Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20180920

This intermittently re-posted open thread will be VERY OPEN – a place for the various MAGA, Treeper and Q communities to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.  We ask that people NOT duplicate material posted to the Treehouse open threads.  Don’t cross-post, please.  We expect things that are more relevant to the Q community to show up here.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said, comment on people’s comments.  Keep it civil.  Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.


It says right here that on the advice of Wheatietoo and Plain Jane, Wolf Moon is going to make me, James Coburn,  the site mascot.  You go, girls!  Memes away!  I could use a wardrobe upgrade.

88 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20180920

    1. I don’t know how to post my question for Wolfmoon on its own, so will just post it here. My friend, who lives in Britain and is very pro-Brexit, says Teresa May is incompetent and is going to lose everything for Britain in her negotiations with the EU. My belief is that she came out of the British intelligence services, that I have never trusted her, that she always hated Brexit and that now she is playing dumb on purpose. I would like to know what you think is going on as I realize I have no idea what I am talking about and am simply giving my uneducated opinion. What say you, or anyone else who would like to address this topic. If it’s in the wrong place, feel free to address it elsewhere. Thank you in advance.

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      1. I have always thought that Theresa May and Emanuel Macron are BOTH globalist constructs designed to mitigate Trumpism. Whether May is IC or not is not as important to me as whether she is OWNED by the globalists in British IC, which I assume she is.

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        1. Thank you. Does that mean she is pretending to be dumb when negotiating with the EU? Or do the globalists cast a spell or something over her to turn her into an idiot (just being funny.)

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          1. LOL!

            I suspect that her REAL incompetence comes from her REAL lack of commitment to Brexit. She may not actually believe in Brexit, so she can’t do a good job. I think her commitment to Brexit is half-hearted, and she is looking for ways to reverse it – now or later – at every turn. That leads to bad results.

            I just don’t believe her when she says things that SOUND like she’s committed to Brexit. I cannot shake the idea that she really doesn’t believe in it.


            1. PlainJane, thank you. I have mainly learned what is currently going on with May and Brexit from my friend in Cornwall. I need to pay more attention as I did when it was voted on.

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              1. I wish we could turn on the radio and get the straight scoop on things. It just doesn’t happen. Digging for it is so time consuming. I really believe that’s why sheeple turn to NPR and falsely comfort themselves that what they hear is real. Beyond sad.

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  1. Kavanaugh is confirmed. It’s over. The CROWD did the job the FBI would not do, and Feinstein hoped would never be done.

    KAV is innocent. BELIEVE THE MAN.

    FBI needs clean-out.

    Feinstein needs censure and removal from committees.

    Ford needs to have her psych license yanked.

    CIA needs massive defunding for anybody who touched Ford.

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      1. Ooops…I just now saw that you had posted this too, Wolf.

        It’s taking a while for everything to load tonight; little bit of a lag going on with my browser.

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  2. Liz Crokin is at the Rally.

    Apparently, there was a threat which involved someone wearing a Q-shirt.

    This happened before.

    ‘Someone’ is apparently wanting to do an FF using a fake ‘fan’ wearing a Q-shirt.

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      1. You see those latest two Q posts?
        He linked to that @306Deplorables tweet with the little clip of Potus making that hand-gesture.

        I’m still trying to figure out who he is referring to in post No. 2243…

        VIP Patriot
        Front Row.

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          1. I see Anons posting screenshots of their guesses, as to what Q was referring to.

            But without confirmation from Q…we can’t know for sure what/who it was.

            This is the video that was in post No. 3115286:


            Problem is…there are no minus-times on this video.

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    1. Q gave a shout-out to this tweet and linked to it…shortly after the tweet appeared.

      How does he see all these things.
      It’s almost like they are carrying out a plan…and then pointing to it as it unfolds.

      Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.273

      Sep 20 2018 21:12:37 (EST)

      Good catch, Patriot.


      Tweet goes out at 9:09…then Q posts about at 9:12.

      I noticed that SD posted a thread about this — 3 hours later.
      Those who aren’t watching Q-drops, are missing out on things.

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      1. Yup. But there is also some reason for SD to maintain that separation. I can’t fully imagine it now, but I know in my gut that things will be very different once the MSM flips into ADMITTING where Q is and then turning on it in a different way. Things will get very weird, I’m guessing.

        The MSM are going to seem more and more like a conspiracy to delude America. That is going to be ugly.

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        1. l am dismayed that SD has chosen to ‘take sides’ in the Q thing.

          I no longer feel welcome at the CTH.
          And I think that I am not alone in that.

          He could’ve remained neutral about it…rather than taking sides.
          The division between us Treepers has only gotten worse now.

          I still lurk & read there…and make an occasional comment.
          But I feel like I have been gagged and can no longer freely comment on what is going on.

          Calling it “sad” would be an understatement.
          It’s more like “crushed” and “heartbroken”.

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          1. It’s OK – Q is divisive, and we would do well to remember that Q is ultimately “next to rumor” – like the National Enquirer (which does great work, BTW).

