Where Do You Q?

I’m curious where people go for their QAnon information.

My favorite destination continues to be qanon.pub.


I find that its web behavior is fairly fast and responsive.  It includes certain Q “replies” that are not found in all Q sites, and the filter works reasonably well.  It seems like a good balance of capabilities.  I like the simplicity.

Another site that I tried before – very similar – is qanonposts.com.


The numbering system is a bit different – not unexpected – and the web interface behaves a bit differently.  I keep it as a back up, because when qanon.pub went down, I realized this stuff is all at risk of being undermined by the Socialist Cabal.

In fact, it will likely pay to have MULTIPLE BACK-UPS.

One very interesting site that somebody told me about, is qmap.pub.


This one is a bit more full-featured.  I like it, and again, keep it as a backup.  Note that this one has some nice flashy banner news at the top.


Has anybody tried the new VOAT replacement for /r/greatawakening?

That link is:  https://voat.co/v/theawakening

There is also a link to an 8chan board for refugees:


I have not been to that site, but I have been to another one on 8chan – the base Q site mentioned in a Q post as being the “fountainhead”:


Link:  https://8ch.net/patriotsfight/catalog.html

That site is easily recognized by the “patriots fight” image:


It’s a bit “busy” and hard to figure out – the fresh posts seem to be at the bottom.  There is an “expand” feature that I find very useful.


While I don’t go to this one often, I make sure that I have a link to it, and that I’m PRACTICED using it, because I take Q’s warning about major shutdowns to come VERY seriously.

Please feel free to add links to your favorite Q sites in the comments, and to explain why you like them.  I may try to feature more in-depth looks at some of them.  Thanks!


38 thoughts on “Where Do You Q?

  1. Thank you for doing this Wolfmoon! I frequent CTH, although infrequently post there. For Q info, I mostly follow qanon.pub, qproofs.com (not as good as 1st one), and NeonRevolt on his blog and on Gab. Also some others like prayingmedic, sgtreport, and wardrummer/serialbrain2.

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    1. I too like PrayingMedic and I just started following NeonRevolt and Wardrummer. They are easy for an amateur like me to understand what is happening with Q. I love CTH, but I never post, I just read and pray, pray, pray! 🙂

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  2. I go to qmap.pub, qpostsonline , and read the 8chan board and Patriotsawoken board. qresearch board has lots of great info also. as for Voat meh I did not like that board at all. I do watch praying medic on you tube he is easy to follow and speaks well. oh and he stays on topic! thats my 2 cents, thanks.

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  3. Oh I forgot Neon Revolt is awesome! I have all Q boards bookmarked for when the internet goes down which if Q warns it will, I know that will happen. Q warned us about boards disappearing and the next day Reddit was gone.

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  4. A couple of months ago, a bunch of the Q sites kept going down, so I made a list of all of the ones people mentioned so I could find at least one that was up. Here they are:


    After they took down all the Q Reddit sites, I would urge people to make a note of these. They’ll probably try to take them all out at some point. And then 8chan will be the only place to find Q.

    I’ve been going to the 2 Voat subverses each day to check them out, but so far they’re not as good as the old Reddit sub. Hopefully, that will change once people settle in. There was a lot of drama going on at first, as the mods from Reddit did some things that alienated all the people who had been on Voat for awhile. There is still a lot of anger there, so it gets in the way of discussing Q. That’s why I’m glad you set this up, Wolf. I’d like to just discuss the Q drops with intelligent people without all the other baggage getting in the way.

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    1. Thank you sharing this amazing list. I am going to mark these down for sure. I really liked the Reddit/greatawakening site until they got the hair-brained idea to ban it and everything else linked to it. Well it was certainly their loss. If they thought they were going to be able to keep people from seeking out the truth, I believe it has back-fired on them. The Q movement seems to have exploded! It is a blessing for us that Wolfman set this up…thanks again Wolfman, God bless you!!

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    2. Thanks for that List of Links, Linda!

      I had no idea there were so many different sites about Q.
      Had discovered the NeonRevolt site a few weeks ago…but was pretty much limited to the 8chan board and Praying Medic, for getting my Q info.

      Nice to see you here.

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  5. wolfmoon1776,

    Thanks for doing this-interesting times, indeed!


    Scroll through it.
    I prefer “Q Research General (Numbered and named) Edition”
    A wealth of information, from the ridiculous to the sublime.
    Q comments directly on this thread, as well as his personal thread (https://8ch.net/patriotsfight/index.html).
    His comments on the former thread are highlighted with an alternating blue/red scheme (to “catch the eye”).
    Anons can only reply on the former, and not the latter.
    It can be very difficult to keep up with.

    Be forewarned: this site contains A LOT of disturbing content (text, photos, and videos).

    Should an Anon choose to comment on 8chan, I advise you to gird your loins!

    Godspeed Patriots!


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      1. Q is doing “Q & A” right now.
        Site is somewhat laggy (sounds like a volume issue).
        Got to be there at the right place/ right time.
        Then you’ve got to get his attention!

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        1. Speaking of delays, sorry for getting this out of moderation so late. At most one more post and you’ll be free of it and under auto-approve.

