and one of the theories (which actually makes a lot of sense) is that it was simply a bandwidth test.  However, I think it may have also been a “believability test”, too.  Probably for a variety of reasons.

Anyway, on Twitter, there was some discussion of it, and I’d like to bring my thoughts here.  I’m not going to be too argumentative about them – this is all very speculative.  But still, I want people to see my thoughts, which are likely going to be tamped down BIG-TIME on Twitter.

For this reason, I’ll present it as IMAGES first, of each tweet, which can’t be removed by Twitter.  I’ll include the actual Tweets as an appendix.  People can click on those and go to them, if they are still there.



Next, somebody responds with an earlier Q post on the topic.


Somebody responded to THAT with a “Got it!”


And THAT is where I jumped in.

My thoughts will be hidden on Twitter – nobody will see them.  That’s why I’m bringing them here – to share with people who can appreciate them.  Not necessarily agree.  Just something to think about.

Here we go.


Hopefully that is clear.  To put it more bluntly, Q sometimes misleads extremely well – especially the other side, but doesn’t just outright lie.  I find it difficult to reconcile the idea that this is disinformation with Q’s normal style – particularly when science (in my opinion) agrees with the idea of pervasive life in the universe (which also, in my opinion, argues for God).

I then began expanding on that.


Nevertheless, I do think it was a bandwidth test.


Now I want to get into why Q’s final answer is even more convincing to me.  When you see “AO”, that is my abbreviation for “Alpha and Omega”.


What I’m talking about there is an aspect of the “anthropic principle”, which basically says “isn’t it weird that the universe seems so suited for humans?”, and scaling it up to the “isn’t it weird that Star Trek is even possible?” level.

Many argue that the anthropic principle is a tautology anyway, and I certainly see that point.  However, if one simply accepts the idea that the universe we experience is optimized toward intelligence for the reason of the tautology, then it becomes highly predictive at the same time, and the more and more we see it borne out, the more it tends to argue for intelligence as a kind of first principle of the universe.

Hmmmm.  That sounds like something.  Some old thought of mankind.  Where is Descartes?  Wake him up – he would be interested in this stuff.

Anyway, now it’s time to think of how mind-blowing all of THAT really is.


Great Awakening actually BEING a “great awakening”?  Wow.  Could be.

But now I don’t want to provoke arguments, so I’m going to let the people who are going pale in the face have an out.  Here is where that starts.


Q has stated multiple times that “they” came to the chans for a reason.  Being “first to be able to believe” freaky stuff is very likely part of that.

Now I wrap up with the “WHEW” post.  “Hey there – don’t worry – maybe only a few believe me – I think that’s what they wanted.”

That will give people PROPER pause – easy to reject – easy to accept – your call.


There you have it.  The moment I believed Q about aliens.  I was only believing what I already believed, but I believed that Q was telling me the truth.  I believe this may actually be the first moment of official public disclosure, so I took a picture.


“I wonder if this was why…. her turn…. interesting.  I think there may be more to this story than what’s in this newspaper.”

PS – there is also – via YouTube – considerable DISINFORMATION about aliens. Because the YouTube Brin/Wojcicki Red Diaper Socialist Club targets me individually with certain types of disinformation via their product, and particularly about aliens, and because I’m aware of it, I have reconstructed the Hillary left’s agenda on that issue VERY clearly.  It is definitely Satanic and atheistic, which is a bit of a contradiction in terms, but it’s 100% Cabal.


That is not the Q message.  THANK GOD.


APPENDIX I – Twitter Posts







22 thoughts on “Post 2221

  1. Exciting stuff.
    At least, to me it is.

    The more we search space for any other planets that are similar to Earth…the more we learn how rare this planet is.

    This little blue oasis in this galaxy is like a ‘grocery store’.
    We not only have liquid water…but we also have a huge variety of flora and fauna.

    So it’s really not so far-fetched to think that we may have been visited in the past, by beings from other worlds.

    I think it may have been a bandwidth test/systems check…and also a yummy treat with the thing about us not being ‘alone’.

    And Wolf, you’re right about ‘Why the chans’ were picked for this Q thing.
    The Anons/Autists are the greatest group of online researchers out there…they can spot a fake within minutes.

    There also seems to be a fair amount of Veterans and active military who hang out there on 8chan.
    So that adds another positive to the mix.

    I was glad to see Q shoot down the idea that the Moon landings were “fake”.
    That is one of the silliest conspiracy theories that have ever been hatched…and I can’t believe there are people who still think that.

    I have been thrilled by the idea of a Space Force, ever since Pres Trump announced it.
    It makes sense…for many reasons.

    This Q drop about space and aliens also serves as…Trolling the MSM.

    They’re already claiming that Q is a big “conspiracy theory”, so now they will point to this and say…”See there! Those people are crazy kooks who believe in space aliens!”

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    1. Thanks – great comments!

      Yes – the Q thing is too smart – part of why I know it’s “real” – or at least a “real op”.

      The Fake Moon Landings / Flat Earth / anti-NASA thing was totally trolled in by the same people who did a lot of the less believable “distracto” stuff about 9/11. The link is ONE guy who was actually busted by the 9/11 truthers for lying to THEM about stuff, and they figured out that he was basically their version of Stefan Halper, infiltrating and misleading them. THAT guy’s group was doing the Flat Earth meme creation, which was working against POTUS.

      So yes – very glad to see that moon landing disinfo op busted by Q.

      OMG – you’re right about the MSM getting trolled. VERY interesting. Heheheh!

