Q, Sessions, SCOTUS & Trump

Treeper Johnny Bravo had a great question yesterday:


Right here is the Q post in question:


Before getting into that, it’s worth looking at the Q post right BEFORE that one, which may or may not be related:


Treeper RAC then asked this excellent question:


To which I responded:


Followed by this graphic:


From this page:


You know what I’m thinking now?  I think that the reason for THESE POSTS:



…is that Radium Rod Rosenstein was trying to SET UP POTUS with some kind of OBSTRUCTION BS on behalf of Munster Mueller.  THAT would correlate with the post in question about Sessions.  So YES – I think this is about SESSIONS and ROSENSTEIN.

POTUS is doing the right thing.  DO NOT MEET THE GUY.  DO NOT TALK TO THE GUY.  He’s just another crooked lawyer trying to talk his way out of justice.  Another COMEY TRICK.

NOW – let’s look at that tweet, line by line:


Very simple.  To me, the proper interpretation of the post (and I have not looked at anybody else on this) is as follows:

Based on what is ALREADY declassified, Jeff Sessions believes that he has reason to request that Rosenstein be FORCED to recuse, that he himself (Sessions) can be UNRECUSED, and that this was APPROVED BY SCOTUS.

If this is true, this is BOMBSHELL.  It also matches THIS Q POST:


This means that Sessions went into the [KILL BOX], otherwise know as the “briar patch” – and is now ]free[.  So “Br’er Sessions” (or “Br’er Fox”) just ran through the briar patch of recusal, where Mueller the Mule and all his non-recusing corruptoids could not go.

Genius.  If THIS is what really happened, it’s genius.


Wolf Moon reading about Interpol’s hunt for Hillary Clinton in a French cafe.  The Chinese foot-dragger has been fired.  What a sunny day.

39 thoughts on “Q, Sessions, SCOTUS & Trump

  1. I think you’re right, Wolf. I got the same sense from that drop – that Sessions can now unrecuse himself and if anyone hollers, he has the Supreme Court behind him. I’m glad he did it that way. We all know how the dems and MSM would spin it otherwise. Incidentally, thanks for figuring out who #1 and #2 are. I figured #1 was Roberts, but didn’t have a clue about #2.

    I also got the sense from Sessions and Huber meeting this weekend (or did he mean last weekend) that the s##t is about to hit the fan. I know Sundance won’t agree, but maybe that is why POTUS is suddenly going after Sessions again. We shall see. What a time to be alive!

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        1. We’ll have to see. If Rosy was part of a plot to get Trump, along with Comey and Mueller, using false evidence or “impeach via media”, he could be in serious trouble.

          Stefan Halper has already overturned society’s verdict on Watergate. That whole thing has to be re-written after finding Halper at the center of it.

          CIA provocateur? NIXON WAS ROBBED.

          And Rosey was a part of “Act III”, with Halper and Reagan being Act II, where Halper tried to get Reagan dirty.

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    1. Well, if this is all true, it is fantastic and extrememly clever. Thank you for this thread, Wolfmoon. First post I’ve had from you in my email since signing up for your blog. We appreciate what you are doing here so very much.

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  2. Wolfmoon, I did not know any of this about Halper and Watergate and Reagan. Extrememly shocked and hope to learn more. Not surprising there is so much hidden that we didn’t know.

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  3. “…is that Radium Rod Rosenstein was trying to SET UP POTUS with some kind of OBSTRUCTION BS on behalf of Munster Mueller.”

    Wow…I hadn’t considered that, Wolf.

    I was just so thrilled to see Potus reject meetings with RR, that I hadn’t stopped to reflect on ‘why’…other than Potus just being fed up with RR’s bullsh-t.

    Something I have been wondering:

    Does Sessions being recused mean that he would Not be allowed to see the ‘classified’ stuff pertaining to the RussiaHoax/Campaign Investigation?
    …Or not be allowed to see it without redactions?

    I would think…as AG…that he could view Anything in it’s unredacted form.