            One of the things I’ve learned in life is to work with people with whom I disagree strongly by ignoring our points of disagreement.

            This comes from valuing BEING RIGHT over BEING BELIEVED.

            I feel no obligation to convince people. I provide my thinking honestly, and let others convince themselves, or not. I don’t care which.

            Sundance has ALWAYS disagreed with me on a number of things. I have NEVER let that get in the way of my respect for him/her or my learning. We have different perspectives and the combination of them finds truth. We NEED those differences.

            So I would encourage you NOT to leave the Treehouse. Just ignore points of disagreement. Skip the thread. Whatever it takes to keep you on your branch.

            Not kidding! 😀

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  3. Each time Pres Trump acknowledges Q…it’s with enough ‘plausible deniability’ that it can be dismissed later.

    It is truly brilliant.

    Someday, when it all comes out…and the Whole Story can be told…this will go down in history as the brilliantly laid out plan, ever done on a worldwide scale.

    We are watching History being made.

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    1. I agree.

      Speaking of history, I just realized what’s going on here with this Ford gal. This is historic. The bads are SO busted here with Wheelan finding the likely perp – who Ford is now denying. That proves to me that she is a liar. Doesn’t matter what he says, although he had best up his security PRONTO. Here’s why.

      I am convinced now that Ford is lying, and that this is SCRIPTED LAWFARE where the Dems KNOW that Kavanaugh is innocent, but that he is vulnerable. They know who really did it, and KNOW that the guilty guy will go to ground, and that his friends wills shut up and deflect legally to protect him, hoping that Kavanaugh will skate and they all get off. We have seen EVERYBODY behave as predicted.

      This is TOTAL lawfare – planned out in exquisite detail. Human motivation and psychology are planned at every step. People make mistakes of not wanting to go down rabbit holes, so they never get to the nasty, dirty, DNC-CIA truth.

      This is very much like other weaponized Lawfare cases I’ve uncovered and documented on the Treehouse. I believe that IC resources (Brennan follows Lawfare) are used in this stuff.

      One was the one I went into a lot of vague detail about on CTH so the White Hats would pick it up. It was a leverage case on a university – a very important case that was a major coup for the Marxists. It wasn’t about the small money – it was about very big goals as I described.

      The other was one of the Standard Hotels. At the beginning of their control period. An arranged accident that began the lawfare of control.

      This is about the Supreme Court. The Democrats and KGB-CIA pulled out their biggest, most conspiratorial guns for this one.

      The doppelganger is NOT SAFE. They will try to close up loose ends here. No suicide! He needs to do something smart very fast. Full statement to multiple sources quickly is my recommendation.

      What I recommend is that we actually CAPTURE THEM here. Trust me – they are DEAD on this case. CIA, DNC – they are committing insanely illegal acts here. I sure hope people realize how nasty this is. The Marxocrats are defrauding America right in front of the TV cameras. NAIL EM!!!

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      1. Yep, the Cabal is truly in a Panic, Wolf.

        Indeed, like you said…”they are committing insanely illegal acts”…such as that Letter from the Gang-of-Four demanding that the DNI, FBI, DOJ, commit a seditious act.
        They put it in writing!
        In an official Letter!

        Like Q keeps saying:
        “These people are stupid.”

        And yeah, it’s pretty obvious now, that Dr. Ford is lying.
        Also that the Dems know that she is lying.

        Why else would they be demanding that Kavanaugh make his statement ‘first’.
        And refusing to allow Ford to be questioned by lawyers, working on behalf of the Senate R’s.

        The Dems want video of the ‘mean ole white guys’ questioning the poor widdle abused woman.
        That would be pure gold for them to use, forever.

        This is so contrived it is really pukeworthy.

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      1. Yeah, that thing that JoeDi mentioned…about the PGA guy.

        Hmm…now ‘who’ do we know that has owned golf courses for years, and knows lots of pro-golfers?

        I sense our VSGPotus’s fine touch in this.

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  4. Just had something hit me or a light went off lol, Q had said something about keys to the kingdom in a past drop, I dont know where to find it on Q boards but will continue looking.
    Anywhoo I was reading an article this morning regarding patents that HRC held and lo and behold she holds digital keys for backdoors to the internet. Now I can understand why Q hinted at internet outages! this backdoor entrance has to be dealt with. heres the link to the story about this. pretty interesting I thought.

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    1. lets you search phrases. It loads fast but it doesn’t take you behind the scenes to 8 chan. Search came up with this as an exact match, lots of lesser matches.

      Ex-CIA Agents Running for Office as Democrats in an Attempt to Reclaim Power
      31 Aug 2018 – 8:52:51 PM

      By the way, interesting article.

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      1. That CIA gal in the first article. I believe that she was likely pulling jobs for the BEFORE she was officially working for them. I think that may be another way they are getting around restrictions on domestic operations. That would tie in with my prior speculation that they use TRAINING as some kind of allowance for domestic operations. That would likely fall under a training or asset excuse.