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    2. That conspiracy theory about the moon landings being fake was actually helped along by NASA. Don’t you remember a couple of years ago when a NASA scientist was being interviewed and asked about us going to the moon again? He said something about how we couldn’t until they figured out how to get people safely past the Van Allen radiation belts. Which leaves the question of: how did we get past them in 1969? So sometimes I think the deep state is creating the conspiracy theories themselves and then people are running wild with them.

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      1. Oh yes – the KGB-CIA has done wonders to undermine America, and that includes creating the very conspiracy theories that they then turn against Americans.

        That’s why they sabotaged CIA – to turn us against ourselves. Very genius plot – surprised how well it worked, but in retrospect, it is to be expected.

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      2. Yeah, NASA has to be cleaned out.

        Obarfy changed the mission to…”muslim outreach”…and infested it with his fellow travelers.

        That statement about the Van Allen radiation belts doesn’t make sense…since we have a space station that traverses through it.
        Our early astronauts went through it and survived.

        We have improved shielding now…and it can be further improved, if it needs to be.

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        1. Yes – I have some scoop on NASA that showed me it was very much in need of a good TRUMPING.

          Thankfully, every big of evidence I have at hand is that the VSGPOTUS is turning it back into a meritocracy. Much to my relief, I might add.

          And of course the Space Force – an excellent idea that will have every chance to root out the rot before it ever forms. Wonderful to have smart people at the top again, isn’t it? Quite a relief! 😉

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    3. I enjoy it so much when Q trolls the fake new media. I think there hair is on fire 23 hours a day.
      As far as the “are we alone?” that was interesting to me in this way, my mother-in-law and several other family members worked at the Rockwell skunkworks division all are retired now but one thing they did tell me was that when Aliens did show themselves to the world they would all be wearing Rockwell badges!
      I also lived across a field from Rockwell and saw some very strange aircraft one of which turned out to be the stealth bomber. Saw space shuttles being built also which was very cool.

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  2. Wolfmoon and Wheatie, this is all so fascinating. Wolfmoon, as I am blind I could not see your Twitter images, but I think I kind of got the idea of what you think about all this. The band-width idea is interesting, though not quite shure I understand it. Our earth was created by the Lord as a perfect environment for people, though it’s been degraded over time, but it is still amazing how some scientists have talked about all the measurements that are perfect for sustaining life. Regarding visitors here from elsewhere, I have a theory that at some point there will be very possibly sort of a staged visitation which will deceive most if not all of the people on the earth, and perhaps believers in Jesus Christ will no longer be here then, but I am not sure about that, but if they are here, the Lord will protect them from this great deception, which will be very powerful delusion and will be antichrist. Of course this is only a sort of working theory for me, and it may be wrong. Wolfmoon, I would like to know what you think did nhappen on 9-11 and who was involved and if there was a cover-up. Would like more info on what you said here about this. Thank you.

    Liked by 4 people

        1. The NXIVM video? WOW. I agree – that lady is NOT lying – there is just more and more and more. NXIVM = KGB-CIA IMO. CONTROL organization for the rich, famous and influential. And THAT is why they wanted “collateral”. Isn’t it all making sense now?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes.
            And according to Q…the Dems offered to pull back on their ‘Kavanaugh accuser’…if Potus stops the declass.

            Isn’t that what the NXIVM people do?
            Use sexual accusations for blackmail and coercion?
            Basically…to Control People.

            Again, it was just a thought…don’t have any proof of a connection.

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            1. KGB-DNC and KBB-CIA are joined at the hip, and they have been since long before their pretty-boy JFK rebelled and needed to be put down.

              If you ever wondered by Bay of Pigs was a fail, THAT is what infiltration and lack of POTUS oversight does. JFK was already seriously undermined from the moment he took office.

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    1. Hi Zoe, yeah I think we are truly Blessed to be living on this amazing planet that our Lord has created.

      Scientists are learning just how rare a planet like this is…and so far, have only found a couple that look like they could be a little ‘similar’, but still don’t know if those could sustain life.

      As far as visitors from other worlds…who knows.

      It makes sense that if there were travelers in this part of the galaxy, that would be curious about this little blue planet.

      For all we know, there could have been visitations on a regular basis.
      I don’t think that people would ‘panic’ if the truth were known, not like our govt thinks.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I dont believe people would panic either. I think a lot of us are grounded and able to grasp truths as they are presented. why are people mostly shown as scared little kittens unable to handle truth is beyond me. I want the unvarnished truth! if it is the truth we will know that. I think there are beings all around us that we cannot see as they are from anther dimension. the universe is a big place so anything is possible!

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  3. Hello, wWolfmoon and Wheatie. Yes, Wolfmoon, I trust you will give us more info over time. Wheatie, agree about our earth, I think it is unique, provided by our Creator. I just do believe a “visitation” by aliens may be a great deception with all the technology nowadays. I’m certain they’ll be able to have “an alien” appear in our living rooms and speak with each of us and it would seem so very real, but it may be fake and the greatest deception ever perpetrated since the serpent in the garden. We’ll see, or not.

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    1. Yes, it would be just like the deep state to trot out a fake alien invasion. What I question are if there are actual ET’s or are they really ED’s – not extra terrestrial, but extra dimensional. The fallen angels are ED’s. And they could easily concoct UFO’s, alien abductions, etc.

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  4. Excellent post, Wolfmoon! I DO believe in God and I do not limit His talents to one planet anymore than I would to one country. Maybe we are special, but then maybe so is all Life. I like to think so.

    I know the experts think they’ve got their subjects all mapped out, but there’s a heck of a lot we simply don’t know and there is much MUCH more to life, death, God and the Universe than any of us can imagine.

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