    His recusal meant that he could not ‘participate’ in the Investigation…or the Prosecution…of what he was recused from.

    So I would think that he could still ‘view’ docs, etc. that were generated from that case.

    But it occurred to me that we don’t really know this for sure.
    Do we?

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    1. Great point! We don’t know this for sure, but I would think that Sessions would be entitled to view the documents. In fact, one HAS to be able to formulate an opinion about recusal, and knowing the facts is almost required to do so.

      Very interesting. And knowing the documents would help explain why Sessions would be able to know WHEN and HOW he could unrecuse, which may require very specific circumstances.

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  4. Haaaa…I love this:

    “Wolf Moon reading about Interpol’s hunt for Hillary Clinton in a French cafe. The Chinese foot-dragger has been fired. What a sunny day.

    I have had a crush on James Coburn since I was a little girl.
    Because he is just one of the coolest guys evar!

    Those ‘In Like Flint’ movies were so cool.
    But he was great in every role that he ever did…even when he played a scary bad guy.

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    1. Yes! He was awesome in everything! I always loved “The Great Escape”, and I had forgotten that it was his character that got away on the bicycle.

      I love all that period clothing – some of which was still around in the big city when I was a kid. And I love sidewalk cafes, so I’ve kinda grabbed that picture for a sign-off meme! 😎

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    2. Wheatietoo, our “ Likes” usually are on the same posts, and Now I find out our “Likes” go even further. 🙂 Coburn is one of my top likes, right next to Clint.

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    1. old fashioned lady here also. love reading history and how things were in different time periods. it would be refreshing to see women attempt to be feminine again. 60 years old and I still am shocked at our young women dressing like bag ladies and talking like sailors. been reading Victorian era books 🙂

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        1. Zoe, you just brought back memories of my HS English class. Sister Francis DeSales had us read Austen and other greats back in 1958-9. She probably was trying to make ladies of us. I always thought of her as a romantic at heart.

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          1. Many of us think Jane Austen’s Persuasion is her most romantic novel, written not long before her death. I don’t usually recommend films, but there is a good film Persuasion starring Amanda Root, whom I met at the Jane Austen Society annual meeting. Thank you, Jane.

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            1. Thank you Zoe. I will try to check out that film. I don’t watch TV, but sometimes try to find a good film, especially in the winter. One of my DILs is like me with films. Might make a terrific little present for her also.

              I appreciate your recommendation.

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  5. yikes my post just went poof….. what I was thinking that since the whole Russia nonsense was a lie from the beginning and now the world knows this , there is no reason for Mr. Sessions to stay unrecused. smart thinking to get advice froe SC too.

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    1. if a post goes poof, it’s just WordPress automatic moderation – don’t worry – it will post later when I approve it manually. 😀

      Yes – it will be extremely interesting to eventually read or hear of the SCOTUS reasoning!

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  6. And it has now taken them three days to release unredacted documents, a process which should be as simple as printing out a copy and lining out the classification markings.

    Three days…at least.

    Not that I’m counting, mind you.

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  7. I must admit that I think there’s a few white-hats masquerading as Bad Guys, but as for Who is What, I find myself frequently swinging one way then the other as things play out and players flash different sides at the camera, so to speak.

    My favorite dream is that Rosenstein and Mueller are putting on a song-and-dance show to keep the public – and the Dimms – fully occupied while Sessions gets on with it in the background unimpeded. The Bad Guys are so committed to Sessions being a “duffer” and Rosenstein and Mueller on side with them, that they’d have nowhere to go if the Mueller findings went entirely another way.

    I know, I know! That’s not the way many people think it’s happening at all. All I know for sure is that there is play and counter-play, spin and disinformation aplenty for everyone, None of us knows exactly what is happening, but it sure is fascinating to watch!

    Popcorn anyone?

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  8. I don’t know where to post this, so here it will be:

    POTUS pointing, smiling at boy with a “Q” tee shirt a the start of the rally.

    Q post:

    The boy:

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