        We should NOT assume that these “exes” running for office are not actually “actives” – that in fact their “ex” status frees them up in some way for domestic operation. The whole thing is too coordinated.

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    2. Yes, it is, Sue. One of my friends always talks about HRC having the keys to those back doors to the internet. That has to be dealt with somehow.

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  5. Totally off topic, I know, but I have excellent news:

    John McStain is still DEAD today.

    Hitlary Klinton has been put in charge of Mexican food: She’s Nacho President.

    And MAGA proceeds while everyone’s running around with their hair on fire over Kavanaugh.

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  6. Hi Wolfmoon. Treeper for about two years here, from a distant branch in south africa.
    I. recall your ‘warp speed’ post that sd highlighted.
    Not having ‘on the ground’ insight into usa politics, I mostly lurk on cth and I don’t Q (yet).
    (I do suspect I have more insight than your averdge snowflakes)
    Thank you for this site to promote the maga movement, which i feel is, as it has to be, global in nature.
    It has been difficult of late to sift through the Q and Sessions factions on cth in order to find opinion that is even relevant to the many superb articles published by sd.
    I shall he a lurker (occasional comment) here too

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      1. It was excellent, but according to DC Clothesline and other places, Lindsey has taken dark money from Soros, which says to me he’s a globalist.

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        1. Graham certainly has globalist history. All those years as McCain’s sidekick – OMG – the globo just poured off of him.

          Many people have taken money from Soros – sometimes without even realizing it. Soros is a master of creating orgs and spinning off orgs from those – JUST like the communists, coincidentally. People need to research any NGO that even smells lightly of Soros.

          Soros does “tentacle” very well. Kasich took some Soros org money and (IMO) had no idea, but was an fool and just tried to keep the money and deny he was taking Soros money (he called it an “internet conspiracy theory”), instead of admitting and returning. That really turned away a lot of his support, IMO.


          1. Thank you. Not at all sure I would trust Kasich’s word. I did not realize until recently how dirty machine politics in Ohio really is.

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  7. I am an Australian female business owner who lives off grid in a hippy, socialist leaning community.
    Today I closed my business because I was overcome by today’s hearing where I saw/heard integrity. I shed tears for the plight of one who tried so hard to to the right thing. It’s never enough.
    How can this good man be taken down by those who seek to destroy by any means?
    How does one fight against those who seek to destroy goodness for the sake of self enrichment?
    I don’t pretend to understand. I have much to learn in my near 50 years here but I see common sense and realist views in these sites and have gained strength from the Tree House, Q and now here! Thank you.
    I have never prayed so much.
    Thank God for Q.
    Thank God for Trump. Gives me hope.

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    1. Welcome aboard!

      Yes – yesterday was a great day for justice! This time – thanks to social media that doesn’t owe a dime to the corrupt socialist media that helped destroy Clarence Thomas LAST TIME, we have a soon-to-be SCOTUS justice whose reputation was saved from the American communists IN REAL TIME by the People themselves! Definitely something to celebrate!


      And this time…


      Leave no man behind – and this time that man’s name was BRETT KAVANAUGH!!!

      Pretty cool.

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  8. Where is everyone?
    I just listened to Praying Medic. Good info to help beginners like me.

    Looks like media is scrubbing conservative voices big tiime. PM said perhaps the test that PT will do in Oct. may be in case he is kicked off twitter.

    He also showed how to post just memes because memes will confuse the robots, so tweets won’t be blocked by robots.

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    1. Sorry – had to spend time on other stuff today. I’ve also been trying to tell people that Thomas Wictor is on Gab now. I haven’t even seen the latest Q! Must catch up.

      Yeah, it’s going to get weird. Better for people to get on Gab, IMHO. Twitter is garbage. I refuse to bow down to Hipster Rasputin! 😉

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      1. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound demanding. 🙂 I got pretty excited when I saw that Q posted. Absence makes the heart wanna know what’s going on. He’s been away too long, and other cliches.

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  9. At a rare gathering the scatterings of my family got together for a three day long weekend.
    One evening we were watching a re-run of an old movie.
    During this a five year old exclaimed : (‘but, he is dead, in real life!’)
    We adults could only agree with this observation.
    Then, the villian of the movie appeared, and in a hushed voice, she asked, (‘Is he still alive, in the real world?’)
    We had no answer.
    How does one describe ‘real’ ‘imaginary’ ‘fake’ ‘manipulation’ etc… to a five year old who has an, as yet fully informed, but certain knowledge, of a sum where one plus one does not equal two.

    The siblings and cousins, not being as circumspect, accepted all aspects of the movie, and the ‘real live family gathering’ to be equally valid representations of ‘reality’ in their worlds, and consequently, their futures.

    Raising kids on the run?

    Ps. I do tend to ramble on at times…

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  10. Magnitude 3.5 earthquake
    1 miles from Crockett, CA · Nov 10, 1:56 PM

    Q…………… Watch CA
    Prophetic…What does it take to cause a Tsunami


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