          Yes! Saw that Q&A. THIS POST is all the proof I needed on Q. The other answer would be disinformation. Q just gave me the highest level bona fides. LOGIC gives him the AOK.

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  6. I read the drops at qanon.pub then link to the 8chan research board. The boards meme’s are cutting edge 🙂
    NeonRevolt’s blog is good to go and the comment section is informative. Occasionally I listen to Prayingmedic.

    I already benefited from your site wolfmoon1776 ! I just visited qmap.pub from the link you provided.

    The qmap.pub sites toolbar is outstanding !

    The “players in the game” is a great reference material. Each player has a Q – centric bio and button you can click to corresponding Q posts for that specific player.

    My gut tells me Ezra Cohen-Watnick is part of a small group who are the tip of the spear.

    Ezra Cohen-Watnick is the national security adviser to United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions and a former Senior Director for Intelligence Programs for the United States National Security Council.

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    1. Very much agreed. The fight in the NSC was very significant. I understand McMaster now. Not enough, but I get why he was where he was. Interesting battle there – the “Battle of the NSC”.

      Thanks for that report – I really need to play with that “players” feature – that sounds outstanding!

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  7. I have tried to peruse through the Voat replacement for r/greatawakening and the patriotsawoken catalog but the rude and foul language (and porn) that I encountered in some of the comments was just a bit too much for me. Quite a shock to be honest with you, but they did say anything goes on those boards…

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  8. Hey Wolf, have you seen this?

    I stumbled across this video a couple of days ago, and since we had talked about NXIVM a couple of times…I thought you might find this interesting.

    This lady has been researching that evil cult and has come up with quite a bit.


    [video posted on Youtube -- Sept 17, 2018]

    I wasn’t sure which thread to post this in, so I hope it’s okay to put it here.

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    1. Uh oh…sorry this video ended way out of the margin.
      No idea why that happened.

      There was that little blurb about Stormy Daniels having a NXIUM tattoo.
      Remember that?

      I just had a random thought…wouldn’t it be a hoot if this new ‘accuser’, Blaisey-Ford, was a member of this cult too?
      There tentacles are in California, too.

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      1. No – I don’t remember that about Stormy. Wild. Not sure it’s true – the pattern of falsely conflating scandals is pure “other side” – gotta be careful. BUT it could be true, and if it is, it’s explosive.

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        1. The Stormy tattoo thing was all over twitter, back when she was on CNN every day.

          Someone had zoomed in on her bare midriff in a photo and noticed it.

          And yes, absolutely…gotta be careful about “conflating scandals”.
          It was just a random thought.

          Here’s the Stormy tattoo:


          Examples of other NXIVM tattoos:

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          1. Yeah, it sure looks like it. Or at least the K, and the R may be somewhere else, like the other side. I think there may be greater variability on his signature than we’re aware of. But the position is right, the orientation is right, so yeah. That is weird.

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    2. OK – this NXIVM stuff is starting to make sense, if you just add KGB-CIA. That is exactly what happened with the mysterious weirdness of cases I knew about – I just added KGB-CIA and they were explained.

      What was Beelzebubba doing in Arkansas with Mena and all that? KGB-CIA! Bush Bush Bush and KGB-CIA!
      So when Raniere (CIA) gets into trouble in Arkansas – with the Clintons! – well, do the math. Beelzebubba “bailed them out” when the heat got on them, and they run to NY, where corruption will leave them be (probably some waiting KGB-CIA in FBI at the time in NY). Because NXIVM were also a KGB-CIA rat operation, just like the Clintons and the Obamas, they get a pass.

      Clintons, trafficking, Saudi, Brennan – isn’t this all making sense now? The defense by the fake news that there is no connection of NXIVM to the Clintons? Protecting KGB-CIA. The corrupt NY authorities not going after NXIVM? Protecting KGB-CIA.

      NXIVM was a KGB-CIA FRONT to operate in the United States on US citizens. THAT is where the psychology garbage comes in so strongly. KGB-CIA.

      Oh, man. This ALL makes sense now.

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      1. Yep…and there was that Q-drop yesterday about the dead Pharma billionaires.

        I think someone made the connection to NXIVM with those two.
        It was a couple of months ago.

        And what is it that this woman do, who is making a ‘sex allegation’ against Kavanaugh?
        She’s a psychologist.
        Again, just a random “what if” thought.

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        1. Great point. People have identified the accuser’s dad as CIA, and I think she is, too. Psychologist totally makes sense.

          Wonder if she treated any school shooters. Just a hunch.

          Definitely weird.

          Yup – interesting that they have a line on the pharma billionaires. Looking forward to finding out who the “X” is in that little >> statement that Q made.

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  9. We started off with qanon.pub, but when there was a potential problem there, Praying Medic announced the existence of qmap.pub and we’ve been there ever since. I like the format and with the dark background I find it easy to read.

    We’ve bookmarked a couple of others, like patriotsawoken and patriotsfight, for when the crunch comes. Praying Medic also has a blog: Praying Medic.com/blog, so he’s expecting trouble too.

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  10. In pursuit of truth

    Bruce figgert white rabbit network

    Micheal trimm

    Natasha v

    Lori crowley

    Just informed talk

    Praying medic

    Liz crokin

    Stroppy me

    These are all quality youtube posters

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